No Battle No Life - Volume 1 - Chapter 17

Published at 7th of June 2016 11:37:55 AM

Chapter 17

Volume 1 Chapter 17: You can’t play without paying

Paris, Palais des Tuileries

After Dawn had sent that damned letter, she felt uneasy day in and day out . Her pigeon had not returned and this meant that what she did had been found out . Though the guards assigned to her had increased, no one was sent to take her away yet .

Dawn has now been prohibited from going out of her room for several days now so all she could do was pace the room which was several dozen square feet or sit in front of the black wood desk with gold embossings and read some of Gödel’s books, or stare at the ceiling as she lay in bed .

Every time she heard the guards exchange some words, she would be slightly more entertained but as the day of return for the French king drew near, she wondered how long she could stay in this luxurious prison .

“If I hadn’t stupidly sent out that letter, would I still be able to speak with that king?”

Thoughts like these would always fill Dawn’s head as she was deeply interested in the man and was conflicted over her return . She wanted him to return safely so she could talk with him, but she also wanted him to take his time so she could stay in this country longer .

— Was this possible? Obviously not . Dawn could see herself being thrown into an actual prison and have cockroaches amongst other foul pests as roommates in the near future . But even so, would she still be able to see him?

— Why did she have to reveal his plan? Even if he were magnanimous, he wouldn’t be able to tolerate someone who revealed a national secret to the enemy, much less someone who was a prisoner .

— Although the life she had was definitely not one that a prisoner should be privy to .

“Why did I let him down? A person like me, should have been sent away . ”

Dawn often had such mental conflicts which were born out of an uncertainty of her fate, as well as the knowledge that she had both betrayed her nation as well as her benefactor, and made her question who she ought to fight for .

She couldn’t save herself, nor could she save others, and that was how she landed in such a predicament .

“I just… Want to speak with you…”

Dawn got up, and walked up to the windows and gazed at the colourful flowers outside, and the gigantic fountain whose waterfalls were dyed golden by the sunlight that shone down . She put her hands out to touch them, but all she felt was the cold glass . And her eyes began to fill with tears as her hand slipped down the glass .

*Dong* *Dong* *Dong*

— Several knocks sounded on the door, looks like she was going to be executed . Even if she were thrown out of Paris, what difference would it be with death?

— Would she have to return to the fractious, sexist palace?

— That fate had swallowed her once . Now that she had finally escaped, would she have to return?

“Madam, his majesty is waiting for you in the main hall . ”

“Oh… I got it . ” Dawn hurriedly wiped her eyes dry and tidied up her clothing so she could leave a good last impression .

“I knew this would happen, but why did I still do it? Keke…” Dawn muttered on the way to the main hall .

— If only her country was France…

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Dawn was escorted by several dozen guards to the main hall . 6 opaque screens were placed in between the giant pillars, forming a channel .

From the sounds that came from behind the screens, Dawn could tell that there were a number of people behind the screens, probably a hundred or so .

“Do you really need that many to judge me? Looks like the king thinks quite highly of me huh . ” Dawn said softly, as she felt sorrowful .

— Looks like he knows, has their fate run its course?

Dawn tried her best to suppress her emotions so the king wouldn’t be able to guess what she was thinking .

“Today’s weather is pretty good . No rain in the west, but the sun hasn’t risen in the eat though . ” Tu said calmly and took out the letter from his breast pocket and flicked it in front of Dawn . “Don’t use lavender again, change your perfume, Avenue des Champs-Élysées is not too far away from here . ”

It seemed like Tu was teasing an old friend rather than interrogating a criminal . “Well then, do you have anything else to say, beautiful lady?”

“I… Have nothing… To say…” Dawn replied expressionlessly, as she stared at Tu .

— She tried her best to remember how he looked like for she feared she would never be able to see him again .

“Oh, well then, I’ll deliver your sentence .

Dawn remained silent .

“Dawn, presently Knight-Captain of the Austrian Royal Army, and representative for the Vienna royal family in the 3 knights of the Austro-Hungary Empire, soon-to-be commander of the French king’s personal army…”

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— Wait, did she hear something weird? What did that man say? Commander of the French king’s personal army? When did she have that position?

“Now, I, no France’s king, Tu Dacre Jerry, hereby welcome you on behalf of glorious France . You shall become a member of France and your name shall be engraved into this glorious history!”

“Hu…” Tu took a deep breath after delivering this sentence .

Dawn was shocked speechless at this line of inexplicable words, “What are you saying…”

*Dong*… The screens fell down and several dozen soldiers came running out, several of whom were even in the uniform for generals– 2 of whom Dawn had even seen in the Battle of Aude .

The last time she saw the French troops, they held swords and muskets and surrounded her but now when she saw them, she was still surrounded as before but the feeling she had was completely different from before .

— In their hands, they held bright red, snow white… No, roses of every possible hue and colour .

“Please say yes to his majesty!” Dawn’s heart shook at the one voice the soldiers yelled out in .

“Please say yes to his majesty!” The guards that had escorted her also brought out flowers from god knows where and Dawn was surrounded by a sea of flowers that completely overcame her mental defences .

Just one more line left .

“Come, say yes!” Tu said as he extended a hand covered by a white silk glove embroidered with the flower of Dawn’s hometown .

“You actually… Went to that much trouble… To investigate… I give up…” Dawn was now tearing up as she saw that she had completely fallen for that man’s show and it was time to surrender .

“Alright I’ll say yes!” Dawn yelled out as she leapt into the man’s arms and let out the tears that she had wanted to shed for a long while .

“Alright, alright . ” Tu said as he rubbed Dawn’s smooth long hair that was like golden silk and gestured with his eyes to the soldiers .

— Now was their alone time .

“Dawn, from today onwards, you will be the commander of my personal guards, and will be directly under my command . No one else’s opinions will affect my judgement of you . ”

“Un… Un…”

“And,” Tu said as he grasped Dawn’s shoulders and stared into her blue eyes, “You will have to change your name after you join France . ”

“I’ll… Leave it to you…”

“Justice Angela Mariel, you will be given a position in Orleans . What do you think?”

“Justice, it’s a nice name . I’ll go with whatever you say . ” Dawn’s face loosened and her smile was refreshing .

“Well then, Justice, I look forward to working with you . ”

“Un, my sword is your majesty’s sword . ” Justice declared as she wiped her tears, her smile more radiant than ever before .