Omniscient Reader - Chapter 261

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Chapter 261

The moment I heard the system message, the surrounding landscape started to change .

The Mythical Battlefield . The feature of this Mythical Battlefield was to virtually borrow the stage of a giant story .

[You have entered the Armageddon battlefield . The game will start after three minutes . ]

On one side of the sky, a stairway of heaven opened while the other side was a door of hell . If this was real, the archangels of Eden would’ve flocked to the staircase while the demon kings of the Demon World would’ve come out of the gate of hell .

Fortunately, there was no such thing . This was a ‘hypothetical stage . ’

The constellation ‘Guardian of Youths and Travel’ is frowning at the familiar stage . ]

[The Demon King of Lust and Fury is showing hostility to ‘Guardian of Youths and Travel . ’]

[Many constellations and demon kings are confronting each other . ]

…I really hoped it wouldn’t be a big deal .

“It is eerie…”

Jang Hayoung held his shoulders while looking up at the sky . I heard an eerie sound in the background . I looked at the huge shield that surrounded us . The shield would protect us until the game started .

“Stay alert . Please check your selected position . ”

The party members regained their composure at my words .

“Who’s the tanker?”

[I am . ]

The tanker was Samyeongdang, the close range damage dealers were me and the Breaking the Sky Master and the long range damage dealers were Jang Hayoung and Osu . Han Myungoh was the supporter . Finally, the all-rounder was…

“Yoo Jonghyuk?”

“He might’ve fallen somewhere else . ”

The Mythical Battlefield depended on where you were summoned from .

[The helper ‘Yoo Jonghyuk’ has responded to the summons . ]

This message appeared so Yoo Jonghyuk should be somewhere on the battlefield .

Jang Hayoung asked, “Is this game on a battlefield of time and space? I’ve seen it . If the enemy’s stronghold is destroyed…”

“That’s right . Still, it is a bit different . ”

Usually, an AOS game ended when you captured the enemy’s main base . This game was different .

“We have to capture the ‘sentence’, not the base . ”


I pointed to the object that was in Han Myungoh’s hand . It was a small monument shining with brilliant colours .

“W-What is this?”

“We have to protect that . ”

The monument literally contained a small sentence .

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『 Messengers of Heaven, Gatekeeper of Hell . 』

Han Myungoh was terrified and tried to hand over the monument to me . I pushed it with the palm of my hand and stated, “Department Head-nim should hold it . It is important to guard it well . ”

“I-It is because it is important that Dokja-ssi should…!”

“Department Head-nim should hold it because it is important . The sentence is usually held by the main participant . The enemies are expecting that . ”

“I-I won’t do it! I have never played such a game!”

Han Myungoh was dull in games despite being the department head of a game company . Come to think of it, Yoo Sangah played games well . Yoo Sangah carried her team alone and reached the finals of the in-house game competition .

…However, the person present now was Han Myungoh, not Yoo Sangah .

“In any case, there are two ways to win this game . One is to steal the enemy team’s sentence . The other is to kill all of the enemy team’s participants . ”

“It will be easier to steal the sentence . ”

“Yes, that is usually the case . ”

“Good! Leave it to me!” Jang Hayoung cried out in a highly motivated manner .

However, this wasn’t a solo game . “I know you are motivated but stop your personal play . From now on, we will make a plan…”

Bark bark!

Woof woof!

…I had forgotten two of my companions . The Dog Who Threw Himself into the Flames was sniffing around the periphery while the Breaking the Sky Master was lying down like she wasn’t interested . I turned my head toward my last hope .

“Samyeongdang . ”

He seemed to be listening to advice from other constellations so he was the only one I could expect anything from .

[I don’t understand because you are using difficult words . Uhhh… game… what is this?]

Samyeongdang had an incredibly annoyed expression .

[Some of the constellations of the Korean Peninsula are frustrated with the Bald General of Justice . ]

I never considered that he was an elder . Samyeongdang didn’t know the modern game terminology .

[In any case, I just have to kill all of them?]

“Yes, it is similar…”

[If that’s the case, we’ll be the winner! I am your helper!]

Samyeongdang started to run while wielding his bamboo stick .

[The game has started!]

Then the stage’s shield was finally lifted .

[The stats of the players will be automatically adjusted based on the difficulty of the game . ]

[In the first round, all participants can only use 10% of their original stats . ]

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[This penalty will be reduced as the number of rounds increases . ]

Then in our ‘stairway to heaven’ side, small angels resembling fairies started to fly .

[The team’s support group is created!]

[The low-grade angels are helping you!]

The surprised Osu barked at the angels .

“Hey! Don’t bite them . They’re on our side . Samyeongdang, wait! Let’s go together!”

It was a rollercoaster from the start . Samyeongdang was in the front line and the Breaking the Sky Master and Osu started sprinting after him . Jang Hayoung and I chased them while Han Myungoh was timid at the back of the party .

“Department Head-nim, stay in the back as much as possible . Don’t come forward . ”

“…I will do my best!”

Han Myungoh was excellent at running away and would find a way no matter what .

“Ah, the map changed?”

We left our main area and a vast plains area unfolded in front of us . Both sides of the plains had a valley and forest respectively . If I remembered correctly, there was the Apocalypse Imoogi on the valley side and the Fallen Seraphim on the forest side . In addition, there were quite a number of monsters that gave a buff effect if they were caught early in the map…

“Wait a minute! Samyeongdang! Don’t go too fast!”

[Believe in me! I’m strong in a war!]

Samyeongdang let out a brilliant true voice and reached into the air .

[Fallen spirits of the Korean Peninsula! Give me the power to win!]

Who would give strength to Samyeongdang? Surprisingly, messages were heard .

[The constellation ‘Lady of the Brocade Sleep’ is supporting the constellation ‘Bald General of Justice’!]

[The constellation ‘Last Hero of Hwangsanbeol’ is cheering on the constellation ‘Bald General of Justice’!]

[The constellation ‘King Heungmu the Great’ has sponsored 100 coins to the constellation ‘Bald General of Justice’!]

It was literally a simple cheer .


Soon after, the enemy appeared in front of him . Every constellation in an incarnation body was holding a weapon .

[General of Vanara . ]

[Poked Out His Eyes . ]

[Thunder Eating Bird . ]

There was a monstrous monkey dressed in armour with golden feathers . In addition, King Oedipus whom I once met… the constellations were encountered seemed to be from the Melledon Industrial Complex .

It was a party where narrative-grade constellations were mixed . However, there was still a chance of winning because they had less insight into the game .

[Come on, you barbarians!]

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Samyeongdang discovered the enemies and made a sudden attack . His voice was so loud that I felt some expectations for a moment .

Yes, I didn’t know until I saw him fight . On the battlefield where only 10% of stats could be used, I didn’t know the strength of Samyeongdang . I couldn’t belittle a great-grade constellation . There were strong people like Cheok Jungyeong among them .

[This Guardian God of Victory will break down this battle formation!]

Samyeongdang swept the bamboo stick . The confused constellations screamed and an explosion swept through the battlefield . Flesh scattered everywhere . A weapon was broken . Blood scattered from a wound .

[The first death has occurred!]

Samyeongdang fought well . I looked around at the party members and cried out, “Everyone, run away!”

[The helper ‘Bald General of Justice’ was defeated by the helper ‘General of Vanara . ]

[The industrial complex ‘Melledon’ team has earned one point . ]


“Shit, what was with that monk? Believe in him?”

Han Myungoh was the fastest when it came to running away . I thought it would be like this but Samyeongdang wasn’t just trolling .

[Samyeongdang’s soul is roaming the battlefield . ]


The dead soul of Samyeongdang wandered around the battlefield and attacked the constellations coming after us . It was thanks to this that we found a chance to run away . However, the enemy’s pursuit was fast .

The first one chasing us was a huge bird covering the sky . It was the Thunder Eating Bird . If I remembered correctly, the bird’s real name was Garuda . He was the mount of Vishnu, one of the three lords of Vedas . His beak changed trajectory in the air and turned towards me .

[The constellation ‘Dog Who Threw Himself into the Flames’ is throwing his body to protect you!]

At this moment, Osu ran forward . He struck Garuda’s big body from the side .


Fortunately, Osu clung onto the feathers of Garuda . Flames rose as Osu barked at us to run away .

Bark bark! Bark! Yiiiip!

It was a situation where Osu was clinging to a constellation . It was too late to save him .

[The helper ‘Dog Who Threw Himself into the Flames’ has died!]

…Dammit . The situation was getting worse . The Breaking the Sky Master was nowhere to be seen . The people left were Jang Hayoung, Han Myungoh and I .

“I-I’m sorry!”

Then Han Myungoh suddenly committed an abrupt act . Han Myungoh cut off one of his legs .

[The character ‘Han Myungoh’ has activated ‘One-Legged Swift Runner Lv . 10’ . ]

…Oh, Han Myungoh had that damn stigma . Han Myungoh started running like an ostrich . Yes, it was all over if Han Myungoh so it was better for him to run away . By the way, that skill had already reached level 10 .

“Kim Dokja . Now what…?”

I blocked Jang Hayoung and immediately jumped into the surrounding grass .

[You have concealed yourself in the nearby terrain . ]

[The effect of the ‘bush’ means the enemies can’t detect you . ]


I looked up at Garuda and whispered to Jang Hayoung .

-We can’t fight against them with our current power . We have to aim to win by default due to the other players dropping out . It was important to buy time .

-…Do you plan to consume time?

-For now .

There was something I believed in . It was strange since I thought I was going to win with just this member . Somehow, I had to drag out the time a bit more . At least, until he came .

[The Demon King of Salvation! Where are you?]

The true voice echoed in front of the bush .

[It has been a while since our ill-fated relationship . Fleeing fate and living in a place like this… the blind prophet couldn’t read it . ]

The humble but arrogant way of speaking made me instantly aware of his identity . After a while, the presence of King Oedipus, the blind and shrewd king appeared in the forest . I knew he had participated in this selection . However, I didn’t expect to encounter him so quickly .

[You know that hiding is useless . This blind prophet already knows where you are . ]

The moment Jang Hayoung’s shoulders flinched, I placed a finger to his mouth .

-Don’t worry . He can’t read my future with his ability .

Thus, it was a clear trap . The moment we revealed ourselves, all the nearby constellations would run .

[It isn’t too late now . Olympus is still open to you . ]

[The constellation ‘Demon King of Salvation’ says to go away and not speak bullshit . ]

[…How funny . ]

King Oedipus laughed but his expression was completely stiff .

[I’ll see if you can keep staying still . ]

The surrounding constellations started to sweep through the bushes . Their attacks were devastating as they used all types of explosions, acid and fire to damage the nearby bushes . The acidic liquid melted my feet and burned my neck and wrists . However, I held Jang Hayoung’s wrists tightly and didn’t move .

A little bit more . Just a bit more .

The bombardment swept through the area . Fortunately, they didn’t seem to have found us . They started gradually moving away from us .

…Just a bit more . I listened to the sound and estimated their distance . 10 steps, 20 steps, 30 steps… Suddenly, all the explosions disappeared .

“Run . ”

Jang Hayoung and I ran out of the bush . We didn’t see any constellations . At this moment, a scream was heard out of nowhere . It was a long and terrible scream . In the distant sky, a bird was falling down with a giant sword through its neck .

[The helper ‘Thunder Eating Bird’ has been killed!]

…He came .

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