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Omniscient Reader - Chapter 156

Published at 23rd of November 2019 11:39:13 AM

Chapter 156

Translator: Rainbow Turtle

“Yoo Jonghyuk?”

What was this situation all of a sudden?

The strongest beings on the second floor of Dark Castle, sometimes they would descend as a test . This had happened in Ways of Survival . However, a demon earl had never appeared in cases where Pink Kid Kim Yongpal was part of the group .  Besides that, why was the demon looking for Yoo Jonghyuk after being summoned?

I didn’t answer and the demon breathed in before looking at Lee Hyunsung .  “Are you Yoo Jonghyuk?”

“…I am Lee Hyunsung . ”

“Then who is the person called Yoo Jonghyuk?”

I opened my mouth .  There was nothing good about stimulating the demon earl here .  “Why do you want to find him? He isn’t here so go back . ”

The demon earl Tentacio laughed at my words .  “A bug is talking back to me . It’s strange . I heard that the person who is Seoul’s strongest person is here?”

Seoul’s strongest?

“Uh… that sounds like me . ”

The party members all looked at me at the same time .  Why were they looking at me like that? It was true .

Tentacio also stared at me .  “You said that you’re not Yoo Jonghyuk . ”

“The strongest in Seoul isn’t Yoo Jonghyuk . It is me . ”

What the hell was going on? Why was he looking for the strongest in Seoul?

[The constellation ‘Lady of the Brocade Sleep’ is sorry towards you . ]

[The constellation ‘Lady of the Brocade Sleep’ is asking you to defeat this demon . ]

…Lady of the Brocade Sleep? I wondered reflexively .  Suddenly, I got a sense of what was going on .

[You are staring at the constellations of Silla . ]

[The constellations of Silla are embarrassed . ]

Yes, this was right .  These bastards… they sold me to save their descendants?

[The constellation ‘Lady of the Brocade Sleep’ shows what happened . ]

The memory of Lady of the Brocade Sleep appeared in my head .  The injured Min Jiwon stuttered as she opened her mouth .

-Seoul’s strongest… is Yoo Jonghyuk .

[The constellation ‘Lady of the Brocade Sleep’ is giving you a pathetic look . ]

The act of showing one’s memories required paying some probability and a significant amount of coins . The fact that she showed me her memory without hesitation meant the situation was urgent .

Damn, then send him to Yoo Jonghyuk . Why send him to me? Was I easy? I sighed lightly and spoke towards the air .  “Then what will you do for me if I help?”

[The constellation ‘Lady of the Brocade Sleep’ says she will pay coins . ]

“How much? Will you give me 2,000 coins again?”

[The constellation ‘ Lady of the Brocade Sleep’ is embarrassed . ]

“Give me something else . Something helpful . ”

[The constellations of Silla have their pride damaged and are angry at ‘Lady of the Brocade Sleep . ’]

[The constellation ‘Lady of the Brocade Sleep’ says she will pay a story . ]

A story?

[A new bounty scenario has arrived!]


[Bounty Scenario – Fight Against the Demon]

Category: Sub

Difficulty level: A+

Clear Conditions: Defeat the demon earl ‘Tentacio’ .

Time Limit: ―

Compensation: The trust of the constellations of Silla, one history-grade story .

Failure: ―


A history-grade story .  It was fairly decent .

In fact, I was already going to kill the demon earl without any conditions . The constellations of Silla weren’t as powerful as a nebula but there was nothing bad about them owing me a debt .  I had to defeat this demon anyway .

The demon earl was tired of waiting and growled out, “Why are you speaking to yourself? Then you’re not Yoo Jonghyuk?”

A powerful airflow was released from Tentacio’s body and Lee Hyunsung quickly stepped forward .

“Dokja-ssi, I’ll take care of him . ”

“Hyunsung-ssi, you can’t do it alone…”

“I will never lose the empty cartridge again . ”

Han Sooyoung whistled like it was interesting .  Tentacio made a complicated expression and grinned . “You don’t know who your opponent is . I like trampling on people like you . ”

“You don’t know who I am?”

The earth shook and Lee Hyunsung ran forward as he activated Steel Transformation . Lee Hyunsung’s shoulders became covered with steel as he struck Tentacio’s shoulder horns . Lee Hyunsung had the courage to face the demon earl without backing off .

“You are someone who inherited a story?” Tentacio wondered .

Lee Hyunsung’s Steel Transformation was a stigma obtained by inheriting a story from Master of Steel .  With one exchange, the demon noticed the value of Lee Hyunsung .  He was an earl and knew the value of a ‘story . ’

“I’ll eat it . ”

Tentacio embraced Lee Hyunsung’s body .  Lee Hyunsung continuously struck him with fists but Tentacio wasn’t fazed .   Fangs emerged from the demon’s mouth and he bit Lee Hyunsung’s shoulder .

The strength of Steel Transformation was directly connected with Lee Hyunsung’s will .  Unless his will was broken, Lee Hyunsung’s steel wouldn’t be destroyed .

Of course, this was written in Ways of Survival . However, it was only Lee Hyunsung of the second half who fit such a wonderful description .

Cracks started to appear in Lee Hyunsung’s hard steel .  Lee Hyunsung’s expression started to pale .

“…What the hell is this?” Han Sooyoung’s eyes shook as she watched Tentacio .  “Kim Dokja! What is that?”

I didn’t think the Seoul rankings announced by the dokkaebi were wrong .  Apart from me, Han Sooyoung was the only one who knew the exact level of the demon earl .

I replied .  “He is a 3rd grade demon . ”

Demon species above the 3rd grade had their own story .

[The 3rd grade demon ‘Tentacio’ is telling the story of Bug Slaughter .

Bug Slaughter . It was a pretty useful narrative .  It wasn’t in the form of a stigma yet but its power exceeded the stigmas of incarnations since this was his own story .

As Tentacio’s story started to be released, all the incarnations, including Lee Hyunsung and Han Sooyoung, stood in place like hardened bugs . Lee Jihye and Lee Gilyoung who was still unconscious, twisted in pain while Kim Yongpal had already collapsed while foaming at the mouth .

This was the real power of the ‘story . ’ It was to swallow other beings into the ‘story . ’ The frozen incarnations were waiting for their master’s command .

“It is the time of slaughter, Bugs . ”

Lee Hyunsung’s steel shattered helplessly and Han Sooyoung’s clones exploded . It was a complete wipe out .  The story ‘Bug Slaughter’ showed overwhelming power against many weak people .  The earls of the second floor were beyond measure .

I held Lee Hyunsung’s shoulder as he was thrown back .  Lee Hyunsung was released from the fear at my touch and he stuttered .

“D-Dokja-ssi . ”

“Move back . ”

“It isn’t possible . If I don’t protect Dokja-ssi this time―”

“A cartridge doesn’t disappear so easily . Watch me . ” I patted Lee Hyunsung’s shoulder and walked forward .

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Tentacio laughed like it was interesting .  “You can resist my story? You are someone with moderately strong mental power .

“Mental power isn’t the problem . ”

“Then what? Kneel, Bug . ”

The pressure around us suddenly rose and people fell to their knees .  Of course, I was fine .  Tentacio was confused as he watched me walking casually .  It was thanks to Fourth Wall .  There was also a more fundamental difference .

“…Answer me . How can you move?”

“In order to get that story, you have to pick at least 100,000 people with weak stories and kill them . You’re quite a nasty bastard . ”


This was the difference in ‘status’ .

“Still, Bug Slaughter is a fairly usable story . At least, when the enemy is weaker than you . ”

[You aren’t interested in the ‘Bug Slaughter’ story . ]

[The effect of ‘Bug Slaughter’ is negated by you . ]

Tentacio’s eyes widened .  “At least marquis grade… perhaps a demon king? No, that isn’t likely… are you a returnee?” The peak of the demon species, the 72 demon kings were equivalent to narrative-grade constellations . “But a returnee can’t be on the first floor of Dark Castle…”

“That’s right . Both are wrong . ”

An existence with their ‘status’ revealed was constrained by probability .

[You are looking at the demon earl ‘Tentacio’ . ]

Tentacio turned pale .  I didn’t delay and rushed towards Tentacio while using White Pure Star Energy .

[Blade of Faith has been activated!]

[The special option of Unbroken Faith is activated . ]

[The ether attribute is converted to ‘divine . ]

The new texture of Unbroken Faith was unfamiliar to me .

“Kuaack!” The demon screamed painfully as the ends of his horns were cut off .  The second strike flew towards Tentacio before he could move .

It wasn’t just that the earl’s story wasn’t effective on me .  My movements itself were different from ordinary constellations . The demon gritted his teeth .

“A constellation? No way… this is impossible!”

I wondered if I should borrow Messiah’s Path again but I didn’t need to use the ‘quotation’ against Bug Slaughter . There was a limit to the number of ‘quotations’ and I also needed to check my abilities without a story .

First, I needed to adjust my stats .  Let’s see .

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[Physique Lv . 62 -> Physique Lv . 90]

[Strength Lv . 60 -> Strength Lv . 90]

[Agility Lv . 60 -> Agility Lv . 90]

[Magic Power Lv . 62 -> Magic Power Lv . 90]

[All stats have increased significantly .

[A total of 116,400 coins have been consumed . ]

It was huge spending but it was worth it .

[Your body is moving towards the limits of a human . ]

[A formidable energy has filled your body!]

[All stats have reached the scenario limit!]

My heart beat faster as if I had received a caffeine transfusion .  The adrenaline level in my body increased sharply and my body became as light as a feather .

My stats had an average level of 90 .  There was probably no one among the incarnations who had my stats .  This was the only thing I could do as a constellation .

“Then let’s go . ”

I relentlessly swung my sword .  Tentacio’s body was torn by the blade .  Tentacio didn’t fall easily despite my stats suddenly rising .  He seemed to be strengthening his body using his remaining magic power .  It was a wise choice because the story didn’t work .


Tentacio let out a terrible scream .  As the battle continued, one or two injuries appeared on my body .  As expected, I couldn’t fight him without any skills .

Then this would work .

[The special skill ‘Miniaturization Lv . 3’ is activated!]

[The effect of Miniaturization has decreased the size of your body . ]


[The exclusive skill ‘Bookmark’ is activated!]

“I will choose the fifth bookmark, Kyrgios Rodgraim . ”

[It is confirmed that your body composition is similar to the corresponding character . ]

[The status of the character is higher than you . ]

[The level of the skill is being forcibly adjusted . ]

Normally the messages would end here .  However, one more line popped up .

[Your status has risen and coordination with the person will increase . ]