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Nine Sun God King - Chapter 379

Published at 16th of April 2019 10:33:42 AM

Chapter 379
Qin Yun and Hong Mengshu hurried in the night as they headed in the direction of the earthquake .

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Four hours later, they saw many collapsed jade mountains .

Hong Mengshu only needed a few glances to know that this was the broken stone that fell from a jade mountain and there were no Life Marks Crystal Jade inside .

"Let's not waste any more time on these things . There might be many treasures in the middle of the earthquake!" Hong Mengshu was also a bit excited, as if she was sure that there was a treasure inside .

Qin Yun could also sense it now . It was a much clearer dao of vibration!

Very quickly, he and Hong Mengshu entered an area filled with rubble!

In this area, there were originally many tall and jade-like mountains but because of that intense earthquake, all of the mountains collapsed .

In addition, there were many cracks on the ground!

It could be said that there were no tall mountains within a hundred miles .

That was because Qin Yun and company could not see the situation in the distance at night . However, they were certain that the jade mountains around them had collapsed .

As they continued forward, they suddenly saw a mountain that was two to three thousand meters tall!

It was also because of the moonlight that they were able to see that it was a mountain of black jade .

"This mountain did not collapse!" Hong Mengshu said in surprise, "Let's not get close yet . "

Qin Yun said, "There's a vibration in front of us!"

Just as he finished speaking, the earth began to shake violently!

The most frightening thing was that the shockwave originated from that huge mountain .

"What kind of mountain is it?" Hong Mengshu was extremely shocked . They were more than ten thousand meters away from the black mountain but they were still affected by the shockwave, causing the blood in their bodies to madly surge .

Qin Yun said with a frown, "There should be a powerful array formation inside that mountain that can unleash a terrifying vibrating power!"

"What exactly is in there? Black mountains are very common in the Ancient Jade Mountain Range!" Hong Mengshu also wanted to go over and take a look, but she didn't dare to approach .

This was because the power of the shock was very broad and when the huge black mountain was trembling, it would be surrounded by the power of the shock .

"With our strength, it will be very dangerous if we just go over like this!" Hong Mengshu's cultivation was higher than Qin Yun's but she did not dare to continue onward .

The vibrational power that the giant black mountain was emitting right now was still relatively mild .

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If they suddenly increased their strength, with their current distance, it would still be very dangerous .

Qin Yun said, "Let's wait and see! It's possible that along with the constant tremors, that black mountain will be shattered by the vibrating power!"

Hong Mengshu nodded . "Let's back off a little more! If we get injured, it will be very troublesome!"

Qin Yun agreed . Then, the two of them moved more than five thousand meters back and stood on a rock fragment .

The other mountains which were closest to the Black Mountain region, had been struck the hardest .

The entire jade mountain had been turned into rubble . The largest part of the rubble was only half a meter and it could be seen that there had been many tremors before .

Even the distant mountains outside had been greatly collapsed .

"Someone's coming!" Qin Yun suddenly said .

Hong Mengshu also discovered them and hurriedly pulled Qin Yun to hide in the crown of a fallen tree .

As long as their auras were not obvious, they would not be discovered so easily in this dark night .

"It's those guys!" When Hong Mengshu saw Yue Yi's figure, she gave a low humph .

It was the Little Falcon King, Yue Yi and Hu Haojun!

They were all young martial artists and they shared similar feelings, so they still brought along friends that they were familiar with .

There were more than twenty people in this group and most of them were at the third or fourth level of the Martial Dao Realm . Among them was a middle-aged man who was at the fifth level of the Martial Dao Realm and was the strongest .

"Aren't the elders from the other sects here? Why don't I see them?" Qin Yun looked around and did not sense the aura of anyone else .


Just as he finished speaking, the black mountain suddenly shook and a large amount of light shot out from the mountain peak . Those light objects were scattered all over the place!

"The treasure is out! Let's split up and pick them up . We must be careful!" Hong Mengshu warned .

Qin Yun nodded before rushing to the spot where the red light had fallen .

The top of the mountain suddenly burst open . Moreover, many things sprayed out from it . In the night, it was like fireworks in bloom . It was colorful and extremely beautiful .

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The only ones who had come were Qin Yun, Hong Mengshu, the young falcon, Yue Yi and their group .

Before, Feng Honglan said that there were seniors but he did not see any warriors at the Spirit realm .

Qin Yun and Hong Mengshu split up and charged at the object that had landed nearby .

They were all secretly anticipating what kind of treasure the black mountain would spit out .

Qin Yun quickly rushed to the spot where the red light had fallen .

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment!

There were no treasures at all, just a large expanse of burning jade .

A lot of clumps of light flew out .

Qin Yun could only continue charging at the falling balls of light!


The giant black mountain suddenly shook and spewed out more masses of light!

This time, the mass of light was much larger than the previous ones . Furthermore, they were all white in color . However, there were not many of them . In total, there were only a few .

Qin Yun looked in the direction of the gigantic ball of white light in the sky before using the Mysterious Star Steps at full speed . Like a bolt of lightning, he charged at the ball of white light that had fallen near him .

Hong Mengshu was also the same . She locked onto a large white ball of light and quickly rushed over .

At this moment, everyone could see that these white blobs of light were likely to be some sort of treasure!

As Qin Yun approached, he felt a strong aura of Life Marks Crystal Jade!

"It's Life mark Crystal Jade!"

He was slightly disappointed because he felt that the Life Marks Crystal Jade was not a treasure .

However, he was quite happy when he got close to it because that Life Marked Crystal Jade was very big!

"The white ones weigh over a thousand jins . The stone is just lines and they are all three Life Marks in a group . These should be the third level Life Marks!" Qin Yun touched it and felt that it was scalding . He hurriedly kept it in his storage space .

He continued to run towards the spot where another ball of light had fallen .

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After passing by, he discovered that it was a pair of silver boots . It looked very simple and had no inscriptions .

It came from the inside of an ancient and mysterious mountain . It was definitely not simple!

Qin Yun hurriedly kept it .

"Bastard, hand over what you just obtained!" A yellow-clothed man came over . When he saw that the thing had been beaten to the ground by someone, he immediately became angry .

When the yellow-clothed man saw that it was a masked man, he knew that it was Hong Mengshu's follower, "Brother Yun . " He thought of Brother Yun and how he had entered a narrow space with Feng Honglan and became even angrier .

"I got it first!" Qin Yun said coldly as he took out the Giant King Spirit Hammer .

"I saw it first but you were fast, so you got it first!" The yellow-clothed man was enraged and quickly took out a long staff that glimmered with red light .

There were many upside-down spikes on the long rod . If one were to be hit by it, the spike would pierce into one's bones . It was an extremely terrifying weapon .

"Die!" The yellow-clothed man didn't know what was inside the ball of light but he was sure it was a treasure .

When Qin Yun saw the club that was smashing at him, he hurriedly dodged . His speed astounded the yellow-clothed man .

"You, as a follower, are quite capable!" The yellow clothed man swung his staff and shouted, "Die! Die! Die! Die!"

Qin Yun, who was dodging, suddenly seized the opportunity . He struck out with his hammer and landed on the pole . A loud boom resounded, surprising the yellow-clothed man .

The yellow-clothed man was at the third level of the Martial Dao realm . If any other second stage martial artist were to meet him, they would have no chance of winning!

As for Qin Yun, who was at the second level of the Martial Dao Realm, he had three dao cores . Furthermore, he had just cultivated the Nine Extinction Inner Qi . His strength was enough to contend against a third level Martial Dao Realm cultivator .

"You . . . How could your strength be so terrifying?" When the yellow-robed man saw Qin Yun constantly dodging, he thought that he was too weak to fight back .

However, after sensing the power of Qin Yun's strike, he was dumbfounded!

"You are too weak!" Qin Yun brandished the Giant King Spirit Hammer and hammered down viciously once again .

The yellow-clothed man's movement technique was very rough . He had no time to dodge . His shoulder was struck by Qin Yun, who had attacked from the side . One of his shoulders and arms had been torn apart by a strike . It was an appalling sight .

"Your hammer is a Xuan Artifact?" Not only did the yellow-clothed man realize that Qin Yun's strength was terrifying, the hammer was also very frightening .

"It's just a spirit artifact!" As Qin Yun spoke indifferently, he struck out again .

The yellow-clothed man roared as he exploded with a powerful force of Dao that deflected Qin Yun's hammer by a tiny bit .

However, his body was still smashed!


The Giant King Spirit Hammer erupted with a terrifying vibrating power, causing the yellow-clothed man's bones to shatter!

The yellow-clothed man was extremely shocked because Qin Yun's Dao Energy was only at the level of second Life mark but his strength was terrifying .

At this moment, he couldn't stop regretting and coming over to snatch it, which resulted in him losing his life!

"Save me . . . " Just as the yellow-clothed man finished shouting, his body was enveloped by the Alchemy Power that erupted from the Giant King Spirit Hammer .


The sledgehammer carried with it an incomparably scorching amount of alchemy energy as it struck the yellow-clothed man's body, igniting a pool of lava!

At that moment, the yellow-clothed man felt extremely unwilling because he didn't even know who had killed him!

Qin Yun frowned as he looked towards Hong Mengshu's direction . The sound of battle rang out as he hurriedly rushed over!

After passing through, he was very surprised because Hong Mengshu had been surrounded and attacked!

She was the Martial King's daughter . She had been attacked by the Little Eagle King, Yue Yi and Hu Haojun .

"Mengshu, I'm here!" Qin Yun bellowed as he punched forward . Through Vibration Dao Energy, he executed Tsunami Technique and produced nine shockwaves .

A vast force of vibration rushed out, causing that group of people to retreat!

Hong Mengshu, who had been besieged, rushed at Qin Yun in shock . She wanted to escape with Qin Yun!

"Don't let them get away or we'll all be in deep trouble!" Yue Yi hurriedly shouted .

There were quite a number of people in their group who were at the third or fourth level of the Martial Dao Realm and there were also people at the fifth level of the Martial Dao Realm .

This was because the one besieging them was the ninth princess of the Hong Wu Country . Once Hong Mengshu was allowed to return alive, they would be forced to live a life of desperation .

"Kill!" The young falcon rushed forward with all it's might .

The dozen or so people charged at Qin Yun and Hong Mengshu with no regards to their lives and surrounded them .

The middle-aged man at the fifth level of the Martial Dao Realm also used his strongest power!

Qin Yun was instantly infuriated as he said, "Mengshu, help me block that middle-aged man!"

After he finished speaking, his left arm suddenly expanded, revealing a purplish-gold giant lion claw!

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