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Omniscient Reader - Chapter 118

Published at 23rd of November 2019 11:41:22 AM

Chapter 118

There was no room for disagreement .  For him, the representatives selection wasn’t a subject of discussion but a presentation .

“Speak now if you have a complaint . ”

There was no way to express dissatisfaction towards such a fearsome killing intent .  The kings knew Yoo Jonghyuk’s strength and trembled without even thinking about rebellion .  Ah, except for one person .

“G-Get lost! Move your feet!” Unfortunately, the self-styled President of Yeouido had never heard about the Supreme King . A politician was insensitive to rumours .  “Why did you suddenly appear…?”


“Kuaaack!” Yoo Hyunho screamed as his hand was crushed .  “My hand! My hand!”


“Kuaaack! Bodyguards! Where are my bodyguards?”

Yoo Hyunho struggled for help but there was no one here who could help him . Yoo Jonghyuk’s feet pressed against his back and soon after, Yoo Hyunho found it hard to breathe and passed out .

Once everything became calm, Yoo Jonghyuk opened his mouth .  “I didn’t think so . Then I will announce the roster . ”

The faces of the kings became tense .  Yoo Jonghyuk truly was great .  Taking the reigns of power so easily…

The kings quickly fell from the ‘picking’ position to ‘being picked . ’ I grabbed a beef jerky from the table and waited for Yoo Jonghyuk’s words .

Min Jiwon stared blankly from next to me .

「 How can you be so calm? 」

I’m sorry but I was in a different situation from them .  It was because I was someone Yoo Jonghyuk recognized as a ‘companion . ’ He threatened me by saying that the oath was over but he did acknowledge me .

Yoo Jonghyuk opened his mouth .  “The first one will naturally be me . ”

Well, it was obvious .  How could he not be on a list created by himself? Behind Yoo Jonghyuk, the rest of his party members had appeared .  Lee Jihye and Lee Seolhwa .

Lee Hyunsung and Jung Heewon also looked inside with anxious eyes . In particular, Jung Heewon was about to jump inside and I stopped her with my eyes .

Yoo Jonghyuk continued .  “The second person will be Lee Jihye . ”

I thought the second one would be me so I was naturally surprised .  Well, I originally wasn’t his companion so his other party members might be disturbed if he called me first .  He might look cold but he looked after his people .  I could understand that heart .

Lee Jihye couldn’t hide her joy as she smiled at me .

…Still, it was a bit annoying .

“The third is Lee Seolhwa . ” Lee Seolhwa nodded and came forward .

Every time a person’s name was called, the faces of the kings darkened .  They all felt an ominous feeling .  Yoo Jonghyuk’s list was a fixed list .

「 There are seven people remaining . We still have a chance . 」

「 The Supreme King only has three party members . He will have to choose other people . 」

「 We are the strongest among the remaining people… 」

I could tell by their faces what they were thinking .  Me? Of course, I wasn’t worried .  I would naturally be on the list .  Maybe I would be next…

“The fourth one is Lee Hyunsung . ”

…What? Lee Hyunsung became pale as his name was called .

“Y-You mean me…?”

Yoo Jonghyuk ignored the words and looked at the next person .  “The fifth is Jung Heewon . ”

“…It’s me?” Jung Heewon’s eyes widened with surprise .  It was unexpected that he chose Jung Heewon over me .  This bastard was picking from my party?

“The sixth is Lee Gilyoung . ”

“…Uh? Huh?”

Then Yoo Jonghyuk looked at Shin Yoosung who was next to Lee Gilyoung .  Shin Yoosung hid behind Lee Gilyoung with fearful eyes .

The confused Lee Gilyoung was stunned for a moment but he stood in front of Shin Yoosung like he made a decision . Yoo Jonghyuk looked down at the two children with an unknown look before turning his head away .

“Then…” Yoo Jonghyuk’s eyes finally stopped on me .  Yes, it was finally my turn .  Did he deliberately leave me until the end? As expected from a main character, he knew how to direct a show .

“…You can take care of the rest . ”

I coughed on the beef jerky .  Yoo Jonghyuk looked around the tent before turning to leave, like there was no more work to be done .  This was it? Really?

…Then what about me? Why was he looking at me like that? I belatedly chased after him but Yoo Jonghyuk was already gone .  How long did I stand there?

Jung Heewon stood in the distance and asked me carefully .  “Weren’t the two of you friendly?”

I thought so .

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is laughing with delight . ]

Lee Jihye also added in a strange tone .  “Ahjussi, didn’t you meet Master last night? I thought you would be first on the list…”

“What do you mean?”

“Last night Master said he was going to see you?”

“Last night?”

“It was around one or two o’clock? Were you sleeping?”

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I thought about the time .  It was between one or two o’clock in the morning .  I think it was just before I went to the Underworld .  “I was awake at that time but Yoo Jonghyuk didn’t come . ”

“That’s strange? He definitely went to find you . He was also a bit angry when he came back . ”


“You know that look Master makes when he is angry . Like he is contemptuous of a person…”

I pondered on the memories of that time .  What was I doing right before I went to the Underworld? Ah, yes . A memory came to mind .  At that time, I was drinking with Yoo Sangah . Dionysus poured alcohol and made the atmosphere strange, then… uh…um .

[The constellation ‘God of Wine and Ecstasy’ is making a playful expression . ]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is laughing with delight . ]

[500 coins have been sponsored . ]

I felt a bit complicated as I explained what happened .  The party members looked surprised .  Jung Heewon stared at me with narrowed eyes .

“…You kissed Yoo Sangah-ssi?”

“No, that’s not it… what did you hear?”

“Was it really Dionysus? You weren’t pretending to be drunk?”

“It was because of Dionysus and nothing happened . ”

Jung Heewon looked at me with suspicious eyes .

…Why was this brought up?

“Hrmm… perhaps Yoo Jonghyuk-ssi saw it? That’s why his mood is bad…”

“Yoo Jonghyuk isn’t that type of person . ”

“Even if Yoo Jonghyuk-ssi witnessed Dokja-ssi’s kiss scene, I don’t think there is a reason to feel angry…”

“It wasn’t a kiss . ” I grumbled and Lee Jihye exclaimed with a smile .

“Ah! I think I know…”

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ says it is a comradeship . ]

Jung Heewon cocked her head . “…Comradeship?”

Lee Jihye dealt a big blow . “What is Unni’s sponsor? They think it is just comradeship?”

“What do you mean?”

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“Comrades, I think I understand . ” Lee Hyunsung unexpectedly interrupted . “Come to think of it, I would also feel offended if I saw Kim Dokja doing that . ”

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ has snorted at the unexpected remark . ]

“…Yes? Why would Hyunsung-ssi feel bad?” Lee Jihye looked like she was going to get a nosebleed .

Lee Hyunsung’s expression was serious . I was nervous about what bombshell words Lee Hyunsung would say .  “We are risking our lives in every scenario . Yoo Jonghyuk-ssi trains his body every morning to prepare for the following scenarios . I trains severely every day to protect his comrades . ”

“…Huh?” Lee Jihye made a strange expression at the unexpected answer .  Jung Heewon listened to Lee Hyunsung’s words with a doubtful expression .

“If a comrade is blinded by sexual desire in such a situation then I would be in a bad mood . I would also feel betrayed . Yoo Jonghyuk might not be a soldier but he is a very austere person . Such a person would react sensitively when people aren’t disciplined . It would feel like our comradeship is falling people . ”

“Um… it make sense . ” Jung Heewon agreed .

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is disappointed with her incarnation . ]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ resents Lee Hyunsung’s wrong comradeship . ]

I heard Lee Hyunsung’s words and thought it was true .  A scene from Ways of Survival suddenly came to mind .  I opened the text, searched Yoo Jonghyuk’s third regression and was able to find evidence .

「 Pathetic person . You sell yourself to women with one glance . 」

「 Those with strong sexual desires are excluded from my list of comrades . It is easy for them to make mistakes . 」

It was really unfair if Yoo Jonghyuk had actually misunderstood me .  It wasn’t even a kiss .  Damn, I couldn’t tell him it was a misunderstanding now…

“Kim Dokja-ssi? We want to pick the rest of the people . ” Min Jiwon suddenly approached me .

I looked back and saw the other kings watching me .

“The Supreme King picked six people and there are four spots remaining . ”

“We have to pick four…”

Yeouido’s group had already been destroyed and now there were five kings remaining .  The Maitreya King Cha Sangkyung noticed and opened his mouth first .

“Hum, there are only four spots and the remaining people are…”

“Why don’t we decide it with a match?” I was the one who gave the opinion .  “We will just be wasting time arguing among ourselves . Everyone wants to fill the spots with their own forces so let’s fight . The king who wins will decide the remaining spots . ”

The kings glanced at each other at my words .  A moment later, the reply was heard .

“Okay . ”


Once again, the Neutral King declared that he would abstain .

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“I’ll stay behind . Someone should stay here and lead the people…”

It was a wise choice .  If they couldn’t get ahead in the scenario then it wasn’t bad to build a power base here . In addition, people didn’t know it yet but there was a scenario for the incarnations left behind .  The dokkaebi who loved strong stimuli couldn’t let the incarnations live peacefully .

The King of Wanderers also raised her hand to express her intention to abstain .  The other kings seemed surprised but thought i was fortunate that their competitors had reduced . Min Jiwon looked at me and declared confidently .

“The same method as before won’t work . ”

Maybe she knew that I won the Absolute Throne with my stockpile of coins .

…Did I seem that shallow? We exchanged blows .  It took less than five minutes before the match was over .

Who won? There was no need to ask .

“No way… I thought only the Supreme King was a monster . How did you become so strong?”

Cha Sangkyung was bloody while Min Jiwon gasped as she spoke .  Yes, it would’ve been easier if I had done this from the beginning .

I shrugged and stated, “The initial quota is 10 people so everyone should wait . The second round will start soon . ”

“…Hah, you use every means . Who will you take with you?”

“One will be me and she will be the other person . ”

Shin Yoosung’s eyes brightened at my words .  She had been worried about being left alone .

“The remaining two are…I am thinking of someone . ”

“It isn’t me?”

“Yes, it isn’t Min Jiwon-ssi . ”

“Che… I see . ”

Min Jiwon got up from the dusty ground . The depressed kings left their spots one by one . I gave a command to my party members .  “Please leave first . I need to do something . Meet me in front of the station later . ”

The party members nodded and left the tent, the crowded interior becoming empty in an instant .

After a bit more time, only one person besides me was left in the tent . It was a masked woman .  Then her mouth opened for the first time .

“It seems like you have many friends . ”

I hesitated to the last moment .  I didn’t want to talk to this person .  However, I needed to ask her for help to get the person I needed in the next scenario .

I took a deep breath before saying to the King of Wanderers .  “It has been a long time, Mother . ”

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