Omniscient Reader - Chapter 132

Published at 18th of January 2019 07:00:31 AM
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Chapter 132
tls123 .  This was the ID for the author of Ways of Survival . Asuka Ren's eyes widened .  "Eh? tls123 . . . ?" I urged her, "Do you remember?" "Remember . . . eh?" "What is it?" Asuka Ren blinked and her eyes became dazed for a moment .  Faint sparks appeared around her body . "■■■ . . . ■■" Huh? I was shocked and asked, "What did you just say?" " . . . Huh?" "The words you just said . . . " "What do you mean? What did I . . . " Asuka Ren's face showed that she didn't know anything .  I felt a terrible sense of foreboding .  I quietly activated Character List . [The exclusive skill, Character List is activated . ] + [Character Information] Name: Asuka Ren Age: 31 years old Constellation Support: Master of the Niten Ichu-ryu . Private Attribute: Peace Land's Creator (Legend), Mangaka (Rare) Exclusive Skills: Kendo Lv . 7, Black Pen Tip Lv . 4, Plausible Dignity and Laws Lv . 5, Imagination Stimulation Lv . 4 . . . Stima: Niten Ichu-ryu Lv . 3 . Overall Stats: Physique Lv . 55 (Currently Lv . 17), Strength Lv . 55 (Currently Lv . 17), Agility Lv . 49 (Currently Lv . 11), Magic Power Lv . 54 (Currently Lv . 16) Overall Evaluation: The current comprehensive evaluation is currently in progress . + As I saw in Ways of Survival, this woman must be the creator of Peace Land . Then . . . . . . Was it 'editing?' The next moment, I saw the disappearance of an entire feature window in front of my eyes . Like sand, the letters scattered one by one in front of me . + Private Attribute: Mangaka (Rare) + Very slowly, goosebumps crept up my spine .  Why was 'Creatore of Peace Land' missing all of a sudden? It was impossible for any constellation to do this . Asuka Ren looked at me and asked, "Sorry, what were we talking about?" "We were talking about Ren-ssi's work . " "My work?" Asuka Ren made a face like she couldn't remember anything .  She couldn't remember any of the settings of Peace Land that she created . 「 At this moment, she knew that the world had completely left her hands . 」 I had a throbbing headache .  Was there such a sentence in Ways of Survival? I didn't know . However, one thing was for certain . The melody of the viola playing in the lonely night .  The cries of the small people . The sad and rich atmosphere elevated by the emotions .  This was the moment the world called Peace Land was completed . Now there was nothing to add to this story .  Finally, one story had become completely independent from its author . I suddenly thought I understood why an attribute disappeared from Asuka Ren .  The moment the world was finished, the author had to descend from the position of creator . I suddenly wondered .  Where did the finished story go? [You have come to know the planet Peace Land . ] [All beings belonging to Peace Land are faintly aware of your gaze . ] [The small planet's constellation rejoices in your presence . ] [The beings of Peace Land have started to write legends about you . ] The funny thing was that I hadn't asked for it . . . . I see .  The destination of the story that left its creator was decided from the beginning . After that, I asked Asuka Ren a few more things while using Lie Detection . However, she really didn't remember anything . "I'm sorry, I really don't know . It is like a manga I have read . . . " It was like she read her own story .  Somehow, I felt depressed .  Asuka Ren closed her eyes for a moment before saying, "However, I think I enjoyed reading it . Definitely . . . " Sadly, the information about the author of Ways of Survival that I barely managed to touch stopped here .  It was still unclear what type of person the author of Ways of Survival was and what he wanted . Still, at least one thing seemed vaguely clear .  Perhaps like me, the author of Ways of Survival wasn't satisfied with the existing ending .  That's why he gave me this textbook before the end of the world .  If so, I would meet those expectations . I stepped away from Asuka Ren who was enjoying the scenery and pulled out a small ampoule . [Ancient Serpent's Sacred Blood] It was an item obtained with the constellation parts .  I sent a signal and the distant Lee Hyunsung nodded and approached .  Lee Hyunsung wasn't drinking .  I was sorry but I had some work for him to do today . "Then I asking you . " "Leave it to me . " Lee Hyunsung was entrusted to be my guard .  It was because I was going to collapse for a bit .   I sprinkled the Ancient Serpent's Sacred Blood into the cup and the golden alcohol turned into a dark red . [You have drank alcohol made from the Ancient Serpent's Sacred Blood . ] [The greedy snake will test your mental power . ] This was a hidden piece that Yoo Jonghyuk didn't know about in the third regression .  It was a ceremony that could only be done when the alcohol made from Orochi's parts was mixed with the sacred blood .  I wouldn't have given up an excellent trait like King of No Killing if it hadn't been for this . [The snake has confirmed your eligibility for Dragon Slayer . ] [The new attribute 'Eight Lives' is being prepared . ] . . . Good .  Now that it was being prepared, I would have a new attribute when I woke up . One thing was finished and the other . . . I poured the remaining alcohol into my mouth . I became dizzy and felt drunk .  However, I couldn't fall asleep right away .  I sat on the ground and wrote a message . 'God of Wine and Ecstasy . ' Why? Dionysus was unresponsive despite the joyful atmosphere .  The same was true for Persephone . It was a difficult situation .  I accomplished my task but there was no one to take me to the Underworld . Should I bring Yoo Sangah over? If there was a direct terminus with Olympus then I could send the signal right away . 'Father of the Rich Night . ' It happened when I wrote Hades' modifier .  An eerie aura swept over my body . I was filled with the urge to vomit and when I opened my eyes again, I realized that I had already come to the Underworld . This disturbing and unpleasant air could only be felt in the Underworld . Looking around, it was fortunate that I hadn't fallen into Tartarus .  Someone was standing in front of me . [You shouldn't enter the Underworld right now . ] It wasn't Hades or Persephone .  I could tell the moment I saw the outfit resembling the envoy . "Judge-nim . " It wasn't the judge who guided me last time .  I replied to him, "I came to report that I've completed the queen's task . " [I know . Once again, you can't enter the palace . ] " . . . Why?" [I can't tell you that . ] The judge waved his hand like it was troublesome . [Go back . I summoned you using the power of the father but it is impossible for you to enter . ] "I have an appointment with the queen . I must enter . " [You can't right now . Go back . ] What type of crap was this? Despite his strength, the judge was miniscule compared to Persephone .  Still, looking at this stubbornness . . . " . . . Perhaps they are both away?" The judge hesitated before nodding . [That's right . ] "What's going on . . . " Hades and Persephone were absent at the same time .  I didn't know what it was but there was a high probability that something big had happened .  If it was an emergency meeting for the 12 gods of Olympus . . . but was there anything worth making that summons at this point? "Did they leave something for me? Something I can pick up if I arrive . . . " [Why should I tell you if there was such a thing?] I knew that the judges had different personalities but I didn't expect to be caught by such a tough one .  Based on the way he talked, there must be something .  There was no way that the meticulous Persephone would've just left . . . It couldn't be helped . "I'll let you take a sip of this if you help me . " I took out the Yamata no Orochi alcohol that I had placed into a bottle in my coat . I opened the lid and the smell of sweet fermented liquor spread . [T-That is . . . ?] The judge was shocked .  For a person who had lived a long time, alcohol was like drugs .  It was the only means to forget the tragedy of the long years .  This wasn't alcohol but alcohol made from the parts of a constellation . [H-Hrmm . Hrmm . . . ] "If you don't like it then I can go . " [W-Wait a minute! I understand . I'll give you the thing that the queen left . ] He ate the bait .  This was completely different from the harsh judge I saw last time . [Hah . . . good . . . ] The judge grinned with satisfaction after taking a sip and pulled out a yellow bead . [Here, take it and go . ] It was a bright yellow bead .  I realized it was the soul of Shin Yoosung that I had been eagerly looking for .  I rubbed the bead several times and it shone with a faint light as it floated in the air . I placed my hand on the bead and thought, 'I'm sorry, am I late?' The bead only screamed, like she had lost most of her language . [Ah . . . ah . ] A woman who lost her words and her memories .  Despite dedicating her life to the scenario, the only story left to her was a horrible history of pain . This was what a normal person would say . 'You've gone through enough so rest and take it easy . ' However, Shin Yoosung couldn't rest .  She still had work to do in this world . [Ah . . . jussi . . . ?] The soul trembled after a long time . [Really, really . . . ] 'Yes . ' [Why . . . ?] 'You still have work left to do in this world . ' I didn't come here because I sympathized with her .  I did it because I needed Shin Yoosung's help . There was something that only she could do with the story she built up for a long time . Shin Yoosung responded with slight fear . [I . . . what should I do?] I touched her soul and showed her some of my thoughts .  Shin Yoosung was silent for a while before she burst out laughing . [Haha, ha . . . a cruel person, Ahjussi . . . in a way, you are more cruel that the captain . . . ] 'I'm sorry . ' [But . . . okay . I accept . No . . . I want to do it . This is what I want . This time, I want to see the 'ending' of this world . ] 'Your memories might disappear . Can you endure it?' Shin Yoosung nodded . [I'm not afraid . Ahjussi . . . I'll believe in what you told me . ] Finally, Shin Yoosung's soul disappeared back into the bead .  She probably wouldn't come out for a while .  The moment we would meet again was after she gained a physical body . The judge watched us and opened his mouth . [As you might know, the body isn't resurrected just by taking the soul out of the world . Moreover, it is impossible for the soul to settle into a new body after a long time . ] The judge chuckled . [There might be a way with reincarnation but this soul has committed so many sins that it won't be born again as a human . If you want her to be born again as a human then you have to throw away all the stories of the soul . In that case, she won't be the person you knew . ] "I know . " As Persephone said, the soul was a story .  Even now, Shin Yoosung's soul was becoming 'not Shin Yoosung . ' However, that wasn't the only path for Shin Yoosung . I immediately called to someone .  'Bihyung . ' He was silent .  I waited, looking down at the bead until Bihyung responded .  Only high value beings could choose the body a soul was reincarnated in . . . She had been dominated by the story so far and now she would be reborn as the ruler of the story .  I finally felt Bihyung through the channel . I opened my mouth .  'I need your help . ' -What help? I didn't answer .  Bihyung was silent as he glanced between me and Shin Yoosung's soul .  He soon noticed the meaning of my words . -Surely, you . . . you want me to do 'that?' I nodded . -Hey, think about it . It isn't as easy as you think . It might be better off if she disappears here . . . 'Do you want to ruin your channel?' -Shit . Hey, this is really . . . I've never done this before! 'We will try it from now on . ' -Fuck . Bihyung hesitated for a long time before finally giving me a golden egg .  The egg from the greatest 'Star Story' came down . I put Shin Yoosung's soul into this egg .  The egg trembled and gave off a brilliant light before it flew up into the sky again . Bihyung couldn't say anything for a long time before muttering in an absurd way . -I never thought I would receive a 'child' this way . . . My enemies weren't just inside the scenarios .  The Shin Yoosung of the 41st regression, she would be the only 'streamer' for me in this round .