Omniscient Reader - Chapter 320

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Chapter 320
"King of Salvation, what are you doing? Go and take the coin . " Anna Croft spoke provocatively . "Or maybe it wouldn't be too bad to admit defeat neatly .

I slowly looked around at the constellations in the audience and then Phobos in front of me . The information of Ways of Survival passed through my head .

「 The nebula that exerts the greatest power in the Context of the Constellations is Olympus . The nebula maximizes its power in certain areas and the most representative one is the auction house . 」

This was why Anna Croft could be so relaxed . The biggest event that could be reached through the Context of the Constellations was Gigantomachia . Thus, the organizer Olympus was the force with the strongest influence .

"You seem to have misunderstood something . . . I have no intention of fighting . "

[Once again, you can't use skills here . Return to your seat . Otherwise, you will be bound by the authority of the 'legal zone . ']

He was a person that wasn't easy to talk to .

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' admires Olympus' stubbornness . ]

If I used a skill to retrieve the skill, the constellations would exercise the authority of the 'legal zone . '
In other words, Anna Croft knew from the beginning that I couldn't use skills and made this bet . I spoke to Phobos, "It is Anna Croft who used a skill first . Shouldn't you punish her first?"

[Incarnation Anna Croft has already received permission to use skills from Olympus . ]

"Then give me permission . "

[You can't . ]


[I can't tell you the details . The auction is over and you should leave here with your party . ]

Anna Croft was looking at me with a peculiar smile . There was no laughter in my mind .

. . . Yes, she had calculated up to here?

Han Sooyoung heard the story and cursed . "What is this dog?! Are you joking right now?"

Yoo Jonghyuk also pulled out the Black Demon Sword . The bear Lee Hyunsung made a threatening sound as he banged his gloves together . I warned Han Sooyoung .

-Stop the party . Don't move at all .

-What? Hey, this is ridiculous . If we don't move now . . .

-If we fight here, we will be doing what they want .

-You are going to play her game?

-Can't I?

I waved my hand in a reassuring manner and looked back at Phobos . "Then I'll take the coin as scheduled . "


At the same time, I used a skill .

[The giant story 'Demon World's Spring' has begun!]

I suddenly opened the giant story and the complexion of the constellations turned white . He didn't know I would open this and the startled Phobos shouted . [Demon King of Salvation . I don't know what you're thinking but you're making a mistake . ]

"A mistake? What mistake?"

[This is the 'legal zone' of my nebula . Don't you know that when you start a riot, you will be bound by probability?]

I took a breath and immediately replied with my true voice . [So? What do you want to say?]

I activated Electrification through Bookmarks .

[Don't you know how much I've been holding back in the meantime? It has been from the time you messed with my fate . ]

Phobos was the son of Ares . Perhaps this guy helped make my nasty fate .

[What . . . ?]

[Try to stop me, if you have the ability . ]

The story of the Demon Realm added to the magic power of Electrification . The white magic power and black magic power spread like a gradient .

Phobos was still unable to grasp the situation and shouted . [You! You dare to be hostile to Olympus!]

[Tell this to the 12 gods . ]

I swung my fist as hard as I could towards Phobos, who was raising his status .

[Kim Dokja's Company, I'm going to aggressively grow the company . ]

There was an explosion in the centre of the auction house and Phobos' bloody body flew through the air . There was a bombardment of Electrification and Phobos' incarnation body screamed terribly as he was buried deep into the ground .

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[Many constellations are astonished by your actions!]

[The nebula 'Olympus' has noticed your actions!]

I looked down at the groaning Phobos . Wandering Terror was still a narrative-grade constellation . He wasn't an easy opponent to hit . However, he was careless because I was a constellation in a small nebula and this was the result of his neglect .

[Where is the legal zone you were talking about?]

The dejected constellations of Olympus stared at me and stepped back .

[You have committed a criminal act in Olympus's legal zone!]

The probability restraint didn't act immediately . I activated Way of the Wind and jumped into the air, snatching the coin .

[1,00,000 coins have been acquired as a scenario reward . ]

At the same time, system messages poured out .

[The sub scenario ― Entertainment of Ruin has ended . ]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' is cheering!]

[Some constellations are applauding your courage!]

[The constellation 'Demon-like Judge of Fire' is concerned about your safety!]

[The winners of the bets have sponsored you 100,000 coins!]

I gained 1 . 1 million coins with one blow . It was a very profitable business .

[Grab that bastard! Do it now!]

Some of the constellations shouted but none of the Olympus constellations came forward . It was due to the power of the giant story that I showed .

Anna Croft was watching me from the ground . "Your body is light compared to the power you have, Demon King of Salvation . " She lost a million coins but she wasn't disappointed . It was because she knew what would happen next .

"Now you'll be trapped in Olympus' prison . " The constellations who disturbed the legal zone were imprisoned in Olympus . "It also means you won't be eligible to participate in Gigantomachia .

I laughed as I watched Anna Croft .

[I know that much . ]

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Maybe Anna Croft didn't know . I was aiming for this from the beginning .

[The probability of the nebula 'Olympus' is binding you . ]

[Your incarnation will be transferred to the court of justice in Olympus . ]

A bright light poured out and someone started to swallow me . Han Sooyoung shouted, "Kim Dokja! Where are you going again? You crazy bastard!"

The probability of the legal zone finally started to work . All the troubles that occurred in this auction house would be handled according to the will of the local jurisdiction .

I smiled at Han Sooyoung .

-I'll be back!

"You deliberately . . . !"

-I'll see you in a week . Remember what I said? Prepare well .

I could hear Han Sooyoung shouting something . They were mostly curses . The next moment, my body disappeared in the light . There was a short dizziness from the forced dimensional movement . I opened my eyes with a small groan and saw that I was thrown into a dim darkness . By the way . . . I didn't come alone .

" . . . Why did you come?"

I turned to see Yoo Jonghyuk holding onto my shoulder .

"I can't just watch you do your crazy plans again . "

As expected, this guy knew what I was going to do . "Those crazy plans have saved you so far . "

"Where do you plan to die alone?"

I stopped talking because something appeared in the silent darkness . I turned my head and a small staircase appeared in front of our eyes . On top of this staircase were two thrones . Two dolls were hanging on the throne . My skin got goosebumps just by looking at this . Even the mighty Yoo Jonghyuk couldn't endure it and grasped the hilt of his sword . In particular, one of the two dolls contained a great status that we couldn't measure .

[Demon King of Salvation, did you have to do this?]

The woman sitting on the throne sighed . The woman seemed to lift the darkness just by walking .
I bowed towards her . The woman who descended the stairs was Persephone, Queen of the Darkest Spring . " . . . It's been a while . Your appearance has changed again . "

Persephone smiled faintly at my words . [I'm interested in Eden these days . You seem to like this constellation, right?] (TL: Implying that she took Uriel's appearance)

"Yes, I like her but . . . "

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[The constellation 'Demon-like Judge of Fire' likes your words . ]

[By the way, there is someone who is very angry with your rudeness . Do you know?]

"I know . "

「 Anyone who has committed a transgression in Olympus' legal zone will be placed in front of the most terrible judge of Olympus . 」

Originally, it would've been one of the judges of the Underworld greeting me, not Persephone . Perhaps I would be jailed for a short time in Tartarus under a proper verdict . Nevertheless, I met Persephone instead of a judge . Maybe it was because Persephone interfered .

"I'm sorry, there was no other way . All portals to Olympus were blocked . "

[ . . . Huhu, you are really cocky to shoot at the sky . ]

The air in the area froze . The darkness solidified because of the sound . Breathing became more and more difficult and it was hard to move even a finger . It was amazing that someone's will could have such power by itself .

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' is making an interested expression . ]

[The constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon' is filled with a competitive spirit . ]

[The constellation 'Maritime War God' truly feels admiration . ]

[The constellation 'Bald General of Justice' can't close his surprised mouth . ]

The constellations in my channel reacted violently . Perhaps it would be difficult to find anyone with a stronger status in all of the Star Stream .

[I'll introduce you, Demon King of Salvation . ]

I turned and saw a faint light in the darkness . There was someone in the centre of the rich darkness . How could I describe it in words? A man who looked like darkness itself . The obsidian eyes embedded in pure white skin seemed to penetrate into my existence .

[The giant story 'Underworld' has begun . ]

One of the oldest myths in the world was looking at me . It was always mentioned together with the myth of Olympus but in fact, it didn't belong to Olympus . The loneliest and most solitary constellation in all of Ways of Survival . In order to pass through this Gigantomachia safely and to save Yoo Sangah . . .

I had to surely borrow the hand of this constellation . I took a deep breath and slowly opened my mouth . "King of the Underworld, Father of the Rich Night . "

The night of the Underworld looked down at me . The creepy air pressured me but I couldn't be pushed here . It was because I was here as the representative of Kim Dokja's Company .

"Do you want to try making the real Gigantomachia with me?"

TL: Rainbow Turtle