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Omniscient Reader - Chapter 201

Published at 23rd of November 2019 11:36:35 AM

Chapter 201

The door opened and a middle-aged man appeared . His hair was white and he wore a dirty apron . The faint scar on his cheek was the only sign of ‘strength’ that could be found on the man’s face .

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He didn’t seem like a person who would be a ‘guardian . ’ Aileen looked incredulously at the man and hesitantly sat back down .  “You are a guardian?”

“Yes . ”


“I was worried you would react like this . ”

Aileen glanced at me after hearing the middle-aged man’s words . I smiled at AIleen .  “I told you . They will be around us . ”

“However, to be this close…”

The guardian was the pub owner who previously made the side dishes for me .  Of course, I guessed from the beginning that he was the guardian .  He was very similar to the guardian who appeared in Ways of Survival .

I also knew that he would save me .  If I didn’t know this, I wouldn’t have declared myself a revolutionary .

Aileen asked, “Why did you keep quiet until now? If you are really the guardian, you’ve had many chances to save people . ”

“I had to save my points . You know that a guardian can only save people a total of five times . ”

“I know, but if you didn’t use all five times…”

“If I had saved someone else…” The pub owner glanced at me before continuing .  “The revolutionary would be dead . ”

“You sound certain that the revolutionary would appear . ”

“I have always been waiting . Not everyone gave up like you . ”

“…Are you saying that to me?”

The atmosphere seemed to be heating up and Jang Hayoung quickly interrupted .

“Now now Aileen, Pub Owner . Let’s stop fighting and think about things going forward . Isn’t it good for us if the guardian shows up?”

I admired his skillful method of changing the topic . Jang Hayoung was one of the most extraordinary people in Ways of Survival . He was a foul-mouthed person who desired to stay here but he was originally an excellent mediator who understood the hearts of people better than anyone else .

Jang Hayoung coughed and tapped on the shoulder of the pub owner .  “At any rate, I am surprised . I thought you were only good at cooking . Honestly, couldn’t you have given us a clue?”

“A good chef often has many secrets . Speaking of the revolutionary, how did you like my cooking earlier?”

“Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to eat it . Someone else ate all of it . ”

Jang Hayoung stared at me with wide eyes and the pub owner chuckled . Aileen poured cold water on the atmosphere that had barely improved .

“You guys are laughing like you’re already colleagues . Don’t you know? The game has already begun . ”

If Jang Hayoung was an excellent mediator, Aileen was an experienced schemer . She might not be in the ‘lying down dragon’ grade but she pointed out something that a revolutionary should be suspicious about .

“I know . ”

In fact, her advice was pointed to a verse of the Revolutionary Game that appeared in Ways of Survival .

「It is important to gather the same side . But the most important thing is finding out the identity of the enemy . 」

It wasn’t easy to distinguish between who was an enemy and who was a friend .  Most revolutionaries failed and self-destructed because they couldn’t break through this point .

The pub owner received my gaze and smiled bitterly .  “Do you perhaps doubt me? Do you think I am a snitch for the duke?”

I laughed without saying a word .  I already knew that the pub owner was a guardian .  Thus, this gesture was for the people other than me .

“Shall we start with the introductions first?”

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“I am Mark . How about you?”

“I am Yoo Jonghyuk . ”

“Yoo Jonghyuk? Hrmm . It sounds like a name I’ve heard before…”

It was because the Earth scenarios were spreading . Therefore, there might be a person who remembered the name ‘Yoo Jonghyuk’ in the Demon World .

I could use this hand if necessary . There were also a few story fragments that I had obtained…

“Well, let’s go to the point . I’m not the duke’s snitch . It is hard to believe but I’m being honest . ”

“No, I believe you . ”

“You believe me?

“Yes . You are really the guardian . ”

Mark stared at me like I was a fool .  “…I don’t know what happened but I guess I passed the test?”

“That’s right . Congratulations on entering the Revolutionary Army . ”

The aghast Aileen shouted at the sudden conclusion .  “No, wait a minute!”

“This person came right after I made the revolutionary declaration . The duke’s snitch wouldn’t have responded this quickly . The least Revolutionary Scenario was 30 years ago . ”

Aileen paused at my quick clarification before she continued, “It isn’t wrong but I don’t think this is enough evidence .

“I do . I am sure that this person is the guardian . ”


“Just as I am sure that you are an engineer of Lindberg . ”

“How could you…”

“I also know that Aslan over there is really Jang Hayoung and that he is from Earth . ”

“Hey! M privacy…!”

Aileen’s expression changed once she saw Jang Hayoung’s reaction .  “You… can you see the attribute information?”

“As much as necessary . ”

In fact, I had already checked Mark’s attribute information .  Aileen didn’t understand but she was finally convinced .  “You have an unusual skill . Until now, there wasn’t a skill that could give a glimpse of the position information . ”

“My skill is special . ”

“…I’m glad you have such a skill . Still, the situation is very hopeless . ”

“It should be very hopeful . ”

Aileen sighed with half-hearted resignation and said, “With this, the Fake Revolutionary Army is formed . ”

“…Fake Revolutionary Army? What does that mean?”

That reminded me, my situation was a bit complicated .  I should first give an explanation .  The people here were those I needed to take to the end of this scenario .

I took some time to persuasively explain that I wasn’t a real revolutionary but a person who could make the revolution a success .


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“…You’re not a revolutionary?”

Two people screamed before my words were over .  Thinking back, I never got a good evaluation every time I announced a project at the company . Mark, who exhausted his points because of me, completely lost his soul .

“Crazy . A fake revolutionary, a poor guardian, the chairman of the Civil Council and a frivolous little boy… is this a joke?”

“Frivolous little boy? Hey, you are talking too much Mark!”

“Stop fighting . The situation is like this so we should worry about what we will do next . ”

“Mr . Fake Revolutionary, do you have a plan?”

“I have a few things to prepare . ”

I briefly explained my plan to the group . The haggard-looking people became more serious as I talked .  By the end of the story, Mark who joined the Fake Revolutionary Army opened his mouth .  “Certainly, those are the measures we need now . ”

“Are you going to participate?”

“I don’t have a choice . What will you do first?”

“I have to change my face . ”

I pulled out the story fragment ‘Face of A Casanova Who Died from Sexual Relations . ’ Mark seemed puzzled .  “Face? That wasn’t in the plan…”

“The most important things in the world aren’t included in a plan . ”

“Why your face?”

“Shouldn’t I be handsome to be a revolutionary? Let’s see a few hands . ”


At the same time, Earl Silocke and Han were walking down the streets .  Silocke walked through the streets and glanced at Han .  “Hey Han . ”


Silocke wasn’t satisfied with this answer but the other person was in contact with ‘Asmodeus . ’  Since Han was willingly joining him, becoming closer wasn’t bad .

“…I think you originally weren’t a demon . Can I ask where you came from?”

Surprisingly, Han gave an answer .  “A place called Earth . ”

“Earth! Ah, I’ve heard that name before . ”

“I guess . The planet is famous these days . ”

“Since you got Asmodeus’ attention, you must have considerable skill?”

“Considerable skill?”

Silocke was a bit amazed by the pride that emerged on Han’s face . Was he making this face because he was such a great person?

“What were you originally? A sword master? Or a great magician?”

“It is similar . ”

“What is it?”

“I was the department head of a large company . ”

“A large company? What is that?”

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“Hmm… you don’t know it?” Han thought for a moment .  “If I had to give an explanation, it is a group similar to a nebula . ”

“…A nebula!”

“I am just giving an analogy . ”

“Then you were a ‘constellation’?”

“No, but it is a similar analogy . ”

“Then… you are amazing . ”

Silocke didn’t understand the words ‘company’ or ‘department head’ but he was forced to feel surprised at Han’s explanation . It felt like he slightly understood how Han made contact with Asmodeus .

“…What is that?”

At the gateway between the nobles section and the civilians’ section, a huge barricade was being built . It was obviously an iron gate . Silocke shouted in an annoying voice,

“Hey, what are you doing right now?”

A citizen working on the barricade replied, “Ah, a noble . ”

“I asked what you are doing!”

“Can’t you tell just by looking? We are blocking the way . ”

Silocke was a bit startled by the shameless voice .  “Who made you do this?”

“This is the chairman’s orders . For the moment, nobles can’t enter among the citizens . ”

“What bullshit . What right… . get rid of those barricades now! Otherwise I will immediately throw the two of you into the dump . ”

The citizens flinched and retreated at his ferocious growl . Then another voice was heard from behind the citizens .

“If you are confident then try it . ”

The citizen who spoke was different from the other citizens . The unknown citizen released a powerful force from his body .

Silocke became tense and retreated .  Most citizens were weaker than nobles .  However, that didn’t apply to all citizens .

There were the mysterious dimensional movers and some of them were as strong as the demon nobles .

“You are doing this just because there is a revolutionary? Do you think we can’t kill him?”

The reason why the citizens never stood up against the nobles was due to fear of the execution at Night . However, things started changing from last night .

“You didn’t kill him yesterday . ”

The citizens muttered as they gazed at each other . Silocke was furious but he couldn’t cross the barricade . He was alone and had no way to deal with so many citizens . At this time, Han asked, “Are those guys holding a strike?”


“They are talking about doing what they’re not supposed to do . ”

Silocke understood what Han was saying and nodded .  “…It is a similar situation . ”

“I see . Leave it to me . I am a professional at dealing with this . ” A different type of wickedness emerged on Han’s face .  “This happens when the workers don’t know who they are going against . For starters, you have to implant some fear . ”


Aileen helped me with the story fragment that I absorbed through Lamarck Kirin .

However, the molding of the face wasn’t as easy as I thought . The Face of A Casanova Who Died from Sexual Relations didn’t rest safely on my face until it was evening .

I looked in the mirror and smiled with satisfaction .

「 Kim Dokja thought: It isn’t better than Yoo Jonghyuk but isn’t this decent? 」

Then Aileen finished the procedure and muttered, “It seems a bit better . Well, I don’t know . Why is the impression so fuzzy…?”

…I guess it was fine .  My nose was slightly higher and my cheeks more taut…

The anxious Aileen asked me, “By the way, is it okay to be this carefree? Soon it will be the second Night . The Executioner will come again . ”

“It will be fine tonight . ”

“The guardian can’t protect you indefinitely . Don’t you know?”

“I know . ”

I would prefer not to use the guardian’s points if possible but now there was no other way . I had to overcome the second Night with the Guardian’s help . The third Night was when I could try a new method .

“Surely Mark won’t become the target right? A guardian can’t protect their own life…”

“Don’t worry . No one other than us knows that he is the guardian . ”

The duke would still be caught off guard . He didn’t think the revolution would succeed . We had to use this chance well .

“Aileen! Night is coming!”

Jang Hayoung yelled from outside and I went out with Aileen . I had to be the target to avoid unnecessary disturbances .

“The revolutionary!”

People remembered my outfit and cheered .  I felt a bit sad that no one realized I had changed my face .

[The second Night has arrived . ]

I looked around the street . Mark was hiding somewhere in advance and preparing to protect me .

[You are currently under the protection of the guardian . ]

The creepy flute sounds were heard and the executioners appeared one by one .  They emerged as expected .

[Who is the revo lu tion ary?]

“It is me . You can’t kill me yet you gathered here anyway . ”

The executioners looked at each other .

[You are the re vo lu tion ary . ]

Then they said, [B u t . ]

At this moment, I felt suspicious .  Wait, this…

It wasn’t possible . They already thought of this strategy?

[The one who wi ll di e . ]

The executioners aimed their scythes at different targets .

[Not the re volu tio nary . ]

One of the nearby executioner’s scythe aimed for Jang Hayoung’s neck .

TL: Rainbow Turtle

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