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Omniscient Reader - Chapter 271

Published at 23rd of November 2019 11:32:22 AM

Chapter 271

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I raised my head at the entrance of the constellations .

[The constellations who favour you are looking at you . ]

All of them were constellations who had once sided with me .

[The constellation ‘Seo Ae Il Pil’ is looking at you . ]

[The constellation ‘First Spiritualist of Joseon’ is looking at you . ]

Among them were constellations of Earth .

[The constellation ‘Goryeo’s First Sword’ is looking at you . ]

There was also Cheok Jungyeong who I couldn’t contact for a while . However, there was an even more welcome existence .

[The constellation ‘Secretive Plotter’ is looking at you . ]

Secretive Plotter . I didn’t know his exact identity . All I knew was that he favoured me and watched my scenarios .

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is clasping both hands together gently . ]

[The constellation ‘Prisoner of the Golden Headband’ is forming fists . ]

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ is grunting and looking at you . ]

All four of my early constellations had now gathered .

[Your story is being created in the 73rd Demon Realm . ]

All the gazes poured towards me and I felt like I had returned to the beginning of the story .

Surya spoke .

[Child, I know your expectations but they won’t help you . The constellations are clever and won’t make foolish choices like you humans . ]

I saw my colleagues who were barely standing . My colleagues were centred around the fallen Yoo Jonghyuk .

Surya laughed . [None of them will want to be the enemy of a nebula…]

As soon as he spoke, an earthquake occurred between Surya and I . The ground quickly became damp and turned into a sticky swamp . In the swamp where I would be sucked in if I took a step, someone was waking up .

I immediately noticed who it was .

[The constellation ‘Brash Swamp Predator’ has appeared in the Demon World!]

The Brash Swamp Predator . He was a constellation of the Gourmet Association . He had fallen into debt and was dragged away by the Executive Branch .

It was a lizard that was over 30 metres . The ancient lizard that awakened from the swamp let out a resounding roar . The Breaking the Sky Master recognized the Brash Swamp Predator and growled .

If I was right, this time he wasn’t my enemy .

I smiled and asked, “Have you come to pay off your debts?”

In the past, the Mass Production Maker had advised me: Don’t make too many enemies .

[…I could’ve paid them back if you hadn’t helped me!]

The giant lizard turned his head and showed hostility towards the constellations .

[I don’t like them very much . That’s why I came!]

The giant lizard finished the short conversation and rushed to the constellations . The constellations shouted at the monster who was running towards them .

The Brash Swamp Predator was a narrative-grade constellation . He was scary when he was an enemy but I couldn’t feel reassured now that he was on the same side . The angry Surya cried out,

[Lackey of the Gourmet Association… aren’t you afraid of the nebula?]

[Nebula? Hahahahat! Since when has the Gourmet Association cared for such a thing?]

Many members of the Gourmet Association were heretics of the Star Stream . They were those who practiced their will, regardless of whether they belonged to a nebula or not . The Brash Swamp Predator wasn’t part of a nebula and was one of the most free-spirited in the Gourmet Association .


The giant lizard swung his tail and the surface of the ground split apart while fragments shot up . The Thunder Eating Bird and Mysterious Bird of the Nile rushed towards him . The huge monsters started to fight and the surroundings quickly became a mess . In the centre of the mess, Surya rose to the sky and looked down at me .

[One garbage doesn’t change the result . ]

Surya’s light flooded towards me . It wasn’t easy to avoid even if I used Way of the Wind and Electrification . I couldn’t contend with a Lokapala but I didn’t give up . My skin was torn and my bones were exposed . In the middle of this pain, I somehow tried to buy time .

My nerves were focused on the system message in the air .

[The winner of the second game will soon be announced . ]

The winner of the game was decided . No matter how strong the presence that delayed the scenario, there was a limit . In other words, I only needed to buy time and we would win this game .

[Child, it won’t work out as you wish . ]

I could feel a lot of probability moving . It was a probability originally not allowed for this scenario . The probability offered by Vedas was moving . The balance in the sky changed and the scales of probability were leaning .

[Vedas’ will has come here . ]

A bright sun shone behind Surya . Sweat flowed as my body felt like it was melting . One, two, three, four… the light sources burnt the ground . I was unable to look at Surya since I would be blinded so I focused on his shadow .

[The story ‘King of the Twelve Suns’ is shining . ]

This was Surya of Vedas . He was a king who united the twelve sun gods .

[Do you see the difference in status now?]

My exhausted party members fell down and groaned .

“U-Uhhhh… . ”

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The Brash Swamp Predator struggled painfully and the only constellations looked up at Surya with awe . Surya was powerful but he became even more powerful when the ‘Destruction Scenario’ of Vedas ended . Surya, the sun god who absorbed all the power of Vivasvat and Savitr, became a monster who turned the Earth of the 265th round of Ways of Survival into a hell of fire .

Still, no matter how strong the enemy, I had to struggle .

[The stigma ‘Song of the Sword Lv . 3’ has been used . ]

[Your sword is filled with the words left by the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare . ]

「 In the night, a god appeared in his dream and said, “You will win big if you do this . Otherwise, you will lose . ” 」

It was a verse I heard when dealing with the lesser dragon .

[It is the stigma of a great-grade constellation . You are using a petty trick . ]

Thanks to the effect of the skill, it was like I wore sunglasses and could see the light source in front of me . As I recalled, this verse had the effect of telling the enemy’s weakness through colour . The green showed the strong areas and the red showed the weak areas . I stared at Surya with my eyes wide open .

I stared and stared again . Cold sweat flowed down my back .

[Yes, what are you seeing?]

The smiling Surya was slowly approaching me .

[You can keep stealing stigmas . You might have risen to become a constellation but you were born human . ]

Surya’s whole body was green . I couldn’t see any weaknesses .

[A human history can’t transcend a god . There is no such thing in the Star Stream . ]

I couldn’t deal with Surya alone . It was impossible even with the Brash Swamp Predator’s help . I threw my torn coat and spoke .

“…The balance of probability is tilted . This means I can put more weights on it . ”

[The balance won’t tilt, no matter how comes . ]

My story wasn’t a myth . I wasn’t a god or a hero . My story might be a common one in the Star Stream .

[The constellations in the night sky are making a decision . ]

Even so, someone in this world was listening intently to my story .

“That remains to be seen! Come, Goryeo’s First Sword!”

There were explosive sparks and a meteor fell through the dark clouds .

[The constellation ‘Goryeo’s First Sword’ is responding to your call . ]

A spectacular sword energy tore through the sky . It was the Three Sword Style I had previously seen .

[Who called me, Cheok Jungyeong?}

The sword struck like a thunderbolt and deeply wounded one of Surya’s suns . Along with the blinding explosion, Surya’s voice was heard .

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[A trivial great-grade constellation dares…!]

A hot flash flooded towards the ground and something thumped against the ground, sending me and my colleagues back . Once I came to my senses, I was in the arms of a man . In terms of size, he was no smaller than the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint .

[It has been a long time, Descendant . ]

The magnificent sight of Goryeo’s First Sword was in front of me .

“It’s been a long time, old man . Your status has changed . ”

The great-grade Cheok Jungyeong was now narrative-grade .

[It is all thanks to you . Several things happened . ]

I had expected it . Cheok Jungyeong had joined in the fight against the outer god . He would’ve gained a powerful story and risen to a higher level .

[The debt can finally be repaid . ]

Cheok Jungyeong stared up at the sky and the indirect messages of the constellations followed .

[The constellation ‘Prisoner of the Golden Headband’ is murmuring to himself in anger . ]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is started gloomily . ]

Perhaps the other constellations also wanted to come here . However, there were constraints on probability and they couldn’t move in front of the nebula’s eyes .

In particular, Uriel belonged to Eden and the problem was more complicated . If she did something wrong, a great war between good and evil might occur…

I wasn’t disappointed despite not receiving help from Uriel .

“It’s coming . ”

Surya’s beams of light were coming in waves .

[…I knew that the gods on the Indian side don’t play around but they are truly monsters . ]

Cheok Jungyeong protected me and cut down the waves of light . However, Cheok Jungyeong’s blade was slightly corroded .

[I might be able to cut the great mountain and the sea but I haven’t cut the sun yet . If I knew there was such a monster, I would’ve brought ‘Ye . ’]

‘Ye’ was probably the sun hunter in Chinese mythology . He seemed to be an acquaintance of Cheok Jungyeong . Even so, Ye wouldn’t be able to deal with Surya, a constellation with the constitution of an ’emperor . ’

[I’ll deal with you!]

The Founder of Humanity rushed towards Cheok Jungyeong . The great men fought and the surrounding area was devastated by the sword energy .

[The 73rd Demon Realm is snooping around your story . ]

Then something flowed from my chest up towards the sky . They were the ‘sentences’ I obtained from the last game . Surya shouted with a thunderous voice .

[What are you doing? There is no time left! Kill them quickly!]

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These sentences were materials that made up the giant story . Finally, the giant story of this world started to fluctuate .

[The demon king ‘Maker of Discord’ is showing hostility towards you . ]

The passive demon kings finally started moving . The heat sent from the Maker of Discord blew me through the air and I felt the pain of my entire body tearing apart .

I had two allies but the battlefield was outrageously disadvantageous . The demon kings released their strength and the scales of probability once again creaked .

I needed the help of more people but who could deal with these powerful demon kings? I thought hard but couldn’t figure out a constellation who would help . Suddenly, the approaching demon kings slowed down .

“Fire with full force!”

There was the sound of cannon fire along with a familiar girl’s voice .

“Ahjussi! It’s me!”

[The constellation ‘Maritime War God’ is looking at you . ]

“I’m sorry I’m late!”

On the moat in a distant part of the industrial complex, Lee Jihye’s ghost fleet was firing towards this side . The indirect messages of the angry demon kings filled the air . Two demon kings turned towards Lee Jihye .


It was good that she came to help but it was unreasonable with only Lee Jihye . Her opponents were two demon kings . If she did something reckless, she would be killed immediately .

“Run away!”

I quickly moved but it wasn’t easy due to all the injuries I had suffered . The demon kings were entering Lee Jihye’s vicinity . This couldn’t continue . This… if I used Way of the Wind…

Then someone grabbed my shoulder . “Dokja-ssi, doing things alone again… I told you not to be like this . ”

Was it because I had been burnt by Surya’s light for too long? I couldn’t see the woman’s face properly . However, I knew who she was from her voice alone .

“I’m late because I lost the coin toss . Don’t be too upset . ”

The woman walked towards the demon kings .

“Wait a minute! Heewon-ssi!”

Jung Heewon was strong . She probably became stronger after doing the personal scenarios . Nevertheless, it was too unreasonable for her to deal with a demon king . Even if she used Judgment Time against the demon king…

“I know what you’re thinking but don’t worry . ”

Was I mistaken? Angelic wings seemed to overlap on her back .

“It is because I’m not fighting . ”

It was a huge ‘status’ I had never felt before . The demon king rushing towards Lee Jihye looked over with an astonished expression . The power of the constellation descended towards Jung Heewon, covering the entire Demon World and turning it silver for a moment .

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ has appeared in the 73rd Demon Realm . ]