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Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Flesh Bone Restoration Pill

BANG! His pill furnace shook violently before slowly calming back down . A bright ray of light shot out when the furnace lid was opened .

Inside the pill furnace was a pearl-like medicinal pill . High grade medicinal pill! He had finally refined a high grade medicinal pill!

Low grade pills were judged by the pill fragrance, mid grade pills by their pill lines, and high grade by their light . That light was a sign of the medicinal energy being firmly locked within the pill . Other than grandmaster Yun Qi, there was definitely not a single other person within the Phoenix Cry Empire that could refine a high grade medicinal pill .

“The light is still a bit faint, most likely meaning my control over the Pill Flame still isn’t perfect . But the lack of flaws is already enough to make it top grade . ”

Long Chen was filled with pride as he looked at this top grade medicinal pill . That pill was called the Flesh Bone Restoration Pill .

The formula had come from his Pill God memories . Although it was just a second tier medicinal pill, the pill formula had already disappeared from this world . What Long Chen had in his possession was one of a kind .

He carefully collected that high grade Flesh Bone Restoration Pill as well as the remaining lower tier ones . He spent a whole night refining, exhausting himself slightly in the process .

There were still two hours till daybreak . Long Chen closed his eyes and slowly recovered his exhausted spiritual energy .

After refining the beast flame, his Pill Flame had become over ten times stronger . But to control it required a great exhaustion on his spirit .

This was also due to him not being very familiar with the beast flame . Thus the toll was even greater and he needed to rest .

As soon as the first raw of light sprinkled itself over the capital, he slowly opened his eyes .

After eating breakfast, Long Chen brought the medicinal pills he had refined straight to the Huayun Pavilion . Today was the start date of their yearly auction .

But the auction would only begin at noon . This kind of large auction continued for three days, so there was no one rushing to get there . Long Chen was the first .

The Huayun Pavilion was located in the northern part of the city . But even from other parts of the city you could see a majestic building hundreds of meters tall .

As soon as he entered the Huayun Pavilion’s lounge, were four pretty maidens came to greet him .

“Welcome mister . May I ask… oh . ”

Those maidens were all used to receiving guests, but when they saw Long Chen, they all let out a startled cry .

Long Chen was surprised at that . He checked his clothes, but he had just changed clothes right before coming here so there shouldn’t have been a problem .

“Hey, what’s with all the noise this early in the morning? Did you forget all your training… ah, young master Long Chen?”

“It’s been a while Fu Gui,” laughed Long Chen .

That was the person who had sent Long Chen the invitation to the auction . The reason Long Chen still remembered his name after all this time was because of how particular it was .

That was a kind of name that rich families would give their pets . But in any case, this Fu Gui had managed to succeed in making others remember his name as soon as they met . That was enough to say he was a remarkable salesperson .

Fu Gui was delighted that Long Chen had come . The most important thing for him was that he had already used up his three quotas .

One had been given to a roaming knight whose power wasn’t bad . The other had been given to a rich merchant, but as the time drew close to the auction he found that those two didn’t have much interest in auctioning anything . In other words, it was likely all his work had gone to nothing .

But there was also nothing he could do . After all, all those high-class clients had already been pulled over by the higher-ups . It was also impossible for him to try drawing them away .

After that, Fu Gui had placed all his effort on Long Chen . But ever since Long Chen had received his invitation, he had never contacted him .

Fu Gui had already been filled with despair now that the auction was starting today . He had thought that he wouldn’t have any hope this year of getting any profits .

But seeing Long Chen come now, he quickly became excited .

“Young master Long Chen, I actually thought you forgot about this matter,” excitedly laughed Fu Gui .

“Haha, my bad . I’ve just been too busy recently . I brought some stuff over . Call over your appraiser and let’s talk about the auction . After all, we’re cutting it a bit close,” laughed Long Chen .

“Good, come with me young masster Long Chen . ” Fu Gui was overjoyed to hear that Long Chen had brought things to be auctioned . He quickly brought him inside .

The remaining four maidens had all been looking at Long Chen foolishly all the way up to the point that he disappeared from their views .

“Heavens, I actually saw a person of legends . ”

“That’s the number one junior generation of the empire! He was close enough to touch… I could die of happiness . ”

Long Chen was led by Fu Gui into a very luxurious private room under their stealthy gazes .

As soon as they entered that private room, a woman in elegant robes walked in and curtsied to Long Chen . She then warmed and steeped some tea with her tender jade hands . She was actually a master in the art of tea .

“Young master Long Chen, try some tea for now . I’ll quickly go find an appraiser . What exactly do you need to appraise?” carefully asked Fu Gui . Each appraiser had their own specialties .

“Medicinal pills . ” Long Chen smiled slightly .

Although Fu Gui had long since expected that, to actually hear it still caused his eyes to brighten . “Please wait a moment . I’ll go find an appraiser immediately . ”

“Lord, please have some tea . ”

That tea master handed him a teacup . Before the tea had even been poured, the smell of tea had already drifted over .

“Good tea . ”

Long Chen took a sip . As soon as it entered his mouth its gentle warmth spread throughout him and the taste even stirred his spirit .

“It’s good tea, and the person is even better . ” Long Chen looked at the tea master and laughed .

The woman reddened slightly . She began to act in an extremely lovable manner, but as soon as she did, that initial interest Long Chen had had in her immediately disappeared .

That woman’s tea skills were extremely exquisite . Her timing and control of the temperature and pouring caused Long Chen to feel a bit or admiration for her . After all, all craftsmen were deserving of respect .

But when she switched to that act of hers in order to make men fall for her, Long Chen’s admiration turned to disgust . He no longer even drank the tea and simply closed his eyes .

That tea master immediately became embarrassed . She hadn’t thought her techniques she had honed thousands of times would fail .

She actually didn’t recognize Long Chen as the empire’s number celebrity . She had already passed the age where she chased after dreams .

Luckily that awkward atmosphere didn’t last for long before Fu Gui returned along with a senior in his sixties .

That tea master hastily retreated as soon as the two of them arrived . When the senior came in he immediately brushed his hand over his chest, an etiquette reserved for alchemists .

“Greetings young master Long Chen . I am Qian Fu, a Pill Apprentice . Please give me some pointers . ”

Long Chen was speechless . A businessman was very suited to such a name . He also used an alchemist’s etiquette to say, “Senior is too modest . When it comes to refining pills, senior is much more experienced . ”

After the two of them exchanged their formal etiquettes, Long Chen got straight to the point . “This time I want to auction off several medicinal pills . Take a look . ”

Long Chen handed over a jade bottle to Qian Fu . Qian Fu carefully received it . He put on gloves and also took out a jade plate in which he poured out a pill .

“This is…”

As soon as he saw the pill he could tell it was a mid grade second tier medicinal pill . But he was then immediately dumbstruck as he actually didn’t recognize it .

Although Qian Fu’s talent was limited and he was only a Pill Apprentice, he had seen countless medicinal pills during his lifetime . Otherwise there was no way he would have become the Huayun Pavilion’s first-rate appraiser .

But even just a second tier pill now had stumped him . He looked at it forever, even taking out a couple small testing tools .

After a bit, Qian Fu’s expression became a bit embarrassed . He didn’t know what this pill was, which was a slap in the face to his status as an appraiser .

Qian Fu’s display was within Long Chen’s expectations . This Flesh Bone Restoration Pill was an extremely unknown kind of medicinal pill according to his Pill God memories .

Long Chen had had to refine 217 medicinal ingredients in order to condense it .

Those ingredients might not have been all that precious, but that pill formula was exceedingly amazing that it managed to add up the different medicinal ingredients’ energy to form a unique effect .

Sometimes there were only a couple things that needed to be refined . Sometimes there were just a dozen ingredients that needed to be refined into powder and then combined together in specific ways in order to refine a pill . Such a difficulty was something many people could only lament at .

When he had refined the Flesh Bone Restoration Pill, it was the first time Long Chen sensed how broad and profound the Pill Dao was . Various medicinal ingredients could be refined together to have different effects . To be able to find the correct combinations and processes was a god-like craft .

“Cough, if I’m not mistaken then this should be a healing pill with a shockingly great effect . ”

Although he wasn’t able to say the name of the pill, Qian Fu still managed to figure out its effect after examining it for so long . He was not an incompetent appraiser . However he was unable to tell exactly how great the pill’s effect was .

His face was rather red . If he wasn’t able to say what its effect was then he wouldn’t be able to bring it out to auction . If even he wasn’t clear on its effect, then wouldn’t bringing it out to auction be cheating others? That would greatly hurt the Huayun Pavilion’s reputation .

Qian Fu had spent over thirty years as the Huayun Pavilion’s medicinal pill appraiser . He had read through countless tomes and archives . He knew third tier pills and below by the back of his hand . But today had completely toppled his confidence .

“I’m extremely sorry young master, but I am unable to state the name of this medicinal pill and I’m not clear on its exact medicinal nature . Therefore we cannot accept this pill . ”

Long Chen didn’t overly react to this . However, Fu Gui’s face was completely green . If Long Chen had nothing to auction, then his profit this time would fly away .

“This medicinal pill’s name is the Flesh Bone Restoration Pill . It’s a marvelous medicine for treating outer wounds,” smiled Long Chen .

“I truly am sorry, but even you say its name, we still can’t accept it . ” Qian Fu once more apologized . He had no other choice since he couldn’t risk the reputation of the entire Huayun Pavilion .

After all, it wasn’t as if they could accept whatever he said . If there was even the slightest error, all of Qian Fu’s future prospects would sink .

“No problem . The main thing is that you aren’t able to estimate the medicinal pill’s exact nature right? I can show it to you,” laughed Long Chen .

“Show it to us?” Qian Fu and Fu Gui were both puzzled .

“Sorry for this . ”

Long Chen suddenly took out a long blade and in front of their shocked expressions, chopped it at Fu Gui .

Blood splattered everywhere .