Omniscient Reader - Chapter 108

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Chapter 108

Three Promises (1)

The Executive Branch’s emergency arrest .

According to Ways of Survival, an emergency arrest was only possible when a dokkaebi acted in a manner that severely violated the probability of a scenario .

[Intermediate dokkaebi ‘Paul . ’ From now on, you will be led to the Executive Branch . You will remain silent about all scenarios and be deprived of all progress in the main scenarios . ]

The expression of the intermediate dokkaebi Paul kept changing .

[You will lose the achievement points of all the scenarios you have built up and will be demoted to a low-grade dokkaebi after your punishment…]

[D-Demoted? Wait! Wait a minute!]

The intermediate dokkaebi Paul hurriedly shouted .  He made an unfair expression and looked at the dokkaebis around him .

[A sudden demotion? Shouldn’t you tell me what I did well?]

[Are you really asking because you don’t know?]

Another dokkaebi of the Executive Branch asked . Paul hesitated for a moment at the dignified voice before continuing .

[I don’t know . What the hell did I do wrong?]

He even had the audacity to move forward .

[Look at the constellations . Aren’t they all happy? Didn’t the scenario end brilliantly?]

The executive dokkaebi frowned at Paul’s confident words .

[There is no problem with the probability . I used the scenario enforcement with the consent of the constellations and the constellation also…]

[…This is the problem with streamers . They sing songs of the constellations . ]

Not all dokkaebis respected the constellations .  It was because among the dokkaebis of the Executive Branch, there were some who had once been constellations .

They were constellations but they lost their characteristics and were forced to live as dokkaebis . They were the dokkaebis of the Executive Branch .  Paul continued despite his customers being insulted .

[Your words are going too far . ]

[Don’t panic Paul . ]

[You might be an enforce but I can’t tolerate insults to my customers . ]

Paul rode the momentum and continued .

[I can guess why the executives came here . It is probably because I used the enforcement rights . ]

[The scenario enforcement can only be used when the majority of constellations support the probability of the scenario . ]

[I’m aware of that . Otherwise, there is the risk of a probability storm . But the constellations’ satisfaction is high…]

[Satisfaction? Paul, look at yourself and tell me . ]

Paul looked down at himself and he paled .


The space around him was filled with blue sparks .  It was the forerunner of a probability storm .

[Why am I receiving a probability storm…?]

The probability storm was a punishment for going against the flow .  The probability of the world now wanted to erase Paul’s existence .  The enforcer dokkaebis laughed .

[The enforcement right is a power that demands the greatest amount of probability from a dokkaebi . Did you think you would be safe using this authority for such a crude development?]

[That, that isn’t the case!]

[Paul . You have a chance to end the scenario without using the executive rights . It was a fresh development I had never seen before . Why did you stop it? Thanks to your brutality, an emergency was dropped on Seoul Dome’s bureau . ]

[T-That… no, wait a minute . I exercised the enforcement rights according to the opinions of the constellations!!]

Paul looked around .

[C-Constellations! Didn’t you agree with my development?]

However, no constellations answered .


The numerous indirect messages from the constellations died out .

[Unbelievable… Why?]

All the constellations who supported his development had left the Korean channels .

The executive frowned .  [You stupid fool . Can’t you see that the constellations are gone?]

Many of the constellations who wanted to kill me and who instigated him had left the Korean peninsula in large numbers once it turned into a ‘drama . ’

It was natural .  It was strange to keep watching when an unwanted development occurred .  In fact, Bihyung’s channel lost close to a third of its subscribers .

The remaining ones were:

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is looking at the intermediate dokkaebi ‘Paul’ . ]

[The constellation ‘Prisoner of the Golden Headband’ is chuckling at the intermediate dokkaebi ‘Paul’ . ]

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[The constellation ‘Secretive Plotter’ is mocking the intermediate dokkaebi ‘Paul’ . ]


They were all constellations who didn’t agree with the intermediate dokkaebi’s development .

[N-No . I can’t be destroyed in this way . Executive!]

[Don’t worry . You won’t be destroyed . ]

[W-What does this mean…?]

A glimmer of hope appeared on Paul’s face .

The executive dokkaebi said something that turned off the light completely .

[You will be given a worse punishment than destruction . Our bureau received a large probability debt because of you . ]

The executives will use Dokkaebi Paul’s Redemption Code . ]

Then the body of the dokkaebi Paul was forcibly pulled into the world . The intermediate dokkaebi Paul trembled .  His true voice emerged because he lost his broadcasting rights .

“T-This is a conspiracy . It can’t be like this!”

Then Bihyung spoke from beside him,

[This is why you didn’t want to finish the scenario quickly . ]


In the end, Paul exploded . Paul held the Redemption Code and pointed at Bihyung .

“Executives! Arrest him as well . I have evidence that his channel broke the rules of the Star Stream!”

[He will naturally come along as well . ]

Paul’s expression brightened . However, the people of Korean knew that people should listen to the dokkaebis’ words to the end .

[It is because he is the dokkaebi who called us . ]

“W-What… don’t tell me?”

The executive dokkaebi said .

[Yes, the dokkaebi who reported you is Bihyung . ]

Bihyung briefly waved towards the red-eyed Paul . The executive smiled coldly .

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[Dokkaebi Bihyung . He is a very good dokkaebi . Look at his humility . He has the integrity of a streamer who ignores everything and immerses himself in the scenarios . It is different from you and the dokkaebis who only wear luxurious clothing . ]

Bihyung had a shy expression on his face .  He didn’t know that his poverty would help him in this way .

“N-No! That guy Bihyung is…!”

[Shut up . ]

Paul screamed terribly from where he was tied to the Redemption Code .  The executive dokkaebi kept talking .

[You have been punished twice before . This is your third time . You are familiar with the third punishment, right?]

“T-This is ridiculous! Do you think my superiors will allow this? You are making a mistake right now . If you touch me…”

[I will listen to your bullshit after going to the bureau . ]

A glowing portal appeared in the air .  It was finally time to say goodbye to the intermediate dokkaebi .  Perhaps I wouldn’t see him in the future scenarios anymore .  Paul’s eyes glared at me .  A flame burned inside me the moment I met his eyes .

[The ‘Fourth Wall’ is shaking due to your high emotions . ]

The Shin Yoosung of the future had scattered into ash .  She might’ve been saved if it wasn’t for the intermediate dokkaebi .

She could never return to her time but she might’ve been able to live in this new world .  The intermediate dokkaebi trampled on that last possibility .  That was why I opened my mouth .  “Wait a minute . ”

He might receive the death punishment but I couldn’t be satisfied .  My words shocked my party members .

[…Are you calling us?]

The dokkaebis were surprised .  They didn’t expect an incarnation to stop the dokkaebis of the Executive Branch .  The executive dokkaebi looked at me quietly and opened his mouth .

[That’s right . You are the incarnation ‘Kim Dokja . ’ Right?]

The other executive dokkaebi laughed .

[Do you know this person?]

[He is a famous incarnation in this area . He is one of the strongest incarnations on the peninsula but he hasn’t signed with a sponsor . ]


I watched the leisurely dokkaebis and spoke to Bihyung through the Dokkaebi Communication .

‘Bihyung . I’ll give you 100,000 coins . ’


Bihyung’s eyes widened .

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‘Promote me to a platinum member of the Dokkaebi Bag . ’

–No, why all of a sudden?

‘Just do it . ’


I looked at the executives and rushed Bihyung . Bihyung sighed and started to manipulate something in the air .

[100,000 coins have been consumed . ]

[Congratulations! You have become a platinum member of the Dokkaebi Bag!]

Originally, there would be splendid special effects for the promotion but I asked Bihyung to omit it .  Unlike the gold membership that could be obtained for 5,000 coins, the treatment of platinum members were different .

[Yes, Incarnation Kim Dokja . Why did you call us?]

The executives didn’t know about my promotion and asked me again . These dokkaebis were really big and I was nervous facing them .  They might’ve fallen but some of them were originally great people .

I breathed lightly and opened my mouth .  “I am requesting the Dokkaebi Solo Meeting Right . ”


The executive dokkaebis were confused by my words . Then laughter soon emerged .

[Only platinum members can ask for the solo meeting right… Don’t tell me?]

“That’s right . Please check it . ”

The two dokkaebis looked at each other again . They manipulated the system to identify a few things and soon let out a cry of amazement .

[It is real . ]

[How can an incarnation become a platinum member?]

“Aren’t I qualified now?”

The executives hesitated for a moment before nodding .

[That’s right . What do you want with the solo meeting right? The platinum qualifications allows you to meet with a senior dokkaebi . The appointment schedule…]

“I don’t want that . The dokkaebi I want is currently with you . ” I pointed a finger at the dokkaebi I wanted .  “I want a solo meeting with the intermediate dokkaebi Paul . ”