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Chapter 12

12: Confrontation  .

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「Well then, I'll go now」 

「Oh, yeah . . . Be careful . 」 

Eiji a little worries about Noire going out the front door while raising his hand lightly over her back .  

Tonight is the full moon, the day that the vampire princess of Red Rouger offered to fight .  

A full moon is said to boost the power of vampires, but the age of the other is the same in that respect, so age will not make much sense .  

If the conditions are the same, you should be able to win if purely on the basic ability .  

He want to think that it is all right as long as he see the appearance of Noire, which she don't seem to be worried about it at all, but Eiji have a bad feeling somewhere .  

He suddenly heard a sound of something on the window of the room .  


He tilted his head to a suspicious sound, and he turned his foot toward the room .  

Because it was a sound that the window was opened, He wonder if Noire that should have gone out of the front door came back while forgotten something .  

An ordinary person would not things of coming in through the window, but she would be able to do it .  

In the first place, when she attack Eiji on the first night, she probably came in through the window .  

However, the person in the view of Eiji the one that opened the door of the room was not the black vampire princess he knew .  

「fufu, good evening」 

「No! You are! 

Why are you here . . . ? 」 

What in front of him is floating sadistic expression with a sharp good looks, It is the red vampire princess Rouger the other party whom Noire went to confront with .  

She wore the same red dress when they had met the other day and was looking straight towards Eiji .  

Eiji is astonished and suprise that she, who is supposed to be waiting for Noire in the forest outside of the town, somehow appears in his room .  

「I remembered that I forgot to give another invitation . 」 

「Huh, invitation?」 

「Yes, this is yours . Well, but-」 

When the envelope taken out of the plump chest was placed gently on the table in the room, Rouge turned to Eiji .  

At that moment, her figure disappears from the sight of the Eiji . Looking for a Rouge that disappeared, he heard voices from behind him earlier than he looked around .  

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「─ ─ You don't have to open it . 」 



Just before he looking back at the voice heard from behind, Eiji felt shocked at the back of his head that knocked him down .  

His consciousness is reaped in an instant and dyed black .  

The red Vampire Princess was muttered with a condescending mockery to the fallen Eiji on the floor .  

「Now, I'll take you to the dance venue, Prince .  

The Black princess is waiting for you . 」 

†  †  † 

「……… . You was late . Rouge .  

What is the idea of being late while inviting me to your dance party?」 

「fufu, I'm sorry . Noire .  

It takes a little time to prepare . 」 

「Prepare? …… . . huh?」 

In the outskirts of the town, in the place specified by the invitation of Rouge, Noire complained to the red Vampire princess who finally showed up .  

She was waiting with arms folded, while showing a frustrated appearance to Rouger, who had been late for a while, as she turned her head to the side to look at her figure .  

Rouger dress herself in the same red dress as she had in the park last time . There is nothing wrong with that point . No, it may be funny for those who go out in battle with dresses, but because Noire are also dressed in dresses, we cannot say anything about this people .  

But what's funnier than that dress was the big white bag she was carrying on her shoulder .  

「What is that bag? 

Are you going to change jobs to Santa Claus?」 

「Pretty close, ne .  

This is a gift for you . 」 


She do not understand the meaning of Rouge words, Noire brings up a confused expression .  

Their relation which is hostile since the beginning of their time, so it is likely not to be a present as a word say .  

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If she could think of it carefully, Rouge would have prepared a weapon that would be a trump card against Noire .  

With that Thought, Noire makes a slight alert .  

「It's a gift, ne .  

What kind of lovely thing is that?」 

「Hmm, I think you'll like it .


 Then, I will open it~」 

With a sharp eye of Noire's looking at the figure in a bag and holding herself with a laugh, Rouge was looking at it for a while, but eventually she dropped the bag in front of her and tore it with her nail .  

What she saw from a white bag that was torn up . . . It was a resident of the room where Noir had just come out from, Eiji .  

Eiji has a cylinder-shaped rod in his mouth, and his hands are tied behind . It seems that he is losing his consiciesness and as he does not seem to open his eyes . Also, it seems that there is no danger to his life, as she found that his chest was slightly up and down still breathing .  


Rouge, what is the meaning of this!?」 

In the surprise that was not anticipated, Noire lifted up her eyes and stared at the Rouge that brought him here .  

If you look at the form of the detained Eiji, it is obvious that it has been abducted by force .  

The question is, why did she do that Not so many things to come up to her mind .  

If I think normally …… .  

「Oh, it an orthodox hostage .  

If you don't want this man to be killed, surrender yourself . 」 


Noire, as she imagined it, the word was squeezed out of the mouth of Rouge, who lifted the unconscious Eiji with her left hand easily, and the worst word bites her lips .  

However, she immediately shows laughing with the nose under the guise of calmness .  

「Hmm, what do you say 

I wonder if you misunderstood something .  

Do you really think that such a human being is worthy as hostage? 

For us the king of the night, this kind of human beings are only the food?」 

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It was the words of Noire aiming to liberate him by not admitting the value of the hostages to her, but half of it are her true intention .  

She is a vampire princess, the king of the night demon who transcends humans being .  

Certainly, she stayed in the room of Eiji for the past few days and repeated the skin ship, but it is only a means to gain magic and strengthen herself .  

Apart from that, she does not have love feelings for him, and if he is a bait then he nothing but bait .  

As she turned around the moment of the aquarium came to her mind for some reason, but Noire strives to suppress it so that it does not appear on her face .  

When Rouge heard Noire's words, it looks like she noticed something . As white as it is .  

「oh well . I was wondering 」 

Seeing Rouge, who was easily tuned with her own words, Noire was relieved internally .  

But it was an extremely rash .  

Rouge, who has a strong animosity towards Noire, has not had the habit of easily thinking in a way that is convenient to her .  

「Well, let's get rid of this because we don't need this . 」 

「──っ!? Wa, WAIT!」 

Rouge, who was trying to swing her right hand up while holding Yuji's body with her left hand, as Noire, shouts out of control, forgetting her previous statement .  

As soon as her voice had arrived, Rouge right hand was stopped just before it stabbing Eiji's neck .  

At that moment, Noire saw that an evil laughter came out of the mouth of the red vampire princess, but realized that she was testing her, but it was already late .  

Besides, Rouge slaughter was genuine without appreciable .  

If Noire did not stop her there, she would probably have cut the head of the Eiji seriously . Either way, there was no way but to stop it .  

When Noire's remarks were slammed, she had no way act anymore .


「What's the matter? 

Is there any problem with killing one or two human beings?」 

「Ah, that is . . . . . . . . . . 」 

To Rouge who asks with an atrocious smile floating on her face, Noire was at a loss for words .

According to their common sense, Rouge is more correct .  

It is not necessary to concern to the life of one or two person because human after all only food for them who are vampire . Killing meaninglessly is a bad behaviour and though they would frown while raising an eyebrow, but it was not as desperate to stop it as Noire does now .  

However, Noire was not able to let him die in despite of all she say .

The warmth of his skin and the days she spent with him, the memories of the day she played at the aquarium tie her up .  

There were many terrible things about him, but she still didn't feel like she hated him or anything . On the contrary, she had a feeling that she wanted to be with him more if she could .  

If he was kill . . . her body trembles without permission when imagine it .  

Noire, driven by the fear of losing him, begged to Rouge .  

「Please, Rouge .  

Eiji, Don’t kill Eiji . . . 」 

「fufu, hahahaha, ahaha hahaha haha! It's a masterpiece! 
No way, you, one of the Primera, fall in love with a man a human being! !」 


Noir has no words to return to Rouge who laughs and insults her with mockery .  

She was aware that she could not deny her words .  

While they were together just to increase her own magic power, she felt that her emotions had shifted to the point where she would not want to lose Eiji .  

She doesn't know if this is a love feeling, but at least it doesn't change that she cares about him .  

If she think calmly, she is doing a foolish thing .  

But if Noir leave this as it is, Rouge will be killed him .

It's still good if she just killed, but if consider her sadism-like character, it is possible to be torment severely . They has been hostile for a long time from the beginning . Just as Noire hates Rouger, Rouger also hate Noire .  

She need to give up Eiji, She understand in her head that it is the right answer to fight with everything she has .

Anyway even after Noire is killed, it is not likely that Rouge will release him as promised .

Then, despite knowing the fact that it the right choice is to fight . . . she cannot imagine moving herself, as she imagine the scene of Eiji beign killed .  

「Rest assured, Noir .  

I'm not gonna kill you right now .  

I will fully return the humiliation to your body . 」 

「……………… Do as you like」

With a pleasant smile of Rouge, Noire was only able say that while looking down .