Offer to the CEO - Chapter 118

Published at 4th of April 2019 11:46:31 PM

Chapter 118

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Thursday, continued . . .

As Hou Yi left, the Public Relations department assistant Wu Hai came over and sat beside Anna Jones and commented "CEO Hou does love you Madam Hou . "

"Miss Wu, I am lucky to have Yi in my life . " Anna paused, and then continued "Has he told you want I am wanting to do?"

"Madam Hou, CEO Hou gave me general information in that you wanted to focus your efforts on raising funds to support victims of, what did he call it … Domestic Violence . As I am not exactly certain of what was specifically meant all I could do is start some preliminary work . "

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"That is alright . Understanding what is domestic violence can be challenging . There can be lots of explanations as to what Domestic Violence is . An obvious example is a man who comes home, and because something is not exactly as he wants turns around and hits his wife . "

"However it is not always physical violence . It can be a man who isolates his partner from her friends and family or constantly calls her names or tells her the is not good enough, or despite his own income and assets requires his wife to support the relationship with an money or assets she earns without contributing . "

Anna paused, and took three deep breaths before continuing "What Domestic violence is about is actions designed to control . the target While most victims are women and most perpetrators are men, it can be the opposite way, or happen in same-sex relationships as well . Children can be targeted or threatened as well, and are always victims when they are in the home where it occurs . "

"Oh, I did not realise that . I just thought it was a partner hitting the other . "

"No, it is very insidious . "

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"Madam Hou, do you mind me asking why you are doing this?"

"Actually it was Yi's suggestion . In my relationship before I met him, my partner engaged in most activities that would be considered domestic violence or intimate partner violence if you want to give it another name . The only lucky thing about my relationship was he was not physically violent, he just did everything else . Yi realised that I am struggling to come to terms with what happened, and suggested that I do this, as a means to show that it can happen to anyone, but there is hope for all victims that things can change . "

"I did not realise . I am so sorry, Madam Hou . "

"No need to apologise . Meeting and marrying Yi, has given me a whole different outlook on life and relationship . I know that with him, I will be safe . "

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"Madam Hou, just listening to that I have an Idea on how we could to this press release, if you would let me walk you through it . The only thing is, I will have to go and type it up, and then bring it back, and as we amend return . "

"Actually Miss Wu, no you will not . " With that Anna pulled out her laptop and turned it on . She opened word, and said, "You can use my laptop at the moment to type up what you need . "

"OK Madam Hou, lets get started . "

And with that Anna commenced looking over the shoulder of Wu Mai, as she typed:

'Hou Enterprises, wishes to announce the formation of a new charitable initiative drive by its CEO Hou Yi, and his bride'

Anna stopped here there . "Yi and I have made a decision that we do not want my name put in the press release . "

"Fine Madam Hou . " Wu Mai then continued to type'

'The aim of the charitable initiative is to assist in funding services and supports for people who the victims of domestic violence or intimate partner violence . The efforts will be kicked off by a donation from Hou Enterprises of expert staff assistance to assist in fundraising efforts, along with a corporate donation and a personal donation from CEO and Madam Hou . '

'CEO Hou and Madam Hou, announcing this initiative desire the community to understand how insidious such violence can be . It is not minor and limited to any particular groups within the community . It can occur throughout society and take forms more than simply one partner hitting the other or children . '

'The initiative will, as from Monday be taking people's direct donations, that can be made as advertised on the website at the end of this press release . Fundraising activities announced in the future, both through media releases and on this same website .