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Nine Sun God King - Chapter 158

Published at 8th of April 2019 02:26:45 PM

Chapter 158
Chapter 158 - Enmity Between Blood and Sea

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Mu Rong Jun was severely injured but he quickly stabilized with the Light Rune set, so he was able to recover quickly .

"Boss Xie, you have to be careful!" Qin Yun patted Xie Wufeng on the shoulder .

Ever since Huo Zhong saw Yue Kai appear, his eyes had turned red and his face was filled with anger, as if he was restraining his anger .

Once Xie Wufeng stepped onto the stage, he too started running around the battling platform just like Murong Daren .

When Yue Kai saw this move again, he sneered and chased after it . He released a ball of inner Qi and just as he was about to hit Xie Wufeng, Xie Wufeng suddenly sped up!

"Boss Xie is really fast!" Mu Rong Jun, who was sitting on the ground, opened his eyes wide and shouted in surprise, "I've never seen his true power!"

When Yue Kai saw that Xie Wufeng had purposely slowed down to make his attack miss, he felt that he had been taken advantage of . Yue Kai couldn't help but be angered .

"I've heard that A'Kai's movement technique is superb but he still recklessly competed with him in movement technique . How laughable . " Xiao Yanglong laughed in disdain .

Sure enough, Yue Kai's speed suddenly increased . In a split-second, he dashed over a hundred meters away towards Xie Wufeng . He struck out with his palm, producing a "boom" sound .

Waves of Qi burst out, causing waves of shockwaves that enveloped Xie Wufeng!

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"Yue Kai's explosive inner strength has finally appeared . When he releases his inner strength and uses his Explosive Martial Spirit to explode, he can create a very strong shock wave . " Guo Cheng laughed happily, "With Yue Kai here, the four of them will not be able to pass the assessment . "

Xie Wufeng was pushed back by the shockwave, almost falling off the stage . His counterforce was not weak either . Somehow, the shockwave had been repelled back .

Yue Kai's hair was disheveled from the shock wave that had ricocheted back . He appeared to be in a sorry state and he was even forced to take a few steps back . This made him even angrier . He was the strongest person among the Profound Grade Martial Academies' 7th level the Martial Body . Yet, he was beaten so miserably by a 6th level Martial Body .

He felt that his dignity had been challenged and his body couldn't help but tremble . He then directly used his body to release a wave of inner strength!

The inner strength rushed out like a hurricane and continued to explode . Shockwaves rang out continuously and wave after wave crashed into Xie Wufeng's body .

Xie Wufeng furrowed his brows . He used his one arm to punch out, blocking the explosion of energy .

Although he could block it, the sleeves on his arms were torn apart . The veins on his slender arms bulged and streams of Vajra inner strength gushed out as he continued to resist the waves of Qi .

Everyone was secretly shocked . The inner strength that Xie Wufeng had released was actually on par with Yue Kai, who was at the seventh level of the Martial Body realm!

Continuing like this for a while, Yue Kai also consumed a lot of his internal energy .

The Vajra inner strength at the seventh level martial body was definitely stronger than the one at the sixth level martial body . Even after releasing it, there would still be an explosion!

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Bang! Bang! Bang!

For some unknown reason, Xie Wufeng's arm suddenly exploded forth with multiple waves of inner strength . The surface of his arm was covered with traces of blood; it was a terrifying sight to behold .

"Boss Xie, come down quickly!" Qin Yun hurriedly shouted .

Xie Wufeng had fought a battle previously and it had already consumed a lot of his inner energy . Now that he could hold on for such a long time, it was already quite good .

"Boom!" Yue Kai released a large amount of inner strength, producing a huge explosion . It shook Xie Wufeng until he vomited blood and flew off the stage .

After Xie Wufeng came down, he took a few deep breaths and circulated his inner force to heal his injuries . He did not put on the light pattern equipment like Murong Dazren because he still intended to go back up .

Even after being beaten down, as long as they didn't eat medicinal pills or use external energy to heal their wounds, they could still go up .

For example, Mu Rong Jun had used a light rune equipment to heal his injuries, then been disqualified from the stage .

"I'll go!" Huo Zhong gave a low shout and walked up to the battling platform .

"Foolish cow, long time no see!" When Yue Kai saw Huo Zhong coming up, he burst out laughing .

"Yue Kai, you beast!" Huo Zhong roared .

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Yue Kai continued to laugh heartily as he took out a jade pendant and smiled, "This is the inherited treasure of your Huo Family, the Jade of the Immortal Soul . You gave it to your wife but after your Huo Family was annihilated by our Yue Family, it fell into my hands . "

"Haha, stupid cow, you're still thinking of revenge? Don't be silly, did you forget your wife's words before she died and advise you not to take revenge? Because you are no match for me at all . Five years ago, I could wipe out your entire family, let alone now! That's right, your wife was so beautiful before she died!"

"You beast, I will kill you!" Huo Zhong's face was flushed red . His veins were popping out and his rage could be felt by everyone .

With endless grief and anger, he rushed towards Yue Kai, as if he would destroy Yue Kai no matter what!

Yue Kai exterminated a person's entire family yet still spoke in such a calm manner . This kind of murderous demon caused many people to furrow their brows .

Qin Yun stood below the battling platform and looked at the furious Huo Zhong . His heart was filled with rage and hatred . His expression gradually turned grim and he looked extremely gloomy .

"Old Huo . . . . " He clenched his fists .

Huo Zhong's strength was terrifying but his speed was slightly slow . He was simply not a match for Yue Kai .

Yue Kai was on the battling platform, laughing loudly while dodging Huo Zhong's rampaging charge .

"Third Brother Huo's family was a aristocratic family in a small country . After that, there was chaos in the small country and many aristocratic families started fighting . The weak Huo family did not want to be implicated, so they remained neutral . But because they have the Jade of the immortal souls, they were targeted by the Yue Clan, and thus . . . sigh . . . . After that, this small country was accepted by the Tian Xiao Empire . That's why Yue Kai followed Xiao Yanglong . "

Xiao Yanglong laughed, "Ah Kai, the reason you borrowed this jade from me was to enrage this person . Interesting! If you've had enough, then just kill him . "

When Qin Yun heard this, he wished that he could tear Xiao Yanglong's mouth apart . At this moment, he could tell what kind of person Xiao Yanglong was!

Yue Kai struck Huo Zhong's back with his palm . After knocking him down to the ground, he said with a mocking smile, "Idiot cow, on the battling platform, you can announce that you have given up on this assessment . This way, your team will lose as well . Otherwise, I will kill you!"

Huo Zhong was sprawled on the ground . He had been stepped on by Yue Kai on his back, making it impossible for him to get off the stage .

"Old Huo, admit defeat!" When Xie Wufeng heard this, his expression changed drastically .

Whether or not he could enter the Star Xuan Wu Academy was no longer important . What was important was whether Huo Zhong could survive!

From the looks of the current situation, Huo Zhong simply could not step down from the stage by himself . If he continued to stay up there, there was only death waiting for him!

Huo Zhong was still leaning all over as he angrily said, "I won't admit defeat even if I die!"

"Old Huo, quickly give up . We're not going to enter the Star Xuan Wu academy!" Qin Yun shouted as well, "As long as you are alive!"

Just as he and Xie Wufeng were about to charge over, they were stopped by Guo Cheng and a few elders from the Tian Xuan Martial School!

"Haha, it's too late now!" Yue Kai laughed, raised his leg and stomped down heavily .

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