Omniscient Reader - Chapter 205

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Chapter 205

Unfortunately, Han Myungoh’s words didn’t continue .  Han Myungoh was knocked unconscious because he received a penalty from disclosing some of the details of his contract with Asmodeus .

I felt a bit sad because it was broken off at the exciting part .

「 Kim Dokja thought: In any case, the demon kings and constellations have started to show interest in this world . 」

The land of abandoned scenarios, the Demon World .  This world, which had long been shunned by the constellations, was starting to receive attention again .

-Humans can’t beat them! Compared to them, we are just insignificant bugs!

Han Myungoh had said this several times . He had been in the Demon World for several months so he was well aware of the strength of the senior nobles and demon kings .

This despair was understandable .  In fact, even the early-mid Yoo Jonghyuk had struggled in the Demon World .  Of course, that was Yoo Jonghyuk’s story . I was different .

My stomach started growling because I had stayed awake all night .  I headed to the pub and asked Mark to cook some simple dishes . Jang Hayoung was sitting absentmindedly at a table . I quietly approached him and sat down .


“You say that every time . ”

Jang Hayoung stared at me with an ugly expression and screamed, “What is it? What? What other issue are you coming to create?”

“Why are you so grouchy?”

“…Never mind . ”

“Why? What happened?”

Jang Hayoung couldn’t easily answer my question and stared at the plate in front of him . I knew that I couldn’t urge him and just waited .

Mark glanced between Jang Hayoung and I . It was unknown what he was thinking but he suddenly winked . After a while, Jang Hayoung opened his mouth .

“Why did you let me join the Revolutionary Army?”


“I’m not a guardian or revolutionary . I’m not the chairman of the Civil Council like Aileen . ”

[The character ‘Jang Hayoung’ has used Lethargy Lv . 4 . ]

[The character ‘Jang Hayoung’ has used Self-Loathing Lv . 10 . ]

Damn, it was starting .  I had forgotten for a while .  If Yoo Jonghyuk suffered from the ‘regression depression’ then this person suffered from a thorough ‘self-loathing . ’

I didn’t think there were any main characters of Ways of Survival who were sane .

The small shoulders quivered . I would feel better if I hit him on the shoulder but it would be hard for him to feel comforted .

[Your understanding of the character ‘Jang Hayoung’ has increased . ]

Jang Hayoung stared out the window . He seemed to be looking at Aileen who was cleaning up the previous incident . Jang Hayoung spoke again, “…Night will come again . Will you still be able to protect the people?”

“Maybe not,” I answered honestly .  “I don’t know all the executioners . It is impossible to catch all of them before tomorrow’s Night . ”

There were seven executioners who hadn’t been caught .

If those seven people made up their minds and started attacking people, tomorrow night would be a bloody festival . I added before Jang Hayoung could fall into despair .

“There is no other way to stop it . We must find the fighter . ”

The fighter . It was the only position that could deal with an executioner during the Night .  If I could find that position, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to restore the atmosphere .

However, Mark interrupted from where he was cooking .  “…I’m sorry but there probably won’t be a fighter . ”

“What? Mark, how do you know this?”

“There is no one from the old generation to pass on the skills of a ‘fighter’ . ”

Unlike other positions, a fighter could only receive the position through ‘succession . ’ Mark kept speaking .  “After the fighter died protecting the former revolutionary, there was no successor . ”

I already knew this information .  In fact, there was no fighter in this industrial complex . In the original novel, Yoo Jonghyuk had been very confused by this . I bit into the sandwich that Mark gave me .

“If there isn’t a successor then we have to create one . Inherit the position from another fighter . ”

“As far as I know, there are no fighters left in the 73rd Demon Realm . ”

“I’m not going to find them in the Demon World . ”


I glanced at Jang Hayoung .  Now was the time .  I spoke to the blank-looking Jang Hayoung .  “Hey, talk to the wall . ”

“W-What does that mean?”

“You have a ‘wall . ’ Every time you try to learn something, that wall blocks you . ”

“H-How do you know about the wall?” The startled Jang Hayoung stared at me .

“There are ways for me to know,” I smirked and replied .

Other people might not know it but Jang Hayoung had a ‘wall . ’ To be precise, it was a wall called the Unidentified Wall .  This wall had been blocking Jang Hayoung’s growth so far .

“Isn’t it because of the wall that you never learnt any skills? That’s why you’re like this . Lethargic, self-loathing…”


“I know you think it is a wall of talent . However, it isn’t a wall of talent . It has a different purpose . ”

“No, how do you…!”

“In any case, quickly talk to it . You can communicate with that wall . ”

Jang Hayoung’s face turned red after hearing that he could talk to the wall . I wanted to tell him not to worry . After all, I was in the same boat in regards to talking to a wall . Jang Hayoung hesitated before slowing opening his mouth .


“Quickly . ”

A moment passed before Jang Hayoung triggered the skill .

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[The character ‘Jang Hayoung’ has used Unidentified Wall Lv . 1!]

Jang Hayoung’s pupils were white .  It wasn’t visible to me but perhaps in Jang Hayoung’s vision, he would be surrounded by a white wall .

A pure white wall with nothing written on it .  It wasn’t strange for Jang Hayoung to get a mental illness if he was blocked by such a wall every time he tried to learn a skill .

Jang Hayoung carefully opened his mouth .  “Excuse me… Wall-nim?”

Surprisingly, I also heard a message the moment Jang Hayoung spoke .

[The ‘Unidentified Wall’ is giving off a wrinkled impression . ]

I didn’t know why .  Maybe it was because I had a similar ‘wall . ’ Either way, it was good .

[The ‘Unidentified Wall’ is looking at its master . ]

[The ‘Unidentified Wall’ says: You aren’t qualified yet . ]

As expected, it was just as petulant as the original novel .  I was prepared .

“Hey, don’t do that and give your permission . If you don’t help, your kid will die . ”

Jang Hayoung was surprised by my sudden words and stared at me .  The next moment, the Unidentified Wall spoke .

[The ‘Unidentified Wall’ says: Who are you?]

[The ‘Unidentified Wall’ says: How can you hear my voice?]

“It isn’t important who I am . Just give your permission . If it is level one, can’t he use the minimum of features? Why are you blocking him?”

[The ‘Unidentified Wall’ is frowning . ]

It was angry at my words and sparks appeared around Jang Hayoung .  The probability was putting pressure on me, a constellation . Myth rated attributes were truly different .

…This wouldn’t be as easy as I expected .  I stepped back from Jang Hayoung .

The sparks that suddenly appeared in the air surprised Mark and the other pub customers . Once I had them evacuated, I opened my mouth again .  “Are you going to keep acting like this? It isn’t good for you . Won’t you have to find a new host if he dies?”

The sparks of probability once again appeared .  It was a measure of Jang Hayoung’s strong potential that he could create such a force with the power of a single skill despite not being a constellation .  Thus, I needed to awaken Jang Hayoung here .

[The ‘Unidentified Wall’ says: You are impudent . ]

The sparks that burst from Jang Hayoung’s body became increasingly intense . I was a bit baffled because I didn’t know the reaction would be to this extent . It happened the moment I thought a small probability storm would occur here .

[The exclusive skill ‘Fourth Wall’ is strongly activated!]

The sparks around me calmed down at once . To be exact, a larger spark seemed to have swallowed the surroundings sparks .

[The Fourth Wall greets the Unidentified Wall . ]

[The ‘Unidentified Wall’ is surprised . ]

I was also shocked .  The ‘walls’ could converse with each other?

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[The Fourth Wall greets the Unidentified Wall with pleasure . ]

Jang Hayoung’s face was turning reddish-white .  He was clearly seeing this scene .

The Fourth Wall opened its mouth .  「 Fri end . 」

[The Unidentified Wall is starting to shake . ]

I didn’t know about the communication between the walls but just by saying hello, the air around Jang Hayoung started to distort into a mysterious form .

[The ‘Unidentified Wall’ says: You, what are you…?]

The air around me shook faintly .  The Fourth Wall was moving in a form different from usual .

I couldn’t express it well . One thing was clear .  It seemed to be angry .

[The ‘Unidentified Wall’ is complaining about the pain!]

[The ‘Unidentified Wall’ is complaining about the pain!]

[The ‘Unidentified Wall’ is complaining about the pain!]

There were brilliant sparks as Jang Hayoung grabbed his head and screamed .  How much time passed? There was a heavy feeling and the Unidentified Wall sent a message .

[The ‘Unidentified Wall’ says: W-Who are you?]


Honestly, I had no idea why Jang Hayoung had such a wall .

Ways of Survival didn’t explain exactly what the Unidentified Wall was . I thought it would mention it in the ending but… of course, this didn’t mean it was impossible to predict the identity of this wall .

The existence of this wall was presumably related to Jang Hayoung’s job before he moved dimensions .

“This is the first time I have seen…”

Jang Hayoung was staring into the air with a very perplexed expression .

[The Unidentified Wall has recognized its master as the incarnation ‘Jang Hayoung’ . ]

It was a complicated procedure but with the help of the Fourth Wall, Jang Hayoung succeeded in being acknowledged by the Unidentified Wall .  Then a new window popped up in front of Jang Hayoung for the very first time .

[Enter the modifier or name of the presence you want to send a message to . ]

Thanks to the Fourth Wall, I also saw the message .  Jang Hayoung stared at me .  “…W-What is this? What should I enter?”

In fact, it was because of this ability that I had to bring Jang Hayoung with me .  I had to borrow the wall’s strength through Jang Hayoung so that I could have the power to fight against those fucking nebulae .

“Please enter the names I will tell you . ”

“…Yes . ”

I called out several names .  They were all names of characters who had fought with fighters in the Demon World in the original novel of Ways of Survival . Then another window popped up .

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[Please enter a message to send . ]

“What should I write?”

“I want to become a ‘fighter’ . Please help . ”

“…Will it work?”

“I don’t know . Just try it first . ”

Jang Hayoung sent the message .  Then we waited .  One minute, two minutes . Three minutes… 10 minutes .

Jang Hayoung asked, “Did I do it properly?”

“…I guess it failed . ”

The damn Star Stream had no consideration for newbies .  I asked for help so earnestly but no one sent a reply .  We sent a few more messages .

[I’m looking for someone who will make me a ‘fighter . ’]

[I need the skill of the ‘fighter . ’]

[Please help . ]

No matter how many times he sent the message, there was no reply .  Maybe they thought it was a spam message and didn’t answer… damn .

I had no talent for writing so I didn’t know what message I should send to get a reply .  It would’ve been nice of Han Sooyoung was here .  She would’ve come up with a good idea .

Jang Hayoung frowned and thought about something for a while . Then he opened his mouth .  “…I need to get a reply? Can I write what I want?”

“Have you thought of something?”

Jang Hayoung lightly nodded and typed his message .

[I am a 15 year old schoolgirl . ]

“Hey, wait―”

Before I could stop him, Jang Hayoung pressed the Send Message button .

[The message was sent to random constellations because no recipient was entered . ]

The message wasn’t even sent to a particular person .  I shouted in a frustrated manner .  “You are dealing with constellations! Do you think that would work?”

“…Just watch . ”

What the hell did this guy eat…

The next moment .

[A reply has arrived!]

We stared at each other with bemused expressions and confirmed the reply .  To my surprise, the constellation who replied was someone I knew .

[Sender―Abyssal Black Flame Dragon]

TL: Rainbow Turtle

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