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Omniscient Reader - Chapter 112

Published at 23rd of November 2019 11:41:46 AM

Chapter 112

The God of Wine and Ecstasy . The only person who used such a modifier was Dionysus, one of the 12 gods of Olympus .

[The constellation ‘God of Wine and Ecstasy’ is humming . ]

I couldn’t hear the song but I could see the drops of alcohol dancing to an unknown melody . The bubbles moved like they had life, forming numerous notes on the ground . The notes repeatedly moved between me and Yoo Sangah .

Yoo Sangah looked at the notes carefully and opened her mouth . “It is the puppy waltz . ”

“Can you read musical notes?”

“A little bit . ”

Yoo Sangah cocked her head and continued speaking .

“Why did Chopin suddenly appear?”

I didn’t have a clue . It was strange that Dionysus knew about Chopin in the first place . No . According to the original story, he was someone with great interest in the musical culture of later generations . It wasn’t strange .

The notes formed a circle and then arrows that pointed towards the remaining soju bottles . Yoo Sangah wondered, “…Is he telling us to drink more?”

“Let’s drink . ” There was no other way to interpret it . “Yoo Sangah-ssi, drink only a little bit . At least one person should be sane . ”

I needed someone to protect my teammates if I became drunk . I could wake up Lee Gilyoung and Shin Yoosung, who only drank cider, but I wanted to let them sleep well .

“Dokja-ssi can’t drink well?”

“I’m not a strong drinker . ”

I lightly tapped my glass against hers and drank the soju . The alcohol entered my body and made me feel hot . However, the notes didn’t stop .

“…I think I should drink more . ”

I drank a few glasses in succession . Heat rose from inside me and I could feel the redness in my face . The movements of the musical notes became more active . No, did it look more active because I was drunk? Yoo Sangah smiled . “It is nice to drink with you . I was a bit lonely . ”

Thus, I drank a few more cups . I felt a bit better as a mellow smell rose . I suddenly turned around and found that I was very close to Yoo Sangah . I had obviously been quite far away…

I was mistaken . The sound of breathing was harsh . I didn’t know if it was my breathing or the breathing of Yoo Sangah . Yoo Sangah’s shoulder lightly touched mine .

“Dokja-ssi . ”

“Yes . ”

It was clearly a face free of makeup but it was hard to find any blemishes . Yoo Sangah slowly leaned towards me . Her face was getting closer and closer .

A pair of quarter notes and eighth notes danced intensely around us . My heart started to beat faster at the touch against my shoulders .

…Wait, something was strange .

[The exclusive skill ‘Fourth Wall’ has offset some of the drunkenness . ]

The message popped up and my mind cleared . Yes, this couldn’t happen in reality . Yoo Sangah wasn’t such a person . It was only possible because this was Ways of Survival . I firmly held Yoo Sangah’s shoulder and urged her, “Yoo Sangah-ssi, stay alert . ”

“Huh? Ah… ah?” The startled Yoo Sangah blinked . Her face turned red for the first time . “I-I, what did I…?”

As expected, it wasn’t Yoo Sangah’s will . I was in a slightly miserable mood as I opened my mouth and spoke towards the notes hovering on the ground . “Stop playing and get straight to the point . ”

The notes all stopped at the same time . It was a serene silence, like the midnight festival had suddenly stopped . The alcohol bubbles fell to the ground and sparks flew . Then the bubbles formed one string of words .

-You broke the excitement .

I was a bit surprised by the letters written on the ground . A few words written in bubbles on the ground might not seem great, however it was extremely difficult for constellations to communicated with incarnations in Ways of Survival . It was why the constellations used the dokkaebi channels to convey ‘indirect messages . ’

In the first place, spreading messages to Earth without the help of the dokkaebis was only possible among the highest-class constellations and the consumption of probability was huge . The probability of the world was sensitive to ‘language . ’

I heard a faint cry from the Great Hall in the sky . The god of this world had noticed Dionysus’ existence . The fact that he delivered a message directly without going through an incarnation meant he had confidence in his backer… As expected, the 12 gods of Olympus were different .

I opened my mouth in a deliberate provocation . “If you are so confident then come and talk to me in person . ”

Then the string of words moved .

-I don’t like those with tentacles . It is annoying to fight . If I go down myself, everyone will die .

In fact, I hadn’t expected anything . Seoul would be turned into powder if the 12 gods of Olympus really descended .

-My mother died that way because of my father .

Yoo Sangah saw this sentence and whispered to me . “…What does this mean?”

“Maybe he is talking about the myth of his birth . ”

As far as I knew, Dionysus’ parents were Zeus and Princess Semele of Thebes . Hera was jealous of Zeus and Semele and disguised herself as Semele’s nurse, encouraging Semele by saying the following . ‘Zeus might be a fake . Ask him to show you what he really looks like when he is in Olympus . ’

Semele was fooled and demanded that Zeus do this . Then she died from Zeus’ brilliance .

Yoo Sangah listened to the story and cocked his head . “Uh… isn’t it a bit different from the story I know? As far as I know, his mother isn’t the princess of Thebes…”

I was a bit surprised by Yoo Sangah’s knowledge . I wondered if she had a level 1 degree in myths, not just Korean history . Of course, I didn’t have such a degree .

The string of words changed like it was amused .

-Hrmm . You humans know me very well .

As Yoo Sangah said, Dionysus’ birth myth was twofold . One was the version where Princess Semele of Thebes was his mother . The other version had Hades’ wife, Persephone as his mother .

I asked Dionysus, “I’m curious . Which of the two versions is real?”

-Is it important?

“It is important . There is a reason I need it to be the latter . ”

In fact, Jung Heewon’s suggestion to drink was an attempt to lure Jung Heewon .

Dionysus was the son of Persephone . If this myth was correct, Dionysus could probably contact Persephone, Hades’ wife .

-Rude human .

The string trembled .

-Still, I like rude humans .

In fact, I already knew which myth it was . Dionysus’ story was mentioned in Ways of Survival .

-There used to be a human as foolishly brave as you . He was someone who played the lyre very well . He didn’t end up well .

“I’ll be different . ”

-I can open up the entrance of the Underworld . The Father of the Rich Night doesn’t like me but the goddess of the Underworld will listen to me . However, it is very dangerous and there is no guarantee you will come back alive .

“It’s okay . ”

-Good . I like eager people .

I became nervous due to the excellent atmosphere . Dionysus was a constellation that I never knew what he was thinking .

-Keep this in mind . I can only give you 12 hours . If you don’t come back in that time then you can never return to the scenarios .

I became dizzy and then suddenly felt drowsy . I realized what was going to happen . Damn, this was why he made me drink .

I hurriedly spoke . “Yoo Sangah-ssi, wake up the kids . ”

Perhaps these were my last words .

[A new hidden scenario has arrived!]

The moment I closed my eyes, the drops of alcohol seemed to be laughing .

-I hope the Father of the Rich Night will listen to you .


[The constellation ‘God of Wine and Ecstasy’ is guiding your soul . ]

[You are free from the physical restraints of your body . ]

Many colours passed through my mind and it was like I was on drugs . There was a sharp pain from my forehead and then a faint voice was heard .

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[Who is this?]

[…Interesting . ]

[The soul of an incarnation is walking in the world of the constellation?]

[You will regret it . ]

The voice spoke negative words . Perhaps it was someone from Olympus .

[The exclusive skill, ‘Fourth Wall’ is activated . ]

The noisy voices disappeared like they had been muted .

[The soul of a living person has entered the Underworld . ]

[The judges of the Underworld have noticed your presence . ]

Once I heard the last message, countless traces disappeared from my surroundings . The world turned around quickly and my body sank heavily . After a while, it felt like I had reached somewhere . It was hard to move but I could guess what I would see when I opened my eyes .

The air of the Underworld was sticky . The sand at my fingertips were cold . Perhaps I was at the river of the Underworld that Hades ruled . There was Acheron River flowing towards Hades’ palace and the Underworld boatman Charon would be waiting for me . And…

“Hey! Wake up! What are you doing here?”

Something dull hit my head and it felt like oil was being poured on me . I took deep breaths as I sat up . Someone fumbled at my body, grabbing my neck and lifting me up .

“A newbie? I’ve never seen this face before . ”

I had also never seen this face before . It was a man with a rough face and big muscles . The people in the surroundings were gazing at us .

“He looks fine? Check his body . He might’ve brought something with him . ”

“Hey, don’t touch . If he fell here then he must be a mess . Have you forgotten the crazy person who came a while ago?”

“That crazy jerk was a bit special . Are people like him common?”

I let the people to talk among themselves and looked around . It was a spacious place where a hot heat could be felt . Judging by the infestation of ghosts, this seemed to be the Underworld .

Frames made of the metal of the Underworld were all over the place and there were also furnaces for smelting metals . It was a factory-like atmosphere . The dead spirits were enslaved in the Underworld and making something . At first glance, it seemed like a giant robot…

What was this place?

“Hey, are you ignoring me now?”

I ignored his words and slowly twisted his arm that was holding me .

“W-What? This strength…!”

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I couldn’t waste time dealing with these small fries . I decided to check the hidden scenario that I had received .


[Hidden Scenario – Scenic Walk]

Category: Hidden

Difficulty: A+

Clear Conditions: Avoid the eyes of the judges and return safely to the ground .

Time Limit: 12 hours .

Compensation: 10,000 coin

Failure: You will be forced to become a resident of the Underworld .


The scenario came out properly . The time that Dionysus said was accurate . Then why was I here? I should’ve fallen at Acheron River .

“T-This bastard! Daring to look down on us…!”

The big man was just about to punch my head when I heard a voice from behind me .

“Over there, what’s going on? Did something funny happen?”


“Haha, let me in on it as well . Huh? I’m bored to death because I’ve been working on the Gundam every day . ”

“Run away! Run away!”

The people surrounding me started to shrink back . It was like herbivores meeting a predator . I looked to the side where the voice came from . It was a young man with a slim body and bangs covering his forehead . The young man discovered me and moved towards me .

He peered closely at me and muttered with an aghast expression . “…Why are you here?”

I couldn’t understand his words for a moment . This person knew me?

“What? You can’t recognize me? Have you really forgotten?”

The young man lifted his bangs and I recognized him .

…Dammit . Come to think of it, the Underworld was a place where the dead came . I hadn’t even thought about it . Of course the person I killed here would come after dying .

“Ah, don’t be so vigilant . Aren’t we both dead?”

The curious young man’s eyes came closer . There was a mean and cruel look in them . I only saw him for a short time but it was an unforgettable impression . The man smiled . “Yes, who the hell killed you? Please open your mouth . Huh?”

The person who died in the first scenario, Delusional Demon Kim Namwoon was in Hades’ domain .