Omniscient Reader - Chapter 249

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Chapter 249

The second revision update . The message appeared at an unexpected time and made me think for a moment .

Another revision meant the future would keep changing due to my actions . In other words, after receiving the first revision, I contributed to the creation of a new future .

My heart throbbed at the thought . Did I succeed in the third round? Would it once again start from the fourth round? Did Yoo Jonghyuk reach the end in the story I changed?

…The author, why did he keep sending me these things?

[The ‘second revision’ update is in progress . ]

I couldn’t be sure of anything since the file hadn’t updated yet . Things might’ve gotten better or worse . The thing I had to think about right now wasn’t the direction of the new revision but the immediate development .

“Breaking the Sky Sword Saint! Are you going to flee now? You are going to abandon the world you have been living in!”

As I was briefly distracted by Ways of Survival, the masters rose in unison . The most serious change occurred in the Zhuge head who had been the first to kneel . “…Run away? You are saying this to me?”

“What are you doing right now if it isn’t running away?!”

“How funny, child . ”

There was a deep mockery in the voice . The Murim people responded to the voice and raised their aura . Every one of them were first-class masters in First Murim . The magic power of the family heads combined and a threatening earthquake spread through the area .

The Breaking the Sky Sword Saint stepped towards the family heads who were raising their pressure .


It was an incredible sight . The shock waves that spread from around the advancing Breaking the Sky Sword Saint precisely offset the seismic waves emitted from the other side, causing internal injuries to all the masters with a magic power that was several times the opponent .

Everything was done with a simple footstep . This was the power of the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint who was called a disaster . The fallen masters coughed up blood and stared resentfully at the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint .

“B-Breaking the Sky Sword Saint!”

“Don’t throw us away! Please!”

They believed that this type of power would surely prevent the ‘destruction . ’ In the pale countenances, there was the shadow of hope rather than despair . The Breaking the Sky Sword Saint stared down at them blankly while the Great Hall in the sky became bigger and bigger . Now I couldn’t delay any longer .

“Biyoo . ”

Biyoo appeared out of thin air and started to open a portal . The problem was the location of the portal . No matter how much I looked, there were no portals around us . The first one to speak was Jang Hayoung, who confirmed the location of the portal using Hundred Lanes that he learnt through the Unidentified Wall .

“…I think the portal opened that way . Do we have to run to the square?”

Jang Hayoung was pointing to the square that we first arrived at when we came to the Blue Dragon Castle . I urged Biyoo .

“Biyoo . Can’t you move the portal to this place?”

[Baang . ]

Biyoo shook her head with a grim expression . Independent dokkaebis might be constrained in strength . Or perhaps it was because Biyoo was still a young dokkaebi . In the end, we have to move back to where we first passed through the portal .

The Breaking the Sky Master barked . I turned back and saw the Breaking the Sky Master was pushing his head out from the passenger seat of the X-grade Ferrarigini .

“Get on, quickly!”

Han Myungoh called out to us from the driver’s seat . We quickly boarded the vehicle .

“Depart . ”

The magic power engine of the X-grade Ferrarigini roared . The masters chased after us using their techniques but no matter how high their level, they couldn’t catch up to the work made by the Mass Production Maker .

[There are 10 minutes remaining until the start of the ‘destruction’ scenario . ]

I could see the landscape of the First Murim outside my window . The sky was red . Things like meteorite debris were falling from the Great Hall . A market exploded from the shockwave and flames spread . The giant spires built by the distinguished families were paying the price for challenging the sky .


Buildings collapsed and the ground shook . Some people were covered by the collapsed buildings . There were people crying over dying people and others shouting that they should flee . I could see little children who abandoned everything and sat down on the spot .

I was watching the fall of a world like I was turning pages .

One day, Asmodeus had stated,

「 “The scenario is a small destruction to prevent a greater destruction . ” 」

How many more had to suffer destruction in order to end this story? I turned my head and saw that the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint and Yoo Jonghyuk were watching the same scene as me .

“Flee quickly!”


The voices of several young people came from the window . The men and women injured by the debris were looking around for help . Han Myungoh stepped on the brakes and Jang Hayoung opened his mouth . “…Can’t we give them a ride?”

I thought he would say this . I shook my head . “No . ”

Han Myungoh stepped on the accelerator and we started moving again . Jang Hayoung spoke in a voice filled with faint resentment .

“…There’s plenty of room in here . ”

“We are ‘separate’ from this scenario so we can leave . Those people are different . ”

“However, this master was born here and can leave with us . ”

“She is a bit special . ”

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I glanced at the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint . The Breaking the Sky Sword Saint was an existence with the blood of a ‘giant god . ’ She wasn’t born in the Murim scenario and could receive other scenarios if she left this place . Outside the window, I could see male and female martial artists .

“The people here will die anyway . ”

Those who were born here and only received scenarios here couldn’t escape from the First Murim .

Even if they managed to leave here, they would instantly die due to the ‘exile penalty . ’ There was helplessness in Jang Hayoung’s expression .


I knew Jang Hayoung’s feelings . I have lived with these emotions for a long time . In front of any crisis in the world, the only thing we can do was turn over the pages of the world .

[There are 8 minutes until the start of the destruction scenario . ]

[Your story of destruction is descending . ]

The darkened sky was flashing . In the meantime, the number of tentacles that emerged through the Great Hall had exceeded four . Jang Hayoung shook as he gazed at the growing hall and Yoo Jonghyuk was immersed . The hairs on my skin were standing up .

「 Kim Dokja thought: I can’t compete with that . 」

Who did I have to fight against? What strength did I need to obtain in the future? I once again realized it .

Maybe this was one of the giant stories . It was a story that I couldn’t afford yet . This ‘story’, which descended to end a world, was completely different from every story I had ever used .

[ There is no pl ace to run, po or sla ves of the sce na rio . ]

The windows of the Blue Dragon Castle were destroyed by the resounding true voice .

[ Des truc tion will fo llow you . ]

Even the body of the Mass Production Maker’s car couldn’t overcome the shock of the true voice and shook .

[There are 5 minutes until the start of the destruction scenario . ]

“The portal!”

Fortunately, we arrived at the portal in time . Now we just had to escape .

“Let’s go . ”

I got the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint and made my debut in the Gourmet Association . I also built up many coins . The finish was tough but I had no solution at this time . The First Murim was a world that would someday be destroyed and now I had no way of stopping that destruction .

At this moment, the Breaking the Sky Sword got out of the car .

“Breaking the Sky Sword Saint?”

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Her expression was still unreadable . Still, I knew her thoughts without needing to read her expression .

[All residents of Murim should gather immediately in the square . ]

Her divinity echoed through this world like a lion’s roar . It was extremely powerful and was reminiscent of a constellation’s true voice . The fleeing martial artists instantly looked this way after hearing her voice .

“B-Breaking the Sky Sword Saint!”

“Breaking the Sky Sword Saint!”

For a moment, the Murim people had mixed feelings of joy . I got off the car and shouted, “Wait a minute!”

I was confused . Why did the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint make this choice? Was it because of something I did?

Several thoughts passed through my head . Perhaps the second revision being updated was because the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint died in this place?

[The ‘second revision’ update is in progress . ]

I gritted my teeth . The second revision still hadn’t arrived .

“Breaking the Sky Sword Saint! We must go together!”

The Breaking the Sky Sword Saint would die if she remained here . Then the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint replied, “Young constellation, one tree doesn’t make up a forest . ”

Amidst the sinister feeling, the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint directed her words to me . “Then how many trees need to gather to become a forest?”

Of course, I never thought about such a thing . Instead, all I saw were the tiny trees being broken by the falling meteorites . The very small trees had been covered by such big trees that it was unknown they even existed . The trees were shouting towards the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint . “S-Save me . Please save me!”

I had forgotten . What type of person was the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint?

「 Her heroic spirit is so high that she sometimes makes other people’s definition of justice shabby . 」

Every transcendent had something they couldn’t concede and this was it for the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint . However, understanding her justice didn’t mean I condoned her actions . Just as a few trees couldn’t be called a forest, one tree couldn’t block a landslide .

“Have you forgotten your promise? Didn’t you say you would help me if I let you meet your people?”

“I remember and I’ll keep it . ” The Breaking the Sky Sword Saint replied as she stared up at the sky . Since the complete ‘great destruction’ hadn’t begun yet, the ‘oldest ones’ wouldn’t appear . Still, it was certain that beyond this sky was an ancient god . At the very least, it was similar to the Eater of Dreams caught by me and Yoo Jonghyuk .

“I will go to you after stopping them here . ”

…Could the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint beat an existence that didn’t fall to Cheok Jungyeong’s Three Swords Style?

“Teacher!” Then Yoo Jonghyuk came forward .

However, the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint was stubborn . “Leave . The lesson for this time is over . ”

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“I need you . ” The Breaking the Sky Sword Saint’s eyes were faintly shaken at the honest words . “It is very fascinating . If only it wasn’t for this type of situation . ”

“I can’t break the 46th scenario alone . You must…”

From these words, I realized what the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint meant to Yoo Jonghyuk . The Breaking the Sky Sword Saint faintly smiled at Yoo Jonghyuk . It was as if her disciple was special .

The giant hands of the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint covered Yoo Jonghyuk’s head like a lid . “You’re not alone . ”

The eyes of the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint stayed on me for a very short time . She continued speaking . “I will stop the destruction of this place . ”

Just as Yoo Jonghyuk knew the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint, the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint knew Yoo Jonghyuk . Thus, she knew the words to send Yoo Jonghyuk away . “I will stop the destruction of this world . ”

“Breaking the Sky Sword Saint…!”

“Stop it and go . ”

Yoo Jonghyuk didn’t move . The many emotions pouring out of his heart were conveyed to me .

[There is 1 minute until the start of the destruction scenario . ]

In the end, I pulled at Yoo Jonghyuk . I didn’t want to leave this way but if I didn’t make this choice, the third round would end here .

“…We must go, Yoo Jonghyuk . ”

The person who stiffened like a stone statue didn’t move and Jang Hayoung and Han Myungoh eventually came out . Yoo Jonghyuk was dragged into the car and the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint stared at me . “Please look after my disciple . ”

The Breaking the Sky Master barked from the car . Yoo Jonghyuk was staring this way with a completely distraught expression .

“You too, leave . ”

The person who always looked down on people was now looking up at a place higher than herself . Then the sky gazed down at her .

[In te res ting crea tion… who a re y ou?]

The foreign god was asking for the name of a god . In a situation where the constellations would be stunned, the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint opened her mouth without retreating .

[I am the god of Murim . ]

As if she heard her disciple leaving, the lonely tree that guarded the forest for a long time spoke towards the sky .

[I am the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint . ]

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