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Chapter 192

Chapter 192 Faction Competition Starts

“Why is that?” frowned Long Chen .

“These missions can only be given out once the Faction Competition is over . We only allow you to see the missions and rewards to give you guys a reminder .

“Within the monastery, the competition is extremely intense . If you want to obtain more resources than others, you’ll need to put out one hundred percent of your effort .

“The Faction Competition is a fight over the mission priorities . You’ll only receive missions in accordance to your ranking .

“If your faction comes in first, the points from the missions you’ll receive will number in the hundreds of thousands .

“If I were to make an analogy, these missions are like beef noodle soup . First place will come take all the big pieces of meat . Only then can second place come and take the smaller pieces . As for third place, they’ll probably only end up with some leftover ground meat and noodles .

“The rest is also distributed in accordance to ranking . As for last place, there won’t even be soup for them to drink . They’ll only be able to lick the bowl . ” That woman explained it all in one go to Long Chen .

They were all disciples from the previous generation and had personally experienced that cruel competition . So they also deeply sympathized with these new disciples who had just arrived .

“So the start is extremely important . During the first Faction Competition, you must absolutely get a good ranking . It is the most important . Although the Faction Competition occurs once a month, if your unable to obtain a good spot in the first month, then the distance between you and first place will only increase . That distance will only continue to grow larger each month, and it is extremely difficult to catch up,” she warned .

Long Chen gratefully nodded . After saying his thanks to her, he began walking back to the faction .

That senior apprentice-sister’s words were absolutely correct . The first Faction Competition was extremely important . Everyone started at the same starting line, but if they allowed others to take the lead, it would be extremely difficult to catch up .

That first step would allow them to receive more points and buy more resources, increasing the entire power level of the faction .

Then by the next competition, the distance would have only grown . If you were once more surpassed, it was practically certain you would never be able to catch up .

It was unfortunate he still didn’t know what kind of form the Faction Competition would take . Otherwise if he could come up with some kind of good strategy they would also get an advantage .

Long Chen had just been walking with his head down when a figure suddenly rushed over . He instinctively dodged to the side .

But that figure still crashed onto Long Chen . That person’s force was so great that being caught off guard, Long Chen was sent flying .

He only managed to stabilize himself dozens of meters away . His fury ignited, as he clearly knew that person had done that on purpose .

Looking forward, he saw a tall, large man who was completely bald icily looking at him . That person was a whole head taller than Long Chen . His huge arms were bare with many veins crawling over them, emitting an explosive strength like a volcano that contained endless power .

His arms were also covered with tattoos that were extremely crude . Standing there, he was like an unshakable iron tower .

Behind that bald man were three others . One of them had a powerful aura and was indifferently looking down on Long Chen .

As for the other two, Long Chen recognized them . They were surprisingly Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin . The two of them were smiling at Long Chen’s misfortune .

“This is the monster amongst monsters you told me about?” the bald man asked Lei Qianshang .

“Yes, but don’t underestimate him . Although he’s only in the late Blood Condensation realm, he wouldn’t be inferior to an outer disciple who is in the Muscle Rebirth realm . He might even be a bit stronger . ”

That bald man shook his head . “Having just advanced to the late Blood Condensation realm, his physical body is not bad . However, his cultivation base is too trash, not even worth looking at . Let’s go . ”

That bald man directly walked right in front of Long Chen as if he didn’t see him . Either Long Chen would get out of the way, or there would be a fight .

Despite being shaken by this bald man’s power, that arrogance from the depths of his soul would not let him back down .

Although he clearly knew this person had to be even stronger than Lei Qianshang, he was unable to accept such humiliation .

Indifferently looking at this bald man, he slowly raised a hand . The Pill Flame in his body began to circulate, preparing to come out at any moment .

Seeing Long Chen actually refused to step aside and had taken a fighting stance, that bald man sneered, actually directly charging over, his aura exploding .

“Who dares be so impudent in a fighting-prohibited region?”

Suddenly a shout rang out that made the bald man come to a step . He turned to see that a white-robed man was indifferently looking at them .

That man’s robes were those of a law enforcer, and his powerful aura was one that he didn’t dare look down on .

Long Chen was startled, as this person was actually someone he recognized, senior apprentice-brother Wan .

Seeing senior apprentice-brother Wan, that bald man only lightly sneered . Although he looked down on these people who were at the bottom of their generation, he didn’t retort .

He said to Long Chen, “Brat, next time you block my way I’ll smash you to pulp . ”

The bald man walked around Long Chen, the other three also following . From they way they went it seemed they were going to the Xuantian pavilion to buy things .

Once those people left, senior apprentice-brother Wan smiled slightly to Long Chen, “Let’s walk for a bit . I have some things I want to say to you . ”

Long Chen was surprised, not expecting the serious senior apprentice-brother Wan to look after him like this . Not only had he driven away the bald man, he was also staying with him for a while .

“Many thanks senior apprentice-brother Wan . ” Long Chen cupped his fists, grateful to him .

His intuition told him that bald man was extremely terrifying, even more powerful than Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin . He who was not even in the Muscle Rebirth realm was not a match for him .

That infuriated him . If he had also advanced to the Muscle Rebirth realm, how could he be so inferior to them?

“Looking at you, I’m reminded of myself three years ago . I was full of confidence back then . But people should sometimes know how to yield . That’s not weakness but simply strategy . Don’t try to be brave when you are weak, or the person who will be injured it yourself . ” Senior apprentice-brother Wan chatted as they walked .

Long Chen smiled bitterly, “I also understand senior apprentice-brother Wan’s reminder . But unfortunately I just can’t control myself . I would rather die than accept humiliation . ”

Long Chen knew that was the influence of his Pill God memories . He simply refused to accept any humiliation . Asking him to accept humiliation was an even worse punishment than being killed .

If it was the past Long Chen, he would definitely have avoided that kind of situation as best as he could . To forcibly face someone who he wasn’t a match for wasn’t bravery, but stupidity . That was asking for death .

But although he understood this, he was unable to control that arrogance that came from the depths of his very soul . That arrogance would not let him yield to anyone .

Senior apprentice-brother Wan nodded, “That has to do with a person’s willpower . I can’t say whether that is good or bad . But let me give you one reminder .

“Your current cultivation base is the lowest within the entire monastery . Your realm is far too low .

“That person just now is Gu Yang . He has an innate, powerful strength . His physical body is inconceivably strong, and with his powerful combat strength, he has never met an equal within the same realm .

“More importantly, he revived his ancestral mark before entering the monastery . The power of his bloodline inheritance has already become part of his power . His strength is already beyond your imagination . ”

Long Chen was shocked that he had awakened his ancestral mark before joining the monastery . Such a powerful person had definitely joined the monastery for the Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood . Now that his physical body had reached an even higher level of perfection, wouldn’t he be even stronger than Tang Wan-er?

“Your generation of disciples is the strongest generation in the history of the monastery . Not every generation has a genius who can awaken their ancestral mark .

“But this time there were four . Other than Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu who you know, there’s also the Gu Yang you just encountered .

“There’s also another person named Guan Wennan . His strength is terrifying, and he’s extremely arrogant and coldhearted . You should be more careful .

“I tell you this in order to remind that when one hundred flowers bloom at once, there is no one who doesn’t want to be the lead .

“But you also know that there is just one lead . The competition will be extremely intense, and success in the first Faction Competition is crucial . ”

“Many thanks senior apprentice-brother Wan for your warning . Junior disciple will remember it . ” Senior apprentice-brother Wan’s words were the exact same as that senior apprentice-sister from the Mission Distribution building .

“I look favorably on you . Good luck . ” Senior apprentice-brother Wan patted Long Chen on the shoulder and then left .

Long Chen walked back to the immortal cave alone . Tang Wan-er and Qing Yu were still in their meditative state . That was a good sign .

Three days later, it was Tang Wan-er who was the first to wake up . After awakening, her aura had become completely stable .

It no longer leaked out as before . She had begun to control her own explosive aura . In other words, her realm had already completely stabilized .

Long Chen told her about what had happened in the Mission Distribution building as well as the matter of Gu Yang, giving her a fright .

She hadn’t expected that there were two others who had also awakened their ancestral marks . And one of them had even awakened it before her and Ye Zhiqiu .

“Wan-er, I still have a great deal of Jade Butterfly Queen Bee Crystal . You should distribute it to everyone so that they can all cultivate faster .

“Furthermore, also send some to Ye Zhiqiu . Since we are in an alliance, we’ll all be one family . Their strength is also our strength .

“I’m thinking of buying some more medicinal ingredients and refining some Muscle Firming Pills for her side as well . Ugh, if I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have let them go buy those trash medicinal pills . ” Long Chen couldn’t help feeling a bit regretful that he had forgotten about such an important thing .

By the time Long Chen had thought of it, they had already bought them . Sometimes he really felt his head wasn’t smart enough .

That very day, Tang Wan-er bought more medicinal ingredients and Long Chen refined them into pills . His pills were all high grade, and so they could allow them to stabilize their realm even faster . For the first Faction Competition, spending a couple extra points to save some more time was definitely worth it .

Once all their people had stabilized their cultivation bases, Long Chen had people spar with each other . Only in real combat could people become accustomed to their strength the fastest .

Their side had gotten at least ten more days than other people, giving them enough time to adapt to their cultivation bases . They would be able to fight with much more strength than others .

Under practically a day and night training, the time quickly flew by . One month quietly passed before they knew it .


A loud bell rang out, reaching every corner of the Xuantian Monastery . Long Chen slowly opened his eyes from his rest .

“The Faction Competition has started . ”