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Omniscient Reader - Chapter 154

Published at 23rd of November 2019 11:39:19 AM

Chapter 154

TL: Rainbow Turtle

Han Sooyoung heard my story and muttered in a dumbfounded manner .  “…Did you really become a constellation?”

A person who was an incarnation a few days ago suddenly appeared as a constellation .  Certainly, it was strange .  Han Sooyoung hadn’t read anything about an incarnation being reborn as a constellation .

“Yes . I am a constellation . ”

“Really, seriously?”

“That’s right . ”

Han Sooyoung’s eyes were filled with disbelief .  “…Is it that easy?”

I wanted to say it wasn’t easy but Han Sooyoung didn’t listen .

“Shit, will you now be watching us outside the scenario and sponsoring us?”

“Nothing like that . I became a constellation in the course of the scenario so I have to keep participating in the scenario . ”

“What’s the difference? I can’t tell at all . ”

In fact, I didn’t feel it was real either .  Borrowing stories, trading with other constellations and nebulae, changing the attitude of the constellations towards me…

[Some constellations are jealous of your growth . ]

[Some constellations oppose you having a modifier . ]

[Some constellations show hostility towards you . ]

In any case, the constellations also felt the ugliness of jealousy .  Why were they so harsh towards a growing bud? Still, there was something I could do now .

[You stare at the other constellations . ]

[Some constellations are staring at you with amazement!]

[Some constellations have spat out the coke they are drinking with surprise!]

[200 coins have been consumed to send an indirect message . ]

…As expected, indirect messages cost coins .  It was fun but I had to use it in moderation .

Han Sooyoung was staring at me with an open mouth .  “W-Was it you who just sent the message? The constellation who doesn’t yet have a name?”

That was what it looked like to Han Sooyoung .

“Yes . ”

“Is it because you haven’t signed a sponsor contract until now?”

“Yes . ”

“…Then is it already too late for me?”

“You could say that . ”

Han Sooyoung frowned and looked up at the air .

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ hesitantly reads her face . ]

Han Sooyoung sighed and glanced at me .  “Shit… I’m envious . By the way, why don’t you have a modifier?”


Why didn’t I have a modifier? The correct answer was that I didn’t know .

[The Star Stream is looking for a modifier for your constellation . ]

Perhaps it was because I haven’t accumulated enough stories .  A constellation without a modifier was similar to gaining a citizenship without having a home .

Han Sooyoung muttered, “You are a vagabond . ”

“…The fifth story isn’t over yet . Maybe I will have a modifier by the time this story is finalized . ”

[The fifth story ‘Lone Messiah’ is currently in progress . ]

The fifth story was a story that greatly affected the ‘status’ of the constellation .  The position of my constellation would depend on how this story was finalized .

…Maybe .

Then Han Sooyoung booed .  “Boo…Kim Dokja, why you suddenly look cool? Then can you beat Yoo Jonghyuk?”

Yoo Jonghyuk .  I clenched my fist and opened it .  Then there was a message I had never seen before . .

[Beware of the ‘probability storm’ effect . ]

[The Star Stream is currently evaluating your level . ]

There was a prickly feeling at the tips of my fingers .  This was a problem for constellations .  Still, I would be fine as long as the ‘evaluation’ was in progress .  The Star Stream didn’t know the right level of constraints for me yet .

“I might be able to win against him now . ”


The point was the word ‘now . ’ The protagonist was the protagonist for a reason .  I could only match his growth by becoming a constellation .  The perks that Yoo Jonghyuk received were huge .

I ordered her, “Quickly return what I gave you . ”

“Che, I understand . ”

[The incarnation ‘Han Sooyoung’ has fulfilled the contract . ]

I received all the coins and items I had left with Han Sooyoung .  Han Sooyoung sighed .  “…It’s too bad . I felt rich for a while . ”

“I gave you 20,000 coins for the trouble . ”

“I handed over 600,000 coins but only got 20,000 in return . ”

“Then you can give back the 20,000 coins . ”

Han Sooyoung scoffed and turned her back to me .  I received my items and coins from Han Sooyoung .

[Possessed Coins: 684,353 C]

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In the meantime, I had collected a lot of money .  It wasn’t strange since I made a steady income and saved money . Now that I was a constellation, I no longer hesitated in using coins . The coins would exert their real strength from now on .

Then little by little… ah, wait . I forgot an important thing .  “Han Sooyoung, when will you release that? It is sexual harassment . ”

“Eh? Ah, I forgot . ”

Han Sooyoung smiled and I approached Lee Hyunsung who was sitting on the floor holding his head in his hands . Han Sooyoung’s clones were still dancing naked around Lee Hyunsung .

[The character ‘Lee Hyunsung’ is shaking with fear . ]

「 The Steel Sword is weak to women . 」

There was such a sentence in Ways of Survival but I hadn’t thought it was so severe . Besides that…

“…It isn’t real . ”

Han Sooyoung’s clones looked naked but they didn’t have the important parts .  In other words, Lee Hyunsung had become like this because he saw mannequins .

Han Sooyoung noticed the meaning of my words and laughed mischievously .  “Hrmm…what does that mean? You are sorry because you didn’t get to see them?”

“I told you . I don’t like a poor body like yours .

“…You haven’t even seen it . ”

“Do i need to see it?”

I approached Lee Hyunsung and patted him on the back .  “Hyunsung-ssi, are you okay?”

“D-Dokja-ssi . ”

He looked stupid but he wasn’t crazy .  Lee Hyunsung looked at me like he had seen a ghost .  “Why is Dokja-ssi…you are… dead?”

I think he got a real trauma . I looked at Han Sooyoung with annoyance . It was a comic-like situation but it would’ve been a serious blow for the Steel Sword . If I didn’t something wrong in this round, Lee Hyunsung might step on an unknown route…

For the moment, I had to rely on time for him to recover .  Then another voice was heard from the side .  “Excuse me…”


“Can I go?”

The last member of Pink Kids entered my eyes .  She had a pretty face and slender body . She had fine eyebrows and tender cheeks .  Who would believe this person was an uncle in his 40s?

“What is your name?” I asked and a pretty voice answered .

“S-Seo Inna . ”

“That’s not his real name . ”

Seo Inna hesitated before speaking his true name .  “…I am Kim Yongpal . ”

Pink Kids, Kim Yongpal . I found the right person .

Han Sooyoung clicked her tongue .  “…Why are you keeping him alive . Aren’t the Pink Kids scum?”

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“Not yet . They ‘will become’ bad guys . If you read it correctly, you should know that the Pink Kids was originally a trio . ”

“But there are four… eh?”

I explained, “This uncle died before they became really active . ”

“…Is that why I couldn’t remember him?”

“Kim Yongpal is basically a pure person . Thus, he was the first to die in Pink Kids . ”

Kim Yongpal interrupted .  “Excuse me, what are you talking about…?”

“Shut up . ”

Han Sooyoung frowned at him .  “This is a pure person?”

“Yes . ”

I also couldn’t believe it but it was a setting in Ways of Survival .

[A constellations who likes to change sex is nodding . ]

[A constellation who likes to change sex claims there are no bad people among those who like to change sex . ]

In fact, Kim Yongpal survived to this day without killing anyone, even in the first scenario .

I could come up with the ‘insect killing’ method in the first scenario because there was a precedent where Kim Yongpal stepped on an ant by mistake and survived . Of course, Kim Yongpal didn’t know why he had survived .

He was a person who ‘fortunately’ survived .  This was Kim Yongpal of Pink Kids .  No, I should call it Pink Kid now that his companions were dead .

Han Sooyoung muttered like she didn’t want to admit it .  “Damn…so what? In any case, you saved him because there is a use for him?”

“Yes . ”

“Then now what?”

“We have to break the scenario again . ”

“Do you know that this scenario is?”

Of course I knew .  I knew it very well .

“It is the last scenario before the liberation of Seoul Dome . ”

The ninth scenario, Dark Castle .  In this scenario, beings that had never appeared before emerged .

I watched Lee Hyunsung, who was still trembling with fear, the unconscious Lee Jihye and Shin Yoosung who was caring for the injured Lee Gilyoung .

Maybe my other companions were alive somewhere .  There was Jung Heewon so they wouldn’t be defeated so easily on the first floor .

“The first floor is just a joke . The real hell is the second floor . ”

A special window in the castle showed the outside landscape . Crowds were moving around Seoul . Unfortunately, in the absence of the ‘greatest sacrifice’ and the ensuing struggle, half of Seoul had become demon servants .

The incarnations of Seoul were shouting sorrowfully .  Despair already covered Seoul but the ‘story’ was still lacking .  The story was always lacking .

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The dokkaebis were seeking larger frustration .  The constellations were yearning for more provocative story .

Han Sooyoung stared out the window and spoke .  “It is a cliche imagination . Regressors, returnees, reincarnators . Now there are demons?”

“A person who plagiarized is saying this…”

“Hey, I told you a couple of times…”

I was joking as usual when I suddenly became curious .  “Han Sooyoung . ”

“What is it?”

“If you are the writer of Ways of Survival…”

“I didn’t write that garbage . ”

“Let’s just assume . ”

The grumpy Han Sooyoung bit her lips .  “…If I am the writer?”

“If you are the writer of Ways of Survival, why did you make this world?”

“How should I know?”

“You are also writer . ”

“How can a first-rate writer like me know the thoughts of a third-rate writer?”

…I was an idiot for asking her .  Han Sooyoung continued speaking .  “I should be the one asking you that . ”


I met Han Sooyoung’s deep eyes .  I couldn’t read Han Sooyoung even if I used Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint .  Still, I seemed to understand a bit .  A person who read the story might have similar thoughts .

‘You know the end of this world . Isn’t that right?’

Han Sooyoung was obviously asking this .  As always, I didn’t answer .

Han Sooyoung stared out the window like she knew she wouldn’t receive an answer . Then she asked another question .  “…Why do the scenarios exist?”

I stared out the window .

The dark sky above the destroyed Seoul could be seen .  Was it because I had become a constellation? The sky wasn’t the same as before .

Countless constellations were embroidering the sky .  The Star Stream was embracing the constellations .  They were stars that could never be reached despite being so close .

Even with so many stars shining…

There was the distant abyss that couldn’t be erased .  I felt like I had discovered something .

What were the constellations always enduring? Why were they so obsessed with the story?

I shook off this distant emotion and opened my mouth .  “Perhaps the scenario…”

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