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Chapter 2035: 2035

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“Are you crazy? In your current state, isn’t going to Pill Valley just going to death?!” shouted Evilmoon.

Long Chen was injured and weary. His combat power was less than twenty percent of his peak. If he didn’t first recuperate, charging out like this was suicide.

“This is my only chance to get out. If the Pill Fairy catches up, I might never be able to leave,” said Long Chen gravely.

“You deserve it. I told you to kill her at the time but you refused. I told you to ruin her inheritance but you refused. Why are you acting like some good person now? The path of cultivation is a cruel one where the winner lives and the loser dies. Doing something like this only makes you a fool. Regretting it now is useless,” cursed Evilmoon.

Long Chen shook his head. “I never regret my actions. She helped me out before, and I owe her. By not ruining her inheritance in the Brahma Divine Palace, it can count as repaying her.”

“That’s like taking off your pants to fart. As I see it, you’re just a love-struck fool who can’t attack a pretty girl. Sooner or later, you’ll die to that girl’s hands,” said Evilmoon.

Long Chen didn’t retort. Perhaps Evilmoon was correct, but Long Chen understood himself. He couldn’t do something that betrayed his principles.

Even if it was a random stranger, if they didn’t take the initiative to provoke him, he wouldn’t kill them just because they might be a threat to him.

That was even more true when it came to the Pill Fairy. Although he knew that it wasn’t smart, if he had to do it again, he would still make the same choice. That was because he was Long Chen.

“That girl isn’t just in control of a bit of the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame’s power. She also has divine energy coming from the divine inheritance statue. She is a true divine daughter. Even if you were in your peak state, you probably wouldn’t be a match for her. You should hide until you’re at least fifty percent recovered. If you try charging out then, if I ignite all my divine energy, we should have a slight chance of breaking their grand formation,” said Evilmoon.

“How confident are you?” asked Long Chen.

“If you were in your peak state, we’d have at least a sixty percent chance of charging out. If you recovered to fifty percent power, then we’d have to rely on luck, but we should have a ten percent chance. As for your current state? Our odds of escaping are less than one percent. Relying on my own power, there’s no way I can break through Pill Valley’s grand formation. As for the Heaven Flipping Seal, just blocking that attack used up most of its energy. It can’t do the same again,” said Evilmoon.

The Pill Fairy’s attack had been truly terrifying. It had actually turned the Heaven Flipping Seal’s body red. If it was any other divine item, it would have melted.

“Alright, then I’m prepared. I’m even more confident than before,” said Long Chen with a smile. He hadn’t expected Evilmoon would ignite its divine energy.

As Long Chen flew through the air, his divine ring was active behind him, absorbing as much energy as he could to recover some energy. 

He quickly managed to see the channel in front of him. However, as he got close, he suddenly sensed mysterious energy within the air that was trying to secretly extract his essence blood.


Long Chen was startled by this. If he didn’t cultivate the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art which made him extremely sensitive to external power, he wouldn’t have been able to sense this stealthy energy.

It was very faint. It tried to absorb his essence blood like it was naturally evaporating. It was also very hidden.

Long Chen shut his pores, blocking that force. With his defenses up, that mysterious energy slowly vanished like it had never existed.

“Curious. This wasn’t here when I came in.” Long Chen frowned. However, he had no further time to think about it. He charged into the channel.

He came flying out through the other side, appearing within Pill Valley’s plaza. As soon as he appeared, Pill Valley’s grand formation rumbled, emitting an alarm.

“Long Chen, we’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

Elder Tianqi and tens of thousands of Pill Valley’s experts had long since filled the plaza. They all formed hand seals.

Pillars of light descended from the sky, forming a giant cage around Long Chen.

It was a square cage with each pillar being several meters thick and covered in divine runes. They had clearly been prepared.

Ever since Long Chen had entered the Brahma secret realm, Pill Valley had entered its highest emergency state. Practically, all of Pill Valley’s experts had been gathered.

Last time, while it could be said that Elder Tianqi hadn’t caught Long Chen, it could also be said that he had let Long Chen in to pressure the other disciples to enter the core region and join Pill Valley’s side.

However, that plan had been ruined. As soon as Long Chen had entered the Brahma secret realm, he had begun demanding a fee to get past him, saying that it was payment for temporary safety from him.

Then he had opened the core region to the disciples for free. 

Most terrifying of all, he had cut down the divine pillars and taken the Brahma Divine Palace’s stone statues, even entering the palace itself.

That made Elder Tianqi start to panic. His plans had been completely coiled by Long Chen’s unorthodox actions. If he then allowed Long Chen to escape after all that? Even cutting off his own head wouldn’t be enough to give an explanation to Yu Xiaoyun who was in seclusion.

This prison formed of divine energy was immediately summoned as soon as Long Chen appeared. As it descended from the sky, Long Chen suddenly took out a giant pillar. This was one of the giant pillars that Long Chen had cut down in front of the Brahma Divine Palace.

Using all his power, Long Chen slammed the pillar into the prison.

Upon seeing that pillar, Elder Tianqi’s expression completely changed, but he didn’t have time to react. A powerful explosion erupted as soon as the divine pillar collided with the prison. The prison transformed into motes of divine light, while Long Chen’s pillar also crumbled. As a result, Long Chen’s whole body became bloody from the impact, and he flew back.

The destruction of the prison shocked all of Pill Valley’s experts. This prison was something even a fourth step Netherpassage expert wouldn’t be able to break in an instant.

To capture Long Chen, Pill Valley had used their strongest move. However, they quickly realized that the energy within the prison and the pillar came from the same source, and so this clash resulted in them both crumbling.

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This wasn’t Long Chen’s power. He was simply taking advantage of the nature of the pillar and prison. In the air, they suddenly saw that Long Chen had taken out another pillar, smashing it at the formation above him.

“Layered Divine Formation, Divine Light Shines!” Following Elder Tianqi’s shout, all of Pill Valley’s Elders’ status tablets lit up, and the barrier shook. Countless divine runes condensed in front of Long Chen, forming a total of eighteen layers, each stronger than the last.

It went without saying that Elder Tianqi’s adaptability was quite great. He instantly shifted to a tougher but more flexible formation. Otherwise, considering that the energy came from the same source, the formation might really be broken.

Long Chen’s pillar smashed into the barriers. They exploded one by one. But after breaking the thirteenth barrier, the pillar suddenly exploded.

Long Chen let out a furious roar and took out another pillar. However, he found that he was already out of energy. He couldn’t even hold the pillar, and it directly fell to the ground.

The pillar smashed into the plaza down below, and some of Pill Valley’s disciples were smashed to death without even being able to scream.

“Damnit, I’m out of power. Evilmoon, it’s all on you!” shouted Long Chen.

Evilmoon appeared, black qi circulating around it, but the tip of its blade actually began to shine with a silver light. It was like the slightest spot of light in an otherwise rusty black saber.

Evilmoon’s tip tore through the barriers. It tore through four of them, but on the final barrier, it was unable to pierce through any further.

This was the final barrier, as well as the toughest. Elder Tianqi was pale with fright. If the final barrier was broken, Long Chen would escape.

“Sacrifice your blood to summon the power of the god statues!”

Elder Tianqi roared and a blood rune appeared on his forehead. The other Elders also sacrificed their essence blood, which landed on their status tablets. At that moment, the two statues at Pill Valley’s gates shuddered. Divine energy surged out of them, rushing toward the barrier.

“Well done!” Long Chen suddenly took out a bronze fragment. It was the fragment of the Eastern Wasteland Bell. Before the divine energy surged over, he had sliced the barrier with it.

The bronze fragment seemed to possess a special effect against that divine energy. The final barrier was actually torn through.

“No!” Elder Tianqi let out a furious roar, but Long Chen was already waving goodbye to him.

“Thank you for your hospitality. Next time you have something so good, make sure to invite me!”

Long Chen stepped through the opening. He had just gotten through when the divine energy of the statues surged over, and the eighteen barriers fully healed. Unfortunately, it was too late.

Long Chen’s vision darkened just after he passed through. He almost collapsed. He really had reached the point of a lamp out of oil. His physical energy, his spiritual yuan, and his Spiritual Strength were all used up.

“Evilmoon, bring me away!” 

“I’m out of energy too. Little Heaven, it’s up to you!” shouted Evilmoon.

The Heaven Flipping Seal was also in a weak state, but it was slightly better off than Long Chen and Evilmoon. Although it couldn’t fight, it could carry them away.

Long Chen had just left with the Heaven Flipping Seal when the Pill Fairy came flying out of the channel.

“Disperse the formation. I’ll kill him,” ordered the Pill Fairy. She looked at Long Chen’s departing figure icily.

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