Night Ranger - Chapter 130

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Chapter 130


"Lord Marvin!"

The deceived people were suddenly astonished!

Marvin’s way of appearing was too shocking . He used the Wishful Rope to jump down from the back of the Great Eagle .

He then decisively beheaded the troublemaker .

Everyone was dumbfoundedly looking at Marvin .

Was that their Overlord who was always polite and amiable?

This was totally a ferocious killer!

"I’ll ask again . "

Marvin unhurriedly took a step forward, "Are you rebelling?"

They all retreated by three steps!

He was standing on the narrow bridge with his young body, but in everyone’s eyes, his presence had an incredible deterring power!

This was the power of nobility .

Noble skill – [Dignity]!

The rule of Marvin’s family had been deeply etched in his people’s hearts for a long time . When Marvin wasn’t here, people might be easily bewitched .

But when Marvin appeared, especially in such a spectacular way, everyone would immediately sober up .

What were they doing?

Gather under the castle to cause trouble? Wasn’t it rebelling?

Territories under the South Wizard Alliance’s rule had a very severe punishment for rebels!

Death by hanging!

There was no room for discussion .

The majority of the people cowered . They were simply fooled by the rumors and the lies . When Marvin appeared, they lost their thoughts about causing trouble .

Of course, there were also some troublemakers hidden among them .

Someone suddenly yelled, "But we have no food!"

"We want to eat!"

Marvin stared at that guy standing out with the eyes of a predator .

That was a thin guy who looked like a monkey . He wasn’t too old, but his eyes were bright .

"You . Come . " Marvin calmly said .

That man hid behind someone and slowly said, "Lord Marvin, we really aren’t thinking of rebelling, we only want to eat . "

"I know, thus I ask you to come . "

Marvin put away his curved daggers and showed his empty hands to everyone before saying, "I put away my daggers . "

"I guarantee that if you aren’t a spy sent by the enemy, I won’t hit you . "

That man hesitated, even if Marvin said that, he could still feel killing intent in Marvin’s eyes!

He cowered .

"Let’s forget about it, since Sir has returned, we…"

He was forcefully interrupted by Marvin .

"Drag him to me!" Marvin glanced at a few villagers and bellowed .

The other guys immediately nodded, and push that thin monkey-like man until he was in front of Marvin .

"You said you were hungry, you didn’t have food, so you were causing troubles .

Marvin put his hands on that man’s shoulders and grabbed him tightly, "Are you telling the truth?"

"I swear!" That man was somewhat panicking, he said in a loud voice, "We are really too hungry… We have no money, it has been stolen by those gnolls!"

"Good," Marvin sneered .

His hand flashed inside that man’s jacket pocket, instantly pulling out a money pouch!

He opened the pouch and the sound of many silvers falling to the ground could be heard!

That man was dumbfounded! He clearly remembered having nothing in his pocket .

And the others were extremely shocked!

They had greedy looks, and when they were looking at that monkey-like man, they were also full of doubts and anger!

Didn’t this guy say that they had no money to eat?

With so many silvers in his pocket, he could easily buy food .

This money could buy a lot of provisions in River Shore City .

"Swindler!" Marvin didn’t leave the thin man a chance to open his mouth and directly shouted angrily!

He pulled out his dagger and killed!

Blood flew everywhere .

Everyone thoroughly calmed down .

"A swindler," Marvin angrily said, "This fucker was a swindler!"

"Haven’t you seen it? Someone has bribed him to deceive you! Indeed, the granary was burnt, but it was the work of our enemies!"

"He wants to take over White River Valley, thus he made this rebellion plot . "

Marvin coldly said, "Now, I order you as the Overlord, return to your homes!"

"The food issue will be solved within a week . "

"I guarantee you this as White River Valley’s Overlord . "

[Dignity] was used once again!

The majority of the people retreated, leaving with an ashamed face .

But at that time, the castle gates which were shut suddenly opened with a creaking sound .

A sneaky shadow flashed out, seeming to have felt something wrong!

Marvin took a big step forward and began to sprint!

He was still wearing that pair of Thunder Fairy Boots . Hanzel had generously given this Magic Item to Marvin as a gift!

Marvin instantly rushed to the castle gates .

He grabbed that person, revealing a very unfamiliar face full of surprise!

The Wishful Rope quietly bound him .

The people who were about to go down the hill looked back at that scene in surprise . They managed to see Marvin carrying a garrison member under the faint light of the torches!

At that time, Anna and other were welcoming him .

"Lord Marvin!" Andre and the other garrison members excitedly greeted him .

Marvin’s strong performance made them extremely shocked .

And the most important part was that they knew, with Marvin’s return, the territory wouldn’t become chaotic!

"Who is this person?" Marvin asked while holding that guy .

Andre’s expression changed, "This is a recruit who had been accepted in the garrison a few days ago…"

"A spy!" Anger flashed through Anna’s eyes . "He is definitely the one who burnt the granary!"

"And he now wanted to take advantage of the situation and open the gates to let those troublemakers in?"

Marvin looked at that man, and the latter said in a low voice, "I merely saw Lord Marvin return and wanted to open the door to welcome…"

But before he could finish his sentence, Marvin kicked the ground!

And an ice cold light shone as Marvin made an imposing slash, directly cutting off this man’s head!

The bloody head rolled on the stone bridge before ending up in the moat .

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"This is how a spy ends!" Marvin suddenly raised his voice, his foot kicking that headless body into the moat!

The remaining civilians’ hearts turned cold . They no longer lingered and returned to their homes one after the other .

Only the garrison, Anna, and a few others remained in front of the castle .

"Young Master… You finally came back . " Anna bit her lips . If there weren’t so many people present, she might have cried out .

She was very smart and capable, but she wasn’t this territory’s Overlord .

She had suffered a lot during Marvin’s absence, there were too many rumors slandering her .

Marvin gently embraced Anna, comforting her, "It’s all right . "

But an obnoxious voice suddenly came from the side:

"How could you embrace Miss Anna so casually?"

"Even if you are this territory’s Overlord, you shouldn’t be this rude!"

Marvin frowned . He had been killing quite heavily today, but he hasn’t reached the point where he would kill without reason .

He immediately pointed at that guy and asked, "Who is this guy dressed up like a peacock?"

Everyone turned silent for a moment .

They then all burst out laughing .

Even Anna who had always avoided showing her emotions in public couldn’t help but laugh to the point of crying .

Because what Marvin said was truly accurate! The man who claimed to the the Greatest Alchemist in all History was wearing extremely luxurious clothes, but the color coordination was truly… well, underwhelming .

At night, under the light of the fire, he really looked like a peacock!

That man retorted angrily, "What did you say? Are you questioning my clothing tastes? I request a duel!"

"Duel my ass!" Marvin impatiently said, "This lord is still busy killing, I don’t have free time!"

He coldly glanced at that man . "This is my territory, know your place . "

He immediately told Anna a few things . Mainly to appease the citizens’ mood, and then strengthen the remaining food’s defense .

"What about you?" Anna displayed a surprised expression after he was done talking, "Are you planning to leave again?"

"Tonight," Marvin emotionlessly said . "I can’t allow people to keep provoking my bottom line . "

He then headed down the mountain without looking back .

The peacock man said in a very bad mood, "Ridiculous Overlord! Something like killing, why would he do it himself? Miss Anna there is an issue with your eyes . "

"Shut up!" Everyone angrily shouted .

The peacock man was startled and immediately didn’t dare to say anything else . He hadn’t expected that Marvin’s status in the eyes of these people would be so high!

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. . .

The night wind whistled past his ear .

Marvin seemed as fast as lightning .

The darkness of the night was heaven for the Night Walker .

Tonight he wanted to kill .

Nocturnal Kill .

Regardless of Toshiroya’s goals and reasons, he had already thoroughly angered Marvin .

The last person who touched Marvin’s bottom line was White, and he had died .

Now it was this noble who came from some northern city .

Marvin had put on a layer of protective clothing and was running quietly in the night .

. . .

Half an hour later, outside a cave in a small hill cave .

Marvin was quietly readying himself .

The Phantom Assassin Amber had also been waiting .

In the cave was an incomplete temporary camp .

In the camp were roughly twenty men . At least half were 2nd rank Fighters, and in addition, there was a 2nd rank Sorcerer . This Sorcerer’s status was very high, and he had a tent for himself .

Toshiroya himself was a 2nd rank Swordsman, and he had two Barbarian [Wasteland Warriors] as guards .

This was the information Amber had gathered .

‘A group of 2nd rank class holders to take over a small White River Valley, it obviously should be enough . ’ Marvin sneered .

Unfortunately, you met me .

. . .

Amber came over and whispered, "Lord Marvin, when are we moving?"

"No hurry . " Marvin focused on something, and soon, a flare flew from the forest .

That was one of the adventurers pretending to be a citizen!

He had returned to inform Toshiroya .

"Kill him first . " Marvin pointed at that man .

The Phantom Assassin nodded, and suddenly disappeared on the spot .

As for Marvin, he used Stealth and directly walked toward the camp!