Omni-Mastery - Chapter 83

Published at 21st of July 2019 10:50:06 PM
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Chapter 83

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The bartender guy fished out two objects within the drawer, one glass prism, and one orb that looked like a monster core . He put the prism under a light source before speaking .

"Put your hand on the level detector prism so that we can measure your level . "

I put my hand with some expectations, I wondered if it would actually measure my real level which pretty low, or measure my level according to how much EP I had absorbed and how high is my stats… .

The mono light started changing as I put my hand on the prism, scattering into four rays of orange light .

"4 orange lights… . Level 14 . "

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It looked like the system's words were still absolute when it comes to my own body… .

'Huh? Is he truly just a normal boy from the countryside, no, there is still a chance his a weapon master that didn't hunt that much, let's wait and see the energy test first . '

"Ok, next is the weapon energy test, please also put your hand of this orb . "

I was more familiar with this test, as I have read about it before, the orb would shine at different degrees according to the level of the weapon master, while normal weapon users would just produce faint scattered light at best .

While it looked like there was no escape from no such test due to my high energy level, I could probably qualify as a tier 2 or 3 master, However, to me this test was less tricky than the level test . Thanks to my 'Weapon Mastery' which helped me form an energy core much earlier than possible, I could hide my energy within the core, which would normally be done by tier 5 masters at least .

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As expected, the core almost gave no light at all, which aroused the shock of the uncle, and even Grace, who still couldn't hide her shock even though I told her that these results were the most likely to happen yesterday . Thankfully, she did recover her composure quickly .

"Energy at normal apprentice level… . "

'What? A normal Level 14 Swordsman? Did they really clear the cave on their own?!!'

The association clerck (Who still looked like a bartender) wrote down the info on a card before the card flashed with a bright light, before it looked more business like .

I then received the card as soon as I paid the registration fee .

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[ ' Light Association Identification card '

Name: Lan Storm

Age: 17

Occupation: Swordsman

Level: 14

Party: Starry night party ]

"Well then, shall we get to business?"

"Of course, uncle can tell us if he has something that is troubling him . "

Grace took the lead once again, just like I told here too, this way, I would be easily forgotten from the representative's memory as an unexceptional supporter .

We then entered the inner room, followed by the twins who hardly holding themselves back from talking just as I and Grace told them too, especially Tie who looked like he would explode soon… .

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