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Chapter 3

TN: Ellionora

Editor: Kevin


Chapter 3


Hearing that they were being urged to enter, Suzuhara opened the door and invited Tsubaki to enter the room .

After preparing herself, Tsubaki took a step inside the room .


“Are you Kurahashi Tsubaki?”


What a clear and strong voice— Tsubaki thought .

There was a man with high stature around his thirties seated on the desk with a large window behind him .

Although Tsubaki had only seen the picture of the man’s face inside the game in Kyousouke’s Route 12 years later, they had a same ambiance .

With a hair that was combed back, he was a person who had a sharp glint in his eyes that could probably kill a small sized bear bare-handed, with only his stare .  (EN: Well that’s an exaggeration and a half . ) (TN: SHHHHH!!! Don’t said that! He’s looking at you! He’s looking at you right now!!)

Slanted eyes that let out a coldhearted impression, with long and well proportioned limbs . A well trained body that others could tell even with his suit on .

And the atmosphere he was clad in can tell that he is a person with absolute confidence in himself .

This person was Mizushima Haruki . Tsubaki’s mother’s, Kurahashi Yuriko’s, big brother and the next Director of Mizushima group . Inside the game he already became the Director of Mizushima group but, it seems like he is still in the Managing Director’s position currently .

Because that glint in your eyes is just too sharp . Can’t you soften them even for a bit towards children? Tsubaki let out a curse inside her mind .


“You can’t answer my question?”

“Ah, I am Kurahashi Tsubaki . ”


Because she was thinking about something that was irrelevant, Tsubaki was late in giving her reply and introduced herself in a hurry .

With a tone that didn’t let out any emotions, Tsubaki could not tell what her uncle was thinking and that it has filled her heart full with discomfort .

After the uncle stared at Tsubaki as if he was doubting something, he let out a small sigh .


“That’s strange . Your father always showed me a picture of Tsubaki but, what was photographed in there was not you . Are you really Tsubaki?”


When Tsubaki heard what the uncle had said, even if it was just a little, Tsubaki can somehow guess what happen in the background .

Tsubaki suspected that the picture her uncle saw was probably a photo of Mio .

Her father probably showed a picture of Mio to her uncle, and said it was Tsubaki . In other  words, her father lied to her uncle . He considers Tsubaki as a dangerous element who will expose the deed he has done if given the opportunity, and if she did escape and ask for help to rescue her mother, it would bring trouble to him . So, in order for Tsubaki to not be recognized, he showed a fake picture of her .

That is why her uncle was suspicious and vigilant towards Tsubaki in front of him, who was entirely different from the Tsubaki that was showed in the picture .

Tsubaki has a weak body so she can’t go outside . Her mother was still in recovery so it will only worsen her health if she goes out . These reasons, her father probably used these kind of excuses to deceive her uncle for five years to make sure her uncle couldn’t meet with Yuriko, her little sister . And if her uncle would insist on meeting with them, her father would probably stick with the excuses .

Tsubaki felt that it was probably only Fumiko and her mother who thought that her mother and father eloped .

At the point where there was an exchange between her uncle and her father, Tsubaki already became doubtful about the story of her parents eloping .

Tsubaki thought that the moment her father showed the picture of ‘Tsubaki’ to her uncle, he would recognize her niece immediately, and would probably have concern towards his niece and his little sister .

Tsubaki’s conjectures were quite vary on the small details, but she was on spot on the broad parts .


As a matter of fact, her uncle who saw Tsubaki for the first time, felt that the Tsubaki that was showed to him in the pictures were fake .

This was because the Tsubaki that was in front of him right now had a spitting image of his little sister, especially her eyes . They looked very similar, unlike the pictures that were shown to him .

However, he couldn’t just readily take in what Tsubaki had said . This was because Haruki couldn’t find a reason as to why Tsubaki came all the way here .

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Tsubaki felt that her father’s way of thinking was too disappointing when she became aware that her father had showed a fake picture of Tsubaki to her uncle .

Even if you made a lie as a temporary measure one day, it would be exposed anyway .  Why? Tsubaki could only ask this question toward her father in her mind .

In the first place, the moment her father invited his lover together with their child to the family was already a foolish action .

Mother too . What’s so good about that good-for-nothing father to begin with? Tsubaki’s mind began to be filled with questions and wanted to go to ask her mother directly .

Is it his face? Or maybe he is a smooth talker? Or possibly both? Tsubaki could only imagine how her father looked like as she had never met him in the first place .

After coming this far, Tsubaki could only think of her father as just a fraudster .

No matter what, I will make sure my parents divorce . Tsubaki began to anew her determination .


Her uncle still held doubt towards Tsubaki who was in front of him, but Tsubaki possessed a convincing evidence to prove that she is the real Tsubaki .

Yes, the letters from her mother and Fumiko .

Tsubaki doesn’t know what was written in the letters because she didn’t read them but, probably

it was filled about the current situation that was happening right now .

With this, he will surely believe me . Even if he didn’t believe me, as long as he was instilled with doubt he will surely come to the Kurahashi family .  Tsubaki thought .

Her father and the other servants probably would stubbornly refuse him, but it would only fan his suspicion .

‘We are under house arrest in a detached place at the Kurahashi house . ’ Even if that was written on the letter, it would only become a diminishing factor as long as her uncle still believed his little sister was married because she’s in love with her husband . There would be no advantages for both parties .

Her uncle probably hoped that all of these were just conspiracies made by a third party .

To begin with, even if the Kurahashi family continued this connection they have with Mizushima house, there were no benefits at all for the Mizushimas . Rather, it would be much more better for the Mizushima house if her mother just quickly divorced and married into another family .

In the game, the Kurahashi family was managing a middle-class company . And the Kurahashi house itself had no history at all . A family lineage with doubtful origin .

And for that kind of family to have married a daughter from a distinguished family like Mizushima house, it can only bring a huge one-way benefit to the Kurahashi house .

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Furthermore, the way the Kurahashi family treated her mother, can only be described as blasphemy towards Mizushimas . By all rights, the other servants and her father himself should be bowing their heads toward her mother . That’s just how powerful her mother’s family is .

But her father ignored this and left her mother in a detached place while bringing in his lover into his family . If he was trying to make fun of the Mizushima family, there should be a limit .

Tsubaki thought that even if her uncle, who held the pride of the distinguished Mizushima family, didn’t have any consideration toward his little sister, he would surely move his hands toward a person like her father .


Tsubaki brought out a small case from inside a satchel and took out the 2 letters from it and handed  them  over to Suzuhara who was standing beside her .

After Suzuhara delivered them to her uncle, he broke the seal of the letters, took out the contents and began to read .

While reading, her uncle’s expressions didn’t changed at all and that made Tsubaki began to feel insecure .  Will he believe me? Will he not believe me? only these questions keep pressing at Tsubaki’s mind .

In the end, Tsubaki can only use the weapon only children possess but, before she uses it, she really wishes for her uncle to help them .


A few minutes later after her uncle finished reading the two letters, he gently stood up from his chair and came in front of Tsubaki .

And then, he crouch down and match his eyes with Tsubaki . Inside his eyes were not the coldness that he showed early, but it was the eyes filled with affection .

Convinced with her success, Tsubaki was desperately tried to control her mouth to not smirking .


“You had really done well . To came alone here while you are still four-year old . It must be scary right?”

“Will you help us?”

“Of course . … Suzuhara . Contact Kurahashi family immediately . Tell them I will go there now . They had an appointment with us about their funds support, right? What a good timing . ”

“Understood . What about Tsubaki-sama?”

“We can’t just let her return alone . In any case, I am planning to bring Yuriko home . Also, there is something I want Tsubaki to do . It’s okay, right?”


With her uncle’s question which sounded like he would not take “No” for an answer, Tsubaki unconsciously nodded her head .

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After that, her uncle sorted the remaining work to his men and the two got on a car prepared by the company, and headed for the Kurahashi house .

Inside the car, besides her uncle and Suzuhara, there was a woman with a gentle demeanor riding together with them .


“You are Tsubaki-sama, right? My name is Miyamura, I am the Second Secretary of Managing Director Mizushima . ”

“Even if Miyamura looks like this, she has an interest in martial arts . I brought her with us because I will have her as your bodyguard . ”


In a game or manga, a word like “Interest” only can be taken with meaning as “Pro Level” .

And now in this case,it was probably also like that . It was very apparent if someone saw the part of Miyamura’s legs around her suit’s skirt . There was absolutely no useless meat at all, every part of her legs was obviously a muscle .

It could be easily imagined how it would hurt so much if one got a kick from her . With a gentle face like that, it even made her more scarier .  Do not make her angry, Tsubaki strongly decided .


While Tsubaki kept staring at Miyamura’s legs, the car finally arrived in front of the Kurahashi house .  The face of her uncle, who gallantly came out from the car, completely changed from the expressions that was once full of affection toward his niece, to the expressions that can even kill a bear just with a stare .

A servant who greeted her uncle was repeatedly bowing their head in front of Kurahashi house, as if they convey that the master of the house did not return yet .

After the dispute that happened in front of the entrance, Tsubaki confirmed that her uncle and Suzuhara entered the Kurahashi house . She and Miyamura came out from the car and the two headed toward the detached place . In order to fulfill a task that was given by her uncle to Tsubaki .

Arriving at the same place she came out, Tsubaki pushed the debris forward .


“Certainly, only a child can get through this . ”

“Jaa, I will go and tell Okaa-sama and Fumiko-san about this . ”

“Yes . Be careful . I will immediately head there once I’m in . ”


Parting away with Miyamura, Tsubaki passed through the hole and headed towards the place where her mother is .