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Chapter 163
There were a few customers who had just finished their dungeon runs and had decided to chill at the bar counter for a while before they left until they noticed Station 1's playthrough . "Wait a minute… you can actually ally with the goblins?!" One of the male customers who was holding onto a bamboo juice was stunned .

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His other friends who were discussing a different topic stopped and looked towards Station 1 too . "Hey, that's true! You can ally with the goblins too . " A bespectacled friend of his confirmed his query .

"How did they do it? I thought we had to kill the goblins and Mr Oink?" the same customer who had found out about this anomaly quickly asked Yun, who was nearest to the bar counter . She giggled a little and said "Did we actually say that you had to fight against the goblins? All we have described was just the story . Your decision of choosing which side you want to fight for is just the beginning of the story that you create for yourself in the dungeon . That is the beauty of Jin's story themed dungeons . "

"Ohhh! But still, wow, fighting against the boar knights would be a challenge . " The group of customers agreed since they had sided the boar knights and knew that they had a trump card which the goblins did not know about .

"It will be interesting to see how these two long-ranged cultivators fight against the Boar Knights' trump card . In the meantime, Yun, can I have that cheesecake dessert you mentioned?" The male customers each ordered a cheesecake and continued to watch Ren Wei and Jing Ru fight against all odds .

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Mr Oink had Ren Wei, Jing Ru and the two goblins on its back on the way to the Venus Animal-traps habitat . After which, Ren Wei took out his binoculars to check how far the enemies were and how much time they would have to set up traps in this area before the enemy reached them .

"Roughly about one kilometre away . Jing Ru, place the bear traps near those two trees and roughly a few steps after it, place a pitfall trap near that large rock . Before putting the pitfall trap, Spear goblin, would you mind helping me tie these three grenades together? Two explosive and one flashbang above that tree with a stone as a counterweight . " Renwei ordered his daughter and the spear goblin, which they acknowledged immediately .

Meanwhile, he was analysing the possible sniping positions where they could provide support during the confusion . He did not know how these Venus animal-traps worked but he would have to adapt as the situation developed .

"Once you are done, Jing Ru go ride with Mr Oink to the poison-venting trees and find suitable ambush positions for traps . As usual, mark those traps with our standard signals so when we fall back, I will then know where not to step . "

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"You sure you don't want to supervise the trap placing yourself?" Jing Ru finished setting up the bear traps . Jin's supplied traps were easier to affix as compared to the ones in real life . With just a simple application of chi energy, the bear traps opened up . Of course, before opening the traps, Jing Ru had already camouflaged the trap with the surrounding mud and soil along with some leaves . The traps were new so they were a little shiny and the glare might ring alarm bells for the boar knights .

"No, I trust your judgement and creativity . " Ren Wei smiled at her but deep inside he had a selfish motive . "Besides, I want to try out a few new techniques… just not in front of you . " He thought to himself . Jing Ru accepted her father's praise as she along with the Spear Goblin rode off to the next area .

"You are not following them?" Ren Wei asked the sword goblin and he smirked in reply . " Like I can let you have all the fun . "

"Hahaha, it's just something that I do not wish to let my daughter see for now . " Ren Wei immediately revealed his cultivation as he performed his technique to set up the entire area with traps . Four Muskrats? No . Six Muskrat silhouettes were running around holding muskets in their hands above Ren Wei .

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"Oh my god! That simple looking guy is a Rank 6 cultivator?!" The male customers who were enjoying their cheesecakes nearly puked it all out . Even Jin was shocked while Yun sniggered since she already knew his cultivation level as soon as he entered the store .

"Advanced Muskrat Art, Ambush of the Muskrats . Advanced Rifle Arts, Ten Musket Rifles Whistling . " Ren Wei's advanced trap art allowed the six muskrats that were once silhouettes turn semi corporeal as they quickly picked up the assortment of traps Ren Wei had initially placed on the ground and started to place them as quickly as possible in places he already had planned in his mind .

Meanwhile, his advanced rifle arts allowed him to have ten chi bullets at his command . Instead of shooting the bullets through a rifle, all he had to do was whistle and the chi bullet would execute his command to kill or injure someone . . . or some boar . This was an assassination technique which he was barely able to use during his service in the police force due to obvious reasons . He learned it because it was part of the cultivation manual but he never really tried it out in the field .

Separately, the semi corporeal muskrats were running around carrying traps that were stronger than what Jing Ru had bought . Shock traps? Of course not! Ren Wei's version was a Thunder Blast trap, a version stronger than a basic shock trap . Pitfall trap? Pfft, good joke! His Spikefall trap had spikes at the bottom of the pitfall .

Ren Wei did this away from the sight of Jing Ru because he himself did not want Jing Ru to see the brutal side of his cultivation and its techniques . They were here to have fun, but to Ren Wei, using skills and techniques he was not allowed to use during work was also a type of fun . Of course, Ren Wei would not annihilate them all as he still wanted to leave some boar knights for Jing Ru to practice on .

When the muskrats had set the traps, they immediately disappeared and Ren Wei hid on top of a comfortable tree branch that allowed him to oversee almost every single Venus Animal-trap .

The Sword Goblin did not care about the methods Ren Wei used but smirked all of a sudden . "The bastard knights are coming . Enjoy Mr Sniper . "