Nine Sun God King - Chapter 361

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Chapter 361
When Qin Yun heard this, he also felt that it was nothing .

For a sect to grow into a Xuan sect, there must be something powerful about it .

The Violet Spirit Star Palace and Blue Spirit Star Palace were only spirit rank sects but they were strong enough .

As for the Blue Spirit Star Palace, they used to be a Xuan sect because of their inscription inheritance .

No matter how weak a Xuan sect was, they would be stronger than a Spirit sect .

Therefore, Qin Yun did not believe that a Xuan sect was inferior to a spirit sect .

The Nine Extinction Profound Gate's headmaster was not affected by the jeers as he said to Qin Yun with a smile, "Qin Yun, our Nine Extinction Profound Gate is not as powerful as the other sects . There are not many disciples either but I guarantee that as long as you sincerely join the Nine Extinction Profound Gate, we will never disappoint you!"

"Senior, are you the headmaster of the Nine Extinction Profound Gate?" Qin Yun asked .

"Yes . I am the headmaster of the Nine Extinction Profound Gate, Wei Zhongzheng!" The old man nodded and smiled .

Qin Yun looked at Wei Zhongzheng and was somewhat alarmed . This was because he could not sense the aura of the elder!

Since Wei Zhongzheng was the headmaster, he was definitely in the Xuan realm . However, he did not release any of his aura and he hid it extremely well .

Also, the people that the other Xuan level schools sent to accept disciples were only elders in the Spirit realm .

But on the other hand, from the Nine Extinction Profound Gate, Xuan Martial Realm Sect Leader had personally come to accept disciple . This showed that the Nine Extinction Profound Gate was extremely concerned about accepting disciples!

Nanny Ye smiled, "Now, the sixteen people who passed the selection have successfully entered the Xuan sect!"

"Then the next step will be after the preliminaries . "

"The sixteen who passed the selection will be competing in martial skills . The one who can get first place, will have many seniors of the Xuan realm and the Spirit realm working together to create the great dao life mark for the one!"

When Qin Yun heard Grandma Ye's words, he could not help but look at Wei Zhongzheng in shock . He asked softly, "Sect Master, is this true?"

Wei Zhongzheng nodded his head and laughed: "Of course it's true! This is the tradition of the Xuanying Conclave . As long as they are not at the third level of the Martial Dao Realm, it would be easier for everyone to form their own Life Marks!"

An elder beside Wei Zhongzheng also said with a smile, "Qin Yun, if you can get first place, no matter how much they hate you, they will work together to create a life mark that will allow your cultivation realm to rise a level!

There were four other elders who came with Wei Zhong . They were all elders from the Nine Extinction Gate and they all had the cultivation of the Spirit realm .

They were very amiable to Qin Yun . Rubbing Qin Yun's head, they asked him a few questions .

"Everyone rest first . We'll start tomorrow morning!" After Grandma Ye finished speaking, she let the sixteen warriors go on stage and draw lots to decide the order of appearance .

Jiang Zhihu patted Qin Yun's shoulder and said with a smile, "Brother, I was worried to death about you previously!"

"I'm fine!" Qin Yun chuckled and said, "Let's go . I'll bring you to meet a friend of mine!"

After Qin Yun went to say goodbye to Wei Zhongzheng and company, he brought Jiang Zhihu to where Hong Yan was .

Hong Yan set up a large tent . It was unknown where he got a lot of food from .

"Brother Yun, it will not be a good choice if you enter the Nine Extinction Profound Gate!" Hong Yan busily placed the plates on the table .

Jiang Zhihu was invited by Qin Yun to sit down .

Qin Yun also introduced Hong Yan to Jiang Zhihu .

Hong Yan was the seventh prince . He was initially a little arrogant but after meeting Xiao Yuemei and Qin Yun, he could no longer be arrogant . He was also completely aware of the size of this world, where crouching tigers and hidden dragons were hidden .

Therefore, Hong Yan was happily drinking wine with Jiang Zhihu .

Jiang Zhihu did not know Hong Yan's true identity .

"Nine Extinction Profound Gate, is there a problem?" Qin Yun felt that Wei Zhongzheng was a very good person . Just by this point, he was very good .

"What's so good about a declining Xuan sect?" Hong Yan curled his lips: "The Nine Extinction Profound Gate is still a Xuan sect and it's only relying on Wei Zhongzheng to support it . In this sect, he's the only one who's at the Xuan Martial Realm!"

There were many Xuan realm martial artists in powerful Xuan Rank schools and they were also used to determine the strength of the school .

Jiang Zhihu said, "It's nothing . This kind of sect won't be too competitive!"

Hong Yan sighed: "That's because there's nothing to compete for! Brother, just with the talent of inscription, you can absolutely enter one of the top ten rank Xuan Rank sects!"

"I think, to choose a Xuan Ranked Sect, one should choose a good sect as a whole . This Nine Extinction Gate gives me a pretty good feeling!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "Seventh Brother, don't worry about me!"

"Alright, alright, alright . You will regret it in the future . Let's not talk about it anymore . Eat, eat . . . " Hong Yan was a very good eater, the dishes were all cooked by him .

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It was early in the morning and the sky was bright .

Qin Yun, Jiang Zhihu and Hong Yan walked out of their tents and headed for the dueling platform .

The sect that Jiang Zhihu joined was the Gourd Xuan Island, which was also a pretty good Xuan sect .

"Xing FeiKe's Xuan sect is the Sword Profound Mountain!" Qin Yun looked at Xing FeiKe with anger in his heart .

In this place, many martial practitioners had been shamed by Xing Feike, so they didn't dare to say anything .

Xing Feike was the grandson of the city lord of Luo Xuan City . It was said that the city lord of Luo Xuan City was also on his way to watch the competition .

The City Lord of Luo Xuan City was an old warrior of the Xuan Martial Realm and he was valued highly by the Martial King!

As a result, no one dared to provoke Xing Feike!

Weapons weren't allowed to be used in martial arts competitions . The 16 martial artists would compete several rounds to determine who would be first .

Now, it was the first round . Only eight out of sixteen will pass to next round . Qin Yun was the third .

Around the battling platform were many warriors who had failed in the selection as well as their seniors who had come with them .

They didn't go back immediately because they wanted to see where the candidates were strong .

Qin Yun and Wei Zhongzheng stood together with Hong Yan beside them .

There were five or six thousand people watching the fight and there were two or three at the Xuan Martial Realm .

The Xuan realms from the other schools were on the road . They would come to the scene during the final battle .

At that time, it would also be the Xuan realm experts who would come over and work together to create life marks for the one who won .

The first round began . It was Jiang Zhihu and a square-faced man!

Jiang Zhihu was extremely good at controlling the Tree Spirit . For example, the tree vines were able to bind him tightly . Moreover, the Tree Spirit could also help one recover quickly .

The square-faced burly man who competed with Jiang Zhihu had a wolf-type martial spirit and his attacks were fast and fierce . However, he had no choice but to face off against Jiang Zhihu, who was like an iron plate .

Jiang Zhihu had obtained a victory in his first match . This caused the elders of the Gourd Island to nod their heads in satisfaction .

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The second match was very eye-catching because there was a cold and beautiful woman with disheveled hair wearing a red dress on the stage .

This woman was thirty-five years old and her name was Yan Liru . She was the third martial practitioner to pass the selection and the only female martial practitioner to be accepted as a disciple by Moon Profound Valley .

As for the man competing with Yan Liru, he was thirty years old and was quite strong . However, he was under a lot of pressure .

It looked like Yan Liru was an icy beauty but in the beginning of the martial competition, her originally icy cold face was filled with a charming look, and her seductive eyes were filled with feelings .

Furthermore, her sexy mouth had a charming smile on it . It was a smile that captivated one's soul .

Many of the men couldn't help but exclaim in their hearts . One reason was because they were praising Yan Liru's charm but the other reason was because they were praising her methods .

Hong Yan cursed in a low voice, "This kind of woman is really cunning . I can guarantee that we'll be able to see more of her bewitching tricks from behind!"

As expected, the young man who competed with Yan Liru was beaten senseless with just a few palm strikes and conceded!

There was a formation enchantment on the martial stage, so he wouldn't be sent flying . Thus, he could only shout his defeat or else he would be beaten to death .

Now, it was finally Qin Yun's turn!

This was also an eye-catching competition because Qin Yun only had one spirit vein . Furthermore, he was the youngest cultivator here!

As for whether or not he was really a medicinal jar, that would be clear!

Qin Yun did not know much about his opponent . He only knew that his opponent had five spirit vein . His name was Zhu Hu and his martial spirit belonged to the beast category .

"I heard that you are the youngest at the Martial Dao Realm! But from the looks of it, it is because of top-notch medicine!" As soon as Zhu Hu finished speaking, the clothes on his back suddenly ripped apart, revealing a two meter long spider leg .

"Spider martial spirit!" No wonder that fellow was the second to return . From the looks of it, he should have easily ascended Black Tortoise Mountain!"

"The Yuan Beast Sect also seems to know that he possesses the Beast Martial Spirit, so they rushed to take him in as a disciple!"

"Spider martial spirits are quite rare!"

"Is this an insect martial spirit?"

This was the first time Qin Yun had seen the power of such a martial spirit .

He did not attack but rather, a white light appeared around his abdomen, continuously spurting out large amounts of spider silk .

The spider web gushed out and quickly enveloped Qin Yun!

Although the battling platform was very large, in the blink of an eye, it was filled with spider webs .

The moment Qin Yun's body touched the spider web, he found it difficult to struggle free . The spider web had a very unique power that could suck his body in .

Soon, the dueling platform transformed into a huge spider web while Qin Yun was wrapped up like a dumpling, making it difficult for him to struggle free .

"The medicine jar . . . It should be delicious!" Behind Zhu Hou's back, the spiders' legs were moving quickly within the spider web .

If he did not admit defeat, he would be beaten to death!

In front of everyone, he was going to be eaten!

"The guy that eats people, is that also the work of an official sect?" Wei Zhongzheng said coldly .

An old man from the Yuan Beast Sect quickly shouted: "Zhu Hu, it's enough to joke around with him, quickly beat him until he admits defeat!"

In the so-called orthodox sects, there were quite a few people who ate humans .

Qin Yun had nearly been eaten by the Sword Profound Mountain's Sect Master!

Zhu Hu's eyes showed a trace of malevolence as he licked his lips and laughed: "What a pity!"

"A piece of trash like you wants to eat me?" Qin Yun roared as his body suddenly burst out with purple light .

A burst of purplish golden fire burst out from his body!

Violent flames and electric currents exploded on the battling platform, setting the spider webs on fire .

In the blink of an eye, the gigantic spider web on the battling platform was enveloped by the golden-purple flames!

Zhu Hu screamed out in pain as he was burned by the fire!

Poison bugs like him were very afraid of fire!

As for the old martial artists below the dueling platform, when they saw that Qin Yun was able to release the Purple Golden Lightning Flame, they were all moved!

The Martial Spirit of the Purple Gold Thunder and Fire, this was a relatively rare Martial Spirit!