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Chapter 46

Chapter 46 End of the Lantern Festival

The arrow shot right past Long Chen's waist . If he had been late by even one step, he would definitely have been skewered .

Long Chen rolled several times before looking up at the arrow . Having missed Long Chen, it had ended up piercing Huang Chang's thigh .

Huang Chang's mouth was open wide, his eyes having lost any spirit, looking just like a dead fish as he silently stared into the sky .

A strong fishy smell came from his thigh, and despite holding his breath at the very first moment, Long Chen still became light-headed and noxious .

"What a powerful poison…"

Long Chen was horrified . That arrow was obviously coated with an incredibly powerful toxin . Although he was unable to determine what it was exactly just from breathing it…

But from its strong toxicity, it was definitely a poison extracted from a Magical Beast that was at least at the third rank . Anyone in the Blood Condensation realm would die immediately from it .

"How shameless!"

Yun Qi cried out angrily and he extended his hand, sending out a three meter flame spear towards Wei Cang .

Wei Cang couldn't help being shocked that Long Chen had dodged his attack . Seeing Yun Qi attack him, he hastily put away the crossbow in his hand . That poisonous arrow had come from him just now .

Wei Cang also extended his hand and summoned a blazing fire sword . Yun Qi's spear continuously collided with it, emitting explosive sounds as flames shot everywhere and heat waves surged .

Long Chen was the closest other person at only thirty something meters away . He was completely exhausted and weak now, so he was sent flying from their waves of Qi .

Just when Long Chen thought he would be smashed to pulp by the aftershocks of their battle, a gentle fragrance suddenly entered his nose and a soft body caught onto him .

"Chu Yao…"

Long Chen turned his head to see Chu Yao deeply concerned with him . He laid himself into her embrace .

"Long Chen… I'm sorry, I've hurt you . "

As if a pearl necklace had been cut open, her tears began to flow down one by one . She knew that the reason Long Chen had entered such a state was mostly all because of her .

If she hadn't performed her brazen display today, perhaps Long Chen wouldn't have ended up like this . He had almost lost his life multiple times just now . Her heart was filled with pain when she thought of that .

"What are you saying? That scoundrel Xia Changfeng already hated me, so it has nothing to do with you," consoled Long Chen .

He wanted to stand up, but he did not have even the slightest bit of energy within him . Leaning against Chu Yao's chest, Long Chen's heart started to wildly jump .

"Thank you Long Chen . " Chu Yao knew Long Chen was trying to comfort her . Her heart was once more moved and she felt ashamed .


With another explosion, the warmth that was building within Long Chen's heart was interrupted and he quickly looked over .

At this time, grandmaster Yun Qi had a long spear in his hand that had been condensed from Pill Fame that was around three meters long . His entire body was covered in red flames . Scorching Qi waves came from him, his might overflowing the heavens .

That was an ability that could only be used after reaching Pill Master - Pill Flame taking shape . Pill Masters didn't like battle, but that didn't mean they were weak .

Pill Masters focused all their cultivation on the Pill Flame . Not only could it be used to refine pills, but it could be also used for battle and easily overpower people at the same realm .

Wei Cang was extremely grave . Long Chen could tell that although Wei Cang was also a Pill Master and his Pill Flame was strong, in terms of purity it was definitely not just one level weaker than grandmaster Yun Qi's Pill Flame .

Long Chen wanted to say a couple ridiculing insults to Wei Cang, but he was too weak after battle . That last attack had used up basically all his energy and he didn't even have the strength to shout .

Yun Qi and Wei Cang's blazing weapons let out explosive bursts when they collided . Even the ground was shaking along with them, and the surging Qi waves caused everyone to retreat .

Both of them were the heads of their respective alchemy guilds and had exalted statuses . Let alone the youth, even the noblemen had never seen such a battle . They were carefully focused on examining their every move .

"Wei Cang, you've lived so long but you've yet to make much progress . I think you should get lost now - Flame Dragon Stab!"

Yun Qi shouted and the spear in his hand stabbed forward . It tore through space and destroyed the land . A dragon shaped flame pierced forward .

Wei Cang also shouted and the flame sword in his hand transformed into a huge shield that firmly blocked it .


Dust and flame surged . The heavens shook and it was as if the very air was set on fire, making it so people were unable to even scream .

"Yun Qi, just wait for me!"

Suddenly a figure flew out of the flames . He appeared very miserably as he rushed out . That person was Wei Cang, and after saying that, he disappeared into the night .

As if he had long since anticipated this result, grandmaster Yun Qi simply coldly looked on as Wei Cang rushed away . He slowly turned and went back to his seat .

For a moment the entire plaza was silent . People looked from Long Chen who was being embraced by Chu Yao and then to the ashen faced Xia Changfeng . Nobody knew what to say .

The Empress Dowager's expression was also ugly . Today's affairs had completely exceeded what she had anticipated . She who held all the power in the Phoenix Cry Empire was actually reduced to a minor role .

"Long Chen wins! This year's lantern festival is now over!"

The Empress Dowager had no choice but to announce the results . As soon as her words rang out, the entire plaza became impassioned . The maidens were like a tide as they charged towards Long Chen .

Long Chen's heart jumped in fear . Before he even understood what was happening, a maiden placed a flower loop around Long Chen's head .

Just as he was about to say something, ten other maidens surged forward . No matter whether Long Chen wanted it or not, they all placed their personally made flower loops over his head .

Chu Yao laughed to the side as she watched . She didn't say anything, instead filled with mirth . But there was also a kind of pride on her face .

Long Chen ended up covered in flower loops to the point there was no more space for any more . Just as he was prepared to tell this group of enthusiastic girls about this, the sky suddenly darkened as it was filled with flower loops .

Some of the maidens had seen there were too many and that they were unable to squeeze in . They had anxiously just directly thrown their flower loops in front of Long Chen .

With one person taking the lead, the others all understood the same thing, and in an instant, there were hundreds of flower loops flying over . By the time the girls scattered, Long Chen had already disappeared, buried beneath a pile of flower loops .

Martial arts were extremely popular in the Phoenix Cry Empire . And your skill in martial arts had a direct correlation with women's affections . Even though Long Chen had already displayed love for Chu Yao, that didn't have any effect on their admiration on him .

He was a handsome and powerful man, who for love and his brother dared to fight a bloody battle with a Blood Condensation expert . He even seemed to look down on death . Just what kind of courage was that? Long Chen's display had moved the majority of the women's undecided hearts .

By the time Long Chen managed to dig his way out of the flower loops, the crowd around him had dispersed and Chu Yao had also disappeared . Only Fatty Yu and the others were left, and they helped pull him up .

"Brother Long, you really are my idol," Fatty Yu said excitedly .

The others were also pretty much the same . Long Chen's display had awed everyone . Long Chen was practically a reincarnation of a battle god, causing his friends to be extremely proud of him .

Long Chen smiled and looked around . He noticed the Empress Dowager, the noblemen, the chancellors, the princes, and grandmaster Yun Qi had already left . Even Chu Yao was out of sight .

"Brother Long, while you were buried just now, the third princess was called over by the Empress Dowager . From the face she made, I'd guess that the third princess won't be having such a good time in the future . " Shou Hou was somewhat nervous .

During normal times they wouldn't dare rashly discuss the royal family, but now with Long Chen's display, it had greatly raised their aspirations and they no longer worried so much .

The Grand Xia's prince Xia Changfeng had come to the Phoenix Cry Empire mostly for the purpose of proposing to the third princess . Although a public declaration hadn't gone out, it was said the Empress Dowager had already agreed to it .

For the third princess to publicly declare her affection for Long Chen during the lantern festival was equivalent to slapping the faces of the Empress Dowager and Xia Changfeng . It would have been strange if the Empress Dowager had been pleased .

This time they had fortunately had grandmaster Yun Qi's support . But as someone from the alchemist guild, he had to maintain a neutral position . He definitely couldn't interfere in the nation's affairs, especially not something like the royal family's marriages .

That was why Shou Hou and them were nervous . Hearing this, most of the joy Long Chen was feeling from his victory faded .

But he still didn't regret it . Even if he died, he couldn't let someone like Chu Yao down .

Most of the people in the plaza had left by now and only a few soldiers remained to clear out the decorations and trash . Huang Chang's body had long since been hauled away .

"Let's go . We'll talk about it more then . Shi Feng, how are your injuries?" Long Chen managed to stand up with Shou Hou's support .

"I'm fine . Long Chen, I…" Shi Feng was ashamed of himself . If it weren't for him, Long Chen wouldn't have had to fight today and almost lose his life .

"Brothers don't need to say unnecessary words to each other . Since we're brothers, just heal your injuries and raise your cultivation base so you can take your revenge later . " Long Chen waved his hand .

"Revenge? Didn't Huang Chang die?" Fatty Yu was a bit puzzled .

Long Chen smiled and didn't say anything more . The others were all startled; could it be that he was thinking of…"

"Okay, just help me and Shi Feng back to our homes . We have to recuperate a bit . Honestly I feel like even my bones are about to fall apart from exhaustion," laughed Long Chen .

The others quickly went to support Long Chen . In truth, his injuries weren't very severe . The problem was that he was simply too exhausted and didn't have the slightest energy .

They slowly walked away from the plaza . In the shadows, a figure slowly appeared, watching Long Chen and them leave .

He muttered, "I really didn't think Long Chen had grown to such an extent . Could it be that he had been hiding this since the start?"

That person was the fourth prince . Long Chen's display today had also exceeded his expectations .

"If that's true, this kid truly does plan deeply . " The fourth prince sighed .

"Master, should we eliminate him in the dark?"

Behind the fourth prince was a figure that stayed in the dark . If he hadn't spoken, others wouldn't even have noticed him .

"Let's not be hasty for now . Although he startled me today, his weak points were also displayed . No matter how powerful someone is, as long as they have weak points, there is nothing to be afraid of . Although there were a couple of unforeseen accidents, this isn't necessarily a bad thing . If we can take advantage, we can definitely get an unimaginable profit . " A faint smile appeared on the fourth prince's lips .

Long Chen didn't return home that day . Instead he told Shou Hou to send word that he was staying at the alchemist guild to study with grandmaster Yun Qi .

A lot had happened today and he didn't want to confront his mother about it for now . Plus, his mother would be worried over his many wounds .

In the evening, Long Chen went to Shi Feng's house . Shi Feng only had a couple broken bones; as for his internal injuries, they were no longer much of a problem after he had consumed Long Chen's medicinal pill .

He just had to rest a couple days to fix those broken bones . Although Shi Feng had suffered a crushing defeat this time, it would definitely be helpful in letting him mature . Experts required to be tempered .

Shi Feng's father set up a quiet room for Long Chen . By the time they had arrived, Long Chen had recovered a bit of his energy .

The others all said their goodbyes . Long Chen slowly took out a jade bottle from his storage ring that had a burning fluctuation inside .

"Hehe, I can't wait till tomorrow for this!"