New Life Online - Chapter 196

Published at 5th of January 2019 03:55:14 PM
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Chapter 196

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-Life Guild-

They seem to like Scy . I heard he messed up a lot at the tournament and before that, he killed a lot of Order of Light Guards . Well, maybe he's a really good guy after all .

"So it looks like there are new faces around . " We caught Scy's attention as he enters inside the inn .

"Oh, Welcome back Scy! My sister, Chara, and her friends are here . I invited them because we defeated the Frozen King after all!" Petula explained .

"Yeah, I watch the fight while watching the TV . Zia really did a good job . I think she's been out after the fight . Is she ok?"

"Yes, but after a while, her body logged out itself . I guess she would wake up here in the guild because this is her safe place . " Miss Akko answered .

"Wait! I think I know you!" Suddenly, Jay shouted out of excitement . What? You're into dudes now?

Then Scy covers his face so fast that I didn't notice it . Is he hiding something?

"No, you don't," Scy . . . That's the kind of reply you would say if you're hiding something .

"You can't fool me . Even with that ugly face of yours, I can tell that you're him!" Jay blurted out . He's who now?

"I really don't know what you're talking about . I guess it's time for you guys to leave . " Scy is being suspicious . . .

"Haha! I'll leave here after I saw your face!" He rushed towards Scy! What the hell is he doing!

"YAAAAAH!" Jay tried to grab the cover of the face of Scy but Scy was able to hit avoid it in time by pulling back! Both of them show how fast they are!

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"No, you won't!" He stepped on Scy's right foot to stop him from avoiding him!

I have to stop them somehow! I threw a fork I am holding towards Jay to stop him . It won't kill him but definitely stop him .


What?! The fork was caught in midair by someone's dagger and was nailed to the wall without anyone getting hurt . So precise and fast!

"Don't stop the fun girl . " It's the famous Blonde Robin Hood . As expected from a hunter . Why is he not stopping the fight though? Does he want Scy to be in trouble?

"Stop it!" Scy said while Jay is trying to remove the cover of his face .

*BAAAAAM!* Jay tried another move but Scy stopped Jay's hand by blocking it with his arm . Too bad, blocking his attack would be a bad idea .

*GRAB* Jay grabbed Scy's hand then suddenly lifted him up to take him down!

*BAAAAAAM!* But Scy landed both to his feet then launched a fast kick towards Jay! Jay blocked it with both of his arms and got knocked back and he hit the door breaking it down! Oh jeez . . . Impressive though . He was able to stop Jay's move .

"What the hell? Please don't destroy our Inn!" A woman shouted . It seems that she's one of the owners of the inn .

"Sorry, for that Chelly . That man is mad, really . " Scy apologized .

"You're stronger than I thought . I can't believe you're playing just more than a month . " Jay said . More than just a month? Haha . . . that's impossible . Even his guild members' expressions were a bit surprised .

"Just shut up, Jay . "

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"See? I haven't told you my name yet . " Jay is right .

"Yes, you did . " This guy sucks at lying .

"No, I didn't . " Then once again, Jay charged towards Scy . They really need to stop this nonsense . Then he pulled out his giant sword, inside the inn!

"That's really a bad idea you know . . . " Scy said . Is he going to really stop him?

"YAAAAAAAH!" Jay lifted his giant sword then he's ready to strike him .

*SWOOOOOOSH!* Scy threw a dagger towards Jay!

"Haha! That won't work!" Jay blocked the dagger but . . .

*SWOOOOSH! BAAAAAAM!* The dagger passed right through the sword?! Then Jay was hit and the dagger released a powerful lightning effect! Suddenly he fell to the ground and got electrocuted . . . I think he's been paralyzed . . . So embarrassing . That's our leader by the way .

"LET'S PARTY!" After shouting, he grabbed some glasses and the beautiful girl served him the drink . I can tell that this Scythus is really strong . He's also ten percent weaker after dying but he stopped our captain with just that move . Though, if Jay was serious then it will be different .

"I'm sorry about our captain . He's kind of an idiot sometimes . " I smiled at him after apologizing but why is he so ugly?

"It's alright . He's my best friend after all . " He smiled back at me while drinking his drink .

I went to our captain and saw him already sleeping . He's even drooling . . . He really needs to grow up .

*SLAP! SLAP* I slapped his face twice to wake him up . That really felt good!

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"Did I pee myself again? Oh . . . Hello Banana Girl? What happened?" Did he really say that?

"Oh! Where's Scy?!" He asked . It seems that he remembered what just happened, a couple of seconds ago .

"He's over there, drinking to his heart's content with the others . Don't worry . It seems he knows you too . " I explained .

"I knew it!" He replied and tried to get up .

"Hey there, Jay . You still say that phrase whenever you wake up . Here . " Scy helped him up while giving him a glass of drink .

It looks like I was worried for nothing . They started talking and dancing like crazy people . Petula invited me to dance so I did . It was fun, really fun . We may not deserve this kind of treatment but I need a dose of happiness from time to time .

"Are you having fun Chara?" Petula asked .

"Yes, of course . " I showed her my best smile . I'm well known for my smile because it's what I always do .

"Of course you are . I'm with you after all! Haha!" Being with my sister is like my little paradise . I don't want this to end .

We partied for a while now, I'm getting dizzy with the drinks I had and dancing . Even the elves are also having fun .

Then, it seems the Hero who defeated the Frozen King is back . She's kind of already late but she is the one we are waiting for .

"Welcome back, Zia! The Hero who defeated the Frozen King!" Elou announced . Is it just me or she really doesn't look like she's strong?

"Who defeated the Frozen King?" She asked like she didn't know what happened .

"You, silly! You defeated the Frozen King with that transformation of yours! You're way too savage that you even destroyed some buildings nearby! Good job on that though . Haha!" Scy is well known for destroying things . . . Maybe that's why he's even happy knowing that Zia destroyed a lot of buildings .

They helped her up and offered her some drinks . Their guild is like ours . We're not fancy and noble-like . We enjoy simple celebrations like this . The celebration really didn't last that long because most of us are already tired and a lot of us already out . I also didn't realize that I passed out .

-Ebonywood Mansion-

Ugh . . . I woke up but as usual, I'm still blind . A lot of people think that when a person is blind, all he or she can see is darkness but that's not entirely true . If you ask me instead, what I want to see again is the darkness .

When I lost my eyesight, I opened my eyes and I saw a bright light, just a bright light and nothing else . A bright light that gives you hope to move on . It was a false hope . That's the time that I realized, that light only reminds me that I can't see anymore, that I can't see my mother and my father anymore . I slowly and slowly forget how to feel happiness as the day passed . I thought that I'm going to die alone .

Then God gave me Petula and her family . Petula, at first, didn't really like me . I showed her how much I appreciate their help that I say thank you every single day . I was really grateful to them for what they did to me . They showed me that I can still be happy . Petula and her family gave me the reason to live and as time passed by, I was able to become strong to stand alone and to live with them . Of course, I still can't see but it didn't stop me repay their kindness .

With all my effort, Petula finally loved me like her real sister . That's the first time I've felt like I am really part of their family . Then today, I love her the most . I always tell her that I miss the darkness of the night, the darkness that helps you sleep at night and the darkness that someday I would see in real life . Then that's the time Petula started wearing black dresses, to show me, not literally, that there's still hope and that she would be there whenever I need her .

Hmmmm . . . Why am I talking to myself? Beats me . . . I just want to remind myself that I have the best sister .

"Ack!" Suddenly, I've felt a heavy weight above me!

"Hey, Sis . You really need to change how you wake me up in the morning you know . " I said while hugging Petula above me .

"Too bad, it's already noon time! Waking you up is a pain in the butt you know . " She said then she helped me up .

"I'm planning on having a huge party here in our mansion . I'll invite my guildmates and you're free to invite yours . What do you say?" She asked . A party? I'm really not good with parties .

"I know you're scared Sis but just trust me, you'll have fun . " As long as you're there, I guess I'll be fine .

"Ok then . Let's have a party!"

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