Nine Sun God King - Chapter 569

Published at 27th of May 2019 06:25:07 PM

Chapter 569
Before in the Inscription Palace, Qin Yun helped Liu Jingmeng and her grandfather to defeat Longyue Tao father and son duo .

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This is what everyone has heard .

Liu Jingmeng is very simple . Now that Qin Yun is punished here, it is normal that she would worry deeply about him .

It’s just that nobody expected that Liu Jingmeng would not afraid of the flames and flew straight in .

"You people quickly stop! Liu Jingmeng is from the Law keepr hall, if she has any accidents, even if you die ten times, you can not calm the anger of the law keeper hall!" Chu Binyu quickly shouted .

The elders of the family powers also quickly ordered those disciples to stop .

They are all aware of the importance of Liu Jingmeng in Law Keeper Hall .

Liu Jingmeng saw the flames inside weaken and revealed a happy smile .

Qin Yun, who was hung, was suddenly more comfortable . The black flame wrapped around him gradually faded and he was wearing a pair of tattered pants .

"Qin Gongzi!" Liu Jingmeng saw Qin Yun like this, shouted with a distressed face .

"Liu girl, what are you doing here? It's very hot here, quickly get out!" Qin Yun did not expect this stupid girl to come to see him .

"I brought water for you to drink! I made some juice, it is sweet!" Liu Jingmeng quickly took out a cup and poured a glass of juice from the bottle in her hand .

But when the juice has just been poured out, it evaporated into thin air .

"Ahhh! how is the juice gone?" Liu Jingmeng said and continued to pour out juice several times in a row and the whole bottle of juice just evaporated .

Qin Yun was dumbfounded .

"It's too hot here, the juice is gone when it comes out!" Liu Jingmeng is very annoyed, the cute little face is full of guilty words: "Qin Gongzi, I am sorry, I am too stupid, I could not protect the juice . "

"It's alright, I appreciate your kindness in my heart, thank you!" Qin Yun laughed .

Liu Jingmeng was not afraid of the Immortal fire here . She didn't feel hot, so she didn't expect the juice to be evaporated .

Many people secretly cursed Qin Yun, actually let Liu Jingmeng personally serve him juice!

"Qin Gongzi, you are hurt!" Liu Jingmeng was very distressed and frowned .

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Qin Yun’s upper body is charred, the skin is cracking and falling, it looks very scary .

"I will be able to get better soon, you should go back quickly!" Qin Yun also did not want Liu Jingmeng to stay in this environment .

Liu Jingmeng did not go back but took out a bottle of black ointment and applied it on Qin Yun .

Qin Yun did not know what the ointment was . He only felt that the body suddenly became very cool .

"This silly girl actually wasted a bottle of Xuan ointment!" A family power elder's brows bounced up: "It is a very fast healing Secret Yuan Xuan Oinment!"

Liu Jingmeng has a cheerful smile, with those small jade like hands she kept applying the ointment on Qin Yun, she laughed and said: "You look like as if you are covered in mud! It is so funny!"

Soon, Qin Yun was covered with this black ointment .

The pain in Qin Yun gradually disappeared and he felt that his injuries were recovering very quickly .

Those family disciples, when they saw this scene, are dying inside .

Because Liu Jingmeng is very gentle and considerate to Qin Yun .

Later, Liu Jingmeng took out a bottle of water and pointed the bottle to Qin Yun’s mouth and said: "Qin Gongzi, it’s so hot here, you can drink some water! This is the Immortal Dew that I collected!"

"It's so precious, I can't drink it, I will leave it for you to drink!" Qin Yun is very grateful to this simple little girl .

She reminded him of Qi Meilian, who almost has the same characteristics .

"This is not useful to me, you can drink it!" Liu Jingmeng pouted and said sadly: "Am I annoying? When I was a child, people were always bothered by me and didn't play play with me . "

"Of course not!" Qin Yun smiled: "You care about me so much, I am very grateful to you!"

"Last time you helped me and my grandfather from embarassment and also let my grandfather get great benefits, I want to thank you too! Drink this Immortal Dew and I will be very happy!"

Liu Jingmeng saw Qin Yun thanking her so much and she is very happy .

Qin Yun knows that Liu Jingmeng has Immortal body . This kind of Immortal dew is really useless to her, he opened his mouth and drank those refreshing and delicious dew .

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Everyone saw Qin Yun drinking mouthful of Immortal Dew and they secretly swallowed saliva .

"She actually has a big bottle of Immortal Dew!"

"Where did she get so much? This kind of Immortal dew is a good material to refine the Eartth level pill!"

"She actually gave Qin Yun to drink so much!"

"Law Keeper Hall is too partial to this little girl, why give so many good things to her?"

"This bastard Qin Yun! I must kill him!"

All of the family disciples are jealous, gnashing their teeth and wished to grab the bottle away .

Not long after, Liu Jingmeng sighed with resentment: "Immortal Dew is too little in quantity, suddenly it is all gone! I will collect a little more next time and make juice to have Liu Gongzi drink enough!"

Qin Yun, who drank a large can of Immortal Dew, felt very comfortable and his Xuan body seemed to have been recieved a good refinement .

"Jingmeng, thank you!" Qin Yun smiled .

"You're welcome! We are friends now, I still have things to do, I have to go back! Also, congratulations on becoming a disciple of Immortal Weapon City, I will be your senior aprrentice sister in the future!" Liu Jingmeng is very happy and said with sweet smile .

"Senior apprentice sister, take care . " Qin Yun laughed .

Liu Jingmeng flew out of the Immortal fire pool and then turned a big eye to those family disciples and said: "You knew that Qin Gongzi was being punished and deliberately enhanced the flame to make him uncomfortable, you are all bad guys, I hate you!"

The group of disciples, who want to say something, have no way to speak .

After Liu Jingmeng left, the family disciples looked at Qin Yun with anger and sorrow .

"Continue to burn!" The elders of the family forces saw Liu Jingmeng walking away and shouted .

The flame rose again and drowned Qin Yun .

Chu Binyu saw that there were black plasters on Qin Yun and he was relieved .

Qin Yun drank the Immortal Dew, wrapped in black plaster, not so afraid of the flame .

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"Xiao Yun, Liu Jingmeng has a Immortal body, so she can collect a lot of Immortal Dew! The so-called Immortal Dew is just a dew mixed with Immortal energy, which will help you . " Ling Yun'er said: "This is really a lovely silly little girl!"

"She is like little Meilian! I don't know how little Meilian is doing now!" Qin Yun sighed in his heart, he very much missed Qi Meilian .

"Don't worry, she will be fine! She has the protection of Immortal Graveyard Diagram and I suspect she also has Immortal Body . He Martial Spirit is also very strange!" Ling Yun'er said .

Qi Meilian is very young and her cultivation is very high . It is obviously because of the adventure brought by Immortal Graveyard Diagram .

The same is true for Xiao Yuelan!

"Continue to temper your Xuan body and prpoerly consolidate this young and tender Xuan body!" Ling Yun'er continued to contorol the Nether Sun Martial Spirit and guide the Immortal fire into Qin Yun .

Under the control of Ling Yun'er, the Immortal fire moved along with Qin Yun's Star Sun Hear Sutr to refine the body and the Heavenly Lion Xuan body also became a little more stable .

"Yun'er, what is the difference between the Immortal fire here and the last time I condensed it?" Qin Yun asked curiously .

"The Immortal fire here is weak, it merely contains a little bit of Immortal energy and mostly assimilated Nine Sun's spiritual energy to burn!" Ling Yun'er said: "The Immortal fire that I helped you condesne last time was condensed from pure Immortal nergy, there is a big difference!"

In order to let Qin Yun not enter the Immortal Weapon City, those family forces are also working quite hard .

Because they are very clear, with Qin Yun's talent, once he enters Immortal sect, it will not take long to step into the Spirit Martial Realm .

On top of that tf he became a Xuan Inscription master, they won't be able to shake his position .

At present, Law Keeper Hall did not personally come out to receive Qin Yun . Obviously, Qin Yun’s talent is still insufficient to become a disciple of Law Keeper Hall .

If Qin Yun stepped into the Spirit Martial Realm, it would be hard to predict the situation .

At that time, Qin Yun can get a lot of resources even if he can't enter the Law Keeper Hall .

There are many qualified disciples on the side of the family powers but compared to Qin Yun, they are a lot worse .

According to the news from many parties, they can confirm that Qin Yun has black martial spirit and totem tatoo . The only shortcoming is that he only has one spirit vein .

However, it seems strange that such shortcoming does not seem to have any effect on Qin Yun .

For few days, the family disciples continued to inject energy into the Immortal fire pool every day and enhanced the flame to burn Qin Yun .

Today, seven day time period is coming to an end .

However, Qin Yun does not seem to retreat, he can still continue .

No matter how the flame is enhanced, Qin Yun is unmoved and does not give up the idea of ​​entering the Immortal city .

"Qin Yun, seven days have passed . You have been devastated in the past seven days . Even if you enter the Immortal Weapon City, you can't recover to the peak in a few years!" An old man from the Long family, smirked: "As for trash like you, you can't even become a bottom feeder in Immortal Weapon City!"

Many people are sad .

Qin Yun was burned by this level of flame for a few days . Even if he survives, the body will certainly suffer a lot of damage . It is definitely no different from a crippled body .

"Liu Jingmeng has not been here for a few days . She should known that you have no future, so she has not come!"

"Hahaha Qin Yun, even Liu Jingmeng, this stupid girl knows that you can not be saved . "

"Qin Yun, the appearance of your corpse will definitely frighten her . "

"Really, that stupid girl Liu Jingmeng actually wasted Secret Yuan Xuan ointment and a whole bottle of Immortal Dew on him!"

The family disciples, watching the fierce flames, kept laughing .

"Time's up!"

After calculating the time, Chu Binyu quickly flew in and brought out by Qin Yun who was suspended in the middle .

After Qin Yun was brought out, his body was still radiating steam and his upper body was being supported . He muscular body was radiating a different kind of energy mist .

All the disciples watched from the distance, Qin Yun still maintains a beautiful and musclar body, everyone is shocked!

The family disciples thought that Qin Yun became a corpse . They couldn’t speak anything as if they were just beaten speechless .

"Sorry, I let you down!" Qin Yun smiled .

Chu Binyu also entered the middle of the Immortal fire pool at this time and put away the chain .

However, at this time, several Spirit Martial Realm and ninth level Martial Dao Realm family disciples suddenly attacked Qin Yun .