Omniscient Reader - Chapter 164

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Chapter 164

Translator: Rainbow Turtle

Jung Heewon was surprised .

…Struggling? Anyone could see that Reinheit was evil .  He deceived countless  and produced monsters in this underground area .  How could he not be evil?

[The constellations of the absolute good system entrust the judgment to incarnation ‘Jung Heewon’ . ]

Reinheit opened his mouth .  “If you kill me, Paradise will end . ”

Jung Heewon’s hell flames decreased at these words .  There was a faint smile on Reinheit’s face .

“Jung Heewon-ssi, I didn’t expect you to be here . ”


“You should’ve known . Paradise isn’t perfect . It is natural for a beautiful place to have a shadow . ”

Jung Heewon didn’t respond .  Ignorance was a deception .  Of course, she had thought about it . This place must be hiding some awful truth .  She just didn’t think it would be this…

“Why are you mass producing monsters? Are you going to conquer Dark Castle?”

“I’m not doing anything . They are just the nutrients of Paradise . ”

A huge tree trunk could be seen in the centre of the cavern .  Branches stretched out like tentacles towards the monsters in the vicinity .

Jung Heewon realized where the tree trunk was heading .  The small flower that bloomed on the hill, the Perpetual Motion .

Jung Heewon’s legs were shaking without her knowing .  Surely this tree…

“Isn’t it strange? Weren’t you curious about why the many demon species on Dark Castle don’t invade this place?”

She thought it was strange .  It wasn’t enough to describe Paradise as a blessed fortress .

“Why are there so many demons in Dark Castle?”

Rapidly moving branches grabbed the humans one by one . The prisoners screamed but there was no room for resistance . The rapidly moving branches tied around the prisoners’ bodies and three them into a hole in the trunk .

A terrible noise was heard and then there was a scream like a soul was being castrated .

After a while, buds blossomed on the tree trunk . Jung Heewon sensed what would be born from the bud and shook .  In less than a few minutes, a giant monsters was born from the bud . It was the human who had just been swallowed by the tree .

The Perpetual Motion was a tree that made demons .

Jung Heewon kept trembling .  “H-How can you do this?”

Why couldn’t she find any demon species near Paradise? Paradoxically, it was because Paradise itself was the source of the demon species .

“The demons produced here are released every month on certain days . There is a limit to the capacity of the prison . ” Reinheit smiled as he spoke .  “Don’t look at me with those eyes . Being a demon isn’t necessarily a bad thing . ”


“They can have eternal life and are stronger than humans . In addition…”

The tree emitted a bright light and started to supply nutrients to the earth of Paradise .

“Their sin is used to sustain the lives of other beings . In other words, they are martyrs . ”

It was the source that provided vitality for crops to grow on the barren land of Dark Castle . This was the role of the Perpetual Motion .  Jung Heewon understood everything and felt desperate .

[The constellations of the absolute good system are demanding you make a choice . ]

If she killed Reinheit, the underground prison would collapse .  The Perpetual Motion would die and the system of Paradise would be destroyed .  People would lose the land and their food . Then they would be torn apart by the monsters .

“Why… why…” Knowing this, Jung Heewon couldn’t kill Reinheit .  She had no confidence in condemning the source of the tragedy when she would cause a bigger tragedy .

“Somebody has to do it . ” Reinheit’s face was sad .  “Life continues for the losers of the scenario . Someone has to create a place for them . ”

“If you really care for them, you should help keep the scenario going! Don’t make a place like this . Lead the people and try to clear the scenarios!”

“You don’t know . The enemy in the following scenario isn’t someone we can win against . ”

Jung Heewon was surprised at his gloomy expression .  The 2nd ranked demon marquis of Dark Castle .  Who could cause him to feel such fear?

“…What do you know?”

“That isn’t important . Even if you clear the following scenario… the ‘next’ one is always ready . More losers will be made . ”

“We can clear all of them! It is a scenario . Won’t it end one day? Practice your skills and build your story…!”

“Do you think we can clear all the scenarios one day?”

Jung Heewon closed her mouth .  The end of all the scenarios .  Her colleague Kim Dokja wanted to reach that place .

Reinheit continued speaking, “Do you believe peace will come at that time?”

Jung Heewon cried out with all her heart .  “Yes . I believe . ”

“Why do you think so? Is there a single person who has reached the end of the scenario?”

“There are the constellations!”

“The constellations?”

“They exist outside of the scenarios . In other words, there is a way to escape from this scenario . ”

The constellations who treated the incarnations like toys .  The existences of such ‘absolute’ beings actually gave hope .  Someday they would be able to reach that place .  They could get away from this hellish scenario .

“Ha . Haha, hahaha…” Reinheit laughed .  “I see . The constellations . I understand your mind . I had thought so as well . ”

“What do you mean?”

“Why do you think that constellations cleared all the scenarios? Did Kim Dokja say so?”

Kim Dokja never said this .  An ominous feeling entered her heart .

“They certainly are outside the scenario . However, they are just ‘outside’ the scenario . ”


“They are all doing scenarios like us . 76 times, 84 times . The size and number of scenarios vary but they are like us . ”

She had never thought of this before .  Jung Heewon asked in a trembling voice, “T-Then…?”

“The constellations are just powerhouses beyond the standards, born in the middle of the scenario . They are neither gods or absolute beings . ”

Reinheit spoke as if declaring an absolute proposition .

“Let me tell you once again . No one has ever reached the ‘end’ of the scenarios . ”


“This world is eternal hell . ”

Jung Heewon collapsed to the ground .  Even the constellations couldn’t do it .  Even the mighty beings couldn’t reach that place .

Kim Dokja wanted to go to such a place .

“Something like this… what do you want to do? Kim Dokja, you…”

Reinheit kept speaking .  “That’s why I made Paradise . ”

Jung Heewon stared blankly up at Reinheit .

“If this continues, Paradise will someday collapse . The number of humans is decreasing and the number of demons is constantly increasing . The nutrients to sustain this land are running out . ”

At the end of despair and desperation, he created the Paradise of Despair .

“I need a noble human to sustain this tree . There are many souls who entered this quarter . Kim Dokja is one of them . ”

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Jung Heewon realized what he was talking about .  “That’s why I’m needed?”

“That’s correct . You are chosen by an archangel and will last at least 10 years . A constellation like Kim Dokja will be able to maintain the vitality of Paradise for more than 200 years . ”

“Do you think I will just listen to you?”

“You will listen . It is because you are the incarnation of an archangel . ”

If she sacrificed herself, she would be able to protect Paradise .

“If you help, there will be no need to punish people for minor offences for a while . You can save thousands, tens of thousands of lives . ”

Jung Heewon’s shoulders trembled .  She could save tens of thousands of people with her life .  If she didn’t die, tens of thousands of people would die .

She saw a monster reminiscent of a fish squirming on the ground .  The face resembled the woman from Geumho Station .  The monster stared at Jung Heewon with a hungry expression and roared .


It was an abandoned life anyway .  Her parents, friends and the people who remembered her were all dead .  The end of the scenario was impossible .  Living any further was useless .


[The constellations of the absolute good system are looking at you . ]

Jung Heewon made a decision .  “I understand . Then I…”

If she died to save tens of thousands of people, it was the right thing, the righteous thing .

Reinheit’s expression seemed to soften .   At the last moment, something caught her .

‘Then what is my life?’

It was probably empty .

‘I… what the hell is this?’

It was the foolish last attachment to life .  She already knew the answer .

-Heewon-ssi is a good sword .

-You are calmer in front of the fire than any of us . In particular, you are sensitive to the tyranny of the strong .

-You always fought at the head of the party and never complained about how difficult it was .

It was because someone told her the answer already .

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-This is the Jung Heewon-ssi that I saw because you continued the scenario .

Maybe Kim Dokja knew the reality of the scenarios from the beginning .  Even so, he didn’t give up .

-That’s why I believe you should continue the scenario .

Jung Heewon stood up .

“I can’t die here . ”

Thus, she decided to be selfish .  She decided to live, even if many people died from her choice .  She had to live with it .

“No, you will die . ”

However, sometimes their life and will were irrelevant .

“Then you will become the nutrients of Paradise . ”

There were a number of demons who couldn’t be dealt with even using Hell Flames Ignition . Jung Heewon’s expression tensed and she opened up all her magic power . She couldn’t die . She would never die .

At this moment, there was an explosion and people appeared .


“Ah, Unni went alone again!”

It was the people who sustained her life .  Still, Reinheit didn’t panic .  He smiled like it was good .

“I’m able to get a lot of nutrients . ”

This person was the second strongest in Dark Castle .  He wasn’t afraid of a group without Kim Dokja .

“Everybody stand back!”

Lee Hyunsung stepped forward and protected his companions .  He was much stronger than before but the situation was bad .  Maybe someone would die in this fight . It would be lucky if all of them didn’t die .

How good would it be if Kim Dokja was here? She tried to avoid depending on Kim Dokja but Jung Heewon couldn’t help having this thought .

“This is your end . ” Reinheit declared and raised his hand .

Then the entire ceiling collapsed . It was like bombs had poured down in succession .  The ether storm ripped through the branches of the Perpetual Motion and the shattered ceiling fell towards Reinheit and the monsters .

The crushed monsters let out terrible screams .  Somebody’s voice was heard among this chaos .

“You hid in a deep and dirty place . ”

There was a man and the shadow of a woman chasing him . Yoo Jonghyuk faced the people looking at him with wonder and confusion and asked, “…By the way, where is Kim Dokja?”