Night Ranger - Chapter 63

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Chapter 63

The matter of the secondary class was very serious because once you picked a secondary class, you couldn’t change it .

Marvin was knowledgeable enough that in an instant, he thought of six outstanding secondary classes .

Every one of them could perfectly match with Night Walker .

If it wasn’t for the universe magic pool being destroyed, the wizard class would have been the best pick . Unfortunately, Marvin didn’t dare to choose the wizard class . In half a year, non-wizards would be slightly affected, but wizards would be in the middle of the calamity .

Even if he wanted a wizard secondary class, Marvin would wait until after the collapse of the universe magic pool and then pick one of the new kind of spellcasting being pioneered by mankind .

Thus, the current wizards didn’t enter his sight .

As for the remaining classes, getting the class itself would be no less troublesome than getting the night walker class .

‘I’ll settle the things I have to do first, and then take care of the secondary class after upgrading my main class,’ Marvin decided .

He really had too much on his hands and it would take some time . Fortunately, there was still some time before the universe magic pool collapsed .

. . .

Marvin didn’t meet another necromancer after killing that apprentice .

His luck wasn’t bad, and he smoothly arrived at the northern Skull Valley .

This was a region similar to the Ghost Valley . Without the pass, Marvin could only use Heiss’ spellbook to try to trick the low level ghost guard

But he had a pass now! He simply left the despair hills . It was a lot more convenient .

The sky was still dark after he left the despair hills seeming like the sun had just set .

Marvin estimated that he had been in the despair hills for a day or so . He entered at dawn and left at dusk .

This was really lucky . He hadn’t suffered any loss .

The next path would be slightly easier . But Marvin decided to rest for the night .

Because Marvin would enter the territory of an expert .

Few people in the surroundings knew of his existence because he used Dense Fog, Illusionary Voices and other spells to create an unusual environment . If he didn’t take the initiative to make the first move, very few people could bother him .

But Marvin was getting ready to pay him a visit .

Even though the other side wouldn’t do anything to hurt him, he still needed enough energy to deal with everything after that .

‘A nap would be good . This body’s constitution is too bad . The stamina is already quite lacking . ’

Marvin lied down in a hole inside a dried up tree . He ate some rations, drank some water and fell asleep shortly after .

. . .

The next morning, Marvin kept going north .

Outside of the despair hills was a small basin, and in the center of that basin was a foggy forest .

Marvin was standing on a small hill, watching the area . It was noon, yet the forest was filled with fog .

The moonlight forest was north of this basin . It was part of the elven kingdom, home of a few wood elves, mostly merchants . The trip from the moonlight forest to the three ring towers only took half a day because of the hot air balloon .

‘I’m good on time . ’

Marvin went down the hill and decided not to avoid the foggy forest; in fact, he went in without asking .

The forest was extremely quiet, and not a sound could be heard . Apparently all the animals were scared into hiding .

The further he got, the more dense the fog was . From Marvin’s feet, it gradually reached Marvin’s waist .

‘Should be close . ’

Marvin gently touched a tree, the abnormal feeling made him smile .

This didn’t feel like a tree .

Even though sight confusion was very effective, the sense of touch was the weak point somehow .

He suddenly took out a black bandage and covered his eyes .

He kept moving forward like this for two hours!

Until a deep voice echoed beside his ear . "Seems like you have seen through my small maze . "

"Intriguing ranger, take off your blindfold . Let me take a look at you . "

It was standard common language .

Marvin took off the blindfold .

His surroundings had completely changed .

The dense and hazy forest had turned into a mountainous rock cluster . There was also a huge cave not far from there .

The rest was completely deserted .

‘Oh? It walked past me?’

Marvin noticed he was facing the wrong direction and quickly turned around .

On top of a huge rock lay a huge monster!

The other side looked at Marvin with a lazy sort of expression, its wings covering his body . His tail happily swung twice .

This meant he was in a good mood .

This was a red copper dragon!

Marvin smiled . He was too familiar with this guy .

[Professor], a ancient red copper from times immemorial . He had a legend level strength and a very kind heart .

Among all dragons, red copper dragons always had a good reputation . They fed on metals and ore, very few would injure living beings .

They like interesting things, especially riddles . Most wandering bards would be welcomed by red copper dragons because they would bring stories from faraway places .

Rangers would also receive the approval of red copper dragons . Especially Marvin after he used a simple technique to break the red dragon’s maze .

That’s right, the center of the basin was actually a small hill .

It was only the red dragon using a few tricks and turned that hill into a forest with dragon spells . At least in appearance .

But the red copper dragon’s mazes weren’t flawless . They had been cracked by Marvin repeatedly in the past .

The current Professor didn’t look injured from the blow from that ancient red dragon living on a neighbouring volcanic island . He still looked very lively .

"Hello Ranger . " The red copper dragon amber eye blinked . It seemed curious, "How did you see through my maze?"

Marvin laughed mysteriously . "Will you accept my challenge if I tell you the answer?"

"Challenging me?" The red copper dragon wasn’t angry . He was actually interested . "Sorry for being blunt, you aren’t my opponent . "

"I only need to use a bit of strength to crush you . "

The red copper dragon seemed very sincere, extending a huge claw and imitated a swing . As if telling Marvin that as a red copper dragon he was very powerful .

"Of course I’m not your opponent . "

Marvin laughed and said, "No, I’m thinking of challenging myself . "

"I heard of your reputation from a wise man, I heard you were wise and witty . Thus I dared to look for you . "

"I want to challenge your [Mirror World] . "

"Intriguing, intriguing," the red copper dragon murmured . He nodded, saying, "[Mirror World] is very dangerous, are you sure you want to challenge it?"

"Of course," Marvin replied . "I came for this, in order to hone my skills . "

"I can tell you now . The reason I was able to see through your maze was because no tree in this world feels like a rock!"

The red copper dragon laughed . "So it was that, looks like it’s not a big deal . Next time I’ll add a [Confuse Perception] . "

"I guess I won’t find you next time," Marvin said .

"If your performance in the mirror world pleases me, I’ll allow you to come in . "

The red copper dragon flung his tail to catch a piece of ore and swallowed it .

"I like warriors daring to challenge themselves . "

"There are too many wizards in this world . They are cowards who would never do anything unless they were 100% certain of success . No wizard ever entered my mirror world . "

"Please wait a moment . I’ll make a mirror image of you . I’ll also add a reward at every level for you . "

"Stay here, it’ll start ten minutes later!"

Then the fog slowly rose and covered Marvin .

Marvin took a deep breath, closed his eyes and silently counted .

That ancient red copper dragon’s mirror world was a place for brave people to continuously challenge themselves .

If one didn’t pay attention, they would lose their life .

But it was also very attractive!

Defeating yourself in the mirror world would constantly hone your skills . For Marvin, it was to increase his dagger mastery level .

And each time he defeated an opponent, he would receive a [Professor]’s reward .

Red copper dragons loved to collect treasures, his reward would surely be something good .


Author’s note: About the secondary classes, I recommend you to keep guessing, everyone can discuss it over . There was some foreshadowing hidden previously and at least one secondary class had already been confirmed .

Translator’s note: Ugh . I’m ashamed to say that I totally missed the foreshadowed class . Time to comment and guess what it is!

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