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Chapter 18

TN: Change Leon Groth Klois to Leon Groth Kreuz


The following year, the Asahina family was blessed with the birth of a new member into the family, Sumire, a baby girl who was seven years apart from Tsubaki .
Sumire was a girl who had a thin pigment, a special characteristic of the Asahina house which she inherited from her father, and a cute face with a thin nose bridge and fluffy hair .

“… There’s an Angel here . Angels really do exist . ” (Tsubaki)
“I know you didn’t put the flash on but stop with the continuous shots . Also, say something else . Wait, why did you take a low-angle shot?” (Kyousuke)
“Mizushima-sama, Tsubaki is currently in her own world so she won’t be able to respond to you . ” (Anna)

What a lovely little sister . Is this what they meant by so cute that it won’t hurt even if put in the eyes? Thought Tsubaki as she wholeheartedly continues her continuous shots of Sumire . (TN: So cute that it won’t hurt even if put in the eyes, words which grandparents usually used when mentioning their grandchildren in Japan . )
Today, Kyousuke and Anna were coming here to celebrate Yuriko’s safe child delivery .
However, Tsubaki was so busy taking Sumire’s picture that she was ignoring the other two .
Tsubaki then stopped when she was satisfied and had a look of pure happiness on her face while looking at her little sister .
On the other hand, Kyousuke and Anna were keeping their distance at the current Tsubaki with slight disgust .

By the way, compared to Tsubaki’s Little Sister Fever, the father’s Daughter Fever was much worse .
Clothes, plushies and toys, all in pink, were Sumire couldn’t even tell the difference between colors yet, was bought by Kaoru a lot that could probably bury a person with those in the room .
Even when it was still uncertain would it be a boy or a girl who would be born Kaoru said “Of course I know, it’s a girl . That’s what my wild instinct says to me . ”
And in reality, it was indeed a girl . How scary the wild instinct of a father is .

However, that doesn’t mean Kouru didn’t give Tsubaki any more attention .
It is often said that when their child was born, the parents would neglect their foster children, but it seems that’s not the case here because the love Kaoru gave to Tsubaki didn’t decrease at all .
Rather Tsubaki getting much more love by her father that she hoped he shares half of it with Sumire as well .
For a while Tsubaki and co seated in Sumire’s room together with Yuriko, but because it was almost time for Sumire’s milk time, the three then began to move toward the first-floor living room and began enjoying the snacks that were prepared beforehand by the servants .

“Today’s refreshment is Baumkuchen, huh . ” (Anna)
“It is . This is a gift from Asahina Obaa-sama . She said these were made by a famous local shop in German . The taste is different from the one made in Japan, still, each of them is so delicious though . ” (Tsubaki)

Ah, I’ve had a time where I ate it layer by layer, how nostalgic~ . I won’t be able to do it again though, thought Tsubaki as she enjoys the Baumkuchen .

And like that, just before she realized it her plate was already empty .

If there are only three of them here, Tsubaki would probably go for another fill but seeing that there are quite a lot of people coming to visit the Asahina residence because her family hold a sip and see for their new family member, she wouldn’t know who and where people might see her so she holds her desire to eat more .
There might be some snacks left even after dinner, let’s ask them to save it for me, Tsubaki then calls a servant who was nearby and told them to prepare some of the snacks for her dessert after dinner in a whisper .
Heard Tsubaki’s request, without even a change in on their tone the servant said “Certainly . ”

“That reminds me, Tsubaki you were absent at the Mizushima party last year, weren’t you?” (Anna)
“Yes, I was . I’m worried about Okaa-sama after all . ” (Tsubaki)
“Tsubaki, they decided you as the fiancee of Mizushima-sama at that party . ” (Anna)
“Ha?” (Tsubaki)

Anna informs Tsubaki about what happened at the party while keeping her voice down .
Surprised with the news, Tsubaki then looking at Kyousuke who was together with them and was able to hear what they were talking about, but seeing there was no change in his face Tsubaki presume he might know this .
However, Tsubaki prefers not to have this bothersome and insensitive man as her partner .
Tsubaki then asked Anna about the details .

“How does that happen?” (Tsubaki)
“People at the party were asked him this “Your grandchildren are very close to each other, are you perhaps consider pairing them in a marriage?” and Mizushima Ojii-sama said this “Indeed” because of that everyone there took it as a confirmation from Mizushima Ojii-sama . ” (Anna)
“And in the end, he said excuses like “I did not mean so”, right? It’s that Ojii-sama after all . ” (Tsubaki)
“It’s just like what you said” (Anna)

At present, Tsubaki doesn’t have any plans to be partnered with Kyousuke, even though Kyousuke does love Tsubaki, it wasn’t that feeling of love but more of familial love .
Kyousuke will eventually find a person he truly loves, but until then Tsubaki was planning to be a bug repellent for him so she willingly gets on her grandfather’s decision .
In case Kyousuke couldn’t find that person, Tsubaki already had a plan to push any girl to him as long as that girl doesn’t have any troublesome background .
To begin with, Kyousuke doesn’t see Tsubaki as an object of romantic interest, not even a speck of it .
With how Tsubaki act and behave in front of him, he could only see her as a good female friend .

What I want from Kyousuke are his faith and trust . Love? No thank you . Thought Tsubaki .

“By the way, Tsubaki . I heard you having trouble with Toudou . Is that true?” (Kyousuke)

While Tsubaki was sorting her thought, Kyousuke asks her as if he was just recalled it .

“Kyousuke-san, there is nothing good out of man butting in on woman’s quarrel . If it’s only this much I can handle it myself so there’s nothing for you to worry about . ” (Tsubaki)
“… I see . If you said so then fine . However, don’t force yourself . ” (Kyousuke)

Up until now the places where Tsubaki was showered with sarcasm by Toudou were the places that Kyousuke’s eyes couldn’t reach so she believed he wouldn’t know anything about this, that was why Tsubaki was honestly surprised when he brought up this topic .
However, by the time Kyousuke knows about what happened between Tsubaki and Toudou, it would make things more complicated so she wishes Kyousuke to not take any action .

Ever since then, Toudou continuing in throw sarcasm at Tsubaki in any given opportunity . Because all Toudou does just that, Tsubaki didn’t mind too much of it and leave her to do as she likes .

Just in case, these are the example of the sarcasm Toudou said to Tsubaki, such as;
“Maa Asahina-san, you couldn’t do a back hip circle? I can already do it though . ”,
“Asahina-san, you take your time with your meal huh . Everyone around already finished theirs hours ago so could you speed up a little? Until you finish yours, everyone has to stay here remember?” ,
“Asahina-san, you have bed hair . Are you perhaps oversleeping? What a disgrace of Takamine . ” ,
“There is chalk powder on your skirt . How unsightly . ”, and so on .

Since Tsubaki didn’t take offense on what Toudou said to her, she just leaves her to say what she wants . Particularly, at the part where Toudou pointing out the chalk powder, Tsubaki was grateful for it .
And about Tsubaki’s slow eating pace, she was worried about table manners and her surroundings so she only put a small quantity of food in her mouth and it took quite a lot of time to finish her meal .
The students were allowed to take any seat and leave the dining hall as they please in the fourth grade . Until then, Tsubaki and her classmates have to sit down together and have their meal together .
It seems like it was necessary to develop the students’ sense of collective responsibility and the spirit of cooperation .

Tsubaki had few ideas on the reason for Toudou’s actions so far toward her .
It was probably the person Toudou look up to and adore, Kyousuke, was close with Tsubaki, also Tsubaki has the same authority and influence that could be compared to her, thus Toudou bore hostility toward her .
If the image Toudou has of Tsubaki inside her was that of a villain, it would be hard for Tsubaki to getting along with her .
Even before they met each other, for some reason, Toudou had a very bad impression of Tsubaki . And the words Toudou use when talking to her was already harsh from the very beginning .

After the conversation Tsubaki had with Kyousuke, Anna then remembered something she had in mind and come closer to Tsubaki and talk to her in a whisper .

“By the way, there are mountains of letters filled with complaints coming from Leo to me . Do you remember to write a reply to his letter?” (Anna)
“Ah, I forgot . All of his letters were in German, after all, I can’t read it . ” (Tsubaki)
“In contrast to his letters, yours were all in Japanese . That was the first time I see conversation so disconnected like that . ” (Anna)
“I lose if I learn German, I just got that feeling somehow . ” (Tsubaki)

Replying to Anna, Tsubaki was also in a whisper .

Ever since the Christmas party, Leon would frequently send a letter to Tsubaki .
Seeing that the letters Leon wrote were all in German, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to read it, she put all his letters in her desk drawer without reading them in a natural motion .
Since then she sent a letter to Leon every five letters she received from him in a Japanese polite and formal writing .
Tsubaki wished for him to lose interest in her but there’s no sign of him in stopping his letters at all .

“Tsubaki, who is Leon?” (Kyousuke)

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Heard an unfamiliar name, Kyousuke asked Tsubaki .
Now that I think about it, Kyousuke never heard about what happened on that day huh, Thought Tsubaki while introducing Leon to Kyousuke .

“Leon Groth Kreuz . The grandson of grandmother Asahina’s little brother and also Anna’s cousin . ” (Tsubaki)
“Groth Kreuz… That famous automobile manufacturing company from Germany huh . I also heard they run several restaurant chains . ” (Kyousuke)
“You know a lot about them, huh . ” (Tsubaki)
“I’ve been informed of this . Or rather, you are just too ignorant . Try to learn about the family of your grandmother’s side a little . ” (Kyousuke)

Getting a look of surprised by Kyousuke because of her ignorance, Tsubaki tries to ignore him by thinking positive .
I’m still a kid so I don’t need information like these… As if an excuse like that could work . Tsubaki then started to reflect on herself .

Should I tell Kyousuke about Leon in a bad light? Perhaps I shouldn’t . Thought Tsubaki while she started explaining what happened that day to Kyousuke while leaving out a few details .
Tsubaki also told Kyousuke about how Leon had insulted her and she punched him, however, she didn’t tell him about how Leon also had insulted Yuriko and Leon had an interest in her .
Kyousuke was looking rather dissatisfied after hearing what Tsubaki said, but he didn’t question her for more details . Once his ride back home arrived, Kyousuke then goes to Sumire to take a look at her one more time and going back home .

There’s a problem with a kid who was way too obedient, just because of the relationship with his father getting improved I don’t think it would easily change that part of him . Thought Tsubaki as she was looking at the chair where Kyousuke was .

Too obedient, or in Kyousuke’s case, it would be better to describe as he didn’t persistently ask or demand something because he is afraid to hurt the other party so he kept his silence .
Especially, since Kyousuke had personally experienced the feeling of getting avoided by his father, he was afraid of that experience to happen again by the person he closes with .
Thus Tsubaki presumes it would be hard for Kyousuke to getting close to a certain extent with a person he’s not good with, a person he knows nothing of, and a person he can’t trust .

After Kyousuke left, because there are a lot of visitors in the living room for them to have a quiet conversation, Tsubaki guides Anna to her room .

“This room somehow matches your appearance but it is far off the mark if compared with your personality . ” (Anna)
“Say no more . I know it best after all . ” (Tsubaki)

It is a privilege for a girl in their childhood to have a pink colored room as the basis and the furniture like that of a princess’ bedroom so Tsubaki wished Anna to keep her eyes shut on this matter .

“Anna please can you tell Leon that I didn’t want to be friends with him?” (Tsubaki)
“He is the type of a person like Mizushima-sama you know? Even if I tell him he won’t listen to me . ” (Anna)
“To begin with, he’s interested in me because I punched him, you find it weird as well aren’t you? What is this? A Shoujo Game?” (Tsubaki)
“And we are inside that Shoujo Game, remember?” (Anna)

After done with their daily skit, the two then started to get down to the main topic .

“About Mizushima Obaa-sama, what do you think? (Tsubaki)
“This is just a guess but from the stories I heard around, the possibility for her to be a reincarnator is quite high . ” (Anna)
“You think so as well, huh” (Tsubaki)

At the time Tsubaki heard the story about how her grandfather and grandmother fall in love with each other from her mother, Tsubaki had felt something was out of place .
Tsubaki didn’t buy the documents of Characters and the World Settings that were sold separately, so she only knows about the established background of each character from the time players press the Start Button .
Even at the start of the game, the other relatives she knows as a player that [Tsubaki] would have is Haruki, there was no introduction of the others [Tsubaki]’s relatives or family members .
However, she could feel that this [Koi Hana]’s world getting more and more steering off of the script from the [Koi Hana] she knew .
The one obvious difference was her mother, Yuriko .
The Yuriko that was introduced in the game was an arrogant and bigoted woman, a woman with an intense personality . The Yuriko she knows from the game wasn’t supposed to be a woman that could stir up the desire to protect from others, that should be impossible . However, that was what has happened .
Also, after putting together the information of her grandmother she heard from her mother, the answers always pointing toward her grandmother as a reincarnator .
By the way, the fiancee her grandfather pick for the first time was her grandmother, Yae . However, using sickness as the reason, Yae declines the engagement .
From the story Tsubaki hears later on at the time before the story about the engagement was brought up, it seems like Yae was sneak a peek of Tsubaki’s grandfather in a certain party . Because there’s a lot of attendees he doesn’t seem to notice it .
He was a son from that distinguished Mizushima house so of course she would take an interest in him, seems like that was what the others think from this .

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Back to the story, there was probably where Yae noticed .
In [Koi Hana], there’s no introduction to Tsubaki’s grandfather . Also, her uncle and grandfather had the same looks and personality, if her uncle were getting much older she could imagine the splitting image of her uncle could have with her grandfather .
Tracing back a few years after the Game Start, it could be still the season for Tsubaki’s grandparents to take the main stage . And possibly, Yae also had noticed this as well .
That’s why, hearing that he have Mizushima as a surname, and a look that identical with Haruki, Yae then started to fully realize that she was inside the world of [Koi Hana]’s past .

And then after Yae declines her engagement with him and shortly after it was decided Mio’s grandmother as his fiancee, she met him by chance and they started falling in love with each other . That was the whole story of the beginning of Tsubaki’s grandparent’s romance .

However, Tsubaki believes it was not by chance, but on purpose . Still, whether it’s true or not it was unclear .
At first, Yae declines her engagement with him because she believes she would become that Tsubaki’s grandmother, however seeing that Mio’s grandmother had a similar personality with Tsubaki from [Koi Hana], perhaps here where she misunderstood that Mio’s grandmother was the real Tsubaki’s grandmother .
Children raised by an arrogant, bigoted and selfish woman would result in the child to have the same personality as their mother, and that child would become the mother of [Koi Hana]’s Tsubaki . This was probably what she thought .
It was also very likely that Yae started to act to change the future, not for Tsubaki, but Mio .
Tsubaki came to that conclusion because if she has a different grandmother, her mother would be different as well and she wouldn’t be born .
And then, since she was young, Yuriko always been taught to not be luxurious, always have sympathy for others, it is shameful to wishing for others belongings, and so on by Yae in hope she won’t turn out to be the Yuriko from [Koi Hana], and perhaps she also doing this while making sure Yuriko to not come in contact with Kurahashi .
About the personality of Mio’s grandmother, Tsubaki could only learn from the hearsay the servants of Mizushima know but, even though she was close to resembling the Tsubaki from [Koi Hana] in personality, she was just the typical prideful, rich woman, not like the one Yae had in mind .
The distorted personality that Mio’s mother had now probably the result of the discord between Yae and Mio’s grandmother . If so, Tsubaki could only think that Yae’s action was too thoughtless .
As long as the source of the distortion of the gear inside the Game’s story’s script was the person named Yae, it would be appropriate to think of her as a reincarnated person .

“The problem with Shuugetsu house getting more complicated probably because the time my grandparents getting married was off the mark with the game’s story, this is another assumption I can come up with . ” (Tsubaki)
“I see . Although most of the settings and the story go just like in the game . ” (Anna)
“I know right? Even with different personalities . Characters and background settings are still the same as the game’s settings . ” (Tsubaki)

Even with a different course, the destination was still the same, the daughter of the legal wife and the daughter of the lover, the same settings as in the game . The only difference was Tsubaki’s mother is still alive .
However not by disease or accident, her mother’s death was caused by her own will . She still alive until now probably because Tsubaki succeeded in getting rid of the cause .
Although there’s no positive proof of her conjecture in this subject, Tsubaki prays only in this subject she was right .

With how the core of the game had started to change far away even before the Game starting point, the future could lead to anywhere at this point .
It is better to think that all of the game’s walkthrough of the capturable characters Tsubaki’s know of was already useless .
All she could do was to keep the basic information of each of the characters from the game’s walkthrough in mind and do the rest with her own power .
Fortunately, Tsubaki has Anna by her side . Knowing that she’s not alone means a lot to her .

Tsubaki’s grandmother had passed away way back before Yuriko met Kurahashi, and there’s no way for her to know what her grandmother had in mind .
No matter how it started, Tsubaki wanted to believe that her grandmother was a person that truly cares and loves her husband and her children .

And finally, the other matters that she has to consider, the junior high school and what to do after university .
If Mio growing up with no change in her personality, she would hold hostility toward Tsubaki and there is no way she would lend an ear to her .
Even if Tsubaki warn Mio for what has happened in this game world, it is highly possible that she would take that as a form of bullying .
And to break that deadlock, Tsubaki already had her eyes on a certain person .
That person was Toudou Chizuru .
A person with a strong sense of justice, and also someone who holds the reign of the biggest group in the entire school, even Mio will listen to what Toudou would say .
From a person who was an exemplary student of the Takamine Academy, and also thinks highly of the Takamine’s dignity, it is very likely someone like Mio would be the center of her attention .
Of course, Tsubaki wouldn’t leave all of it for Toudou to handle alone, she’s also planned to keep an eye on Mio .
However, if she said the same thing as Toudou to Mio, it would diminish the effect as a whole .
A well-bred person such as Toudou had never said any offensive sarcasm toward Tsubaki, she also never bully her .
Based on that, it is appropriate to think of her as a righteous person .
Tsubaki, who couldn’t think of a way to break the deadlock with Mio, at the first time she heard how belligerent and straight forward the words of Toudou was, she immediately know the one who was suitable to sit on the top is Toudou .
Also, because of that time quarrel she had with Toudou, Tsubaki reputation as a well behaved taciturn young lady who was afraid of strangers has fallen to an arrogant girl who never sees others as her equal .
Of course, Tsubaki never looks at her classmates like that . Her daily life as a rich young lady had only started for two years, she was afraid that if she made contact with a lot of people, her mask would slip off .
To prevent that from happening she always letting out “Don’t get close to me” aura . However, her surroundings were interpreted it differently and think she was looking down on them .

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At first, she was thinking to solve the misunderstanding, but the existence of Toudou put that thought on halt .

If Toudou was recognized as just by others, then should there be someone who stands at the other side of just?
The eviler the villain is, the more justice would shine, is it? Where did I hear it again?
And if there’s a villain that easy to spot, that could also make the girls in our school more united, thought Tsubaki .

Fortunately, the students around Tsubaki hated her already, and she also had influence thanks to Kyousuke, the Mizushima house, and the Asahina house .
If she makes use of her influence and acts like a villainess in the school, by the time she argued with Mio, even if she gave sharp remarks and put a haughty attitude at Mio, the other students wouldn’t hold any suspicion and feelings of doubt at her attitude .
If she started now, by the time she goes into the junior high school, the other students would think it was the usual Tsubaki every time she gave a stern warning to Mio and overlook her behavior .
In addition, if she becomes the object of fear in the school, and make them believed Tsubaki would do anything and use everything she had in order to make people who offended her suffer, by the time Mio planning to do something to Kyousuke in a forceful way, the other students, especially Mio’s friends, would stop her for sure .
If Mio didn’t enroll in the Takamine Academy’s junior high school and had a change of heart, this topic would just be a needless worry . But seeing Mio’s mother’s personality like that, the possibility for that to happen was almost nil .
It would be better to think the worst of the worst possibility and be prepared for it, said Tsubaki to Anna .
Anna, who was quietly listened to what Tsubaki plans to do, let out a long sigh .

“There won’t be any benefit for you at all . ” (Anna)
“There is . At least I can protect my mother’s daily peaceful life and Kyousuke’s happiness . ” (Tsubaki)
“What about you?” (Anna)

Tsubaki could only gave a bitter smile to Anna .
She was willing to go this far because she’s happy already .
Blessed with kind parents and a cute little sister . Also, she had attractive looks and figures and a family with a high standing position in society . Even if added with the matters about Kurahashi it won’t become a minus .
If she wished for marriage, she could ask her father or her uncle to introduce her to someone for a marriage interview .
Tsubaki believes she had received more than what she could hope for .

So, what’s wrong with wanting to protect the people I truly care of?

“Well, I will act like an arrogant woman from here on out so of course, it would affect your school life as well . ” (Tsubaki)
“Don’t worry about me, I can make a way out for myself . ” (Anna)
“Indeed . You quite shrewd after all . ” (Tsubaki)
“Don’t make fun of me . ” (Anna)

Anna was probably showing her worries to Tsubaki in her way just now . No matter how many memories and experiences they had as an adult in their previous life, by no means it could be called enough .
Only God knows whether the decision Tsubaki made was right or wrong .

“I’m sorry, but I won’t change my mind . If you still want to stop me, then please sever our friendship right now . ” (Tsubaki)

Heard what Tsubaki said, Anna could feel her unwavering will from it and started to make up her mind .

“In for a penny, in for a pound, huh . All I can do for you is just cover up you know?” (Anna)
“Don’t worry, I didn’t wish for you to fight together with me . Again, I’m sorry to rail you up with my selfish wish . ” (Tsubaki)
“It’s okay . ” (Anna)

Toward Anna who gave a reply reluctantly, Tsubaki was relieved and at the same time feel guilty for drag her into this .
If the Mio right now was the same Mio from [Koi Hana] and there wasn’t any discord between the Mizushima house and the Shuugetsu house, Tsubaki didn’t have any intention to stop her .
After all, she and Kyousuke would end up being together even without Tsubaki doing anything .
However the current Mio wasn’t the Mio from the game, but a reincarnated person . A reincarnated person with a big misunderstanding .
Also with the problem with the Shuugetsu house, in case Kyousuke choose Mio, the possibility they will start to butt in was very high .
Even if she says fight this, fight that, for Tsubaki peace is still number one .
However, Tsubaki can predict it won’t go easily like that considering Mio’s personality .
With her personality like that, she would likely tag along with Kyousuke no matter where he goes . To lighten up his burden, Tsubaki was intended to make sure she kept pissing Mio off to get her attention away from Kyousuke .

For now, let’s make full use of my infamous reputation to laid down the groundwork, shall we?