Offer to the CEO - Chapter 618

Published at 28th of October 2019 10:33:37 PM

Chapter 618

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Monday, continued…

Towards the end of the day, Hou Yi was interrupted by a knock on his office door .  As he looked up Assistant Wang had entered .  "Sir, CEO Ru is here and wondered if he could have a few minutes of your time . "

Not really wanting to deal with King, but realising that he would not have come here unless is was something significant, Hou Yi responded "Show him in . " Dealing with whatever had brought King here was better that him causing problems .

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Once the door shut behind him, King moved over and sat down on the couch before saying "Toff, we need to talk, but where is your wife?"

"Out shopping .  She is currently annoyed with me, and is showing her displeasure through spending, given my mother and aunt are with her, a lot of money . "

"Damn, you are worse than I ever was .  You enable her behaviour and letting your mother and aunt of the spending leash you had them on . "

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"Well I love my wife .  As to the latter, since Anna introduced them to shopping at street markets and using tailors rather than brand shopping they have not spent up to their monthly limit .  I figure this trip will be baby shopping, so who cares . "

With a sigh, Hou Yi continued "Anna is stubborn and if I am realistic, she knows that I will give in more than I will step up to tell her no presently .  Her pregnancy is high risk due to what happened around the time she fell pregnant, and that is only added to by her psychological issues from her relationship with Lu Jinhu .  The last thing I want to do is add to it, causing more problems that she will struggle to handle . "

"Speaking of the Lu's I have something you need to read .  Tan said something after the last court date you had, which prompted us to investigate the situation .  But there is no way that I want him to get his hands on this .  Unlike him, you will use the information wisely . . . "

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"Because you did not gather the information that you have completely by legal means? You have not changed . "

"When it comes to the Princess Toff, do you think we give a care?"

Seeing a large folder in King's hands, Hou Yi responded "True .  But let me be realistic, I do not have the time to read it given the size of this .  As you are here we should speak about some business matters . .  Give me a summary of what you found .  I will the go through and work out what I can give to Alister Nang and the investigators . "

"You really want to spoil the fun . " King shook his head, but as much as he wanted to torture Hou Yi by having to read the information, he was right .  They needed to have discussions about the Studio City redevelopment proposals as well . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"Cutting to the chase, there is a registered agreement confirming the relationship between Lu Jingho and Jane Gang .  It commenced the day that he was released from the attack on Tang Din .  Knowing the law, they have likely told only the senior partner involved in their case, which will deal with the professional responsibilities regarding the case"

"Since the start date, they have been frequent visitors at a particular s*x shop that is one of the few places that have exemptions from the group s*x laws .  Some of those visits include Madam Lu being present, but Miss Gang and Madam Lu have also visited there without Lu Jingho .  As to what they were doing, I have no specifics as no one is talking, but I have heard the stories of some of the things that go on in that shop . "

Hou Yi knew, from the discussions with Alister that prompted him giving him access to their investigators he had someone who let him know some information about what had happened, but he was not telling them about that .  Hou Yi wondered if in telling them about what was happening in that shop would cross professional responsibility lines, given the person providing him with the information was a former client, hence why he was holding back .