Offer to the CEO - Chapter 285

Published at 26th of April 2019 10:45:12 PM

Chapter 285
Wednesday, continued …

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On leaving the Ancestral home Hou Yi was completely distracted by his thoughts from the news they received ninety minutes previously . They were given the amazing news that his wife, the love of his life, was pregnant . There was something making him hold back to tell Anna exactly how he felt . He almost convinced himself in their long shower, and the passion that had exploded that she was as in love with him as he was in with her but he wanted some other sign, not in the period of where they let their passion explode, to confess his feelings for her .

Anna on leaving she realised how protective Hou Yi was being in carefully helping her into the car . She was hopeful though, it was more than just protecting their unborn child, as in the long run that would make her marriage even worse that what her relationship with Lu Jinhu ever was .

Soon after leaving the Ancestral home, Anna tilted her head over resting it on Hou Yi's shoulder and drifted off to sleep . Hou Yi when they reached Yao Tan's apartment woke Anna up, and then helped her out of the car and onto her crutches . As they arrived, an elevator behind the security desk opened and out walked Yao Tan and Amanda Mei .

While Hou Yi had gave Amanda on her request Monday afternoon and Tuesday off, he was still surprised the two of them walked out hand in hand, with a smile on their faces . While he always knew how Tan felt about Amanda he wondered what was really going on .

Anna however was not surprised seeing the two of them . They were escorted through security and accompanied Tan and Amanda up to Tan's apartment . Hou Yi given the times he had been there escorted Anna into the lounge area and settled her onto the couch . He noticed how quiet the apartment was, and wondered where the triplets were .

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Tan noticed the look, and said "The triplets are in their rooms, but I had to bribe them . Champagne?"

Hou Yi knew based on Dr Lang's advice was Anna could not drink alcohol, so he opted not to drink as well . He turned to Tan, and said "Apologies Anna was advised not to drink Alcohol at present, so could you arrange something non-alcoholic for her, and I will have the same . "

Anna, could not help smiling to herself, Hou Yi had made it easier for her to not drink alcohol without anyone working out what was happening . She knew how sharp Amanda was and suspected that she and Yao Tan would figure out eventually what was happening, but hopefully it would take some time .

Yao Tan, however simply signaled to a staff member and turned to her and asked "Anna, what would you like to drink?"

"Apple or Orange Juice, if you have it or otherwise sparkling water . Yi?"

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"Any of those is fine?"

A few minutes later, the staff member walked out with a carafe of what looked like Orange Juice and a couple of bottles of sparkling water .

Hou Yi, determined that Yao Tan and Amanda Mei were stalling . Amanda poured the Orange Juice for Anna and Hou Yi while Yao Tan opened the champagne, and poured two glasses for him and Amanda . As soon as that was done Hou Yi said "Come on you two, you are stalling . Tell me what is going on . "

Anna laughed beside him, and he turned to her, with a look that he would like to shut her up . Anna leaned over and whispered "You would not hurt the mother of your unborn child would you?"

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Hou Yi knew that Anna had him "Anna …"

"Well you know you cannot do anything . " She leaned over and kissed him . As she pulled away, she looked over the coffee table "Please stop teasing him, and confirm what he suspects . "

"Fine, but something is going on with you two, so you have to tell," promptly responded Amanda .

"Not at the moment, we will say something when we can, now tell you two . "

Yan Tan decided he had to tell "Yi, remember the conversation we had Sunday …"


"Well I took you at your word, and I have to apologies on Amanda hitting you up for leave Monday Afternoon and yesterday, but we went to the Civil Administration Bureau, and …"

"Got your marriage certificate . Damn it Tan, you should have called, we would have come . "

"Like you did . Our parents where there . "

"A toast to the new bride and groom . "

Soon afterwards they were called into the dining room for dinner . It was not until 10:30pm that Hou Yi and Anna left to return back to the Ancestral home .