Offer to the CEO - Chapter 642

Published at 28th of October 2019 10:33:12 PM

Chapter 642


Lu Jingho awoke and realised that Jane had left him alone in the bed .   Ever since the last court date, she had been totally restless .   She had been working so hard to address the situation caused not only by that brat of a son of his statement and handing over the footage .   How in the world did he raise such a stupid son to not only betray him but hand over the best piece of blackmail to bring down Hou Enterprises?

After getting ready he walked down and headed to the study .   It was a day that they had to deal her senior partner .   That was not a pleasant day, but it was a necessary thing .   Thank goodness he had everything under his control .

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As he walked in, he could see Jane hard at work with her laptop open and documents spread over the desk, totally immersed in her work .   As she had not realised, he had entered the room, he moved over behind her and slipped his hands into her dress and started caressing and pinching her breasts .

As she tilted her head, she realised it was Lu Jingho behind her and she reached up to pull his head down for a kiss, before gently pushing him away .   That stunned Lu Jingho, she was always willing to abandon the work for pursuing some pleasure .   Something was wrong .

"What is it Jane?"

"This situation is heading for a disaster .   That damn video that your son handed to the police is difficult to deal with .   The other idiots in the office wanted to argue with me that it was useless to try and deal with it .   I decided to engage an expert to go through the footage frame by frame to see if we can discredit his statement on the matter .   The funny thing is that there were a few frames when he turned the camera it showed his crotch area .   He was aroused by what he was watching .   That does not match up with his statement, in that he said he was forced and disgusted with what he filmed . "

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"The lying brat .   So, what have you planned?"

"The expert is preparing a detailed report for us to identify the frames, and a few other minor issues that he found while reviewing the footage .   I have also located three other experts .   One for analysis of the footage and then two that can deal with his reaction .   Assuming the first expert's view is confirmed, then we can get the technical evidence that deals with it .   That will allow us undermine him as a credible witness on the r*pe charges involving Miss Yao . "

"As you know the charges around that are the most serious of all the s*xual offences charges given the footage he supplied .   Discrediting him, minimises the seriousness of those charges, if not eliminates them as Miss Yao will not be a good witness, given she can not identify you clearly .   That is different to the bulk of the rest of the charges, as we can argue there was a level of consent with what happened, as they agreed to the contracts that created the debts and the work to reduce the debt .   That will allow me to pursue the most minor of charges relating to them and minimising the penalties on the matters we cannot eliminate . "

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"How are you going on discrediting the Hou's?"

"That is still a work in progress .   While I have the material you provided, and that is strong, it is difficult to obtain independent evidence to support it . "

"But its strength should count?"

"It should, but the problem is there is the argument that is it self-serving for you .   And, before you say anything, part of why you wanted me to be the lead lawyer in the case is to think widely .   As your lawyer, I would be failing you if I did not raise my concerns and the problems, but that does not mean that I do not believe it .   The problem is the lack of anything else I can find . "

"Jane, you need to use it to destroy them give they caused the whole situation . "

"I know, but honestly I fear that it will backfire if I use presently . " Jane paused, knowing that the situation was frustrating and there was a better way to deal with things, so she was relaxed to finalise matters and tidy up before the senior partner arrived . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Jane pushed her chair back and said "This is a little frustrating .   I know what we can do to make the situation better . " With that she turned and quickly undid his pants and slipped her hands inside his underwear caressing his p*nis before pulling his pants down .