Omniscient Reader - Chapter 122

Published at 18th of January 2019 07:00:49 AM
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Chapter 122
In short, the small people were 'human beings' but they weren't from 'Earth' like I was .  There was a clear contradiction in opposing the human race of another planet . Therefore, my current actions were due to the enormous ethics of 'humanity' or 'justice . ' If I opposed the 'small people' here then I would miss out on the achievement I needed for the ending . This was the only reason I needed to stab Blade of Faith into the ground . [The Star Stream has detected anomalies from you . ] [Warning . Be careful to avoid being hostile to other disasters . ] [If the hostile acts are repeatedly accumulated . . . ] Dust flew up and the Japanese screamed as they lost their vision inside the dust . "Uwaaaaack! "What is this all of a sudden?" "Cough cough!" It was a blow filled with considerable power so the dust didn't sink easily . [A small planet's constellation is touching his chest . ] I was troubled for a moment .  If I killed them with my own hands, I would be able to get a new scenario right away . However, the penalty for it would be tremendous .  I wanted to delay that moment as much as possible .  That's why, at least . . . "Ahjussi, I'll do it this time . " Shin Yoosung pulled out a dagger that she had received from Yoo Sangah and stepped forward .  "I will deal with both of them . " "Can you do it?" "It won't be a problem . " She was like Lee Gilyoung . I didn't know why kids were so proud these days .  Yoo Sangah would've stopped her but I wasn't Yoo Sangah . I encouraged Shin Yoosung .  "You shouldn't fight for a long time . Did you hear the penalty message just now? You should handle them as quickly as possible . " My options in this scenario would be wider if Shin Yoosung could deal with both these people . I had a lot to do in Peace Land .  Among them, one of the most important goals was to catch the 'snake' that Persephone mentioned .  If I didn't get any penalties in advance then I might be able to catch the snake earlier than expected . "What bastard did this?" Shin Yoosung ran through the dust towards where the voice was heard .  At almost the same time, I hid myself using Recluse's Cloak .  It would be an invalid item if they had high level detection skills but these guys didn't seem to have it . Sharp magic power emerged from Shin Yoosung's dagger and moved in a half moon arc . "Uwah!" The Japanese people withdrew from the dust .  The earlier move that created the dust had been intentional .  I missed a golden opportunity but there was a way to defeat them without me fighting . The Japanese people were surprised when the child appeared in the dust . "What, this kid?" The Japanese incarnations spoke to Shin Yoosung . "Kid, why are you stopping us?" "Don't you know what will happen if you do this?" Unfortunately, it just sounded like a foreign language to Shin Yoosung who didn't have the Interpreter skill . " . . . What are you saying?" Now the Japanese people noticed the situation . "Are you perhaps from South Korea?" "Ah, that's right! This time, the first Korean group entered . . . " "Dammit, the first group will be huge . . . ?" Their complexions suddenly darkened . "Kid, get lost . We don't have to fight each other . " "Don fight! Don fight! Okay?" (TL: They're speaking in bad english) "We just have to kill them . Small people . Kill! Okay?" (TL: They're speaking in bad english) The Japanese said they had no intention of fighting in poor English but Shin Yoosung just shook her head . Her sharp dagger pointed at them and the Japanese people shrugged . "Get lost or die . It is one of these two options . " The Japanese started to slowly step back from Shin Yoosung . "Damn . . . this doesn't make sense . There isn't a bounty scenario . " "My sponsor wants me to kill this little kid?" "Aren't there two of us?" "Did you forget the fighting power of our first group?" "Uh . . . " They were clever people . Everywhere in the world, those selected for the sixth scenario were the elites of their country . In Japan, the gap between the first group and those who came afterwards was probably considerable . Similar emotions emerged on the faces of the two Japanese . 「 . . . Should we run away? 」 On the other hand, strange delight spread among the small people as they watched the confrontation between Shin Yoosung and the Japanese . "Ah, ahh . . . "Why . . . ?" They were shocked .  A small disaster was suddenly fighting against a bigger disaster . "Perhaps  it is the small savior?" "Yes, the prophecy was right!" [A small planet's constellation is supporting the incarnation 'Shin Yoosung . '] [A small planet's constellation has sponsored 10 coins to the incarnation 'Shin Yoosung . '] [The incarnation 'Shin Yoosung' has received the possibility of a new scenario . ] I watched the scene while grasping the hilt of my sword .  It was a bit underhanded but it was a way to chase them if they ran away . As I thought, things wouldn't go so smoothly .  The intermediate dokkaebi watched from the air and giggled . [Japanese incarnations, you might think you are disadvantaged but are you really?] In any case, this damn dokkaebi .  The Japanese people realized something and muttered, "Ah, that's right! That reminds me, the first group . . . " "Didn't Asuka become affected by a mutation? The Korean people would be affected by the same thing . I'm telling you now . . . " "There is no need to tell me . In any case, she is just a Korean chibi . " The eyes of the Japanese people changed after they made a decision .  Both of them stared at Shin Yoosung with killing intent . "Yes, let's fight once . " "I don't like children . . . " They let out unpleasant laughs . Shin Yoosung didn't understand the words but she immediately grasped the situation . Their blades moved as the two men slowly surrounded Shin Yoosung . The killing intent around all three people rose while the two men moved simultaneously . Shin Yoosung had raised her agility to the maximum and avoided their blades without much difficulty . However, the difference was narrow . These men might not be the best elites of Japan but they were part of the top incarnations .  I saw their swordsmanship and was reminded of a description in Ways of Survival . They used only one sword instead of two and it wasn't the Large Rock Style .   This meant I didn't need to worry about them being Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro, some of Japan's top swordsmen . It wasn't bad for Shin Yoosung's debut . "It will be hard for you to keep running Kid!" Their aura became even sharper as their sponsors lent them power . The blade that wanted to cut the legs aimed at the legs while the blade that wanted to cut the arms aimed at the neck . It was natural to step back at the attack . However, Shin Yoosung's movements were caught by the swordsmen .  No matter how high Shin Yoosung's overall stats, the swordsmen's combat skills were overwhelming superior .  Shin Yoosung's collar was cut and a small line formed on her arms . I firmly held the hilt and prepared to move at any time .  It was a pity that I couldn't act properly as her sponsor . "Die!" The Japanese cried out in an exaggerated tone and aimed at other parts of Shin Yoosung's body . This time Shin Yoosung didn't try to escape . Shin Yoosung was weak in strength and lost her grip on her dagger . The Japanese took this chance to dig through the gap . However, Shin Yoosung didn't panic . [The character 'Shin Yoosung' has used 'Advanced Diverse Communication Lv . 3 . '] Rather, she turned back and settled on the back of the monster waiting for her . It was a steel wolf . " . . . What?" It was the right judgment .  The basis of fighting was to minimize the opponent's advantage and maximize your advantages . Awoooooo! There were the cries of the wolves as dozens of steel wolves simultaneously emerged from the forest .  She had tamed so many wolves in such a short time .  She truly was the future 'Beast Lord . ' "Shit!" The surprised men swung their swords at the wolves but the wolves were already biting onto their arms and legs . "Fuck! These bastards!" They might be weakened 7th grade monsters but the two people would have to consume a lot of magic power to deal with them . It was truly a rewarding sight .  However, Shin Yoosung was still unaware of something .  This was why I warned her not to waste time . [The Star Stream has detected abnormal behaviour from the incarnation 'Shin Yoosung . '] [Hostile acts against a disaster have been detected . ] [The incarnation 'Shin Yoosung' has been given a first scenario penalty . ] The penalty had finally begun . "Uh . . . ?" Shin Yoosung groaned as she suddenly felt less magic power .  Some wolves suddenly left Shin Yoosung's control and returned to the forest . [The character Shin Yoosung's body size has decreased . ] [The character Shin Yoosung's total stats has decreased . ] The Japanese also noticed it . "T-That's it! I knew this would happen!" "Just a little longer!" . . . It ended up like this .  Shin Yoosung glanced at me with anxious eyes .  I approached behind Shin Yoosung using Recluse's Cloak and touched her shoulder . Shin Yoosung's trembling subsided .  " . . . Thank you Ahjussi . " Shin Yoosung understood something and bit her lips . [The incarnation 'Shin Yoosung' has been given a second scenario penalty . ] Shin Yoosung's body size was getting smaller .  That's right, this was the result of a disaster abandoning their authority .  Still, she had enough power remaining to take away the lives of the Japanese people . Shin Yoosung showed the highest agility level and approached their backs using the beast . "A-Aaaagh!" Did she learn from watching Yoo Sangah? Shin Yoosung stabbed her dagger in a poisonous manner .  Her dagger moved and a man's carotid artery was cut . "K-Kuoock, r-ridiculous . . . " The man paled as blood gushed from him and he fell to the ground . [The character 'Shin Yoosung' has defeated the 'disaster without a name . '] [Major contributor: Shin Yoosung] Shin Yoosung wiped the blood that splattered onto her cheek and moved to the next target .  The man was terrified and stepped back . The steel wolves rushed in and bit his arms and legs . "Kuaaack!" Shin Yoosung approached to cut off the man's breathing .  It all happened in an instant . [The incarnation 'Shin Yoosung' has been completely deprived of the rights of a disaster . ] [The dokkaebi of the Star Stream sees Shin Yoosung's behavior as taking action against the scenario . ] [The incarnation 'Shin Yoosung' has been given a third scenario penalty . ] [The small person transformation will begin . ] In this scenario, a person who gave up their qualification to be a predatory species would become the prey .  Shin Yoosung's body became smaller at an incomparable rate . "Ah . . . ?" There was a small groan as Shin Yoosung's clothes became too big and her dagger fell to the ground .  Shin Yoosung's height shrank from my waist, to my knees and finally to my shins . Then Shin Yoosung's body was buried in her clothes . Her stats diminished and her control became weaker, causing the steel wolves to return to the forest .  A small Shin Yoosung emerged from her clothes and lumped towards the man . "Yoosung, you can stop . " Shin Yoosung gasped for breath .  There was a mixture of poisonous anger and grief in her eyes .  There had been many fights with monsters but this was probably the first time she committed a serious killing . "He is already knocked out . " Shin Yoosung stared at the fallen Japanese man .  He was lying on the floor while foaming at the mouth .  I tore away a bit of my clothes and covered Shin Yoosung's body . Shin Yoosung was as small as my fist and observed her body for a while .  She probably realized what had happened to her .  "We have to fight them in this state?" "Yes . " " . . . How many are left?" "A lot . " Shin Yoosung looked up at me with a complicated gaze .  "Ahjussi, did you know? We will become a small person if we are hostile to the disasters . " I nodded and approached the fallen Japanese man .  I checked and he was in his early 20s at best .  He was still breathing . "Are you going to use this person?" Shin Yoosung asked me . "There is a person I have to kill before I change . " New messages rose as soon as I said this . ]Be careful to avoid being hostile to other disasters . ] [Those who are hostile to disasters will lose the right to be a disaster . ] There was still a dokkaebi having fun in the sky .  Yes . . .  Laugh while you can . [The Star Stream thinks that your 'disaster activities' isn't enough . ] [If you don't kill the rule of Peace Land in the next hour, you will be deemed as unwilling to act as a disaster and will be deprived of the status of a 'disaster . '] I looked down at the Japanese man and slowly took off my cloak .  There was one hour remaining .  In this one hour, I had to catch their 'king . '