Omniscient Reader - Chapter 153

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Chapter 153

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-Rainbow Turtle .

“…Were the words earlier referring to Ahjussi?”


“A new constellation in Seoul blah blah blah…”

“Ah… well . That’s right . ”

I smiled bitterly while staring at the demons around .  I was surprised to see Lee Jihye’s crisis but it seemed she had been acting too aggressively .

Demon Viscount Noslocke .  This insidious guy who resembled a rhino was a demon who ripped apart and killed countless incarnations .  I knocked down a noble-grade demon at once and realized how strong I had become .

Lee Jihye saw his collapsed body and muttered .  “This guy was incredibly strong… How strong are you after becoming a constellation?”

“I didn’t defeat him using my own strength . I borrowed the power of another story . ”

“Another story?”

[Who…are…you…] I looked over at Noslocke who was still breathing .

“Wait a minute . ”

I simple stepped down and destroyed Noslocke’s head .

[You have defeated a noble of the Demon World!]

[10,000 coins have been acquired!]

[The item ‘Advanced Demon’s Proof’ has been acquired . ]

[The sub-species of the Demon World will be afraid of you . ]

Originally, killing a demon servant would gain the attention of their ‘demon king’ but this scenario was different .  All demons in the Dark Castle scenario were ones waiting for their new ‘master . ’

[A few constellations are amazed by your overwhelming presence . ]

[A considerable number of constellations are questioning your probability . ]

Certainly, the probability was questionable .  My strength was currently at a level that violated the balance of the scenario .  However, it wasn’t because I was a constellation that I could easily get rid of Noslocke .

[The story ‘Messiah’s Path’ is partially in effect . ]

It was the ‘absolute divinity’ effect of Messiah’s Path .

I borrowed the story which had a special effect on demons from Eden .

[The nebula Eden is asking you to pay the ‘story quotation . ’]

I drew a cross shape in the air and heard a message .

[The nebula Eden is delighted with your narrative quotation . ]

It was annoying to do this quotation every time but it was better than plagiarism .  Furthermore, I didn’t have to pay any other price for using it at this time .  It was a special service that the Eden nebula provided .

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is pleased!]

This was all thanks to the cute Uriel .  Fortunately, the ‘banquet’ was well resolved .

“Ahjussi… have you become religious?” Lee Jihye laughed while breathing roughly .  Her right shoulder and abdomen had stab wounds .  “I’m sorry . Doesn’t the 10th strongest person in Seoul look poor?”

“Now is your hardest time . Don’t worry . You will be better in the future . Stay still . I’m going to fix your dislocated bone now .

“Huh? Aaaaaaack!”

I thought I should use the Ellain Forest Essence .  However, I had no items remaining in my coat subspace .  I had left it to Han Sooyoung before dying .

Just before dying in the eighth scenario, I made a small contract with Han Sooyoung and left my items with her .  Then… there was only one way left .

“Dokkaebi Bag . ”

As soon as I opened my mouth, I saw the screen window of the Dokkaebi Bag in front of me .

[Some constellations are questioning the use of your natural privileges . ]

Until now, most constellations didn’t know I enjoyed the benefits of the Dokkaebi Bag because Bihyung would turn on the advertising .  Now there was no need to hide it because I was a constellation .

I immediately purchased the Ellain Forest Essence and fed it to Lee Jihye .


“Eat and sleep . ”

“…Thank you Ahjussi . ”

“Well… Thank you for crying for me at the funeral . ”

“…I will faint now so don’t talk to me . ”

Lee Jihye fell asleep .  I lifted up Lee Jihye and heard a familiar voice from behind me .


I was filled with a warm sensation . I could tell the owner of the voice without looking back .

[Your incarnation is looking at you . ]

I wouldn’t have been able to run straight here if it wasn’t for this feeling .  I saw Shin Yoosung crying and thought that parents probably felt like this .


I grabbed Shin Yoosung and lightly embraced her .  “Was I late?”

“You are one week late…”

One week .  Damn, I was resurrected later than planned .

“Let’s go . I have to find the items I entrusted to someone else . ”


“…A week has passed . Why haven’t you come yet?”

Han Sooyoung lay on the floor of Dark Castle and murmured to herself .

It was crazy to act like this in the Dark Castle seething with demon servants . Fortunately, no demon servants came after hearing her voice . It was because someone had already swept away the nearby demon servants while moving upstairs .

Of course, it was all done by Yoo Jonghyuk .

“Damn protagonist jerk . ”

Han Sooyoung gritted her teeth .

30 minutes ago, Han Sooyoung had confronted Yoo Jonghyuk here .  Then she was disastrously defeated .

Her body ached and her head was dizzy .  The demons species? They weren’t the problem . The real demon was Yoo Jonghyuk .

“You scammer . How could you use such a person… Kim Dokja . ”

She couldn’t understand it no matter how much she thought .

In the Seoul rankings, Yoo Jonghyuk was ranked third and Han Sooyoung was fourth . Then why was the difference so large? The reason she didn’t lose her life was because of her last-ditch words .

‘Hey! These are Kim Dokja’s items! Are you going to steal them?’

‘…Why did Kim Dokja leave his things to you?’

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‘That… isn’t it because I am the most trustworthy person?’

‘Then I will kill you and take them . ’

‘Y-You want to kill me? What will Kim Dokja think?’

Yoo Jonghyuk thought about it for a while before finally letting her go .

‘If you mention him in front of me again, I really will kill you . ’

Then he headed up to the second floor .  Han Sooyoung was furious when she thought about it and screamed .

“That jerk… ahhhhhh! Abyssal Black Flame Dragon! Didn’t you say you are the strongest constellation? Why can’t I beat him?”

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ is in deep thought . ]

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ says that it isn’t his fault . ]

Han Sooyoung sighed .  It was a scene where she would be misunderstood as having multiple personalities .

“This is a big deal . That jerk brought his little sister up… it is a development that Kim Dokja will clearly hate . The situation is like this but where is Kim Dokja?”

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ is asking about what you mean . ]

“You’re a bastard . By the way, that jerk took all my ‘proofs’ and I will have to start from scratch…”

Han Sooyoung opened the scenario window .


[Main Scenario #9 – Demon’s Proof]

Category: Main

Difficulty level: A++

Clear Conditions: Hunt the demon species, collect nine Demon’s Proof and place them on the altar on the 2nd floor .

Time Limit: 23 days .

Compensation: 50,000 coins

Failure: ―


The demon servants were so powerful that the scenario was a bit tricky, but it was possible to clear if the incarnations cooperated .  The major forces had already moved to the second floor .

She might be a ranker but she might be overtaken by the other rankers . The Dark Castle compensation was excellent, meaning the ranking would change if she delayed even a little bit .

‘What should I do?’

At this time, a group of people on the other side of the corridor caught her attention .  Han Sooyoung thought this was better . She could take the proofs from these guys…

“Han Sooyoung-ssi!”

Han Sooyoung saw their faces and sighed .

“What the hell is this?” Someone cried out .

Han Sooyoung replied, “…I was just fighting the demon servants and was hurt . Lee Hyunsung-ssi also entered the maze?”

“That’s correct . Are you alright?”

He was the Genuine Steel Lee Hyunsung .

‘Why did this guy appear here?’

Kim Dokja’s companion, Lee Hyunsung also came here .  No matter how urgent the situation, she couldn’t take away the proofs of the main characters… eh?

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“Lee Hyunsung-ssi! Don’t go over!”

The shrill shout came from a beautiful face .  The four people who appeared with Lee Hyunsung weren’t anyone Han Sooyoung knew . The woman once again shouted, “Lee Hyunsung-ssi! Can’t you hear my words? It might be a trap!”

“That’s right! Back off! Come over here!”


Lee Hyunsung was confused as he looked between Han Sooyoung and the women .

Han Sooyoung spoke to Lee Hyunsung .  “Has your party changed? Why are you building a harem all of a sudden?”

“I split up from the party in the labyrinth…”

Lee Hyunsung looked troubled and the other women rushed at him and pulled at his arms .

“Why are you listening to that person?”

“Those wounds don’t come from fighting with demon servants . That woman is suspicious!”

“That’s right!”

“Hyunsung-ssi is too naive! You shouldn’t trust anyone in this world!”

Lee Hyunsung was pulled back by the women with much difficulty .

Han Sooyoung triggered Detect Attributes .  The next moment, a cruel smile appeared on Han Sooyoung’s face as she saw the names in front of her eyes .

‘…What am I seeing? It is them?’

The way that people adapted to a destroyed world were different . There were women who believed in themselves like Jung Heewon and Lee Jihye, while other women took advantage of others . The even more interesting way…

“Lee Hyunsung, I didn’t realize that you have an unusual taste?”


“Don’t you know they’re all men?”

[A constellations who likes to change sex is surprised!]

[The constellation in love with a woman is aghast!]

The women shouted in astonishment at Han Sooyoung’s words .

“W-What are you talking about right now?”

“Don’t frame us!”

It was impossible to think these people were men .  However, Han Sooyoung knew them .  They were a group of four who used Disguise and Forbidden Charm to kill strong rankers or the weak .

Han Sooyoung remembered the name of this group .

[Pink Kids] .

They had the name of a girl group but they were all men in their 40s . She spoke to them .

“Hey Ahjussis, do you like disguising as young girls? Lee Hyunsung-ssi, if you stay with them, you will be tricked and killed . ”

“What is this crazy bitch saying?'”

“Hyunsung-ssi, let’s go! She is a strange person!”

Sometimes it was common in Ways of Survival to dress up as the other gender . There were more villains in this world than Pink Kids . Thus, these men could be rehabilitated .  “Kim Dokja might’ve said this…”

Han Sooyoung was different from Kim Dokja .

“I have to get rid of these disgusting things . ”

At this rate, Lee Hyunsung would 100% be hit in the back of the head by Pink Kids .  His death would have a severe impact on the scenarios .  A large number of clones started to surround Han Sooyoung’s body .

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Lee Hyunsung hastily came forward .  “W-What are you doing?”

She demanded, “Get lost . I’m going to kill them . ”

“They aren’t bad people!”

Lee Hyunsung didn’t move out of the way . He didn’t seem bewitched but he stood firmly in place . If she thought about it, this was Lee Hyunsung .  The Pink Kids watched Lee Hyunsung with touched eyes .

Han Sooyoung cried out in an irritated manner, “I will kill you if you don’t get out of the way . ”

“Han Sooyoung-ssi . I’m aware that you are strong but please calm yourself .  I’m also confident in my strength . ”

“Then try it!”

The clones ran towards Lee Hyunsung while Han Sooyoung rushed towards the Pink Kids .

“Die perverts!”

“You can’t do this!”

“Kyaaack! Help us Hyunsung-ssi!”

Lee Hyunsung triggered Steel Transformation and started to kill Han Sooyoung’s clones with tremendous strength . Han Sooyoung couldn’t help sweating at the enormous damage .

‘He truly is the Steel Sword . ’

She noticed that the Pink Kids were planning to run away . At this rate, she would miss this . There was nothing good about leaving them alive when she had already made a hostile impression .

‘I will do it . ’

She was forced to use a secret weapon .  Han Sooyoung smiled bitterly at Lee Hyunsung .  “Do you want to see a good show?”

The next moment, Han Sooyoung’s clones surrounding Lee Hyunsung took off their clothes . Her white skin was revealed . Lee Hyunsung blushed as he covered his eyes and collapsed .

“Waaaaahhhhh! What is this?”

Han Sooyoung stepped on Lee Hyunsung’s body and flew forward .

“It is a naked woman!”

Han Sooyoung flew through the air and aimed her dagger at the back of the Pink Kids running away .

“W-What are you…!


‘Yoon Woochul . 41 years old . Operated a coin farm . ’

The other member of Pink Kids screamed as he saw his dying companion .

“Shit! We haven’t done anything wrong!”

‘Hwang Mingyu . 43 years old . Trafficking and… what was it?’

Her dagger sliced over his neck .  The Pink KIds’ transformation was released, revealing hairy legs .

“S-Spare me! Spare me!”

‘Bang Takho . 39 years old . The children in the third episode… anyway!”

In any instant, only one of the Pink Kids was left .  Han Sooyoung frowned as she saw the middle-aged person trembling with fear .

‘What did this person do?’

Han Sooyoung wondered for a moment and was about to kill the last Pink Kids when magic power flew from somewhere and blocked her dagger .

Then a clear voice was heard .  “You made a mistake . ”


“You shouldn’t kill this person . He is needed for my strategy . ”

She turned her head and sighed with relief .  Han Sooyoung laughed .  “You are late, Kim Dokja . ”

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