Omni-Mastery - Chapter 80

Published at 19th of July 2019 10:45:06 PM
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Chapter 80

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[ The light domain, one of the biggest 5 domains in the lost realm! The rulers of the domain who ruled it during the whole 'Light era' were the 'Light Empire', the strongest empire within the domain… . ]

[ However, the light empire's huge military prowess was quickly exhausted with the fall of the elemental disaster . Yet when the domain was on the verge of falling to the monster race, the lightning shadow appeared, leading the mysterious clan turned the tables and stabilized the situation . ]

[ the lightning shadow, also known as the 'Lightning Empire's founder and ancestor, disappeared as soon as the lightning empire rose to its feet, established as the new overlord of the light domain! ]

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. . . .


I closed the history book that I finished reading just now as I took a deep breath before sighing… . .

This library was simply a treasure trove!

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While I wasn't able to find any fighting techniques, weapon arts, and practice methods, I was finally able to fill the information gap in my mind! The amount of books that I read in the last two days, simply made me more knowledgeable about the lost realm than a normal native .

Together with my 'Eye of Knowledge', I pretty much won't need to look like an idiot that lacks common sense whenever I encountered something new . . . .

Feeling incomparably satisfied, I looked at the book that I set aside yesterday, it was a very useful book with the title 'Humans and beasts', reading it normally, you would think that it was just a documentary book about the difference of the human race and the monster race's different lifestyles . But, it wasn't as simple as that… .

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This was a coded book holding highly valued information regarding the creation of 'Beast arts'! Not just that, half of the books here held some coded information as well, but the only ones I was able to perceive within the short period were only three other books besides this one .

One of them held a simple breathing technique which would be used by old people to stabilize their health, the other contained information on 'Dark Caves' albeit still extremely blurry, while the last one had supporting info on 'Beast arts' .

Just from reading all of this, it was normal to deduce that the scholar who used to live here was truly an extraordinary individual, and probably a multi-field researcher . At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if he truly expected my arrival here .

The only other way of explaining this would be support from the system, but with the system sphere of influence which proved to be quite limited, I doubted that this was the actual reason for this situation, I still added it to the possibilities though, just in case .

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Now that the week has finally ended, I decided on my next track of act . Resting for a day or two, before closing up once again for a month to finish my elemental strengthening, hopefully perfect the 'Beast art', before finally evolving 'Lightning cell' and officially stepping into the second stage!

Of course, what followed would be to go around searching for gates to exterminate to strengthen my stats… . But how that went would have to . . . .


wait… . . ?

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