Night Ranger - Chapter 372

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Chapter 372: Cloud Monk

The Black Knights were arrogantly and imposingly charging down the rough mountain path .

Their warhorses weren't ordinary, able to navigate the rough terrain and easily react to anything .

The terrible mountain path had been no small test for most of the adventurers, but Marvin was able to cross it as if it were even ground thanks to his Godly Dexterity .

The people at the bottom of the mountain started worrying for the Monks .

Especially the outsiders . They didn't know much about Xunshan Monastery and had only heard a few rumors .

The Monks in the monastery were usually cultivating painstakingly, not doing much else . Who knew whether that group of Black Knights would try to turn the monastery upside down .

After all, the Dead Area had no shortage of powerhouses .

. . .

With Black Knight Sangore at the lead, they finally arrived at Xunshan Monastery .

He was usually a silent person who dealt with everything using his strength . The long chase this time had annoyed him greatly .

They almost lost Marvin's trail on the sea . Sangore couldn't understand how his opponent could move so quickly .

The only explanation should be that the other party was a powerful caster .

Whatever the case, Sangore relied on his God's Book to be able to chase Marvin here .

He chased Marvin from Sunrise Island all the way up here, following the aura of the God's Book, but he still hadn't found it yet .

He also had expert Trackers among his followers and they had never failed him before .

The aura trail left by the God's Book ended in Xunshan's surroundings . Since that day, Sangore and his subordinates had searched all around Xunshan's surroundings, yet they didn't find what they were looking for .

Thus, he was certain that the thing he wanted was in these mountains .

As for Xunshan Monastery, Sangore had heard about it, but as a Legend powerhouse, he didn't fear mere rumors .

What scared him a bit was some faintly discernible aura on the mountain .

That aura was extremely restrained, yet would occasionally burst out . It was enough to make him apprehensive .

There was at least one powerhouse on the same level as him on the mountain .

But the aura had disappeared today .

This was the reason Sangore decided to rush up the mountain .

He knew that this might be his only opportunity . If he didn't go up now, his quarry might find a way to flee .

As for the monastery, he simply didn't care about its reputation .

In Feinan Plane, there were many who chose the Monk's path . He had killed so many Monks that he didn't remember how many .


The Black Knights cheered loudly as they pointed their spears forward, quickly rushing toward the monastery .

But at that time, a sturdy man blocked their path!

"What are you doing?"

This was a young Monk .

He had a bad temper and bellowed at the Black Knights, "This is Xunshan Monastery! Not a place filthy things like you can invade . "

Sangore stared coldly the young Monk . "Filthy things…"

"Isn't that the case?" The young Monk swept his angry gaze across the Black Knights . "Half-Humans, Half-Devils . . . No, you are more repulsive than those pure Devils! You clearly were Humans, but you transformed yourselves into this!"

"Isn't it right to say that you are filthy?" insisted the young Monk with a nauseated expression .

His words were quite right . The Black Knight class partly drew their power from the Devils .

The strength of Sangore's group was artificial . They transformed themselves by using Hell's methods, making their bodies give off the aura of Hell, which repulsed the young Monk .

"You are right . Are you from this monastery?" Sangore asked in an ominous voice .

The young Monk nodded loftily .


A spear pierced the Monk's heart . The fierce momentum forced his body back 10 meters before the spear nailed into a rock!


The terrible power behind the spear crushed the rock into pieces, raising dust and fragments in the air as the Monk died with his eyes still open .

"Kill them first, then look for the artifact," Sangore ordered indifferently .

After saying that, he tugged the reins and went to the young Monk's body . He pulled his spear out and rushed through the monastery doors .

"Thud thud thud!"

The sound of cold iron hooves disturbed the peace of the monastery .

Painful shouts began to echo throughout the mountain .

. . .

Depths of the Ice Monster cave .

Marvin was out of breath . He had finally managed to kill the Ice Monsters with the two wooden daggers in his hands, but he was sore all over and extremely weary!

He was rarely this tired .

He couldn't use his skills, and his wooden daggers were blunt weapons that could only deal the minimum amount of damage . It was very troublesome for Marvin .

The Ice Monsters didn't appear one by one .

The first time two appeared, then four, and this wave had eight!

The levels were also higher each time . They were around level 10 at first, but gradually reached level 15 .

Marvin almost exhausted all his stamina on the third wave .

In this battle, Marvin had made great use of his killing techniques .

Although he was exhausted, he inexorably felt that he had found a way to increase his strength .

This was the most effective method for natives .

He checked his interface and his Desperation Style had already reached Apprentice from Beginner .

Reaching this point after a few hours wasn't easy .

Of course, he was still quite the distance away from reaching Master as Kangen had told him to .

Marvin felt sore and couldn't help but ask, "Next wave wouldn't be sixteen, right?"

Kangen calmly stood there looking at Marvin who was drenched in sweat and couldn't help but laugh . "You guessed correctly . "

Marvin inwardly shook his head .

The number of Ice Monsters that appeared doubled each time they went deeper into the cave .

It was true that his Blade Technique Style was sharp, but how could he inflict a lot of damage with these wooden daggers?

Thinking about fighting sixteen Ice Monsters of an even higher level than before gave Marvin a headache .

"You can rest . "

Kangen gently reminded him, "Stamina is very important . "

Marvin nodded and was about to sit down to rest, when suddenly, Kangen's expression hardened .

"What's going on?"

Marvin could tell that something was wrong from his face, as only a few things in this world could make this powerhouse have such a change in expression .

Kangen's complexion was a little ugly . "These guys dared to rush up and massacre the Monks in the monastery?"

Marvin felt bad, but didn't say anything .

Kangen flipped his palm and a cloudy mist appeared above it, forming a screen .

"This is…" Marvin was appalled by what was happening .

The point of view was from the sky above, overlooking everything happening in Xunshan Monastery .

Six frightening Black Knights were wantonly massacring the Monks!

"Black Knight Sangore!" Marvin's heart raced!

He hadn't expected that Sangore would actually pursue him there . If he hadn't be training Desperation, he might have already bumped into that group of Black Knights!

The Monks in that scene were the ones he saw a few days ago . Most of these people had just started cultivating and weren't high level, so how could they resist the onslaught of the Black Knights?

It was a completely one-sided massacre!

Xunshan was a mountain range and the basic monastery was on the front mountain, but the real core was still in that tall peak to the north of the rear mountain .

Beset with Sangore's surprise attack, these ordinary Monks simply didn't have the strength to retaliate!

Marvin felt guilty . He was the one who attracted that group of reckless Black Knights . These Monks were just innocent bystanders who suffered because of him!

"We should…"

Marvin didn't get to finish his sentence before Kangen shook his head, muttering, "Someone will take care of it . "

He had a serious expression .

In the scene, an old Monk shivered in front of the Black Knights .

He looked at them with grief and anger but didn't say a word .

Sangore expressionlessly raised his spear as his war horse neighed!

"Attack!" The six Black Knights raised their spears at the same time .

But at that time, a figure flew down from the central peak like a celestial being!

He grabbed the old Monk and swiftly flew past the Black Knights' spears .

'[Cloud Wandering]!'

'Cloud Monk?'

Seeing this movement, Marvin's heart skipped a beat . He knew who it was that came to help!

Such a wonderful ability to wander the clouds . . . Only someone with 9 or more levels in the Cloud Monk class could master it .

Besides that person, no one else could!

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