No Battle No Life - Volume 1 - Chapter 11

Published at 19th of May 2016 10:55:41 AM

Chapter 11

Volume 1 Chapter 11: Yaa, that was some good fanservice

“Austro-Hungary huh . ” Tu sighed as he looked at the terrifyingly large problem on the map .

— The Austro-Hungarian Empire to the south was ruled jointly by Francis and Karl . They had given him a big headache in the closed beta but he never thought they would be in the exact same positions as they were before! And he, on the other hand, was now in the disorganised France .

The feudal lords there were more united and were deeply loyal to the royal family of Vienna . As long as it wasn’t too unreasonable, Austria’s feudal lords would always comply with the Emperor’s orders . If anyone were to invade Vienna, the Austrian Emperor could easily call up an army that easily exceeded 130,000…

But now Austria had to defend against Prussia to the north, and after this recent defeat, Francis would be more cautious of moving against France again .

— But Karl was here and he had to figure out a way to deal with him with what Tu had at hand . His forces were stretched as though his artillery was practically intact, his cavalry had suffered great losses .

As Ney and the rest were the ones who did most of the fighting in Aude, the damage to his personal guard was not significant but in the next battle, they would have to be the main force .

Karl Ludwig, Archduke of Hungary . In the closed beta, he had led his much weaker personal army across the Thérain which separated Russia and Hungary and achieved a miraculous victory over the Russians which would eventually lead to him being the strongest of the 3 knights in Austro-Hungary . The insignia of the Hungarian troops was that of a sword, a perfect match with Austria’s shield .

(TL: Thérain is a river in France, this is probably the jumbled up geography at work . )

Of the other 2 knights, 1 is someone whose name escapes me belonging to the northern troops and the last one is Dawn, who belongs to the Austrian royal family’s personal army .

But because of his erratic nature, he was known as the fatuous duke .

Archduke Karl was handsome and had a nose for decadence that made it seem like he was a Habsburg . He was excessively passionate about wine and beautiful women, and there were rumours that every time he returned to his encampment after cross the Thérain, his tent would be filled with the laughter of women .

There was also a rumour that Karl was born in a wealthy family and because of how he was brought up, he did not treat his generals equally and the only troops he could really command were those in his personal army . Though the feudal lords around Budapest were friendly with him, he could only count on them to protect Hungary .

— Thus, if he were to come all the way here, Tu had a decent chance of winning .

And if he should defeat Karl, his animosity with Austro-Hungary would be made known to all other players . As for her, she would probably…

She would probably hate him right? Would she forgive the him who has destroyed the chance for her to return home? If that was the case, then he needn’t rush a decision on Karl .

“Ah, what the heck am I thinking about . ” Tu felt like his thoughts began to run wild like a galloping horse and he was now trying to rein himself in .

— Could it be… No way… I fell in love with her .

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His face began turning red and his heartbeat noticeably quickened so much that the *dong* *dong* was becoming clearly audible .

“Damn it… What use is thinking about all this?” Defeating Karl was a necessary move as only then would the southern feudal lords give up on secession, thereby advancing his ambitions– In any case, to battle!

Since Karl had granted him this opportunity, he had to grasp it even though it might be a little too hasty . Even if he didn’t agree to it, Karl would still come, and so rather than wait him to siege Paris, Tu could move the battlefield to the borders and stop Karl from advancing into France .

And so, battle is necessary, but…

Tu felt a need to speak with the girl .

The rays from the setting sun shone on the flowered by the side of the cobbled streets, as well as Dawn’s golden hair, which looked ever more radiant and beautiful . Indeed, the sight of a beautiful young girl picking flowers under a sunset sky is something that can fill the creative founts of poets .

But Tu had no mood for reciting poems and was occupied with the thought of how to open his mouth .

He knew to how to start a war but he didn’t know how to start a conversation and he began to feel awkward as he stood behind Dawn .

Finally, Dawn couldn’t put up with the stifling atmosphere and said first, “What business does your majesty have with a captive?”

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“I believe you’ve probably guessed it . ” If she was someone he felt was worthy, then she should be brilliant enough to guess what was going on . Though this was what he thought, if she really didn’t get it, then would he seriously mind that about her?

“Please use your own discretion to deal with the matter of Sir Karl, your majesty . I won’t be woeful at Karl’s loss nor will I be joyful at your majesty’s victory . I have grown tired of the pathetic politics in Austria, that those with talent have to endure the jealousy of others, and of those who seek the company of others just for their looks . ”

She suddenly stopped talking, but Tu had heard what he wanted to, and felt like he had received a sudden windfall .

She’s tired of Austria’s politics, which means that she wouldn’t mind staying in France; she won’t be sad, which means her relationship with Karl isn’t very good; she said ‘to use your own discretion’, which means that Tu doesn’t need to hold back with Karl .

— This is as good as having meatballs falling from the sky .

(TL: Okay, I just had to leave this China-context joke in . The raw uses 天上掉馅饼 which is the Chinese name for the movie “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” . )

“Your majesty, I’m tired and will be retiring to my room . ” Dawn then dusted the grass off her uniform, but did not clean off the pollen that stuck to her golden insignia, and then left casually, as though she had gradually set aside her reservations when she first came to the Palais des Tuileries…

“I will share… Your burden…” Dawn whispered words, that seemed like they could have been instinctual or of her intent, as she passed by him .

After returning to the princess’s room that the enemy king had prepared for her, as she faced the last golden rays from the setting sun, Dawn finally smiled– A refreshing smile that could melt the coldest of winters, her very first smile since coming back alive from near death in Aude .

— Share my burden huh?

— Interesting… Very interesting .

Tu was standing alone in the garden now, and was smiling in spite of himself, not knowing if it was from the coming battle which lit his spirits or if it was from the words of the girl just now which dispersed the fog of confusion in his heart .

— If I wield the holy sword now, I’ll probably find out .

— But, what light would it emit?

“Summon Ney and the rest . Tell them to come to the assembly hall in the Palais as soon as possible . ” Tu issued an order to his personal attendant .

I will share, your burden…

Karl huh…