Night Ranger - Chapter 248

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Chapter 248


Wayne looked at Marvin with disbelief and rushed over, excited . He tightly hugged Marvin .

Marvin smiled .

Daniela, Anna, Fidel, the Alchemist . . .

Everyone was looking at Marvin, startled and surprised .

He had returned!

Everyone’s pillar!

Marvin softly patted Wayne’s head . "Let me have a chat with the crazy woman above us, okay?"

Wayne very cleverly got out of the way .

Then, before everyone’s eyes, Marvin opened his arms and loudly chanted something .

The oval defensive barrier spread in an instant to over five kilometers, with night filling that entire area!

The stars were bright and the night wind was cold .

That black cloud over their heads was broken by that majestic power, leaving no trace behind!

This was the Night Monarch’s power!

This was the power of a Saint .

. . .

Marvin was about to act and deal with Madeline just before the Burning Firerain was cast .

He was now at the 4th rank, so his original plan was to assassinate Madeline, which wouldn’t have posed too much trouble .

But at that time, something unexpected happened!

His Eternal Night Imprint activated .

Some power poured into him from the Eternal Night Kingdom .

Marvin could feel that a powerful consciousness was slowly recovering inside the Eternal Night Kingdom .

Perhaps it was the resolve of White River Valley’s civilians using their lives to defend their territory, or it may have been another thing, but it apparently stirred something in the Eternal Night Imprint .

The spirit of the Night Monarch awakened .

It was as if Marvin had held an advanced ritual, and a part of the Night Monarch condensed in the Eternal Night Imprint .

There wasn’t much communication between them, but Marvin instantly understood the Night Monarch’s intentions .

Marvin was his heir .

His power was Marvin’s power .

Thus, under the guidance of the Night Monarch, he thoroughly stimulated the remnant power in the Eternal Night Imprint .

Marvin shortly transformed into a Legend powerhouse!

He looked at his stats and saw his Strength jump from 15 points to 30 points, and his Constitution rose from 13 to 28 . Marvin felt that assassinating Madeline wasn’t needed anymore!

Even if he could have killed her from the shadows without this power, now he could completely deal with her out in the open .

His six attributes went through a world-shaking change, approaching the godly domain of 30!

At the same time, his Night Walker skills obtained a tremendous growth rate while a few abilities belonging to the Night Monarch appeared . It was enough to let Marvin deal with a newly advanced Legend Wizard .

Leading Feinan’s inhabitants just like the Night Monarch in ancient times .

In the night, he was the Monarch!

. . .

"Marvin! You didn’t die!"

Madeline excitedly licked her lips .

She ignored the change in her surroundings .

"Just in time . I’ll make you pay for the humiliation I suffered before!"

Evil intent flashed in Madeline’s eyes!

Before Marvin could say anything, a Legendary Dissociation already shot out!

Marvin coldly floated in the sky and stayed there, letting the Dissociation hit his body!


A dark light forcefully dispersed the Dissociation .

What a joke . After the Night Monarch’s power poured into Marvin’s body, he became immune to those instant death spells!

He could freely fly and maneuver in the darkness, and not many people could stop him .

"Madeline! You are already being brainwashed by the Book of Nalu!"

He loudly warned, "If you don’t wake up, only death awaits you!"

"You are being controlled!"

Madeline crazily laughed . "You know what? You know what I saw? I saw the future!"

"Marvin, ah, Marvin, really interesting, let me see, turns out you aren’t from this world…"

Marvin’s heart went cold!

What ability did this woman obtain from the Book of Nalu in the end?

But regardless, he wasn’t patient enough to let her continue!

He suddenly disappeared!

[Night Boundary] .

Under the curtain of darkness, the entire area would bend to Marvin’s will and he could directly ignore the fetters of space .

A cold curved dagger ripped the air apart, ruthlessly chopping toward Madeline’s head!

Her words were forcefully interrupted .

His Strength which reached the godly 30 directly broke through Madeline’s defensive barrier!

She was startled and hurriedly entered a Teleportation Door .

But then, Marvin appeared once more behind her!

His cold dagger ruthlessly chased her and stopped on her neck .

Shadow Escape!

In the night, and filled with the Night Monarch’s power, Marvin was simply unequalled .

Leymann at his peak might not necessarily be Marvin’s match, let alone a new Legend like Madeline .

A cold left hand pressed against her neck .

She then felt her own magic power quickly disappearing!


Madeline painfully yelled, "You can’t do that!"

[Chaos Magic Seal]!

One of the skills of the Night Monarch .

This was a spell the Night Monarch used to seal the abilities of the monsters born from chaos .

But it was also suitable for use against Wizards, especially Legend Wizards .

In a few seconds, the power in Madeline’s body was completely sealed away!

She had already turned into a mortal .

Losing her power like that undoubtedly made her lose what little was left of her mind .

She ignored Marvin’s curved dagger and crazily grabbed her own hair!

"Please, give me back my power!"

"Please, don’t kill me!"

She kept howling in grief .

The onlookers couldn’t help but hold their breaths when seeing this scene .

Wasn’t the change in the situation too big?!

Lord Marvin appeared and casually subdued Madeline who recently advanced to Legend?

All the Knights of River Shore City were stunned!

And Collins turned tail and ran the moment Marvin appeared . The Silver Church’s Paladins followed him and slipped away .

White River Valley’s group was cheering excitedly!

. . .

In the sky, Marvin had successfully sealed Madeline’s magic power .

Facing the latter’s continuous begging, Marvin hesitated .

In the end, he made a decision .

People who tried to infringe on White River Valley couldn’t keep their lives .

Let alone Madeline who had been brainwashed by the Book of Nalu . She was no longer that City Lord of River Shore City .

She had to die .

Thus, the curved dagger ruthlessly slashed down!

Everyone silently watched Madeline’s head falling from the sky .

River Shore City’s Knights didn’t know how to react .


The dark shadow descended from the sky . Marvin appeared in front of the Head Knight .

"Madeline already lost her mind . As you just saw, she tried to violate the Alliance’s rules, using force to assault my White River Valley . I only defended my territory and people . "

"If you have any complaints, you can come look for me . But Misters, I advise you to return to River Shore City first and wait for the Alliance’s arrangements . "

The Knights looked at each other in dismay . They didn’t know why, but Marvin had a kind of charisma that made it hard for them to disobey!

His words made others feel as if they had no choice but to comply .

River Shore City’s main forces silently retreated .

No one paid attention to Madeline’s corpse sprawled in the wilderness .

Then, the curtain of darkness abruptly disappeared!

Everything returned to normal as the sky regain the color of an evening sky .

They all looked at Marvin slowly coming back from River Shore City’s side . Everything that happened today felt like an illusion .

. . .

White River Valley’s villagers who had been evacuated learnt of their Overlord’s return .

Thus, the notice of evacuation turned into a celebration notice!

People spread the news that Lord Marvin returned unscathed, and the news of him repelling River Shore City’s invasion by himself .

In the castle, despite Marvin explaining everything, he was still asked many questions .

For some details, Marvin could only fabricate a story as usual .

Unfortunately, those parts could easily trick Wayne, Anna, and the others, but they couldn’t trick Daniela .

The latter was looking at Marvin, panting with rage .

"You had already returned earlier . Why did you hide and not come out?"

"Your fiancée was beaten by that loathsome Half-Demon until she spat blood and you actually did not come out! Are you a man, Marvin?!

Marvin could only bitterly smile and scratch his head .

Marvin had just hurried over when Madeline and Daniela fought . He was about to act when the Burning Firerain was forming, but the Eternal Night Imprint activated .

In the process, he wasn’t calmly waiting .

Facing Daniela’s reproach, Marvin could only bitterly laugh and sincerely apologize .

In any case, Daniela went all-out for White River Valley . If not for her, White River Valley might have already collapsed before his return .

. . .

On the castle balcony, Anna couldn’t help but cry out .

When Marvin disappeared, she was truly frightened all day long . She repeatedly told herself that Marvin was fine, but ice cold proof left her at a loss .

Now that Marvin came back, she lost control and was unable to hold back .

"Can you promise me that you won’t do something like that anymore?"

Marvin was silent when confronted with Anna’s request .

He knew he had been in great danger and frightened many people who cared about him .

But could he really not take any risks in the future?

Probably not .

"Anna, I can only promise you that I’ll try to take to take less risks…"

"I still have a strong grasp on what I plan to d…"

He had yet to finish his sentence when a meteor suddenly flashed in the sky!

Marvin’s eyes twitched!

The meteor was actually flying over .


He pushed Anna away .

The meteor crashed against the balcony railing, and knocked into Marvin!

Marvin felt a sharp pain in his chest as he was sent flying from the balcony .

Soon, his body fell on the ground as a huge force grabbed him and forcefully dragged him up!

In an instant, Marvin felt the sky spinning and was dazed .

A familiar face appeared before Marvin .

Hathaway .


Marvin barely managed to focus and intended to greet her .


A ruthless slap fell .

Marvin froze .

Then, a warm feeling could be felt on his lips .

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