No Battle No Life - Volume 1 - Chapter Prologue

Published at 25th of April 2016 07:36:34 PM

Chapter Prologue

Prologue: The main character won’t make an entrance by falling down from the roof

The hand extended toward the golden haired girl .

It belonged to a black haired youth, and felt a little rough and was the grip was strong, which reminded the girl a little of her father who had passed away, though her own father would never point a sword at her…

The youth stared at the girl silently with his black eyes, and not a shred of warmth could be detected from his face .

Astonishment filled the girl’s astounding sapphire blue eyes while the royal insignia on her chest dimmed .

The youth wielded a special sword in his other hand which gave off a pure white light as it pointed downwards, as though it were surrounded by a faint halo of light that was especially striking in the dark night .

Innumerable corpses lay around them, and the continuous waves of cannon fire had stopped some time ago . Only several shouts from soldiers could be heard now and then .

Broken swords and rifles marked the graves of fallen soldiers on the battlefield as tattered flags swayed in the wind which carried the thick smell of blood .

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“Haha… Haha…”

— The youth was laughing?

The youth was indeed laughing, as he sheathed his strange sword with a single smooth movement, leaving a white silhouette in the air .

“Welcome to France, my fair lady . ”

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“Who is he… I–”

The girl moaned softly in despair .

She gripped her hands, and the feel of her smooth skin reaffirmed her existence .

White steam filled her vision, which also hid the girl’s tense cute face .

Her white, soft skin was slightly reddened from the heat . Several rose petals floated in the small bathtub where her full breasts floated in the warm water from which water streamed down .

“… Maybe I’ve been in here for too long . ”