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Nine Sun God King - Chapter 506

Published at 6th of May 2019 09:40:10 AM

Chapter 506
Dongfang Chao had been quite calm all along and he flew out like the wind when he saw the great war about to start!

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He took out his long sword and displayed his superior swordsmanship as he faced off against three martial artists!

The enraged Yang Yuhao, he also began to fight Tian Ruoleng!

Dongfang Chao used a Dao weapon and cut the swords of his opponents!

"Big brother, they have a Dao weapon!" A green clothed man shouted in fear .

The swords and sabers that they had obtained from the Sword and Saber Pool were all damaged . This meant that they had lost their qualifications!

Yang Yuhao, who was fighting with Tian Ruoleng also saw her take out a large saber!

That large saber slashed down with wild and violent momentum, causing a cold wind to swirl around it, causing Yang Yuhao's entire body to tremble!

"Dao weapons . . . where did a slut like you get a Dao Artifact from?" Yang Yuhao was so jealous that his eyes turned red but his heart was also filled with fear .


Tian Ruoleng was called a slut . She was infuriated as she fiercely slashed out with her broadsword, slicing off Yang Yuhao's arm .

"Just you wait!" Yang Yuhao angrily roared and quickly fled .

"Big brother, wait for us . . " Just as a youth finished his sentence, he was slashed to death by Qin Yun .

Qin Yun hurriedly took out the Xuan Royal Cannon and aimed it at Yang Yuhao . He fired a Body Securing Missile!

Yang Yuhao, who was flying in the air, was suddenly stopped in his tracks . Fear filled his heart!

When he fell, he also saw Qin Yun attacking him from afar!

Tian Ruoleng had already caught up . She stabbed into Yang Yuhao's body and easily broke through his armor!

"You want to kill me?"

Yang Yuhao had never thought that he would die . In his high position, his death was a matter of great importance .

Qin Yun also arrived and he stepped on Yang Yuhao's face .

"Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah . . . " Yang Yuhao was stepped on until he was in extreme pain as he repeatedly screamed .

His lackeys were also killed by Dongfang Chao .

Tian Ruoleng coldly said: "Why can't I kill you? I wish I could exterminate your Yang Family!"

Yang Yuhao was humiliated to the extreme by Qin Yun as he struggled in anger .

Dongfang Chao walked over and took out Yang Yuhao's Dao core and handed it to Qin Yun .

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He knew that Qin Yun's Xuan Royal Cannon needed Dao core as an artillery shell .

"You all . . . You are offending our Yang Family!"

Yang Yuhao felt his dao core being extracted . Despair, anger and fear filled his heart as he cried out .


With a cold slash of the saber, Tian Ruoleng severed Yang Yuhao's head and threw his body into the swamp .

Qin Yun took Yang Yuhao's storage bag and took out five wolf horns . He said with disdain, "Only five!"

"Not bad!" Dongfang Chao laughed .

In the following days, Qin Yun and company cooperated and killed many Horned Demon Wolves .

They had a total of ninety wolf horns!

"There are only two days left . Let's go back!"

They felt that it was enough, there were only three of them, divided equally into ninety wolf horns . They would definitely be able to enter the top fifteen .

After half a day of traveling, they arrived at the exit of the Red Desolate Domain!

There were actually several teams waiting here!

Yue Wulan, Long Wuchen, Yang Mutian's team were all here, their team members were all injured .

"Long Yuwei, it's your turn!"

Long Wuchen didn't know why but he started to laugh heartily .

Long Yuwei was also a descendant of the Long family . His team had eight people and their overall strength was extraordinary!

Yang Mutian also laughed: "Long Yuwei! I really didn't expect that after it's your turn, you guys will get such trash teams!"

Long Yuwei is tall and thin

He was as thin as a bamboo pole .

"Why are all of you laughing? Qin Yun has a Dao artifact armour . If I kill him, the Dao artifact will be mine as well!" Long Yinwei said coldly .

Tian Ruoleng also understood what these teams were doing here!

They wait here for the teams to come back and then rob them!

They agreed to take turns robbing the team that appeared .

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Now, it was Long Yuwei's turn to come out and rob .

"Long Yuwei, Tian Ruoleng is not bad . Do you want to fight with her?" Yue Wulan laughed tenderly .

There were a lot of people who wanted to rob Qin Yun of his artifact armor . Even the powerful Long Wuchen and Yang Mutian wanted to rob him but they were wary of the cold weather .

The real power of Tian Ruoleng was quite scary!

"Tian Ruoleng, hand over the three wolf horns!" Long Yuwei clenched his teeth and said, "Otherwise, you guys will be wiped out!"

Tian Ruo looked at Long Wuchen coldly and asked, "If I kill Long Yuwei, what will the consequences be?"

"The consequences will be very serious . We, the Long family, will definitely take revenge!" Long Wuchen said, "Even if it is me, I will kill you!"

Tian Ruoleng became silent, knowing that the consequences would be dire .

"Long Yuwei! I have 20 wolf horns, how many do you have? How about we bet on it?" Tian Ruoleng spoke, everyone was shocked .

It was because they only had three people, yet they had twenty wolf horns!

Hearing that, Long Yuwei's face was immediately filled with greed and he laughed loudly: "Gambling match? Bullshit! As long as I can take all of you down, twenty wolf horns will be mine!"

"You are forcing me to kill you!" Tian Ruoleng said coldly .

Long Yuei laughed loudly: "Hahaha . . . Tian Ruoleng even if I kill you, your Tian Clan will not make our Long Family an enemy!"

"But if you kill me, even your Tian Family will have to capture you to quell the Long Family's anger!"

Qin Yun frowned . He also understood that the Tian family was at a disadvantage when it came to facing the Long family .

The people of the Long family, because of this, were also very arrogant!

"Originally, I only wanted three wolf horns from you but now, you have to hand over twenty wolf horns!" Long Yuwei said with an excited smile .

"Captain, give it to him!" Qin Yun sighed gently .

"I have no objections!"

Dongfang Chao also nodded his head . Even if they gave him twenty wolf horns, they still had a lot, enough to get into the top fifteen .

Tian Ruoleng's beautiful face was pale and the ends of her eyebrows were twitching .

In the end, the infuriated her still took out the wolf horn!

20 wolf horns were handed over to Long Yuwei!

Long Wuchen and Yang Mutian looked on with reddened eyes .

This was because even the few batches they had robbed before didn't add up to that many .

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"Tian Ruoleng, I'll give you another mission . Take off Qin Yun's Dao Protector Armor!" Long Yuwei took the twenty wolf horns and counted them on the ground .

Qin Yun remained expressionless . From earlier on, his heart had been repressed by a wave of fury!

He had been humiliated by Long Wuchen and Yang Mutian previously, so he was angry .

Now that he saw these two men he hated once again here, the fury in his heart was ignited once again but he suppressed it all!

However, this Long Yuwei being a descendant of the Long family, acting more overbearing . Even the Tian Family's disciple, Tian Ruoleng, could only swallow her anger!

"Hurry up!" Long Yuwei looked at Tian Ruoleng and shouted, "Could it be that you want to fight with me? If we fight, you will die! You can't kill me, so the only one who will die will be you!"

Tian Ruoleng could not kill someone from Long family!

Once she kills them, her family will abandon her .

Furthermore, she would be wanted by both the Tian and Long families!

Qin Yun saw the difficult situation Tian Ruoleng was in and repressed the anger he had .

He slowly took off his outer coat, revealing the golden coloured soft armour underneath!

It was the armor!

"Tian Ruoleng . Have you slept with Qin Yun before? For you, he is even willing to hand over his dao tools!" Long Yuwei laughed sinisterly .

"If he's willing to give me a Dao item, then I'm willing to sleep with him!" Yue Wulan sighed softly .

When Long Yuwei saw that he was about to obtain the Dao Protector Armor, he laughed even more arrogantly .

He even reached out his hand to touch Tian Ruoleng's cold and beautiful face .

Long Yuwei looked at Qin Yun and said with mad laughter, "Qin Yun, I'll also sleep with your woman later . Haha!!"

"You can die now!"

The voice was as cold as ice and as bone piercing as a cold blade that contained no killing intent .

She fiercely hacked down with her saber, slicing Long Yuwei's body into two .

"You bastard, I will chop you into pieces!"

The expression on Tian Ruoleng's face was ferocious and filled with killing intent as the saber in her hand danced crazily!

Every second, she would chop out dozens of times! She madly hacked at Long Yuwei's corpse!

Everyone looked on in shock at Tian Ruoleng!

Even Qin Yun felt some fear!

A moment passed and no one said a word as they quietly watched!

Long Yuwei had already been chopped into minced meat by Tian Ruoleng!

Tian Ruoleng also calmed down and put away the 20 wolf horns .

"The saber in Tian Ruoleng's hand is a Dao weapon!" Yang Mutian's pupils violently contracted .

"Did Qin Yun give it to you? He actually has so many Dao artifacts!" There was no hint of envy on Yue Wulan's beautiful face .

Long Wuchen was about to attack but he only took two steps and stopped!

The disciples of the other aristocratic families all swallowed their saliva!

The Long family's disciples had been killed and in such a miserable manner at that!

"You . . . You killed our big brother, so I want to avenge him!" A disciple of the Lu family shouted, "Take revenge for big brother! She's by herself, she can't beat us!"

The seven members of Long Yuwei's team suddenly surrounded Tian Ruoleng!

After putting on his clothes, Qin Yun flew over and punched the disciple from the Lu family through his body .

"She's not alone!"

Everyone looked at the Lu Family disciple and took a deep breath!

Qin Yun, who possessed only one spirit vein, was actually not weak either!

A wave of ice-cold power surged out from Tian Ruoleng's cold body, sealing the remaining six people in ice!

With a wave of the broadsword, the six heads were decapitated!

"Who still wants to rob my team, stand out! You attack my team, I shall not rest until I am dead!"

Tian Ruoleng held her saber and shouted in a domineering manner .

Her eyes that were filled with killing intent locked onto Long Wuchen and Yang Mutian!

"Tian Ruoleng you're finished!" Long Wuchen sneered, "As long as the Long family's Golden Dragon wanted poster appears, you won't live past a year!"

Qin Yun was clearing away the dead children from the aristocratic families .

Suddenly, a tall youth from the Lu family walked out from the group . He said coldly to Qin Yun, "You just killed a member of our Lu family . I want to seek you for revenge!"

"Don't let a woman protect you . Fight me fair and square!" The tall youth pointed at Qin Yun and shouted .

"Sorry, I don't fight with dogs! You are Yang Mutian's loyal dog, he definitely won't allow me to hurt his dog!"

Qin Yun looked coldly at Yang Mutian and shouted, "Take care of your dog . Don't let him yell at me!"

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