New World New Life

New World New Life
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What would you do if you woke up in a forest with no memories?

Would you cower in fear, or explore the strange new world?

Join Vyrena on her journey through Gaeia as she tries to figure out her mysterious past! With the voice in her head named Dotty, she will make friends, enemies, gain new powers and become the greatest warrior she could ever be!

Will she find out who she was before? What will the new world bring? Join her journey and find out! Will she find a dash of romance along the way? She just might!
"Where am I?" Vyrena asked herself.

The girl tried to move her body, but all of her muscles and bones ached. Her throat was as dry as the desert, she needed water. In the near distance, Vyrena could hear the sound of moving water. Gathering all of her strength, she crawled inch by inch towards the water source.

Upon reaching the riverbank, she quenched her thirst greedily. It tasted clear and refreshing, a good sign. She could feel the dirt and grime that covered her entire body. Unable to bear it anymore, Vyrena dunked herself into the water.

The cool refreshing feel of the river water jolted her senses. As she emerged from the water, she could finally open her eyes and take in her surroundings.

-How did I end up here?- she thought to herself.

She tried to remember what she could. Memories flashed through her mind.

- I died -

The realisation shocked her to the core. Her eyes were wide open. Recalling the details made her head spin.

She recalled drinking a substance and laying down in her bed. A familiar hand held onto hers, his words echoed in her mind.

-I'm here for you. I'm here for you.-

But as soon as that memory faded, new memories from the host body bombarded her. When the recollection of memories was complete, a voice popped up in her mind.

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