Omni-Mastery - Chapter 30

Published at 10th of July 2019 10:34:19 PM
Chapter 30

Life and death breakthroughs were famous for being effective as the people who failed didn't live the tell the story .

But, even if people knew it was dangerous, reckless people who are stressed for for time usually choose this method .

I was usually not a very reckless person, but I was unusually reckless as I went with this plan . Thanks to that, I almost lost my life without achieving anything .

However, the key to breakthrough for me was unexpectedly available, enlightenment through observation!

Heightened intelligence allowed precis observation, but the main point in here was something else .

['Omni-Mastery' lv . 2 (80% -> 90%)]

Learning from observation was a form of absorbing knowledge as well!

'Omni-Mastery' was "Omni" after all… .

As such and after observing the coordinated wieling of the Ape king, I was able to grasp my objective .

Concentrating back into the battle, I dogged the flying branch pieces that were sliced by my dual attack .

Pushing away the sense of recklessness that seemed to overwhelm me, I decide to retreat . After all, I was able to achieve my objective, there was no need to continue risking my live fighting a grudged ape .

However, before I started leaving, the Ape king's attacks started going off randomly .

His eyes turned white and it looked like he lost his sense of self, as such, he wasn't focused on targeting me .

I was once again hesitating more about leaving such an opportunity, if the ape king's attacks not targeted towards me, I had an 80% confidence in taking him down .


After observing the Ape king rampage for almost half an hour, I looked at the devastating destruction he had caused .

If I were to be truly targeted by him while he was still conscious, I would have been long dead . Fortunately, he lost his mind only 5 minutes into the battle, or else I would have been crushed into a meat paste .

However, the current Ape king looked like he was at his last straw . So, I decided it was time to strike .

After observing him rampage while still using coordinated wielding, my grasp on the skill became much more precise, as I sprinted towards his back .

I directly struck using my swords into his heart simultaneously through his back, as blood spurted from the open wound .

Grahhhhhhh… . .

The Ape king let out his last howl, as he collapsed to the ground as silence encased the surroundings .

It seemed that true dual wielding didn't just increase the strength of the attack using two weapons, it also multiplied the damage caused by each blade through correct coordination .

[You have absorbed the blood essence of a Semi-Mutated Black furred King Ape, Strength increases by 10, Constitution increases by 12, Agility increases by 15]

[You have absorbed EP under the effect of a level limiter, as such your level doesn't increase]

Just as I absorbed the thick blood essence of the Ape king, I noticed a strange shine come out from his corpse .