New Life Online - Chapter 9

Published at 5th of January 2019 04:03:38 PM
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Chapter 9

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-Aries' Home-

*DING DONG!* The person at the door pressed the doorbell again making me rush to the door .

"I'll be right there!" I yelled . I opened the door hoping the person is someone important or it's just a pain in the butt . The sunrise is really beautiful from the outside .

I was surprised by what I have seen . A girl, long straight black hair and a pretty face, she does look the same age as my Sis . She's really pretty .

"Hello! Who might you be?" I asked friendly .

"Oh, did I go to the wrong house? I'm pretty sure the girl I was looking for is living by herself . I'm sorry for the intrusion" She replied politely . Hmm, maybe she's a friend of my Sis .

"Sis, I think someone is looking for you! Come here and check if you know her," I shouted so she can hear me from the dining room . I heard her strong footsteps, likely running towards us .

"Oh! Azalea, how come you're here early in the morning? We were about to eat breakfast . Come let's have a table talk! And also meet my brother!" She said happily . We exchanged greetings . I'm pretty sure she forgot something because Azalea is wearing a casual shopping outfit .

"You forgot about our plan again! We are supposed to go shopping today . Jeez!" Well, my sis is kind of an airhead . She's really forgetful . . .

They need to get up early because going to the city from here takes two hours of riding the bus . That's why my parents did buy a car even though they don't like it .

"Yeah! I'm so sorry Azzie . Let's eat for the meantime and I'll prepare super-fast . I promise!" She said while inviting her into the house . They look so close, They should have become friends when I was in a coma because my sis was with other girls at that time .

"I prepared the breakfast . Please enjoy!" I said cheerfully . I thought I can eat more, but I have to share it with the visitor . Oh jeez .

"Hmm . Tashte good! I think your bro ish better than me . Haha!" She said while her mouth is full . I do think It's a bad habit but who cares . I'll just say that it really compliments my cooking .

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"Yesh, you even taught me and cooked by myshelf but Bro ish shtill better!" Damn, my sis is also talking with a mouth full of food . They really need proper table manners . Wait . . . Is she the one who taught my sister how to cook? Then that means- nevermind-

Mari rushed towards the bathroom after eating . I guided Azzie to the living room while waiting for Mari though, it feels like she's really familiar with this place . She probably had a lot of sleepovers here .

They left the house as soon as Mari finished preparing . I told them to take care because riding vehicles are dangerous . Sadness embraced my feelings . Well, I should move on .

After all that, I decided to get back to the game .

-Greenleaf Village-

I'm now in-game . It's almost nine AM . The itchiness I felt on my skin is coming from the sunlight .

So, what should I do next? I need to do something while the guys are away . It's time for me to check my stats I think .

Scythus 70

Health 100%

Mana 100%

Fatigue 0%

Hunger 30%


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Strength Rank: 30

Constitution Rank: 35

Dexterity Rank: 30

Agility Rank: 60

Intelligence Rank: 25

Wisdom Rank: 15

Charisma Rank: 5


Battle Mastery 15

Light Armor Mastery 15

Light Weapon Mastery 15

Fire Mastery 5

Stealth Mastery 10

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Bare Hands Mastery 5

Shield Mastery 5

Shield Mastery is new . It increases my defensive capabilities while using a shield and increases my constitution . Wow, my total level increased dramatically . My Masteies are starting to increase but my Agility is already at 60 so I guess it means my speed increased at some point now . I should look for a job, with this level might get a job but still for a beginner .

So, I went to the center of the village where lots of people gather . You can hear people selling and buying stuff, looking for a party, hiring an escort and other . The escort job sounds good . The only problem is taking care of monsters along the way .

So, I approached the person looking for an escort .

"Hello, Mr . Are you looking for an escort or a bodyguard?" I asked politely so he could hire me easily . The guy looks like a merchant . He's all covered so I can't see much of his face .

"Yeah . My name is Tyblon and I'm a merchant . There's really no requirement for the job as long as you can handle low-level monsters because the monsters on our way are mostly low-level," Sounds reasonable and it looks like I passed .

"I somehow know how to fight now so I think it would be ok . I'm sure I'll be a help," I said with a voice that sounds like a cute puppy asking for food .

"Sounds great! I'll pay you 50 silver coins before we leave and I'll pay the other 50 when we reach the destination . Anyway, the destination is Order of Light City and it takes a one-hour walking distance . " He said . Order of Light city sounds lame but I didn't care . Also, one gold in total for one hour, that's a fair deal .

"Sure! Thanks . Just tell me what to do and I'll help you out," I offered my help so he won't think that I'm a leecher .

"Ok . Will you please pick up the chests with my merchandise? They cost a fortune so be careful," I just nodded while smiling .

Ugh! Holy crap! It's really heavy as hell! The chest must have some expensive gems or stuff . A carriage is outside the village . It is waiting at the village's north gate . The carriage can only carry one person so that means I'll be walking .

A girl wearing a robe was beside the carriage . It looks like she also took the job . She doesn't look that strong but kind of suspicious . Anyways, the merchant told us that we need to keep going .

"It's time to go! To the Order of Light City!" He shouted excitedly . Well, everyone will be this excited if he thinks he will get a good amount of profit .


Tyblon 150

-Traveling Merchant

Strength: 50




Intelligence: 50



Speech: 55


Cloth Armor:10

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