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Chapter 17

April, the entrance ceremony of Takamine Academy’s primary school was being held today .

Tsubaki was brought by her father to take a look at the classroom lists on the academy’s notice board .
There Tsubaki wanted to go “Waa~ which class I’m in?”, but when she looks at the left side of the lists, which is the first list of the classroom’s listing order, “Asahina Tsubaki” was written around the top of the first list .
Well, my first name is Asahina after all, of course, my name would be around the top of the list with this alphabetical listing order . Thought Tsubaki with somewhat feeling depressed, though a few seconds ago she was so excited with the classroom announcement .
After pulling herself together, Tsubaki began to searching for Kyousuke and Anna’s name on the notice board .
The result, Kyousuke was in a different classroom . Though it was given since Kyousuke and Tsubaki are relatives .
However Anna was in the same classroom with Tsubaki, knowing that someone she’s familiar with would be in the same class as her, Tsubaki sighed in relief .
Although in-law, Anna was Tsubaki’s cousin . With the concern of Tsubaki’s upbringing, they made sure to put someone she is close to to be in the same class as her . Of course, it goes without saying that “They” here are the Mizushima house and the Asahina house .

The primary school of Takamine Academy fundamentally has three classrooms of each grade, the class rearrangement where only happen once in the fourth grade .
Although the Takamine Academy was famous as a school where the rich children attend, that reputation could only be displayed in full at the middle school of the Takamine Academy .
Since a long time ago, the headmaster of the primary school of the Takamine Academy had a saying “A natural learning foster a rich heart . ” and it was set as the primary school’s foundation . The middle school and highschool of the Takamine Academy were right at the heart of a metropolitan city, but only the primary school was on the natural rich place on the outskirt of the city .
As the saying goes, nature had become one of the main curriculum in the Takamine Academy’s primary school, such as; cultivation of crops and animal husbandry .
Because of that, some prideful parents don’t allow their children to enroll in the primary school of Takamine Academy .
And for parents who share the same view with the primary school’s foundation, or parents who wanted to avoid the junior high school’s entrance exam via the Academy’s escalator system or parents who wanted to make a connection with others were much larger in number .
But, since the marticuriculum fee and the tuition fees are absurdly high, the academy had always run a secret audit on each of their students’ parents’ annual income— or so they said .

One week has passed since Tsubaki had enrolled in primary school, it has become Tsubaki’s daily routine to put on the school uniform and spinning around in front of the mirror .
A navy blue sailor uniform and a madder red scarf . Also, a barret . Tsubaki couldn’t stop grinning from the very image of a girl from a good family which was reflected was very cute .

If people were looking at her right now, she’s nothing more but a narcissist .

Since the day where all the servants of the Asahina house know that Tsubaki doesn’t have the nature of an upbringing lady, it has been a standard by the servants to ignore her unladylike conduct .

In the present situation, behind Tsubaki who was doing another pose and smiling in front of the mirror, there was one of the maids who was cleaning her bedroom without even took a single glance at Tsubaki .

At first, Tsubaki had always kept her mask on and playing the role of a young lady with a good upbringing .

However, that very image was crumbled and hit the ground in an instant in the eyes of the servants at the time Kyousuke and Anna were come visiting the Asahina house to play .

Nevertheless, the attitude the servants had toward Tsubaki didn’t change at all from the first time they met her, nothing couldn’t be said more than as expected of pros .

From looking at the unchanging attitude of the servants, whether it was pent up stress from the acting or gave up with the idea, she had long stop forcing herself with the good young lady act .

Rather Tsubaki where much prefer the current situation where she didn’t have to force herself and have a stress-free and relaxing place like this .

Finished with her daily routine to check herself in front of the mirror, she then entered the Asahina’s courtesy car .

Arrived at her destination, the front gate of the Takamine primary school, she then gets out of the car . While on her way to the school entrance hall, Anna came from behind her and walk together after gave her greetings to Tsubaki .

“Gokigenyou, Tsubaki-san” (Anna)
“Gokigenyou, Anna-san” (Tsubaki)

Since the two of them had always in contact since the Christmas party and visiting each other’s houses to play frequently, their relationship has become so close rapidly .

Because Tsubaki always took her time in leisure when going to school she usually would arrive at the last minute, because of that Anna said, “You are early today” By the time Tsubaki wanted to reply, the shrieking voice of multiple girls can be heard from the school gate . Tsubaki then stops and looks back at the school gate .

There she saw Kyousuke coming out from Mizushima’s courtesy car and walking toward the school gate and understood the reason for the girls shrieking .

With the background of the son from a distinguished family of Mizushima and the looks that of a prince, Kyousuke image as an idol of the school were naturally set to stone quickly after his enrolment .

However, with the nature he had, Kyousuke had always on guard towards people he’s not familiar with . And the person he’s close within the school was Tsubaki alone at the moment .

Nevertheless, it’s hard to say he was a loner with how people will come and made a fuss around him even without his consent .

Presently, the other girls know the limit of the action they can take because of Tsubaki . It has already known within the school that in Kyousuke’s private time, he would always spend his time together with Tsubaki and how Tsubaki was also close to Kyousuke’s grandfather and father .

Even in this early morning, the girls were trying their best to get Kyousuke’s attention by talking with him however, the person in question only let out a curt reply without looking back at them and moving toward the school at a quick pace .

While moving toward the school’s entrance, Kyousuke found Tsubaki who was talking with Anna . With this they won’t be able to follow me around, with that in mind he quickly changed his course toward them .

Getting called from behind by Kyousuke, Tsubaki thought don’t use me as your place for escape . However, without letting her emotion shows on her face, she gave her greeting to her cousin .

Replying Tsubaki’s greetings, Kyousuke then looking at Anna .

These two had never met each other at Tsubaki’s place because they would always at a near-miss situation when they came to play with Tsubaki, so this would be the first time they had a real conversation .

“Hmm . So you are the person who is getting close with Tsubaki recently, huh?” (Kyousuke)
“Gokigenyou, Mizushima-sama . My name is Yakumo Anna, pleased to meet you . ” (Anna)

Toward Anna who was introducing herself, Kyousuke was looking at her in a rather rude manner .
Please, don’t say anything rude . While begging to her cousin in her mind Tsubaki was looking at Kyousuke to make sure he gets her message .

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After a moment looking at Anna, Kyousuke then nods to himself as if he had agreed at something .

“You pass . If you are a friend of Tsubaki, then I don’t mind to be your friend . ” (Kyousuke)

What’s with that a friend of my friend is my friend’s logic!? Also, stop with that arrogant attitude! This is why you never had any friends besides me! Thought Tsubaki while kept it from showing on her face .
Toward Kyousuke’s declaration of friendship(?) Anna just smiles sweetly .

“It is my pleasure, please take care of me . ” (Anna)

There’s no change in Anna’s attitude . However, her eyes were not smiling at all .
While on the other hand .
I’m sorry, I’m so sorry about my cousin . Tsubaki was almost bowing down and apologize to Anna .

Heard the conversation Kyousuke had with Anna, the other girls then believe that if they get close with Tsubaki they could also be friends with Kyousuke . Because of this, they would always come with a crowd to Tsubaki’s desk during recess time .
At these transparent girls who want to make use of her, Tsubaki was already at her limit .
However, inside the school, she had always put an air of a good young lady and couldn’t just yell at them so she could only reject them gently, but sadly there was no effect at all .

Looking at the present situation Tsubaki was in, there was a single girl in the same class with Tsubaki, who had a strong will in her eyes, letting out a scorn laugh toward Tsubaki .

“Getting all the girls circling and flattering you like that . Feeling like a queen, aren’t you?”
“What do you mean?” (Tsubaki)
“Do not get ahead of yourself and think you are above others just because you are the cousin of Mizushima-sama, that is what I mean . ”
“Ara, seems like you are misunderstanding something here . The girls here did not want to be my friends but using me as their stepping stone to get close with Kyousuke-san . Toward these girls, there is no way I want to be their friend . Also, this has been annoyed me, that all of you have kept coming to me every break time . If you want to be friends with Kyousuke-san, then please do so with your own power . ” (Tsubaki)

Heard the girl who spoke to her in a challenging manner, all the stress that had pent up in her were exploded and Tsubaki leashed all of it toward the girls who had encircled her .
Suddenly, there was a complete change from the girls around Tsubaki . The noisy surrounding suddenly turned silent and each of the girls has an indescribable face as Tsubaki spoke what they had in their mind and they scattered away from Tsubaki’s desk .
Seeing that they had returned to their seats, Tsubaki then talks to her friend .

“Nee, Anna . Who is she?” (Tsubaki)

Still not capable of remembering all of her classmates’ names because of the matters she still had in her daily life, she asked Anna who was sitting next to her in a whisper .

“She is Toudou Chizuru . Granddaughter of the former Prime Minister Toudou and the daughter of the Congress member Toudou who is also the president of the Toudou Pharmacy Company . She is also the head of the biggest group in our school . ” (Anna)

In a whisper, Anna replied to Tsubaki .

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Tsubaki was surprised, while still in the first year of primary school Toudou had already become the one who stands at the top of the biggest group within the school .
The Toudou influence and charisma are really something, thought Tsubaki .

However, since then every time Tsubaki failed at something, Toudou cut in and throw sarcasm towards Tsubaki as if she was going to take the head of a demon .
According to Anna, Toudou also had an affection towards Kyousuke . Thus the charge Toudou does head-on toward Tsubaki at any given opportunity . Hearing this information from Anna, Tsubaki could somehow come to understand .

On a certain day after school, at the corner of the dining hall, Tsubaki together with Anna was killing time together while waiting for their ride to arrive .
Anna was frequently at the same place with Tsubaki while Toudou was throwing sarcasm toward Tsubaki .
To Anna, Tsubaki was someone she’s recognized as a person with a low boiling point because of the matter with her cousin, Leon, in which Tsubaki had punched his face where he angered her .
That was why Anna was wondering why that Tsubaki had only taken all of the Toudou’s sarcasm without doing any retaliation .

“That’s rare for you to just listen quietly and not fight back . ” (Anna)
“Because I quite like Toudou-san after all . ” (Tsubaki)
“Eh? Are you an M? Really, an M?” (Anna) (TL note: She meant Masochist . I put it here just in case you were wondering . )

Because they were in the dining hall, Tsubaki was worried if someone overheard their conversation so she took a look around, however, no one took a seat around their desk, rather she could somehow felt that the other students were trying to avoid her .
After confirming that no one took a seat close to them, Anna then looks at Tsubaki and tell the reason why people were avoiding her uninterestedly .

“Well, you are the cousin of Mizushima-sama, although in-law you are also the daughter of the Asahina house after all . Toward that Mizushima-sama who hasn’t opened up to anyone, you are the only one he is close with, so aren’t they afraid to accidentally do something that might incur someone’s wrath?” (Anna)
“Although on the inside I am someone that can do neither good nor harm~” (Tsubaki)

“So, what’s the reason for you to like her?” (Anna)
“Aa, because she never did something unreasonable . Even about the sarcasm, she only said it to me when she was face to face with me, and when her followers were around her and trying to do follow up and complaint to me she warned them to stop chiming in and do it when they talk with me . It’s quite refreshing to see someone so fair and square like that . She is indeed the very role model of a daughter from a good family . In a good way of course . ” (Tsubaki)

To begin with, the content of the sarcasm Toudou said toward Tsubaki was always centered around what Tsubaki couldn’t do, without bringing anyone from Tsubaki’s family or finding fault on Tsubaki personally, it was always centered on what Tsubaki couldn’t do in the school .
Besides, the girls who trying to butter up to Tsubaki, after they got rejected from her they then tried to butter up for Toudou but she also rejected them sternly . Tsubaki likes her because she always does things reasonably without letting her emotions run wild .
Most of all, all she does just say a piece of her mind . Not taking any action nor any unfair means . Tsubaki could only think of Toudou’s action toward her until now was nothing but a child’s cute jealousy and finding it rather pleasant .
Every time it started, the other students would rather watching these two in the distance rather than be involved .
Also, toward Tsubaki who didn’t have an exchange with other students besides Anna and Kyousuke, some students who hold ill will toward her began to show up .

Tsubaki herself rather afraid that, someone like her who prefer broader social interaction, would break a part of her mask and had tried to held into her isolated school social life, thus every time other students started a conversation with her she only gave a short reply like “Is that so”, “Ara”, “I see” and mostly playing-parrot on what they said to her .
That was how she spends her daily life at school and had been seen by the other students as a taciturn young lady who was afraid of strangers, a very well behaved girl– Until the matter with Toudou began, it started changing to an arrogant girl who was looking down on others . It has even become a rumor that the students from the other classes known as well .

“Still, even though this is the primary school’s dining hall, don’t you think this is too fancy?”

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If the entire student body were to enter this dining hall, it would still have some space, that’s how big the dining hall was . Also, there’s a service of the desserts they offer after school .
Most of the students have private lessons and training so people who stayed after school were overwhelmingly few .

“No matter how low the reputation this primary school has, it is still part of the Takamine Academy after all . Although we couldn’t use the private room until we got into the upper grades . ” (Anna)
“What are they thinking about letting children learn about the luxury lifestyle at their young age? Just throw them some Azalea flowers and let them suck the honey out of it, that will do it . ” (Tsubaki)

At the moment Anna heard Tsubaki said, she looked at Tsubaki as if she was looking at a fool .
However, the person in question responded with “Didn’t anyone does it when they are still young?”
“And then you got scolded, right? It’s like that right?” Asked Tsubaki to Anna as if she was drawing closer and pressures Anna to answer Yes .
From there they began their trivial disputes, while there’s a person who gets closer to them and Tsubaki didn’t realize this at all .


“Yes”, “No”, “Yes”, “No” This is mostly the content of their disputes and before they know, Kyousuke was standing behind Tsubaki .
By the time Tsubaki looks at Kyousuke, she remembered that she had promised him to go for a lesson together .
Tsubaki immediately put her mask back on and put her demeanor of a young lady .

“Pardon me, Kyousuke-san . I was so happy to talk with Anna-san that I almost forget about time . I am ready to go now . ” (Tsubaki)
“I don’t mind . Also after done with the lesson can I go to your home?” (Kyousuke)
“Ee, I believed it would be okay . ” (Tsubaki)
“I have to pass the present and a letter from father to Oba-sama . Oba-sama currently in her most precious time isn’t she? There’s no way we could just visit her as we want . ” (Kyousuke)
“It is . I believed Okaa-sama would prefer Kyousuke-san to pass them in person, but I will give a call to my parents and ask them first . ” (Tsubaki)

What Kyousuke meant by precious time was Yuriko’s pregnancy . Although she is still in the initial stage of pregnancy, it has been seven years since the last time she had a child birth delivery so everyone around her was nervous .
Though Tsubaki was wondering whether she would have a little sister or a little brother, she was looking forward to it and hope for her mother to have a calm pregnancy lifestyle ahead .

After bid her farewell with Anna at the school’s front gate, Tsubaki then entered the Mizushima’s courtesy car together with Kyousuke .
The door closed, and the car started moving . A few minutes passed and Kyousuke suddenly speak .

“How many times did I told you already that there’s no kid who would suck honey out off the Azalea flowers?” (Kyousuke)
“Could you stop eavesdropping on other people’s conversations!?” (Tsubaki)

And who was the one who enjoyed it the most? It’s you!