Nightmare’s Call - Chapter 240

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Chapter 240: 240

Chapter 240: Accumulation: Part 1

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*Clack . *

Something dropped on the table and made a noise .

Dyze Palminton quickly snapped out from his stupor .

“My lord! The Mist has already spread deep into the mountains! We need to decide quickly! We cannot delay it any longer!”

The voice of his second-in-command rang by his ears .

The Night Lord closed his eyes as he held a letter in his hand . His long, pale fingers were trembling .

The letter was from Blackfeather City’s sorcerer . The sorcerer was the one he had arranged to protect Shanna, and now the letter was stained with blood . That meant that there was an emergency .

“My Lord! The Light of Hope beseeches your full support! The life or death of Blackfeather City’s 13,000 citizens depends on your decision . Please, give the word! My lord, should we send in the reinforcements?” The second-in-command pushed him for a response . “The only person that could save them is you, my lord!”

“How many councillors are still in the city?” Dyze the Night Lord suddenly asked .

“Aside from the martyred Steel Lord, everyone has retreated . ”

A moment of silence later, the Night Lord gently crumpled the letter into a ball and placed it onto the table .

“Is there anyone still alive in the city?”

“There should be some, and there are still people evacuating from it . All of the members of House Palminton have already evacuated…”

The second-in-command wanted to say something, but he sensed something was not right, and using his better judgment, he kept quiet .

While he had heard his adjutant saying that, Dyze was still worried . Although he had brought Shanna over to his family, at that key juncture, he should have been by her side to protect her .

He wanted to return, but this army was bound to him . Without any councillors to hold the line, the moment they run into a tyrant-level monster, it would be nothing but disaster .

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“Forget it . Let’s go and do our duty . We can leave the rest to the Light of Hope . ” He looked up with a gentle smile as he pushed aside the gold-trimmed tent cover and slowly walked out of it .

The sun shone brightly outside, and for some reason, the smile on Dyze’s face became more and more gentle .

“Forget it . After this, I’ll relinquish my position as the patriarch, and return with Shanna to run that patisserie . ”

He had done enough for the Palmintons, and he planned on living for himself next .

Lin Sheng shook his head in a daze . He had almost taken himself for Dyze Palminton just now .

Dyze the Night Lord, a proud member of one of the biggest noble houses of Blackfeather City, the Palmintons . The potency of the dragon king blood in his body was at unprecedented ninety percent . He was a veritable kin of the dragon king in human form .

For an existence like this, the strength of his soul was incredible .

“This bugger… he’s a born killing machine!” Lin Sheng slowly made his way to the Night Lord’s corpse .

As he was just about to touch the body, the Night Lord suddenly disintegrated into dust and disappeared .

“There’s nothing?” Lin Sheng squat down as he sifted through the ashes . It was nothing but your usual ashes, and there seemed to be nothing in it . Then a round item with a purple sheen to it caught Lin Sheng’s attention and he picked it up .

It was a silver ring with a purple gemstone on it within an oval crystal case .

The crystal case was translucent, and it actually survived the flames and explosions .

Beneath the crystal box was a black metal disc .

Lin Sheng was very familiar with this disc, it was something used to record important messages . But it was blackened earlier by the ash .

He picked up the disc as looked closely .

“I’m sorry . ”

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That was the first line on the disc, in a large font .

“The moment I saw you standing alone before the temple waiting for Shanna to appear, I could not stand it and decided to write this down .

“There was no Shanna, to begin with, only a charlatan called Sharleena .

“She used it a long, long time to gain your trust . And now she has succeeded, she has swiped your Shadow Dragon Temple clean .

“She was never blind, to begin with, and she has never begged before . She has slept with over fifteen men and was even someone’s lover when she was young . She has undergone abortions to the point she has lost her ability to conceive .

“This was common knowledge amongst the nobility .

“And the start of this whole farce was a bet she made with Count Geert . She bet that she could fool you, enslave you, and turn you into her plaything .

“Sharleena said that she would wait for you here, even if it meant her death, that was a lie .

“It was a farce .

“A farce .

“And now, you should wake up from this dream…”

Lin Sheng looked at the disc and fell silent .

He looked up ta the position where the Night Lord had died

, and for some reason, a sense of sorrow welled within him .

He looked at the crystal case in his hand . The ring within it was intricate and beautiful . It was clearly made for marriage .

“And what of the end? Where did Shanna go?” Lin Sheng sighed .

In the end, he did not find out where that Shanna went . After Dyze led his army, he must have returned, or else he would not have stayed within the temple and gotten reduced to a monster .

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What about Shanna?

There was no information about her .

Lin Sheng scoured the patisserie, and aside from some moldy utensils, there was nothing . So he returned to where the Night Lord once was .

From that position, he could clearly see the full scale of the temple complex, and there was a careful mark on the side of the table . For Dyze only .

As he sat on the chair, Lin Sheng stayed still as the soul of the Night Lord surged into him, and hammered him hard as countless of memories and information piled upon one another in his mind .

So he sat still in the chair and focused as he started combing through the information he had gained .

It was the same old, the memories of combat techniques first, other skills second, the rest third .

By the time he was done with it, the dream was almost over .

*Tick tock, tick tock…*

The ticking of the clock became louder and louder as Lin Sheng’s vision slowly dimmed before fading to black .

Time passed so ever slowly . It could have been half an hour, or two hours, with his consciousness muddled, Lin Sheng had no concept of time .

By the time he woke up, it was already bright .

The phone alarm kept on ringing, and it looked like it had been at it for a while now .

*Tap . *

Lin Sheng stretched his hand out to turn off the alarm as he sat up on his bed .

“The Night Lord… another councillor-level member . Someone who’s even stronger than the Steel Lord . Let me see his combat experience…

A moment later, his expression darkened, and did not even bother looking at it any longer…


Lin Sheng yelled .

“What do you mean he just smiles when surrounded?

“Look at these so-called combat experience!

“As long as he stays calm, he will win a one-on-one fight .

“Against long-range attacks, he needs to wear a gas mask . Some attacks scents are harder to detect .

“Against magic, he’s afraid of was being blinded, and some of the spell patterns make him dizzy as well . ”

All that combat experience may have looked logical at a glance, but there was one very important line in it .

And it was…

He did not need to lift a finger!

He just needed to pose!

The ones who had managed to actually force his hand were only the councillors, and even at that level, Dyze simply just threw whatever basic abilities out there .

Also, the skills that he already knew were no better than that of the Blackfeather Swordsman .

Aside from being extremely powerful, he knew nothing else .

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