NoGift - Chapter 47

Published at 23rd of July 2019 09:33:51 AM

Chapter 47

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CHARLES Dupont raised the whip he was holding and whipped the naked girl tied on the bedpost . The girl writhed in pain, tears continued to flow down her cheeks . Her white skin was now marred with dozens of red welts, some were even bleeding . Just the sight of the girl, bleeding and in pain, was enough to make Charles climax .

"P-please . . . " the girl begged .

"Don't worry, my sweet, it will be over soon . " Charles threw away the whip and loomed over the girl .

He was about to touch the girl's thigh when someone suddenly knocked on the door . "Your Excellency! Your Excellency!" called the person outside .

Charles immediately became irritated . He picked up his robe and got dressed . He went to open the door because he knew if he didn't then the knocking would just continue . "What?" he snarled at the priest who knocked .

"My apologies for disturbing you, Your Excellency . But something important just happened," the priest said .

"Just say it . Don't beat around the bush . "

"The girl who was kidnapped by the bandit, she was found by a guard at the entrance of the town . "

His attention was immediately grabbed when he heard what the priest said . "Are you certain it was her?"

"She told us her name is Flora and that she was the one kidnapped by the bandit . She has long brown hair with greenish tips and dark brown eyes," the priest answered .

Charles eyes brightened when he heard that . Because the priest just described the girl perfectly . That kind of beauty was something he couldn't just forget . That's why he was so disappointed when he found out that the girl was taken by someone . But now, he was given another chance to have her . Just how could he let that chance go? "Where is she?"

"At the main hall . "

Charles walked briskly towards the direction of the main hall, followed closely by the priest .

"Has she said anything?" he asked while walking .

"None, Your Excellency . Except for her name and who she is . She seemed to be really shaken . "

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They arrived at the main hall and Charles gaze went straight to the girl standing timidly at the center . She was as lovely as he remembered her, with all that white, white skin . He immediately walked towards her . The moment he held her shoulders, her whole body trembled . Charles remembered how much of a spitfire this girl was . Continuously making trouble at the village . But now, he could no longer see the fire in her . A pity, truly . He would have enjoyed breaking her .

"Flora, can you tell me what happened?" he asked gently .

Flora didn't talk and just shook her head .

He was about to ask her again when the door of the main hall was rudely opened and in came Heath Magnus . His hair and clothes were in disarray, a sign that he probably just got out of bed . He was just delivered here early this morning . Because it was judged that it would only be safe for him to be moved today . He was seriously injured . The only healer available to heal him only has a C level Gift that's why it took almost two days for all his wounds to heal .

Heath walked straight to Flora and grabbed her elbow, his eyes were bloodshot . "Where is he?"

Flora's body shook, she lowered her gaze, obviously afraid .

Charles didn't have to ask who the 'he' the knight was talking about . "Knight Magnus, please control yourself!"

Heath ignored the Bishop and yanked the trembling girl with more force . "Answer me!"

"W-we were in the forest, th-this guy suddenly appeared and fought with the bandit . So I took that opportunity to run away . B-because I knew that if the bandit lost, then I would be next . There was a v-village near the forest . I ask the people there if they could bring me to the c-capital and t-they agreed . I don't k-know what happened to him a-after that," Flora explained in a trembling voice .

Heath wrinkled his brows . Someone else fought with that guy? And this stupid girl thought that he would lose? No, that bastard couldn't lose . Not until Heath defeated him himself . "Where's that forest?"

"It- it was near the village of Seyn . "

He rudely let go of the girl and ran out of the main hall .

The Bishop called out to him but he was just ignored . Charles almost let out a string of curses, but he immediately calmed himself . He turned to the priest . "Tell all the guards to follow Knight Magnus . Tell them to do everything to make sure that the knight won't get injured again . Understand?"

"All of the guards, Your Excellency?"

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"Yes . All . " He couldn't have Magnus be injured again . The last thing he wanted was to get on the bad side of the Pope . Especially since he's just a newly anointed Bishop . He couldn't have all these taken away when he hadn't even enjoyed all the priveleges provided by his position .

"But Your Excellency, who would be left here to protect the Temple and you?"

"Are you expecting a mass attack from some organization I don't know about?" The priest shook his head . "Then get to it!"

"Yes, Your Excellency!"

After the priest ran out, Charles could finally focus all his attention on Flora . He put his arm on her shoulders . "My sweet, come . I'll pour you some tea to calm you down . "

He guided her towards the direction of his room and the girl just docilely followed . Once they entered, he saw the shock on her face when she saw the girl on the bed .

He gently kneaded her back . "Don't worry, she's not in pain . " Her whole body trembled, probably in fear, which only excited him more . He carefully lead her to the bed and made her sit on it . "Don't be afraid . "

To his surprise, her body stopped trembling . Then she looked up at her, no trace of fear or any kind of emotion on her face . "Oh I'm not afraid . "

The bracelet she was wearing suddenly turned into a sword . Before he could react, she already slashed at him . He felt pain in both his ankles, making him fall straight on the floor . She put her foot on his chest and pointed her sword at his neck .

"Who are you?" he asked, outraged . Because he was pretty certain this was not Flora . Now that he looked at her more carefully, this girl was much taller than the real one . It was stupid of him to not even notice that . All because he was too excited to have a taste of her .

"You don't have the qualification to know who I am . "

Charles glared at the girl . He clenched his fist and started gathering Mana . A big fireball appeared above her head . He might not be an SS level Gift user, but this was certainly enough to burn this bitch . The fireball went down but the moment it touched the girl's hair, it completely disappeared . His eyes widened in complete shock . "How--?"

"Don't bother attacking using your Gift, it won't work . " She stabbed his shoulder making him grunt in pain . "Now, I want you to make a confession . Confess everything you did since you were assigned in this place . And when I say everything, I mean everything . If you don't want to die, that is . "

Although Charles was still confused by what just happened, the anger he felt was much more . "You dare do this to a Bishop of the Temple of Gaia?" Instead of answering she just stabbed his other shoulder . "The Temple will make you pay!" Another stab on his gut . "You--!" He wasn't able to finish what he was about to say because she already stabbed him on his thigh .

"Confess or the next one will be on your chest . "

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For the first time, Charles experienced the word pain . It's like being tortured to death slowly . And he couldn't do anything about it . Now he's regretting that he sent all the guards to follow that bastard Magnus . If he hadn't, then someone could have already heard his scream by now . But because his place of residence was far from the other priests, no one would come here unless there's an emergency .

Then a sudden realization hit him . Magnus wouldn't have gone out if this girl didn't arrive and tell him the location of the bandit . And since she's not the real Flora, she probably just lied in order to get him out along with the other guards . So she could do this to him . Charles looked at the girl, completely frightened . Now he has no doubt that she would really kill him unless he did what she wanted . And he has no way to fight back .

"I- I will c-confess," he finally said .

"Good . Now, start . "

He started confessing everything . Taking gold coins from the Temple's treasury for his own use, torturing and raping the girls who served at the Temple, everything . By the end of it, he was a crying mess . Because he knew if this got out, it would be the end of his career . But if he didn't say anything, then he would be dead . He'd rather be kicked out of the Temple than for that to happen .

"There, I'm done . Just let me go . Please!"

"There still another thing . Tell me the reason why the Temple was so against Silver Corporation . "

Charles' brain was muddled because of the pain his whole body was feeling . Although he was confused why the girl suddenly asked that question, he still answered it .

"It's because of the Silver Witch who was the center of the war 500 years ago . According to the annals of the Pope who was alive at that time, she built all these contraptions, these devices that could subvert human beliefs . She and the things she made was the cause of it all . We were taught that things like those created by the Silver Witch was blasphemous . And the sPhones being produced by the Silver Corporation was no different from those things . Moreover, it doesn't help that the one who founded that company also has silver hair . The Temple just couldn't help but associate him with the Silver Witch . "

The girl furrowed her brows . "That's all?"

"Yes! Can- can you let me go now?"

The girl glanced at the servant girl on the bed before turning back her attention to him . "I won't kill you . But I can't let you off that easily either . "

"W-what are you going to do?"

She didn't answer and just waved her sword . His clothes were sliced into pieces, making him completely naked . She raised her sword . When she brought it down, he just felt an extreme pain down there . He looked down and saw blood flowing between his thighs . He screamed and screamed . He was not even sure if it's because of the pain or the horror . And then he's vision slowly blackened until he lose conciousness .

Argent stared at the Bishop who just fainted . She wrinkled her brows in disgust . She looked again at the girl who's now shrinking herself like a ball on the bed . Her naked body was full of wounds, old and new . Argent clenched her fists . She already guessed that the Bishop was doing something like this . But seeing the evidence herself just made her remember a certain memory . A memory she thought she already burried at the deepest part of her mind .

She looked back at the disgusting Bishop . Cutting his d*ck was defnitely not enough . Then she went and carved the word 'pig' on his chest . Satisfied, Argent walked towards the girl . She cut the rope tying the girl to the bed . Then she took a coat from her space ring and covered the girl with it . "Go, leave this place . "

That advice was the only thing Argent could give the girl . If she's already brainwashed beyond compare, then no matter what Argent does, it would be of no use . Her fate was in her own hands . If she wanted to change it, then she was the only one who could decide what to do with it .

Argent walked towards the window and opened it . She jumped down and walked straight to the hidden passage .

If their plan went well, then they could fly out of this country by the end of tomorrow .


Luc opened the door and slowly walked inside the room of Bishop Dupont . He removed the glasses he was wearing, revealing a pair of sky blue eyes . He combed back his golden blond hair and looked down at the Bishop who was naked in writhing in pain . He saw the word 'pig' carved on his chest and a small smile appeared on his lips .

[You still have such a dry sense of humor . ]

Charles looked up at the person who came in . His vision was still blurry because of the pain . He just woke up . The girl was nowhere to be found . He wanted to think that all that happened was just a dream . But the pain he was feeling was enough proof that what he experienced was real . He tried to clear his vision and looked carefully at the person who came . Once he got a clear look at the person, he felt hope . Though he wasn't sure how this person could have come here at this moment .

"Y-Your Holliness . . . please . . . help . . . "

Lucern Faust, the Pope of the Temple of Gaia, looked down at the Bishop . The warm atmosphere he usually gave off was not there . Even the silly smile he showed to Argent was nowhere to be seen . All there was in his sky blue eyes was frigid coldness .

"I warned you, Charles . I told you not to follow the footsteps of your predecessor . But you just have to drown yourself in senseless debauchery . I must say you deserved this end . "

"P-please . . . please . . . "

Lucern sighed . "Goodbye, Charles . "

He slightly raised his hand and four light spears appeared and skewered the Bishop . Charles screamed and up until his death, he still didn't understand how could this be his end .

Lucern no longer looked at the dead Bishop . He walked to the window and opened it . He looked towards the direction of the hidden passage and he couldn't help the smile that crossed his lips .