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Chapter 3

The Familiar Hates Talking

It seems to be morning, although he can only guess .

“…Oh ho?”

The man sits up in bed with a slightly puzzled look on his face .


He looked around the room he had become very familiar with over the past few centuries .

For a bedroom, it’s rather spacious .

A crimson coloured carpet is spread across the entire floor .

There are various closets along the walls, as well as small tables and chairs meant for visitors which haven’t been used for a considerably long time, even by his standards .

His bed is a luxurious one, complete with a canopy .

Although it doesn’t look it, the bed is actually a large coffin .

Inside that coffin is the soil from his place of birth .

A long time ago, he would sleep in the coffin like any normal vampire, but…

It really was a chore to have to clean clumps of dirt off his clothing whenever he woke up .

So, eventually, he just decided to lay blankets and pillows on top of the coffin and sleep on it that way .

Since sleeping is his most treasured (and only) pastime, over the years the ‘coffin’ has begun to look more and more like a real canopy bed .

Even so…

He definitely must have added the canopy at some point in the past few hundred years, but even he has forgotten just why he did it .

“…Hm . ”

He strokes his chin for no particular reason .

And as he sat on the edge of his ‘bed’…

Click .

The man snapped his fingers .

After a few moments, the door to his room opens .

The girl wearing the maid uniform with short black hair covering one of her eyes entered . A familiar .

Approaching calmly, she waits for his instructions .

He beckons her to come closer, and as she does he continues to rub his jaw as he looks her over .

“…I see, it really does look like a young girl . ”


“Just so our ‘visitor’ doesn’t suffer from any more misunderstandings, wouldn’t it be best if you adopted a slightly more mature figure?”


The familiar shook its head .

It seems like they can’t do it . Although if it doesn’t speak, it’s impossible to understand completely .

A familiar is essentially a follower .

For that reason, even if he was rattling off instructions one after the other, there was no need to hear any response .

But now that he lived such a peaceful existence, it did feel somewhat uncomfortable to have a familiar who never seemed to say much of anything .

Besides, what would the Saint think if he had a young girl waiting on him who didn’t seem able to talk at all?

“It’s decided, I shall teach you a few words today . ”


“Well, first of all, are you able to make any noise at all? Try it for me . ”

“…Kii kii”

What a half-hearted attempt .

Is she really as expressionless as she looks? Perhaps she simply has a cold personality? Or maybe she’s just tired from having to take care of this old man for so long?

“…You have served me faithfully and well over the years, I will not begrudge you your freedom, if that’s what you wish?”


Another shake of the head .

Even if it’s possible to communicate, it really is inconvenient not being able to have a conversation .

Though, this is strange .

He has never thought of this as a problem, but now that he’s conscious of it, it’s a hard thing for him to handle .

He awoke six hundred years ago, yet he had never been frustrated by a sense of distance between himself and a familiar until now .

The vampire that had once been spoken of in hushed voices as “He Who Emerges from Darkness” and “The Blood-Curdling Shadow of the Full Moon” was now experiencing something similar to what a father feels towards a daughter going through puberty .

“Alright, today you’re going to study with me . It will be a success if you can just imitate the words that I speak to you . Now, repeat after me . ”


The familiar looked confused .

‘Why are we bothering doing something so unnecessary?’ is what her face seems to say .

The truth is, he isn’t quite sure himself .

Regardless, the man began to teach words to his familiar . The expressionless girl and the white-haired (from an early age) man sat across from each other on the bed, exchanging various “Ahs” and “Ohs” .

The morning rolled on, the day melted away, and eventually, night fell .

The man nodded and asked .

“Well then, have you committed those words to heart?”


The familiar nodded .

The man stroked his stubbled chin .

“Then, say what’s on your mind . I want to hear your true feelings . ”


“I want you to speak honestly . ”

“…Talking, hate . Annoying . ”

“…I see?”

The man couldn’t help but laugh .

The familiar simply remains as quiet and expressionless as ever .

So she hates talking, huh?

After a relationship spanning longer than several human lifetimes, the man finally learned something about his familiar .

That was how the Vampire spent his day whilst the Saint was away .

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