Nightmare’s Call - Chapter 147

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Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Upheaval: Part 3

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Deep in the night, important buildings all over were silently taken under control .

Without the military, the police could not stop the Redwin from taking over . And in just a mere hour, the entire Huaisha City was occupied .

Lin Sheng did not dare to dawdle, and only controlled his soldiers remotely as he monitored the city using their ethereal form .

Thankfully, that convoy the female officer belonged too did not stay behind, and after a short pause, they left the city into the distance .

As he could no longer sleep, Lin Sheng simply controlled the wardens to scout about .

And just as he thought, the entire Huaisha City was lost .

Inside the police station, the Xilin police were cornered by the Redwinian soldiers, and were squatting down, not daring to say anything .

Shad, the fat police chief smiled widely as he spoke with one of the Redwinian military top brass .

The internet control center, the controlling authority of the internet signals towers were now under Redwinian control, and had cut off communication to the outside world as the printing press were printing out piece after piece of flyers .

A few important public spaces too had Redwinian soldiers standing guard to keep the order .

The entire city had changed, over the course of a night, into another city .

And Lin Sheng only realized what was happening after staying up the whole night .

He quickly got down to the paper vendor at the ground floor and bought a copy of the morning paper, and at that moment, a Redwinian military truck were scattering flyers about .

He picked one up on the way home .

About 7:40am in the morning .

His parents, Lin Zhounian and Gu Wanqiu had woken up . They were slightly stunned seeing Lin Sheng sitting in the hall, eating a bean paste bun as he read the papers and the flyer .

“Chenchen, why are you up so early?” Lin Zhounian walked to Lin Sheng’s side as he pulled a chair over and sat on it .

Lin Sheng did not reply to him, and simply handed the flyer over .

And on the flyer, a message was printed clearly:

‘Civil Notice: The Xilin government is corrupt and inept as they ran rampant with heavy taxation . Today, Redwin has answered the call of the people, and in the name of justice, moved into Anduin province to aid the Xilin people in rebuilding their government, with the needs of the people in the forefront…’

It was a whole load of hogwash, as if trying to tell everyone that Redwin had not occupied Anduin out of conquest, rather it is out of justice . Plus the Redwinians managed to do it without affecting the civilian population, nor plundering their properties as they kept the peace .

And that was enough to pacify the civilians .

Lin Zhounian’s expression changed almost immediately as he read the notice .

“Surely this is fake? Chenchen, randomly printing such stuff is against the law! Don’t do anything reckless!”

“It’s all over the place outside . ” Lin Sheng shook his head as he handed the papers over to his dad .

The headline of the paper printed: For Justice! The Redwinian Fifth Combined Army had officially entered Huaisha City .

And beneath it was a series of promises by the Redwinian army .

It was no different than the notice, it was to assure that the Redwinians will not harm any innocents . The Redwinians will ensure the normal functioning of basic facilities . The Redwinians will ensure that the order will be maintained and that the property of the civilians are sacred and will not be despoiled .

“This… this…!?” Lin Zhounian wanted to say something, but words failed him .

His had a conflicted look, a mixture of worry and confusion .

“I’ll go out to have a look!” He passed the paper over to his wife .

Gu Wanqiu took the paper to read, and a moment later, her expression had turned pale as well .

“Don’t worry, mom . The Redwinians won’t do anything to harm civilians . No matter which country goes to war, they will not affect too many normal civilians . ” Lin Sheng tried to console her .

Gu Wanqiu shook her head .

“Is the heaven’s coming apart…?” She sat on the sofa, at a lost on what to do .

Lin Sheng held her hands .

“Don’t worry, mom . At most we should leave this country!”

He had not much feelings for Xilin, and at most a tinge of regret . Compared to Gu Wanqiu and the rest, he still thought himself as someone from Earth, a Chinese .

And therein lies a gulf between him and Xilin here, and did not share the sense of belonging .

Xilin, in fact is not weak, but they simply could not react in the short term . If they were to go to war, it will be a long one .

And soon Lin Xiao too had found out about it .

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The whole of Huaisha, or rather, Anduin province undergone an upheaval . In just a single night, everything had changed .

None of them had any mood to have breakfast as they saw the entire street smothered with the white notice, and all of them had the same content as the one they had just saw

And there were many like them as everyone got out of their houses and picked up the flyer to have a look .

Some of them pulled out their phones to check out on the situation elsewhere . Some ran to the net café, but soon returned disappointed, as the internet was cut .

Some even made their way to the city hall, and saw the black Redwinian flag with a silver eagle on it flying from the pole .

After Lin Sheng and his family confirmed everything, they returned home still rather lost .

Gu Wanqiu had kept silent as she cooked a simple meal with the ingredients she had bought earlier as everyone gathered around for a meal .

Lin Sheng could tell that his family were at a lost, and were worried about their future .

Compared to him, they were just normal folks without any power . They had no control over their own fates, and could only move along with the current .

And truth be told, that female Redwinian officer had gave himself a brutal awakening from his previous glee at being invincible .

The Sacred Shield Tyrant was at least a level three warrior, and even he, at full power, would need at least a dozen hits before taking him down .

That was simply because the Tyrant’s defense was too thick, and his own abilities powerful .

But that woman, only needed two blows .

And in fact, if not for the fact that she was checking things out, she could have simply wiped both the Blackfeather swordsman and the Tyrant out in a single hit .

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That because a sense of peril to well up within him .

Compared to the real elites, he was nothing!

The officer was obviously just patrolling together with the army, and these sort of prowess is probably common enough in the Redwinian army .

He demurred as he had to figure out a way to ensure the safety of his family and himself .

While things may have changed, but they still needed to live on .

Lin Zhounian went ahead to open his shop while Gu Wanqiu was on leave and stayed behind to do some household chores .

Lin Xiao turned on the TV only to be greeted with static, and nothing was being broadcasted .

Lin Sheng had gone out as well, as he headed to the Ironfist Society hall .

The hall was rather empty, and only about half of the disciples had shown up, probably trying to get used to whatever that had happened yesterday .

Sarroux and Wayne were around, and their expression told him that they had knew what had happened .

The few cleaners taking care of the hall had not turned up, and Lin Sheng and the rest got the disciples to do spring clean the hall .

He then reorganized everyone to collect information from all over, to get a better grip on the situation in Huaisha City .

Ensuring that Ironfist Society would survive in this new age was something Lin Sheng and the rest had to do now .